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I also have a bear that I sleep with on occassion. She is a care bear, who os green. Her name is green bear. If I am sick or if I have an anxiety attack I sleep with her.
Pony came with us to the Island for Thanksgiving with my parents. He's tucked into bed right now "napping" (lucky bum - we're pulling up carpet).

I told my mom I like the colours she's picked for the house. But I think they are hideous.
confession: I stole a book from the library. Sort of.
I borrowed it for a class back in June, and forgot to return it. Now it's October, and I still have the book, but when I checked my account, there were no items listed. I even went into the library to see, but they told me I didn't have anything overdue. Of course I didn't mention that I do indeed have a book that is about 4 months overdue-because I REALLY can't afford that fine right now, and I needed to check out another book!
My conscience might catch up with me and I might return it eventually, but only when I can afford the fine sad.gif
that is kinda funny to me, bc I have been thinking of confessing that I am serial late book returner who almost consistantly, perpetually, carries a fine at the library.
this trully weighs heavily on my soul as I value the library & the privlidge of using it for free.

my frecklette seems to have the same flaw as she currently carries a fine of $36** !

I try to think of the huge amount of money in fines I've paid as a sort of donation to the library, which is good rather than bad.

I confess to some rather devious and bitchy skeeming to "pay back" a local car dealership who tried to screw one of our young & wounded soldiers over when I was taking him car shopping; now *I* am shopping for myself and think I will string them along and then at the last minute tell them to f- themselves and I am going to buy from their competitors.

I'm pretty sure that's not creating bad kharma but am willing to take the risk. lowlifes.
Humanist, I still have a book from the high school library (hmm, 10-year reunion next year?!?!)...I was working on a research paper about the Beat Generation in the library, had a stack of books, some checked out, some not and I realized I was about to be late for class and ran out with one of the non-checked out books, which I didn't realize until later. Surprisingly, the alarm at the door never went off and I never gave it back. And there's no way in hell I'm going to step back into that place to return a book. ((shudder))

I read somewhere about a woman who got revenge on her scummy ex by using his library card that she had to check out books, like a dozen of them; she then left the books on the shelf so that they could still be used by other people, but who knows how long it would be before he checked his account and had racked up loads of fines. Ha ha ha ha!!
Aww, the inner librarian in me feels bad. Do you realize that a lot of libraries have very reasonable limits on the fines that can be imposed on long-overdue books? At the Boston Public Library it's $5 a book. So it might be more reasonable than you think it's going to be.

I confess that I still do stupid shit on occasion to sabotage my weight loss efforts. Three steps forward, two steps back. It's fucking exhausting and I wish I'd cut the shit and BE SMART.
Humanist, since it's not on your record you could just sneak it back in and put it on the shelf...

I used to steal books from my high school library. I got a really old, hardcover versions of Dylan's Tarantula, Leonard Cohen's Death of a Lady's Man, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, and Franny and Zooey. I justified it by telling myself that I appreciated them more than everyone else (I guess I just thought I was cooler). But seriously, some of them hadn't been checked out since the 70s. I've felt twinges of guilt since then, but nothing major.

And once I was stoned and caught shoplifting cookie dough.

I don't steal anymore.
I skip class too much. Today I skipped both my classes but I was productive at home. I watched my telecourse, finished a presentation I'm doing tomorrow, did some actual work work, and put up halloween decorations (okay, that wasn't so productive).
i am also a serial overdue book haver. and like freckle, i justify it by saying i like to support the library, so i am happy to have the excuse of fines to donate, because if i didn't have the fines, i would never donate.

which is true.

however, my last overdue set (which was like four books out for as many months) was nearing three digits. so the library has gotten QUITE A LOT of support from me.

right now i owe them $3.50, but if it's below $5 you can still check out books. i have a feeling they might never see the $3.50.
After submitting my Master's thesis I had a mountain of books to return to the uni library and couldn't have managed them on public transport so had to enlist my mum and the car's help. After a lot of procrastination on my part we finally took them back and I had fines in excess of £85 (almost $175).

That was the last time I used a library until this month when I joined my local one. I *must* not return overdue books.
i am not bad at books, but i've basically negated myself from renting dvd's at any of the surrounding dvd rental places near the last 3 apartments I've lived in because my fines were so high. I cannot remember to return the damn things.

I confess that I had an open door to give a certain guy a piece of my mind last night and I didn't just jump in and take it. I just ended up chatting with him like nothing was wrong. WTF is my problem? I'm such a fucking wuss and not only that, I feel like if I reach out to try and tell him now, I'll just look idiotic. I'm certainly not doing myself any good here.
Now I feel like a douche bag for not using my local library. See, my thing is that i love books so much, I must own them. then I can go back again and again. If I don't feel lke finishing a book at the moment, I can go back and pick it up.

Now a confession! I noticed most of my confessions are sexually based. Hmmmm. I like have sex with older men for the novelty. And the sex is usually much much better. I guess it's not really a confession. Feh.

I don't have enough money to buy all of the books I want to own so using the library for some of them. In actual fact, some of the books I borrowed this month I actually do own but my books are packed away in boxes until I decorate my bedroom and it's driving me loopy.

zoya, you should use an online rental service as they have no due back dates!
I confess that I dread when my mom and brother come home, each and every day, for no good reason.

I've been so chronically late returning books to the library that I've been forced to pay the replacement cost of a couple of them.

It still annoys me that someone else here is using "my" (or something extremely close to "my") font color, even though it's been months and months now since she started. Of course, I realize this is a very petty thing to get worked up over, especially since I'm not exactly the most frequent poster on the boards these days.
So..I think I'll go return the book. I checked the online catalog on the library's website, and it says the book is on the shelf. If they think the book is still there, then what's the risk in just slipping it back on the shelf? *knocks on wood*
I confess that if I was humanist, I would totally keep the book. You are so good.
My bellybutton gets a strange smell if I don't wash it.
So does mine, CH laugh.gif Also, behind my ears smells like romano cheese, even if i just took a shower that day. Weird.

My mom wants to apply for a new position at the company she works for and i don't have the heart to tell her she's probably not qualified for it. It sounds like it just takes a lot of self-motivation and organization and she just doesn't have it. unsure.gif
I also don't know how to cook a turkey, chicken, ham, or start the barbeque.
anna k
I feel like I'll never have a romantic relationship or fall in love.

I practice kickboxing so I can fantasize about being an action movie star.

The men I am most sexually attracted to are very intimidating to me (usually having a sleazy/mysterious look to them), so I have dated guys who were sexually unsatisfying for me. I don't have the balls to flirt or seduce the ones I really get interested in.

I don't like fire, and don't like to light matches or light the gas oven.
i wouldn't walk near the swamp in the park last weekend because i'm so afraid of snakes. i'm also a baby about mice, most bugs, slugs and snails, and bats.

The last time I had all my library fines paid up was a month ago, and I have a book that is overdue. I like to think of it as donating to the library too. laugh.gif

There's a woman from my last work place who wants to be my friend. We've hung out twice and the last time felt like a reenactment of a Saturday night for me 10 years ago (driving around aimlessly and finally ending up hanging out with some guys she wanted to talk to), and I didn't like it. She's been calling me about twice a day since, and I feel like a bitch because I can't handle it. I don't like talking on the phone, have trouble coming up with shit to talk about, and we really don't have many common interests. My life has been busy lately and I need time to relax and rewind, and the best way for me to do that is to spend a day alone with a book and a pot of tea, not on the phone trying to make conversation with someone I just talked to. She is very lonely, and I want to be her friend, but it's too much too fast, and I'm afraid I'm going to botch it up somehow.
why not try admitting to her that you haven't had a close friend in awhile & are a little gun-shy about getting together so often? maybe she'll get the hint that too much is just that till you are more comfortable.

I confess that I want to get this for my dog for Halloween:
and this:

and this one too:
I know I have no shame but he looks so doggone cute in his darth Puppy Costume.
polly, how do you KNOW how behind your ears smells? tongue.gif
Hey! My belly button gets a strange smell too (if I don't wash it.) I don't know why I am so excited to share this w/you all.

I also confess...that I tend to...abuse...the ellipses...when I write...
freckle: oooh! thank you so much for that laugh. those pictures were adorable!
you're welcome knorl! tongue.gif
I know it's really mean to torture my dog like that (he looks just like the doggie model in the ninja costume) but dagnabit it he's so danged adorable, and long suffering... maybe I'm not really as good a doggie mama as I always thought I was that I would do that to him anyway?

I confess that I have used a derth of colorful power puff girls bandages to seal the cracks around the insides of my doors.
I figure what better '1st line of defense' than girl's who kick ass?

not a poster in this thread but i'd like to add

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Oct 14 2007, 11:38 AM) *
My bellybutton gets a strange smell if I don't wash it.

ch - I tell this to Mr. pugs all the time. It smells like old soap or something. It's nasty. I clean it out with a q-tip sometimes cause it's gross. laugh.gif

you also confessed that your confessions are of a sexual nature most of the time. i'll make you feel better. i L O V E to be spanked. I'm obsessed with it. i think about it too much and want it every day. I think they call people like me spankos or something. it's embarrasing. i good spanking for me is better then sex. i love, love, love it and sometimes it makes me feel like a complete freak.

QUOTE(nickclick @ Oct 15 2007, 10:10 AM) *
i wouldn't walk near the swamp in the park last weekend because i'm so afraid of snakes. i'm also a baby about mice, most bugs, slugs and snails, and bats.


nickclick - I...HATE...BUGS!!! they are so gross and creepy crawly EWWWW! last night for some reason we had nats all over the window in our home office. they were all over. they were on the ceiling, window, walls, carpet. OMG! i ran to get the vacuum and suck those fuckers up. i want all bugs to die. in our little town we have the biggest most ginormous spiders as well. i scream like a little bitch when i see one. ever seen Ace Ventura Pet Detective II. the part where he runs through the forest with the white bat sceaming. that's me whenever there is a bug. (eww, eww, eww i got the hebbie jeebies now) mr. pugs and i own a snake and feed it rats so i'm not so scared of snakes and mice.

(hangs head in shame) also guilty of the overdue library book issue. i had three out for over a year and my fine was over $100 dollars. turned out that i didn't have to pay it because of something to do with the fact that i was under 18 when i checked them out or something. you'd think skimming past that fine would have taught me a lesson. nope...i still return books late when i check them out of the library. so most of the time now i don't check them out i just go and buy them at the bookstore so they are mine forever. ha ha haaaa

i must confess that i think my sisters boyfriend is a complete ass. what a total waste of space. i wish she'd dump his ass.


admit it...this is adorable
Oooh....I must confess I just checked my bellybutton for stench biggrin.gif

For all you weird dog dresser-uppers, I give you Stuff on My Mutt.
Mr. Pug won't let me dress up our pugs. *sniffle, tear*
phobia- too cute!

pugs, tell me you're Not going to order that cute little robe for your babies?
w/ winter coming bath time can get so cooold! ( I picture a shower cap on top to complete the look! )

I confess that I actually said the words ' I want to be the neighborhood Hot Mom' to the trainer at the gym I think I am going to join.. and now I am mortified!!

I hid a small rubber snake in the midst of a Halloween Trick or Treat bag full of candy in the care package I am sending the mr this week.

= bad freckle! bad Bad freckle! laugh.gif ==
freckle - i tried explaining to mr. pugs that the babies need christmas pj's last year and that we should order them online along with a cute little bathrobe so that they don't get a chill. he just looked at me and said, "They're dogs..." However, my one pug Pinky does have a cute little red fleece jacket she wears in the snow and Shelby has a t-shirt that says killer. laugh.gif That's all though. They need more clothes. Mr. Pug is so selfish not buying his girls some cute little outfits.

*stumps like a two year old out of the thread*

It's not fair!!!
I'm growing out my armpit hair. For the first time in my life.

...I'm not sure if I'm confessing the fact that I'm growing it out, or the fact that I've never even seen it as anything more than stubble...

but it's making me feel kinda sexy.
I'm afraid to jump off the deep end and make a move that I've been wanting to make for a long time.

I'm afraid I won't find any friends there.

shit.... I'm just afraid of getting what I wanted and at least trying it out.

wtf is wrong with me? (I'm gonna do it, though, btw)

another one:

I wonder why the fuck it's so difficult for me to get a relationship going. Seriously. I've got it going on. I'm overall really happy with my life, I know I'm attractive (not saying that in an ego way, just that I take care of myself) I'm smart, I love to laugh, I'm easy going, I'm totally uninhibited in bed, no hang ups, loyal as hell, etc. so WHAT THE FUCK is the problem? I get really bummed about it sometimes. I WILL be with the perfect person for me at some point, I know it. But it just feels so far away sometimes.

I get afraid that when I meet said person, he won't be a madman in the sack and will have a small penis. Lord, I can't believe I just said that. But it does cross my mind.
well, you have one friend here already.

The men here are all madmen, some of them are even madmen in the sack. Can't testify to the size of their cocks, however.
thanks bunny! this is true!

yes, they are madmen. That's a good thing. haha, your cock size comment made me laugh!
anna k
I wonder why the fuck it's so difficult for me to get a relationship going. Seriously. I've got it going on. I'm overall really happy with my life, I know I'm attractive (not saying that in an ego way, just that I take care of myself) I'm smart, I love to laugh, I'm easy going, I'm totally uninhibited in bed, no hang ups, loyal as hell, etc. so WHAT THE FUCK is the problem? I get really bummed about it sometimes. I WILL be with the perfect person for me at some point, I know it. But it just feels so far away sometimes.

I can feel weird that I've never been in a serious relationship. The most I've done was date two guys for several dates before realizing that I liked them more as friends. For a boyfriend, I want to able to wake up with them, not want them to go away after a date so I can be alone, be used to snuggling and being affectionate, and really feel love for them, not just as a passing fancy. I also feel happy with myself, I feel like I'm attractive in smarts and looks, no hang-ups, loyal and caring, etc.
I don't let people get to know me. In doing this, people feel weirdly comfortable.

I am obsessed with my sexual performance.

I really really like sleeping. I find dreaming a wonderful alternative to reality.
I miss snuggling with AZ Guy more than I miss having sex with him.

Yesterday a friend's kid said something sexist and I let it slide because I wasn't sure how to handle it without coming across like a complete asshole.

Right now I'm considering breaking things off with said friend because she doesn't quite get why I'm a vegetarian, why I don't shop at Wal-Mart, and why I don't want to play pranks on her coworkers. I've tried to explain the reasons behind these decisions, but I have the feeling she doesn't quite seem to get them.

I also think she might be slightly uncomfortable with the fact that I'm her age and still single (she seems to like finding guys to set me up with), with no kids, no house and no desire to obtain any of that in the next year or so. I don't have any problems with her being married and having kids; I just wish that I could be accepted for who I am.

I wish I could meet some other people who could be considered friendship material.
i secretly wish there was a classy way of letting my crushes know what a dirty mind i have. i'm seen as a mouse (no pun intended) and i hate it, but i'm also not very outward or blatant at all with my sexuality. sometimes i feel different or like there is something slightly wrong with me because of the disparity between how i act and what i think about.
Lately I feel like everybody's mom. When my friends have problems, they come crying to me. When it's a major problem I don't mind, but they complain to me about the tiniest little things! And even my mother confides in me about shit in her life. But when does anyone ask me about me?! When will someone finally hug me and tell me it's going to be okay?

Note: Three people called me today to tell me about their problems. Not one of them asked me how I am doing.

This is why I don't answer my phone half the time when it rings.
lilacwine, I think you sound like a very cool person and though I am married w/ the house, kid etc, if you were here I think you'd be great to hang out with and I promise there would be no counter culture subliminal judgement on my part.
people like your friend (esp if she didn't say anything to the kid for the sexist remark?) probably shouldn't breed in the first place and have no room to judge anyone else. (sorry if that sounded harsh.)

how is your day? smile.gif
(yes I really do wanna know!)

maybe you are like the Sexy Librarian.... buttoned up and smart looking on the outside,but a wildcat on the in? there is nothing wrong w/ being who you are period, and the best people will take the time to find out who that is. please don't be so hard on yourself . ((mouse))

I have nicknamed the fat around my belly Stan, bc it is like a creepy guy that stalks you and no matter what you do (tho I've barely just begun trying) you can't get rid of him; today I was doing crunches and managed more than I expected and thought " buh-bye Stan!"
"I have nicknamed the fat around my belly Stan, bc it is like a creepy guy that stalks you and no matter what you do (tho I've barely just begun trying) you can't get rid of him;"

LOL. I <3 Frekle!!!!

Rose- I have that same problem. In fact, it led to a year-long no-talking feud with a good friend, which sucked really bad. I don't have any advice except just to sympathise. Do your friends also expect you to keep track of everyone's birthdays and make plans and organize things too? Because mine sure do. Sigh. The worst part? I do it.

My confession for today: I've been feeling like my thyroid is acting up again, but I don't want to talk to my doctor about it in case it'll help me lose a little weight. Sigh.
Freckleface, thanks for asking. That's very sweet of you.
I'm kinda sorta okay. But not. I've been having trouble getting up the nerve to leave the house lately which is not a good sign. I don't feel like getting into it here.

Phobia, I know what you're talking about! Luckily, that weight is not my shoulders yet. My best friend is still the Calendar Keeper of our urban family. She's also the one people turn to when they need tough love. When they just want someone to listen or they need sweet, cuddly support, they turn to me.

Today I avoided tons of phone calls because I just didn't feeling like dealing with people. I answered a call from my mom, but that's it. Ah, freedom! biggrin.gif But now I have oodles of voicemails waiting for me. Ugh.
I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I probably won't have kids

and I'm fine with it. In fact, it's kind of a relief.

...I feel a wee bit guilty for thinking this, because even though physically it's because of my age that I probably won't, the bigger part of it is simply because having a kid at this point would be a huge pain in the ass that I don't really think I want.
I have decided tonight to totally cop out and not put together and send organic products (cleaning, soaps, lotions etc etc in a recycled cloth bag), to everyone back home for the holiday gifts as I had been planning.
I just do not have the energy, emotional-lending-to the physical- to literally make it happen and so instead am sending everyone a fruit/candy gift basket to be done with it.

realising it's only Oct, I still want it dealt with so I can make the best attempt at enjoying the holiday w/ my girl and feeling sorry for myself.

I suck and feel great guilt right now, but know it's what I am going to do anyway.
(me N Stan! )

I also confess that I am looking forward to menopaus & wish it would hurry up even tho I know I am too young for it still, so I can be biologically finished with my "childbearing years" and I want to hang a huge sign around my neck that says something like " I Can't anymore- stop Asking!" bc I have found that when you have only one child, no matter their or your age, people- even or sometimes especially Complete Strangers- can be unbearably Obnoxious about asking why or trying to shame you into having another. like 'gee! I forgot to be a breeder and have more! thanks for the reminder!' dumbasses..
Thank you for the kind words,freckle, and you weren't being too harsh. Sorry people are being such jackasses about how many kids you have, I don't understand the mentality that more kids means you're a better person. Shouldn't parenting be more about quality than quantity?

I think one of the problems about the person I was talking about is she doesn't meet many people who aren't like her and she isn't sure how to handle them or how to see things from their perspective, sometimes I felt more like a curiosity to her than a friend, like I came from a different planet.

As for the sexist remark, either she didn't hear it, or else she lets stuff like that slide (which isn't right, IMO).

I know most people don't care about my diet or shopping habits, some of them even think I'm cool in spite of them, including yourself smile.gif (and you sound like you'd be a cool person to meet as well). If she can't get past our differences, then it's her loss.


Confession: I brought my laptop into work today because I wanted to listen to some music and forgot that I had a bunch of pictures of AZ Guy naked on it. I decided to run a slide show of the pictures on it and now it's going through that particular folder. For the third time. (I thought I set it on shuffle...) Uh, oops?
I have a bunch tonight.

Confession: I make a big deal at work about not having a service van, but I don't really want one. I just want to be offered one. If they offered me one I'd just turn it down. I don't want them to be able to track me.

Confession: I am passive-agressive toward my supervisor, who told me I wasn't getting a service van because "you aren't a zone service call person". So now, even in the case of an emergency I tell them to call somebody else, because "I am not a zone service call person."

Confession: I didn't always feel this way.

Anti-confession/rationalization: I have a right to be pissed, because there's lots of MEN who aren't zone service call persons, who DO have service vans. And they don't need them. They do piping jobs where they're in one place all day. I actually DO do service calls, all over campus, they're just departmental rather than building.

Confession: My house is a mess because I am painting my spare bedroom. And I'm too lazy to paint during the week.

Confession: I want to order delivery tonight but my house is so trashed I feel ucky about it.

Confession: I drink too much.
confession: my friend, who was once anti-confrontation, has become assertive and effective and commanding. and i am jealous because i have not evolved like that.

confession: it's easy for me to flirt with someone i have no intention of actively pursuing, for whatever reason. if i'm genuinely interested, i am a complete fool and terribly inept.

confession: if i am not stressed out of my mind, i get terribly bored. i don't want to be either.

confession: i have a voodoo doll, and a certain ex should be experiencing a lot of groin pain and unilateral retro-orbital headaches right about now.

confession: i watch hannah montana on saturday mornings.
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