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confession: i have to design hannah montana t-shirts
Confession: I like being a cock tease.

I like returning my clients phone calls first thing in the morning, as I know they won't be up and I don't have to deal with what ever the hell their issue is.

I've become apathetic because of my job.
CH, hypnotoad! tongue.gif

I let totally inconsequential things get to me waay too much.

I feel like I've been really angry for the last month. I hate that feeling.
confession: I had no idea what or who Hannah Montana is (even though I hear it everywhere) I had to look it up on Wikipedia.

(side note: I read that there is a character called "Jake Ryan" on Hannah Montana. I wonder if it is sheer coincidence that this is also the name of the Molly Ringwald's crush in "16 Candles" me thinks not..??!!)
continuing on the hannah montana confessions trend--girl has a REALLY WEIRD FACE! she's really pretty, but i've been trying to draw her accurately all day and it's damn near impossible. ginormous, gummy, lopsided mouth, wide nose, uptilted eyes, pointy pointy long mini-jay-leno chin--yet for some reason, it all works together to make her look pretty.
The only place I'm as sexually liberated as everyone thinks I am is in my dreams.
polly, you mean you aren't a sex freak like me!?!? i dunno if we can stay friends. rolleyes.gif

confession: i made the decision one weekend that i was gonna seriously consider adopting children if i was still single at the age of 35. i must've had a jolie moment. then i realized i was watching baby boom and came from a workshop with women in their 50s who were still single and had no children.

also keep in mind, that i make rash and stupid bombastic statements all of the time. for example, when i was a teenager, i made the decision i was gonna become a smoker. i couldn't make it one day. it was hard to remind myself to smoke. laziness cured me from addiction.

moral of the story: only listen to 1/2 of what i say. wink.gif
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Oct 25 2007, 03:13 AM) *
confession: my friend, who was once anti-confrontation, has become assertive and effective and commanding. and i am jealous because i have not evolved like that.

* My friend who was once anti-confrontation is now just as touchy as she was before, but has become bitchy and aggressive
because her therapist told her she should confront people more and set boundaries, and to me, she's doing it all the wrong way.
She's still totally neurotic and over-reacting, but she has become much much more unpleasant than she was before.
I secretly think her therapy is a failure, although she herself is very happy about it.

* I secretly think one of my friends is pretty silly and naïve, but I like hanging out with her because she makes me laugh.
She thinks I respect her intellectually as well, when in reality I somewhat look down on her. I also think she's spoilt and lazy.

* I still get a very strong urge to cut myself every time I get drunk and feel just the slightest bit unhappy & neglected.
I stopped cutting myself 3 years ago.

i'm terrified of going to the dentist. i'm not scared of the drill or anything, but it's been a couple of years since i've gone and i KNOW i have teeth problems--one of my fillings has fallen out, i'm pretty sure i have a couple cavities and wisdom teeth giving me grief--so i'm scared it's going to be way more money than my insurance will pay and way more time than my work will let me have off, so i put it off and make excuses like i don't know what dentist to choose from my insurance booklet...
i hope that my mom outlives my dad because he's so dependant and so annoying when he's sick. i'm an only child and he will be all mine if my mom dies first.
confession: either i reached a new low in boredom or i REALLY did enjoy amanda bynes in "she's the man."
I have to stop myself from staring at people in public. Especially beautiful people. They're like aliens to me.
I find myself staring at people's butts to try to tell what kind of jeans they're wearing by the pocket design, and then I realize what I'm doing and what it must look like and I stop.
I spent the weekend and this afternoon assembling my Halloween costume and now I'm too tired to go out tonight. A part of me wants to just to spite someone and because I like dressing up, but the thought of dealing with a crowded bar or a midnight movie just seems like too much work. Plus, the first reason is a very stupid and petty one.
after years of denying that i had a "type", and years of very variegated dates, i have come to the realization that i do, in fact, have two very distinct types, and both are fully embarrassing to admit to.

A: short jewish dudes with napoleon complexes

B: blonde dudes with moustaches

*shakes head in shame*

ETA: oh, and unsettlingly pretty butch girls, but i kind of knew that one for a while...
anna k
The last guys I dated both had long hair, were in rock bands, wore glasses, had a lot of music knowledge, and I liked them both platonically. I also have been sexually attracted to greasy rocker-looking types who resembled Ted Nugent or Vincent Gallo. It's like that look drives me forward without me thinking about it.

I also like short dark-haired Jewish guys with a lot of music and movie knowledge.
Mouse, that IS pretty funny!

I seem to attract red-haired, slightly viking looking men, with a beard.
This is a problem, because I can't make out with bearded men, my dad
has a beard, it would be too freudian. In fact, the men who are attracted
to me often look a lot like my dad.. eugh!

I also seem to attract very nice, low-key, stable persons, Aidan in SATC types
(goes hand in hand with the bearded viking types, I guess)
who I'm attracted to too since I'm not overly stable myself,
but after a while I just keep creating dramas and stir things up because I get bored.
And then I start dating hopeless emotionally twisted geniuses for a while,
which always goes straight to Hell. I should have my head checked.

None of which is a true confession, so here's a confession: I'm unhealthily obsessed with the Amish,
Quakers, Mennonites and other offbeat, simple living Protestants. I mean really really obsessed.
I try to justify it by saying "I like their clothes", but there has to be something deeper in it all...

BEARDED MEN! Ok, there we have it. But I don't even LIKE beards. Oh this is too confusing!

*after telling someone this one guy wasn't my type, i failed to name exactly what my type was. HOWEVER, coela, it may/may not include mountainman-esque beard. it's functional! (wink wink nudge nudge)

*i am intellectually attracted to my guy friend and physically repulsed.

*i have been fucking with a married guy friend's mind for fun.

*i have been pretty vulgar at work lately amongst the boys, which i think makes me a female chauvinist pig.

*i had a miniscule, pinprick pang of maternal instinct the other day even though i really, really, really don't want kids. that pang kinda scares me.
*steps on Friendly soapbox*

fyi, coela, quakers haven't fit into the "funny clothing" category for a couple hundred years or so. 99% of quakers look just like you, except maybe a little more hippie-ish. there is still a very small faction of Friends who wear Plain Dress, but they are an anomaly. perhaps you're thinking of Shakers...? anyway, if you're really interested, quaker meetings are pretty much the most welcoming places you could possibly go to find out things smile.gif

(for the record, i was raised quaker, and i think there are a couple other capital-F friends floating around on the boards)

confession: i get REAL CRANKY when people find out i am/was raised quaker and ask "oooh! do you wear a bonnet!? do you have ELECTRIC?"
confession: I nagged my mother for years to get email again, and now that she has she is using it to nag the hell out of me about the riff with my sister and now I am sorry for wishing it.

confession: I have little to no desire to repair said riff w/ my sister, even though my mother is now using hard corp gorilla esque guilt tactics on me.

confession: I am now asking the mr to intercede via email to my mother to tell her to back the hell off, something I know he would never ask of me if the situation was reversed and don't know if I would even if asked. (how is that for bitch?)

Mouse, yes, sorry, I got them mixed up. I kind of knew that (since I'm 100% liberal quaker
in that online religion test, I've looked it up a couple of times) but I always get Shakers & Quakers
mixed up in English. It's a language misconception thing. ; ) Sorry if I offended you, I really didn't mean to.

I very much doubt I could find a meeting where I live, though. I'm guessing there
are about.. 15 quakers in my entire country. : )

coela: not offended at all! just tryin' to edumacate wink.gif

what country are you in, btw? might be more quakes than you think...
I am in a black hole of depression and struggling to be functional in life right now.

I dial up pain way too much by looking at pictures, websites, myspace pages.

I'm afraid to let that stuff go and move on.

I think I want to feel better but I feel stuck.


Mouse: I live in Sweden. There's only a small communion in Stockholm, I think.
Come to think of it, my ex gave me John Woolman's diary,
but I never got around to read it. Might have to do that now.


Confession: My friend's gallery has a finissage party today, and I think the artist
she exhibited is a 13 to the dozen graphic designer. And people only go there
to party and say that they've been to a gallery party. Which isn't her fault,
but I still think it's pretty lame. I don't feel like going.

((((Zoya)))) We all feel that way sometimes. I am positive you are more functional than you think. I hope you feel better soon.

Crazycat, I really don't want kids yet I love babies and swoon over them. I rationalise this by just admitting I love babies: it's the annoying stage between, say, 2 and 8 or 9 I don't like.

Which leads to my confession: I like hanging out here at home so much more when the mister's daughter is away. She's fine, a good kid: I think I just don't like the restrictions living with a kid imposes.
Sorry, this is OT.... Coela, I'm in Sweden too (though I'm not Swedish). Where do you live? (You don't have to post it if you don't feel comfortable with it...)

Um, okay, confession while I'm here: I'm a lazy, lazy bum because my roommate's not here. We're talking piles of dishes and walking around in a dirty t-shirt and no underwear.

edie, wow, you're in Sweden? I knew you were having a LDR but not so looooong? Good for you!

I'm addicted to facebook.
edie52: Southern belle ;-)

Confession: I must see every film noir shown on TV even if it SUXX. I'm watching Diabolique right now.
Not only that, but I've also seen it before, so I was AWARE of how bad it is. No matter, must se every
film noir shown on tv. *Homer Simpson voice*

Bunny, I too am addicted to facebook.

And as soon as I wrote that I also realised what a complete wanker I am. I sent you a message about that! *shakes head in shame* my crackbook crapped out, as soon as I realised what was going on. I had to add you!
confession: i waste a lot of time. a lot.
Yeah bunny, it's an uber-LDR. He's coming in a month though (well, a bit more, but we're rounding down).

Confession: I am secretly relieved to not be spending Christmas with my family this year, and that I have a good excuse. Mostly because of my new step-mother and -sister. I like them fine, but the holidays feel different with them. I also wish gift-giving was not such a big part of it.
My boss is out of town this week, and thus I plan to do absolutely no work.

Speaking of work, I always make sure my vacation time is nicely depleted by Christmas so that I can't be forced to go on visits to annoying extended family.

*reads back*
Short dark-haired Jewish boys are one of my types too!
I'm getting my nails done Saturday, partly so I'll have an excuse not to help some of LeBoy's friends move....even though they helped us move a couple years ago.
I confess that instead of going out and being social this weekend, I stayed in a cleaned my house. Then went shopping alone and enjoyed it. I am a misanthrope.

I confess I have not joined facebook, yet.. . .
misslady, you had my exact weekend. and ditto on the facebook thing, too.
I cannot understand the reason why women cannot just love and support each other and cheer each other one for their life goals instead of trying to break each other down.

I also do not understand why SAHMs take such offense when other women say they want to put their education to use and have a career and family. Yes, I get the fact that education is NEVER a waste. I did not say it was. Nor do I believe that sahms who also have degrees are wasting their education. It is a personal decision and if someone asks for my opinion about it, why can't they handle the truth? Why must women think that if you're not a SAHM you'll be missing every great thing in you child's life? Why must women think that being a SAHM makes women more career oriented look down upon them? Why do some career women look down on SAHMs? Why are women made to feel bad BY OTHER WOMEN nonetheless about wanting a career as opposed to sitting home with their children all day long?

I believe I can have both, so don't try to make me feel shitty about wanting both.
Me three on the alone-time weekend. Between working from home during the week and enjoying not-working at home at the weekend, I have been living a hermit life for some time.

The mister said to me:'you just don't like people, do you?' I said, 'I'm just picky...'
I confess, I HATE the term making love. What the hell. Do you "make love" the same way you make a pie???

If someone's dick or pussy is coming into contact with yours it is fucking. it is sex. Making love. Ugh, vomit.


Sorry, I really hate that term. In my opinion it is prudish and an polite way of telling child that it is sex without actually telling them it is sex. And it also making them seem like there must be an emotion tied to sex, which I can tell, as most of us can, there is not a lot of emotion tied to sex sometimes. tequila yes, emotion no.
CH, your making love comment reminded me of a line from one of my favorite movies, The Tao of Steve. The main character says the term making love reminds him of convenience store incense. laugh.gif
CH,I always found the term kind of drippy too, so thank you for speaking it out loud!
um, i confess i don't have a clue what SAHM means or stands for.... blink.gif
I confess that I'm a little embarrassed that I do know what SAHM means (Stay At Home Mom). I've always been annoyed by catchy little phrases like that, for no good reason really.
techincally, at least on paper, I am a SAHM (sahm I am?) but I hate the term. it seems to trivialize my life ; I don't like being labeled bc I'm a far apple from suzi homemaker.
don't box me in.

I confess that I am ok if my sister doesn't contact me to "make peace" and would truthfully rather she didn't. I'm still mad as hell and only brokered the peace accord through my mother so she wouldn't have a freakin' stroke over her 2 girls still not speaking in over a year.

I also confess to still crush-groovin' on my mr, even tho he's still away; he talks me down off my ledges with gentle and well thought out common sense and loves me no matter my weight or craziness and I miss him, his face, his hugs, his kisses... madly.
ha ha, i guess you have no idea what NAK means then? nursing at keyboard. i belong to a mama's board, there are TONS of weird ones there. WHAM is work at home mom. like, what mom Isn't working when she's at home? hrmph.

ch that's that funniest thing you wrote there, made me laugh out loud girl. i always hated that shit too. even if it felt really "lovey" while we were doing it, the term "making love" just squicks me out. then again i call my vajayjay by the P word so how romantical am i? pft.

confession: i am overwhelmed and tired. today i actually found myself thinking "wouldn't it be good if i got sick right now so i had an excuse to stay in bed and didn't have to deal with this mess?" now how crazy is that? the mess won't go anywhere, in fact it would undoubtably get even messier! and i don't need an excuse to not be on top of it, i Have an excuse. i have two small children and an unpacked house, multiple loads of laundry to do every day, many teeth to floss and brush, 6 sets of nails to clip, school lunches to make, drop offs and pick ups, shopping, diapers, NURSING, xmas coming up, etc etc etc. that's enough of an excuse for being tired, behind, messy and disorganized i think.
and still, i feel guilty and i'm beating myself up and it's demoralizing and makes me even less productive. WHY am i so hard on myself? my goodness. i expect a lot of me.
"making love" is a terrible term. anyone i would want to fall in love with would have to be able to FUCK me. or else it would be over. tongue.gif
I've always hated that term too! I can't help but read it semantically, and "making" love just doesn't make sense!
CH, "same way you make a pie" is just why I'm confused.
Same goes for the term "making out", which makes even FAR less sense than "making love" does.
I can give myself a headache trying to figure out why it's called "making out", and trying to decipher the term literally.
I've never thought about the term "making out...." I think it's alright, though. One of my friends and I used to say we just wanted "a little makey-outy" when we were kinda horny but didn't want sex.

As for "making love..." even before I'd even had sex I thought it was stupid how characters on TV would say shit like "and then we made love," when in fact then referring to screwing a co-worker in the copy room or something. But I confess to having said it myself. BUT only when I truly felt it was more "love-making" than fucking or sex. Though when someone I wasn't in love with used it I wanted to throw up.
I certainly don't use the term when I'm getting fucked doggie and getting a spanking.
I actually kinda like 'making out' it's all high school but in a kind of good way, I think. My ex used to say that just randomly sometimes - like if we were watching TV or something - 'let's make out' and it was really funny but not weird at all. (and we were both like 30 at the time, which made it funnier)

same ex BF used to say 'making love' sometimes, and I would just internally cringe. I always refer to it as 'having sex" or if we are having a right good shag, "fucking." I mean, there are times with someone where it is totally transcendent and lovey, but I'd rather be like "whoa that was amazing" than say "when we were making love..." blech!
I certainly do use the term making out too, because "french kissing" would sound ridiculous if used casually, and there aren't many more options that aren't even more silly. I'm just getting all analytical about the actual phrase. I need everything to make sense : )

confession#1: I recently crushed pretty bad on a man 15 years older than myself, but I haven't seen or talked to him for a couple weeks and so it's gone away. Not that anything would've happened anyway.
confession#2: If I found out my own boyfriend crushed that bad on someone else, I'd probably flip out.
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