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freckle, I agree, a bilingual pup sounds cool!

bettie, that's freaking awesome. You are like a poo renegade.

My confession is uber lame. But I watched some damn reality show about a tanning salon, and I feel guilty for wasting my time which such a mindless show.

Also, I keep telling one of my co-workers that I didn't get her friends requests on Myspace, when I have really just been denying them...because I don't see myself crossing that co-worker to friend border with her.

i confess that not only do i find the geico caveman commercials funny, i also will be watching the show when it comes on.
I skipped volunteering tonight because I'm too tired and I need to job search. So far tonight I have visited a used book store, checked the blogs I like, and now I'm here, while the job search is being put on hold, again.
I'm also now thinking of working on some french for my dog.. but all I can really remember (besides how to order a coke from a waiter) is the term of endearment for my little cabbage head, which I occasionally lovingly call my mr & think he'd take offense at.

my rationale is.. if I can get my cat Airy to respond better to the nickname of Stinky (more appropriate to her personality), then how is spanish & french w/ the dog so nuts?

I love the Hebrew & Madarin! maybe I'm Not so crazi??

I confess that the last 3 days the girlchild & I have done little besides loaf around the house, stay up late, and eat junkfood. - summer vacation rocks!!

I told my mother something on the phone today I had sworn to myself I'd keep under wraps and I am really irritated at myself now. stoopid stoopd!
i have made myself a goal that i have no idea if i can make. i hate not makiung a goal and therefore try to keep it within range. i think i may have exceeded that range and may have to kill myself trying to get there. (goal is to climb rainer mext june and i am due for baby to be born on Aug 10th.) what was i thinking? now i cannot back down. i have to do it!
I'm so stressed out from planning what was supposed to be a fun cabin weekend for 8-10 friends. It's no dwindled to a measly 4 friends over one night and I feel so stressed I just want to back out, but I can't because I'm renting my cousins place and I've already committed to her. I just can't get myself to relax now.

I've been at work all alone all day and I'm seriously considering leaving an hour early. The only thing that's stopping me is I'm afraid a co-worker will call and realize I've left.
I confess that I zone out sometimes when people are spilling their guts out to me.
NocturnalCatie I do the same thing and it's really bad when I get high. If I don't like the person very much I wonder when they will shut up.

I don't like reality very much.

I confess that even though I love books and I love to read and love to encourage people to read ANYTHING that excites and engages them I've never given a rat's ass about the Harry Potter books and the surrounding hoopla. It just leaves me dry. I wasn't interested in C.S. Lewis when I was a kid; why would I be interested in Rowling now? I've never been big on this kind of fantasy.
I am so glad that he is back in my life, but I am still afraid that he will slip away again. He was one of my best friends in high school.

I am afraid that I am getting feelings for him.

QUOTE(raisingirl @ Jul 22 2007, 07:45 PM) *
I confess that even though I love books and I love to read and love to encourage people to read ANYTHING that excites and engages them I've never given a rat's ass about the Harry Potter books and the surrounding hoopla. It just leaves me dry. I wasn't interested in C.S. Lewis when I was a kid; why would I be interested in Rowling now? I've never been big on this kind of fantasy.

Neither was I, raisin- never read any C.S. Lewis or other kids fantasy books when I was little, and it's still one of the least interesting genres of literature to me. I avoided H.P for awhile because of all the hype. Then I saw the first two movies in between when the 4th and 5th book came out and I've been hooked ever since. I still tell people they should read the books, but I respect people's avoidance of it, too. Now I'm just not looking forward to all the ways people are going to try to continue to cash in on the stories.
I have a whole separate myspace for people I don't want on my real one, but who are persistent.
My confession: I am forcing myself to do something I don't really want to do just so I can proove that I can do it better than Showoffgirl.

See I am in color/winter guard, and I have been since I was 12 years old. I've been marching independant for awhile now, because you can't do scholastic anymore once you graduate. In highschool there was this girl who marched independant during the summer because she thought she was better than everyone else. Anyways, everyone fawned over HER even though both of us were equally good. We were both weapons at 12, the youngest in years. We both still kick ass and we're both still marching.

I've always wanted to be a guard instructor, kind of, but I wanted to finish college first. She's starting next season, so now I am too. I will proove once and for all that SHE ISN'T THAT GREAT. My guard will beat hers.

I don't know if those are rage issues or jealousy issues.

I'm just sick of everyone always being all "Oh showoffgirl, you are so great. Oh, Lust, you're okay too I guess." I'm like... WTF!?"

Umm... Wow, I just unleased a novella on you guys, eh?
I confess that most of (frankly, an overwhelming majority of) the so-called "classics" of literature bore the snot out of me.
I confess that I pretnd to watch my boyfriends movies when he picks what we watch, but I actually have dozed off during every single one, only to be startled awake when I realize he's talking to me.
mostly six-day work weeks, 10 to 12 hours a day, i see my child 18 waking hours a week, and the neighbors surely think i'm a tweeker because i stay up til five am most every night and take off on my bike at weird hours. i'm beginning to wonder if the extra $6.52 an hour is worth it.
I'm becoming one of those intense work out types who is thinking of taking the big leap into protein supplements.

I miss grrrl in the okay thread.

check this out
a woman who I work with is a body builder and a personal trainer and she recommended this stuff to me. She recommends the whey protein isolate. enjoy
After a long moral struggle, I ate a can of Spaghetti-o's this morning. First time in years. My boss had a can and I decided I was craving them. ((Sigh)) As long as I don't stop for McDonald's on the way home, I think I can live with myself.
Misslady, thanks for the link! I'll check it out when I get home.

So, I have to admit there is someone with my screen name, but HandyCulture, and I find it very wierd. And freaky. Erm.
Yeah, that's a little weird, CH- I'd mention it to the LoungeLady.
I noticed right away about the handyculture person and thought " ruh-roh, a clone" but also maybe thought it was you just changing things up a bit and so didn't pm you about it. I'm sorry.

I confess: to being WAY more excited about the upcoming birth of my friends' child, than I Ever was for any of my nephews. I mean- I want to stand on a corner and shout " I'm going to be an Auntie again!!!"
and am going shopping for cool punk-rock-baby onsies and stuff to send to them, even though the wee one isn't due for a ways off yet.
I unwittingly fell for a 16 year-old co-worker, and I'm 25. I conveniently forgot teenagers have a tendency to lie about their age.

Not that I've been in this situation before, but I wish I wasn't so drawn to... innocence (not to be confused with stupidity, mind you).
Flanker and Freckle, parts of your posts made me laugh. Frekle it was when you wrote uh oh like Scooby Doo (at least this is who I though you meant) and Flanker when you said innocence was not to be confused with stupidity.

Confession; I am high right now. smile.gif
Confession; I am high right now. smile.gif

So am I. smile.gif
I'd really like to know if this person is my shadow.

I have informed LL of this too.

*grumbles to self*
confession: I've been reading only teen/young adult lit this summer, and have no desire to read any adult books because these days they seem way too dark. (i've also been running the kids programming at the local library so I figure this is more than okay)

and I haven't been using my email for 2 months. people are getting a little upset but the world's still turning wink.gif lol.

my condo is beautiful, gorgeous, the place of my dreams...and i'm regretting buying it. because now i am trapped at a sucky job, because it pays well, and i burned my bridges as far as going anywhere else when i took the job.


i've been looking at real-estate ads fantasizing about getting a little bitty studio condo downtown....cheaper living. lower condo fees. better bus service. cheaper utilities. even though i'd miss the amount of space i have now.
I'm carrying on with a man who has a girlfriend. I've known him for 12 years. All but two of the times we ahve got together, something has happened.

I am sick of haing reassurance issues.

I just want to go home.

I've been smoking a lot of weed lately.

I miss him.

Innocence can certainly result in doing stupid things (like lying about your age to someone whose going to find out eventually! Arg!), but the reason I find it attractive in men is the lack of baggage and cynicism/jadedness.
I don't care if my co-workers hate me. Though most of them like me....I have just been really snarky and pissy lately at work.
I had sex twice with a man who was drawing my portrait. Yesterday we spent the whole evening in his bed. I don't plan to tell any of my friends and I don't know how old he is...I'd guess between 35-40. I also don't plan to sleep with him again. But it was fun.
anna k
Sometimes I feel like I'll never fall in love because I'm too used to being on my own and not wanting to completely share my life with somebody.

I hate that my body has naturally soft muscle tone, and I have to work at being fit and strong, otherwise I feel soft and lazy.
i confess i bought an iphone. and then i went to goodwill to buy a $2 fleece.

i confess that i judge the dirty hippies at the cooperative supermarket, but justify it b/c i know they are judging me for leaving with plastic bags.

i confess that i might actually be...happy... and that i'm trying to train myself to think that it's not a dirty word.

i confess that i read perezhilton, even though i HATE him with every fiber of my being, and believe that i can shit out wittier observations than that window-licker.
I find people who say they have lots of money and don't have debt to be fake and pretentious. Not to mention irriating because they brag about it.
I never understood people who feel the need to discuss the amount they pay in property taxes, how much their house cost, or what their interest rate is in public. I have always thought it was obnoxious. I was once asked what my house cost and I wouldn't answer because that is a) a fuckin rude ass question and cool.gif none of your business

I don't mind discussing these things in general terms but specific dollar amounts is a huge turn off. And yet so many people seem to think it is okay to do. Usually I think these people are arrogant tards who are so insecure they have show off their money situation

THe only thing keeping me from quitting grad school is the $40,000 in debt I've taken out for it. Why do these decisions always come down to money and not what it's doing to my happiness/life?!!!
I confess I want a kitten. Despite having a dog, two rabbits, and no space.

I confess I do not particularly want to be a stepmother. I'm afraid of resenting the boy and being a bitch. At the same time, I want to like him and get to know him and be someone he looks up to. I'm scared I won't be able too, that I'll lose my temper, or just be crap at parenting.

I'm scared I'll lose my boyfriend because of this.

I confess that I laughed that my stepsister got in shit with the police for her drug use, and is now going through treatment to wean her off whatever she was on. I'm also really, really tempted to start a rumour that she's a crack whore. That my father - and her mother - turned a blind eye to all her problems makes me mad, and I feel sorry for her. Still think she's an idiot, though.

I hope that DKS breaks up with his girlfriend.

When I found out two people I used to work with were getting married, I laughed hysterically.
I just used my Pops credit card and spent almost 600$ on clothes and shoes.

I kinda feel guilty about it. I wouldn't have done it if he hadn't offered. He said he wants me to have nice things and not to worry about it.

I am just following my personal motto: Never be afraid to spend someone else's money.

i confess i'm not as smart as i appear to be

i confess i dont see owning a house or having a real career in my near future

i confess i covet normalcy
My boyfriend's plants all got some horrible disease/bug, and I think it's because of the time I picked a bunch of wildflowers and put the vase next to them. I am not going to say anything though.

RIP plants sad.gif
Now that a "friend" chose his g/f over me (maybe it's karma...) I hope the relationship fails miserably.

I think his girlfriend is a spoiled fucking brat. I also hope she never trusts him again.

I feel like a really bad person for thinking this, but then I think of the situation and I'm pretty fucking mad.
I confess not having a career for a while.

I confess I want a dog.

I confess that I want to go to grad school, but I don't know where. I just miss school, and I miss studying. I also hate working, and the 9-5 bullshit that goes with it.

I confess that I'll lose my boyfriend.

I lied about the reason why I was late to work today. I told them I locked myself out of my car, when actually I forgot to set my alarm and didn't wake up in time. sad.gif

I also stopped at a grocery store on the way to work (after calling in) because I wanted some tea and fruit for breakfast.
lilac, I'm usually the first person to arrive at my office, and I used to forget my keys all the time. Usually I'd drive all the way to work, realize I didn't have them, and then have to drive as fast as I could the 20 minutes home, and the 20 minutes back. Sometimes I made it back before anyone else arrived, but if I couldn't I always made up some lame excuse like the car woudn't start, so they still don't know how flaky i am. tongue.gif
It saddens me how quiet and, well, boring the lounge is now at the weekends. There's not much action during the week either ... there used to be so many active threads and riveting discussions and now there's not sad.gif. If it wasn't for Kvetch Up I wouldn't check in every day as you're lucky to get a couple of posts a week in any of the other threads I like to frequent.
Hmmm, bunnyb's comment really made me think.

I guess my confession is that I am afraid to post here too much. Ridiculous, really. I have like a bazillion posts. But at the same time I feel like if I am here too much and in too many places it will seem like I have no life or something. And as that is not far from the truth, I don't know what to do about it.
So I guess my real confession is that after all these years and all the therapy I have done, I still fear being exposed as a fraud, as someone who isn't worth really knowing. It all comes down to the old, "If you really knew me, you wouldn't like me at all."

Well. Now I don't know what to say.
I have also thought the same about the boards. It just doesn't seem the same anymore. I don't know why.

I have stopped giving a flying fuck, I just don't know about what.
I too am afraid to post a lot. I've seen some newbies get pretty flamed on here, and I don't want the same thing to happen to me, so I try to post in extreme moderation, and only when I have something I feel is very useful to say. Perhaps I'm overly paranoid?
I've become so worried about being controlled by a man that I'm bordering on paranoia. I'm also really afraid of being betrayed to the point that when I need to discuss something big, I'll come to the Lounge and post instead of telling people I am friends with. I've become that untrusting with some people, and I don't know why.
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