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I'm afraid of telling him, as I don't want to lose him. I don't want to lose him because he have great sex.

I secretly want him to like me.
I am a spectacular piece of shit. That is all.
confession: i think time and distance has changed me, and that me and my BFF 4Life are drifting apart
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 14 2007, 07:08 PM) *
I often do not return phonecalls. If you're lucky, I *might* text you back. I guess I do it for the same reason that guys do: people simply talk too fuckin' much about stuff I don't care about. I know this is one of many things that make me an asshole, but whatevs.

AMEN AMEN !!! I'm the exact same way. My family and friends always fuss at me about it. But whatever. If i want to talk, I'll call. If not, I'll text and leave it at that. Most of them get lucky and get a text or a message on myspace LMAO thats about it.
I'd much rather text than carry on a conversation!

I really don't like some of my women friends right now. I find them to be whiney and irritating. Hence, me not checking voice mail and prefer chatting via text.
I confess that I bought frecklette THE' requisite teen fragrance today: Love's Baby Soft bc I could not help but re live my own youth of the '80's.
(I also know I will probably regret this as she is heavy handed w/ the scent!)

I confess to having the blah's and continually blowing off going to see/gifting a friend w/ her new baby.
'yah, you can breed, #2, wow, yah for you.' when she thinks I am some sort of Super Auntie when in reality, I'm a total fraud.
ooooh baby soft!

confession: i'll pout if i don't get an engagement ring for christmas.
I got fucked at lunch and am truly thrilled about.
I am mesmerized by dj-bizmonkey's butt.
i think i permanently scared away a newbie by totally misunderstanding her PM. i feel like a jerk.
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Nov 30 2007, 04:19 PM) *
I ordered myself a small bottle of perfume for xmas;
I can't decide if that's pathetic or empowered ?

Don't feel bad- here's something even worse: 2 years ago I bought myself a gift set from Babeland for Christmas. It had anal beads and the best vibrator EVER!
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Dec 6 2007, 05:41 PM) *
I confess that I bought frecklette THE' requisite teen fragrance today: Love's Baby Soft bc I could not help but re live my own youth of the '80's.
(I also know I will probably regret this as she is heavy handed w/ the scent!)

My mom bought that for me when I was a pre-teen!

My confession is that my boyfriend and I constantly talk about what we would do if our roommate moved out. He's cheap and doesn't clean up after himself, but instead of talking about how nice it would be not to have to wash his dishes anymore or spring for all the toilet paper, we talk about what we would do with his room. A lot. To the point where we've mentally rearranged all the furniture. Another reason we want him to move is so we can have sex in whatever room we want. I don't think that one's so bad because he never leaves the house and has been unemployed since May so we literally have not had ANY privacy for 7 months. But still. We have the "what if brandon moved out?" conversation every single day.
QUOTE(edie52 @ Dec 6 2007, 03:04 PM) *
I am mesmerized by dj-bizmonkey's butt.

Apparently, so is Mr. Nelly. Hey, who can blame him!
confession: so often what I want, what I wait for, fails to live up to the reality of what is recieved. sad.gif
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Dec 10 2007, 05:31 PM) *
confession: so often what I want, what I wait for, fails to live up to the reality of what is recieved. sad.gif

I also feel like I am constantly let down, because I build things up too much. I set really high expectations for everything --- I need to just live NOW and be happy for whats given to me.
confession: I kinda wish there would be some colossal, global, natural disaster that would just about destroy life as we know it, as a direct result of the resource-greediness of humanity, just as a big ol' f-you to the idiot fundies who think that the lord will provide, so it's okay to use up all the resources and ravage the earth.

ahh, it felt good to get that out.
Aww, look what you did, humanist! tongue.gif

Though I never post in these threads (except this one, until now) I love reading busties' confessions, inebriated ramblings, sins and anti-sins, what I ate, and crushes.... and... teehehe (even though I don't know what she looks like) I think mouse is the cutest!! wub.gif
that's okay I don't know what he said-nor do i care-because I have him ignored.
Amen, humanist!!!!! wink.gif
likeanyother...mouse is very, very cute. I've seen a pic. wink.gif
Mouse isn't just cute....she's mofo hot!!!! Mouse, why you no play in Okay anymore? We miss you.
Whenever I see someone sleeping, or I'm sleeping next to someone, I have the terrible urge to suffocate them with my hands or a pillow.

Also my man looks like a corpse when he sleeps because he's so thin and white.
Note to self: don't share a bed with fuzzz_brain.

I hope you don't act on that!! Watching people sleep is kinda neat though. So innocent. I feel more compelled to pinch people's cheeks while they're sleeping.
I confess: that when I watch my mr sleeping, I get the terrible urge to screw with him, that I ususally don't fight, and do things like.. taking a section of my hair and slipping it Inside his ear ever so gently but persistenly... and pinching just one nostril at a time closed, taking turns on each side..plucking one or both lips in a 'come here' finger motion (makes a most satisfying sound!)and sometimes I will just feather lightly brush his eyebrow hairs backwords, till he moves and brushes his hand over his face and moans in his sleep, nearly waking up. that usually stifles me into fits of silent hysterical giggles that sometimes shakes the bed so much he Does wake up and then OhhhhLucy am I in trouble!
(OhhhhLucy would be a great name for here! next time I get dingo'd I'm usin' it!)

I confess I am not a bit sorry for this nocturnal torture and am counting the days till I can do it once more and am indeed scheeming on what else I can think of to try. (technique is everything.)
I also confess that as tough as marriage can be sometimes, there are an awful Lot of wonderful things about it too that I adore.
totally inappropriate work crush kissed not one but both of my hands yesterday. i loved it. i am their boss.

freckle: that confession cracked my ass up.
I went to the farmer's market today, and I bought the most delicious assortment of afghan food in me life! All day, I have been snacking on the most incredible spreads: garlic mint cheese, eggplant, and sweet jalapeno spreads known to woman-kind!!! We have much oranic pita bread to last us a 1/2 week. I feel incredibly satisfied!

I confess, I cannot wait for breakfast! biggrin.gif
i want to bake cookies and listen to patsy cline and possibly cry

(my tears are delicious.)
I keep meaning to buy some patsy cline, but I do have ready to bake cookies in my fridge.
I just blasted side one of George Michael's Faith while cleaning the house.

Once again, I am way too happy having our house to myself. Maybe I should bite the bullet and officially become a hermit.
I am beginning to dislike my friends.

I am incredibly selfish, and always think of myself first.
neurotic.nelly, omg. i love breakfast. would you make some for me? hee seriously. i'm in a dire need for an omelette and hash browns. diner style.

cocl, that sounds awesome. cookies and patsy cline.

sybarite, i agree with you. sometimes i REALLY love being alone.

and on that note...

confession: while i always dream of being in love and in a great relationship, i wonder if i can ever be with someone cause i love being alone too much.

confession: sometimes i feel too complicated for a man to be with.

and i hope the above statements don't make me sound too emo. heh.
Star, I know what you mean about being too complicated, with me, I feel too laissez-faire some days or too intense on others, for a man.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Dec 16 2007, 10:47 AM) *
I just blasted side one of George Michael's Faith while cleaning the house.

Once again, I am way too happy having our house to myself. Maybe I should bite the bullet and officially become a hermit.

Hmmm... I have become a hermit here lately... Its kinda cool sometimes. Sucks at other times. LOL
i stayed home from work today because i was getting over a migraine and was just TOO tired.

i have done nothing today except sleep (and now bust).

there are work checks that i need to sign but i'm not going to.

i'm being irresponsible.
I was a shit starter when I was young...especially with people who had egos very large, that needed to be brought down to size...and other times I started shit with people and between random people just to be mean...

I sometimes want to feed the trolls...
I have zero tolerance for friends w/ small children visiting my house- esp when they let them walk all over my furniture w/ their shoes on and change diapers on my new sofa. mad.gif
it frustrated me greatly when after 2 hours they didn't take the hint that it was Time To GO when I started rubbing my head and talking about the bad headache that was (honestly) really coming on.

bah humbug!
confession: i am beginning to hate the december holidays as it's turned more melancholy than merry

confession: i am crazy jealous/upset that my sister, who played violin back in the day, was able to pick up my instrument that i am fighting for my life to learn, and play the song i've been struggling with for 2 months in 2 minutes.

confession: my old friends are pissing me off.
-I hate receiving gifts from people I don't like.

-I feel horribly guilty when boys like me, and I don't like them.

-I've had a crazy crush on an adorable incredible boy for yearsss.
But I will never ask him out.

-I am terrified of rejection.

-I'm always buying things that I know I can't afford.
I fucking hate youtube!

my mother constantly asks me if I'm in a bad mood, and that puts me in a bad mood, I really didn't realize that I constantly had to be happy.
I wear pretty much the same thing every day.

I spent $200 on a sweater today. Its identical to the other sweater that I wore every day until it basically wore out.
Confession: Right now I feel kinda like Sarah Polley's character in the movie "Guinevere", without the love.

confession: I secretly hope that my obnoxious friend that came over the other day, stayed even as she was Falling Asleep, and wouldn't- leave, gets the same cold/flu combo that I have right now.
I warned her when she called that I thought I was coming down w/ something and it might not be good for her kids to be around me, but she steamrolled right over my objections bc she was pretty hellbent on it.
I very much hope this was a parting gift bc I finally agree w/ the mr & she is no-mas! ohmy.gif

I also hope her husband gets it too, for all the rude (& laughable) comments on how much money my mr must make now; it's called Promotion & Hard Freakin' Work dumbass. I used to feel sorry for him but don't anymore. they deserve each other.

I am sick and crabby & hateful right now and don't care.
snow white
confession: i just sent in an application to donate my eggs because i need/want the money

and morganelizabeth, i have all those vices too
Confession: I secretly like it when people get mauled by ferocious animals.
Confession: I've been watching lots of porn lately (don't know why) and having naughty dreams about people that I know. LOL My husband doesn't know about this. And I feel very shitty about it, cuz i usually tell him everything.

i have gotten really good at the fine art of disguised intentions, at least when it comes to my ex. i am awesome at sending texts that make him think that i am thinking of him fondly and would hang out if we could, when in fact i am really divining the chances of running into him so that i can precisely NOT do that.
While I know it's only 5lbs and the after christmas bloat and that I will get rid of it in a few weeks of training I am so super stressed and upset about it I'm having nightmares and it's all I can see and I am ashamed that at the end of november I was so sleek and toned and now all I can see is flab and none of my pants fit properly.
I confess to being really shitty w/ money management- and I'm 36! unsure.gif
I totally confessed this to the mr in an email today telling him ' and you'd better-not-be-mad' bc part of my issue has been His Crappy System not working.

I am deeply ashamed that despite being this Strong Feminist, the mr & I still fall into sterotypical gender roles where he does the money/ cars/yardwork & I take care of the house & kid. it's not that he's not open to change, and I Do do everything when he is (often) gone, but despite it all, it's still where our stregnths seem to fall anyway. ( & oh yah, I hate yardwork!)

I have re-gained 3 of the 15 lbs I fought so hard to lose and must now lose that + the original 5 still left in the next 14 days if I am to make my 1st weight loss goal. don't think I'm gonna make it now. sad.gif
things i'm reluctant to admit i secretly like:


-justin timberlake

-what of montreal has turned into
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