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I'm sorry you feel that way, kitten and lustfullypink. I've been a lurker for some long periods of time because I didn't feel like I had any thoughts or happenings interesting enough to post on any thread.

I confess that... *hissing whisper* I bought a pair of CROCS! I HATE Crocs! But my left arch hurts constantly now because the shoes I was wearing for my kitchen job didn't have good arch support. I couldn't find any other supportive shoes for as cheap! I'll only, repeat ONLY, wear them when I'm working! And they're inconspicuous black, not f'ing PINK or something.

I confess that I like the fuschia Crocs I saw when I clicked on one of the links in the CoF thread. *hangs head*
I confess that I am staying in a hotel right now for work and I fucking hate this hotel. It's an uber-trendy place, my room looks like a fucking boudoir - and there are no lights in it that go above "dim" except in the bathroom so I'm doing my fucking work in the FUCKING BATHROOM. The lobby is a frigging hot spot with a trendy restaurant off to the side that's populated by "beautiful people" aka 6 foot tall toothpicks that look down their nose at short little me in jeans, t-shirt and all-stars when I walk in the door. EVEN THOUGH I am heading a group that is paying far more for our group of rooms than the dirty old man who's buying them drinks in hope of getting laid by a "beautiful person" will ever spend here. I fucking hate this place. gross.


ahhhhh.. that felt better.
I am feeling rejected today and I don't know why.

Sometimes I feel like it's time for me to settle down, but when I think about it, I think that it's nuts.

I really don't know what I want anymore.
culture, I totally identify w/ your last line.
read my new(est) siggy; I seem to know what I am not, what I want not, but where does that leave me in the evolutionary goal sense? I feel in my bones a rumble, like a big life-altering change is coming; the big question is- When?

I confess to reading the engagement/wedding announcements in the sunday paper and skipping down to the part about what the bride and bridegroom do for a living; makes me feel like a huge
Z E R O when it's something fabulous and they are younger then me.
then again, depending on my state of mind maritally speaking (15 yrs now), sometimes I just laugh & think ' Sucker!!'

I have now got the mr doing this too, except he doesn't know about the 2nd half of that.
i'm a hater.
anna k
I liked it when I got catcalled by some teenage boys today. I was walking to the movies, and some young guys were hanging out near there. One said, "Hey, sexy" to me, and as I walked on, I got the "nice ass" comments. I continued walking, not really knowing what to say, so I stopped, turned my head around, and called out, smiling, Grow up!" They just laughed and continued with "nice ass!" as I walked away.

It's weird that this makes me feel good. It's a lot better than when I was 17 and got the "suck my dick" variety of catcalls, which made me disgusted. My sister could tell I was upset and immediately went to their house and yelled at them.
I have totally let myself go and I'm completely grossed out by it. I don't have a problem with gaining some weight - I'm ok with that, it's just that I've been drinking loads of beer and not exercising. I just caught a glimpse of my ass in a bathroom mirror and I cannot believe that this is the same ass that just a year ago was firm and high from running 4-5 days a week. It's now jiggly and flabby and I'm appalled that I've not been taking care of my body the way I should, just to stay healthy and fit. and it seems so daunting to start. But I must.
I'm gearing up for the exercise crunch. I'm trying to be good as the diet/exercise start date approaches. I figure that if I scale back now I'll be in a better start position come the start date but I also figure I've got to get everything "in" that I won't be allowing myself once I start the new regime. Ugh.
I have enjoyed delighting in Michigan's defeat by my small little college that no one's ever heard of. I am a Mountineer Bitches!!!

I never had this kind of school spirit as an undergrad. I am just so proud!!!

I am also proud that that was my 400th post.

Suck it Wolverines!!! Suck it!!!
ann arbor is a wh---....


(may i preemptively say, go bucks?)
I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I am afraid I'm getting feelings for him again, and I don't want to get hurt.

I've put up an emotional wall the prevents anyone from getting emotionally close to me because I don't want to get hurt, but how am I supposed to get to know someone and let them know me when I've got that wall up?

I really am lonely. I miss having a partner, and having someone lay beside me at night and hold me.
I've been having self esteem problems recently. My friends are a lot prettier than I am, and I'm finally beginning to realize it. It kind of sucks.
I hate my brother.
right now, a disgusting amount of my company's merchandise has some sort of "keep it green!" environmental slogan on it--but we don't actually recycle in the office, and people make fun of me for bringing in a coffee mug instead of getting and throwing away a styrofoam cup every day.

we also have a lot of stuff with some sort of anti-war/peace slogan on it, but we also have an armed services license and actively brainstorm effectively pro-war slogans and images for that merch.

i am SO FUCKING SICK of political and/or ethical platforms being used as SOLELY a way to sell something. it's happening more and more and i'm really fucking grossed out by the "go green!" trend everyone is having a heyday with now. sure, okay, you buy organic and you watched "inconvenient truth" and it made you sad, so you think that buying the expensive whole foods dishsoap labeled "EARTH FRIENDLY!" absolves you. i bet every day you throw away two or three plastic bags, plastic cutlery, plates, water bottles, packaging and other one-time-use ephemera that you don't even fucking REGISTER. FUCK YOU. are you rinsing out and re using your ziplock bags? everyone wants to drive a prius, but nobody wants to carry around collapsible tupperware to avoid the styrofoam takeout box. i fucking hate that this trend just exacerbates the thought that SAYING you're concerned about the environment makes it so, and you don't have to back it up with any dirty work or unstylish re-use. FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU.

confession: even though i cannot reconcile these things to myself, and it makes me furious every day, i still work there because i need the money. and furthermore, i ENJOY the fact that i am a designer at a high-profile super-trendy company.

even if i can't reconcile that.

fuck. me.
ooooh, mouse, yes. The UW's the same way, they're plastering notices all over the place about how they "conserve" and do all this crap and we're cutting our energy bill by 25% and blah, blah...well, they still WATER all the grounds in the middle of a MAJOR drought.

I mean, c'mon folks...water the trees, or maybe flowers or something that'll DIE, but you don't have to water'll go dormant, when it's dormant you also aren't burning fossil fuels to MOW it.


What you're saying reminds me of the recent brouhaha over these bags:

And the ensuing retaliation from a more creative designer:

And Mouse, your coworkers give you crap for bringing in your own mug? Totally ridiculous. People need to find hobbies (and priorities), I swear.

I have a raging headache and forgot what I was going to confess... *toddles off*
I confess that I wanted one of those bags. Bad bunny.

I use tupperware all the time for work food but then I nullify it by using Starbucks paper cups when I should use a travel mug.
Mouse, I agree with how trendy this go green things has become. Like, how is driving around your family of 5 in your SUV, but buying organic good for the environment.

Raisin I want the twat bag.
I started "going green" w/ makeup and now w/ my girl's uber sensative skin, have branched into natural products for our whole home.
I realise of course, that reducing chemicals and waste in the home doesn't cancel out all the crap foods I still feed my family, but I'm working on it, like it's everyday small choices.
aeresol spray can - or- pump.
supersize -or- regular.
plastic -or- paper.
I also am understanding that just bc a company advertises it's "green friendliness" doesn't mean they absolutely are beneath the surface. the more I learn the more I discover I have to learn.

however, I've already decided to do what I wanted to last year but didn't, and that's to give everyone the same gift for the holidays-- organic cleaning products packaged in a reusable shopping bag (tied w/ twine?). -- is there a Green Thread anywhere here?

confession: my road rage is bad and getting progressivly worse.
to quote my mr: " it's a good thing I don't carry a gun. " sad.gif

** personal note to the driver of the "Disabled Vet/Retired Army" driver of the behomothe SUV that nearly killed me in the drop off lane at frecklette's school this morning:
I hope you wreck and don't recover!!!!!
I had sex with a man I know is his sort of girl friends apartment. What's worse is that I feel bad yet smug about the whole situation.
Although I'm nearing the end of my graduate education, I think about quitting school *almost* every morning. I'm envious of other 20 somethings who have good jobs, make good money, and have their evenings and weekends to do what they like. Then after a few minutes of toying with the idea (e.g. considering where I could get a job, and what I would tell people etc.), I haul my butt out of bed, face the day, and go into the office anyways.
CH, you used the word "smug" in your most recent post here (Was that intentional?), so I think that means you HAVE to get that "I'm not a smug twat" bag!

I confess that I sort of want one of the smug twat bags as well, problem is that I totally have been mistaken for a smug twat.
OHMYGOD i need one of those smug twat bags!!!! WHERE???

the thing that bugs me the most is how "green" has been made stylish, and that everybody thinks that the accoutrements and accessories are IT, when really it's the down and dirty unpleasant stuff that really counts--avoiding plastic bags. picking through your trash to recycle. taking shorter showers. washing and re-using your yogurt containers, plastic forks, tinfoil. buying wax paper instead of saran wrap. washing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, hanging your clothes out to dry instead of using a dryer--who the fuck even thinks of doing those things? i'll admit, i'm far from blameless. but the flagrant hypocrisy of making money off a green message while being too fucking lazy to even recycle infuriates me.

and yet i haven't quit, and i derive a vain pleasure from being part of a trendy popular company. which, ultimately, makes me a hypocrite as well, and that was my confession.

What annoys me about the trendy green thing is that in two years most of those people will go back to their SUVs, throw away the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" totes (without irony), and ignore anything remotely environmental, while snickering at people who do the things mouse listed because they are "weirdos."

Speaking of waste, last night I bought new underwear because I hate doing laundry and didn't have any clean ones.

I also really want a dishwasher (this is from doing the dishes by hand my entire life).

I'm also really depressed about my birthday coming up. I don't want to be 30, I feel like I wasted my 20's away doing nothing and want all that time back. A part of me knows I shouldn't be, that age doesn't matter and there were some horrible times that, thanks to experience, I'll never relive, but dammit, I'm getting lines around my eyes and I'm not even close to wanting to settle down.
confession: i am drunk, and tired, and as such am not going to do the work i should be doing. instead i am going to go to bed.

further confession: i have no respect for the guy i am doing work for. his art sucks, and he's terrible at describing what he wants. i hope he never becomes a for real art director. he would be terrible at it.

note to dude: "information architecture" and "layout" are bascially the same thing. also, i don't understand the distinction between "creative standpoint" and "visual standpoint". stop trying to sound smart and start just explaining yourself. plain english is good sometimes.
I confess that yesterday I wanted a grilled ham & cheese sandwich. I've been vegetarian for more than a decade and every so often (and alarmingly more often, it seems) I have fantasies of eating meat. I know I won't do it. And I hate it when people dismiss me by saying things like, "So have it!" when I wasn't really looking for "permission" (???) in the first place. Oy.
raisingirl, so not intentional, but now that you pointed the smug thing out, you are right, I need and MUST get that bag!
Get an I'm Not A Smug Twat Bag!
thanks humanist. that bag does rule.
The shipping charge for the bag nearly made me faint.

Sometimes I'm ashamed that I haven't put any real thought into decorating my house. Part of me thinks it's a huge bother at this point now that I've waited so long, knowing that I'll be moving out when the lease is up next year. Still, I'm often bothered by the sparseness and how it doesn't reflect who I am as a person, but apparently not bothered enough to do anything about it.
uh, 20 pounds for a canvas bag? the original ones that sparked the fad were only 15 bucks (albeit in limited quantities). sorry, i can't get behind that. if someone was selling bags that said "i'm not a smug twat capitalizing heavily on other smug twats' sheep-like fad mentality in addition to my audience's desire to feel holier than previously mentioned smug twats" for five dollars or under, i might get one. harrumph.

confession: i have an imaginary boyfriend. he is studying paelontology.
Holy shit! I saw another woman carrying one of those Anya Hindmarch bags on the street today, and I thought I had a really funny, original idea, and I came home and updated my Facebook status to say, "Janice is getting a canvas bag that reads, 'I am, however, a self-righteous twat.'"


So my confession is that I am not original at all. Rather, I am kind of a hack.

And I confess that I still waste resources right and left -- though we've made all the simplest ecological adjustments (cloth napkins, switching to windpower), it's the hard ones I still haven't made (um, tickets to Disney World in December, heh).

Also confession: I fucking love Disney World.
Maybe if I had been able to take Sheff to Disney World in December he would have liked it better.
Confession: I'm still bitter that he was too tired to go to Pleasure Island with me. It was the main thing I wanted to do that trip. Grrrrrr.
The original bags sold out in minutes here and were selling on ebay for £100 by the end of the day.

I am so looking forward to going to Disney World next summer; I'm incredibly excited, like a little kid.
I have a sibling who went to Disneyworld as recently as this year. I went there something like 3 times in a 4-year period, and that was while I was in high school (orchestra trips to play at Epcot included; family trips when I was in elementary school not included). I think it was then that I reached my saturation point. Maude bless all of you who still derive pleasure out of going there. If I have kids, I vow to not bring them to Disney theme parks, ever. I would just lose my mind.

I'm cheap, so I didn't get the bag.

what the hell else can I confess. Seems like I've been in here a lot lately.

I'd rather confess to BUSTies than my friends.

I hate my life.
I hate living with my sister and my stepfather; it's constant drama.
I hate having two degrees and no career; they feel worthless.
I hate how fat I am.
I hate how lazy I am.
I hate being so insecure about my writing.
I hate having no money and being in debt.
I hate my job.
I hate only seeing my boyfriend two weekends out of the month.
I hate feeling so powerless and helpless to change any of this.
I hate being depressed.
I hate that if it wasn't for my boyfriend I would probably try to kill myself again.
I hate admitting that.
(((((((((Bunny)))))))))) Endless love for you, hon.

Confession: I am considering asking a new friend how much her husband makes for a living. He works in the same industry as my husband and has almost the exact same job (in fact, my hubby considered hiring him when FriendsHusband first started looking for work in the area). However, despite the fact that this guy has less experience, he got a job at another local company where I suspect he is being paid more. Their new house costs 60% more than ours. In addition, they have 4 kids and the wife doesn't work. So he's GOT to be making a ton more than my husband, right? Which means that Sheff should probably ask for a bigger raise or look for jobs at another company where they pay better. Right? Perhaps? But how on earth do you ask a new friend something so intimate?

As you can probably imagine, a lot of this is rooted in jealousy and resentment. I fear that Sheff's employer is taking advantage of him. I hate feeling this way.

Sounds like a lot of shit to deal with, especially the living situation. I hope something wonderful will happen for you soon that will alleviate some of the crap.

And roseviolet, maybe they have family money, and that's what helps them keep up their lifestyle. Maybe if you hint to your new friend that you think Sheff's employer is screwing him, she'll volunteer some helpful info?
((((((Bunny))))) I'm sorry. Maybe it's no consolation right now, but we are here for you.
are you gonna start making that bag ?

I want to start making t-shirts that say I heart my bad attititude and I heart house music. But I am just too lazy.

((( bunny)))
I'm fine, everyone.

I was feeling really down when I wrote that yesterday and allowing things to get on top of me but felt better once I'd released those pent-up emotions by writing, having a bubble bath and seeing the boy.

I'm sorry for worrying anyone.

BUSTies rule.
Bunny, I'm glad you're feeling better- it's amazing how much better you feel after releasing your feelings and sleeping on it....and a visit with the boy helps too! tongue.gif

I confess that I was a little miffed that my cousin didn't ask me to be in her wedding party- she has no sisters (well, she had one, but she died before this cousin was born) and growing up, we were the closest of all the cousins. After going to the rehearsal dinner last night, though and seeing how she's turned into an Evangelist Christian, I'm kinda glad. Cod, give me the strength to get through this wedding today. rolleyes.gif At least an open bar at the reception has been confirmed.

I will not sacrifice a chicken in their church.
I will not sacrifice a chicken in their church.
I will not sacrifice a chicken in their church.
I will not sacrifice a chicken in their church.

I'm kidding people. tongue.gif
polly - so you are kidding and you might actually sacrifice a chicken in her church?

I confess that I am sick of republicans citing Regan as an example of what they want to be as a leader.
I confess that any politician who uses the Vietnam War in any way during the upcoming/ongoing/neverending campaign runs a serious risk of loosing my vote.
i am financially inept to an embarrassing degree.
I like showing off pictures of my genital piercings.

I like being super flirty at the bar and playing men there.

Sometimes I feel empty on the inside.

I want to escape my current reality.
I am a little sad that I wasn't invited to a bowling party for AZ Guy's sister-in-law's birthday, but considering that I have very little in common with her and I am a horrendous bowler, I'm not surprised. Plus, I don't really care for parties.

I hate trolls, especially Xtian, misogynist ones.

I want to go shopping, even though I don't need anything, I am broke until next Friday, and it's just a way to fill this void that seems to exist in me.

And escaping from my reality sounds good too.

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