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LOL Maybesparrow!!
i'm becoming utterly smitten by my ex-boyfriend, the first one ever, who until recently i hadn't spoken to in 5+ years and who broke my heart when i was 17. i think i am believing that it's different.
I am a die-hard Harry Potter fan. (No shit, Lust, we can see your avatar) Ever since the merchandise has come out, I've been spending everything I've got on it. All my birthday money, everything. So far, the total is coming up to around $200. It's rediculous, it's not even funny. And i'm not even close to done. It's always been this way, everytime a HP premiere comes up, and the merchandise rolls out, I spend TONS on it.

My Secret? I don't regret it one bit. I know that the HP fandom will always be one of the biggest expierences of my life, so I let myself do it.
Ah, Lust, I totally agree with you.

My confession? I am obsessed with HP fanfics; preferably of the Draco/Ginny or Hermione/Snape kind. It's crazy! I am a member of, I download the podcasts from the site with glee, and sometimes find myself teary-eyed from the angsty ones! It's so pathetic and I *know* I'm lame but I really couldn't give a flying frog's arse!

Mr. Arc and I are counting down the days until the new Potters (film and novel) come out. We're equally obsessed.

Another confession? Draco Malfoy is like, my dream man.
I'm so mental.
i jilled off in the bathroom at work today. i have never done anything like that before. it must've taken me a minute, tops, to get off. normally if i try to even get myself off somewhere other than my bed it takes considerably longer than normal.

clearly i REALLY need to get laid.
Yes, that's another Harry Potter confession. Severus Snape is my dream man. He's amazing. Everytime he gets snarky in the books and movies I'm like "*Squee!!* ^.^"
i am ALWAYS an outsider. i have yet to find any group, anywhere, where i feel fully "in". even with my best friends.
I've become obsessed about fucking a firefighter or three. At the same time.
ditto, mouse. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere.

I dislike most of my co-workers.

I am not sure I am a good feminist. I wonder what have done to make anykind of difference.

I wish I'd finished college.

I hate the snooty church going nieghbors that live across the street. They never talk to anyone and don't pay nieghborhood dues, which are only like $5 a year. So I think they are seriously cheap bastards.

Severus Snape *AND* Draco Malfoy. YES PLEASE!!!

Oh and CH:
If anyone could fuck three firefighters at a time I totally and wholeheartedly believe that you could! Go for the gold!!! laugh.gif


I forgot.
I have a total crush on an 18-year-old coworker. He's just so tall and has the deepest voice and the most perfect mouth I have ever seen.
Absolutely love my Mr. Arc but would definitely not mind getting fucked by said boy. Or both at the same time would also be nice.
ginger, mouse, me too.

I am yearing to become a total hypocrit and order from bath/body works again, after I Vowed to boycott them (made a big stink & all w/ management bc of shitty treatment I got) bc I a jonesing for their mellon scented handsoap.
I'd have to like, order w/ a fake name or something I think, or make a friend order for me, bc I Really made a fuss but,
I am a scent-whore.

I hate the outdoors. ( & have no intention of ever going hiking again, even though I will gladly let the mr take me shoe-shopping for uber comfy teva hikers or the like.)

I am counting the days til the mr goes back to work and the girlchild and I can go back to shamming.

...meh... 18 year olds generally have the equipment but don't know much how to use it well enough yet. wink.gif
IMO, age doesn't have anything with experience or how to handle anything.

I've never felt like I've fit in anywhere either, the closest I've come is with a seasonal job or two, and even then I felt slightly out of place.

Most of my coworkers annoy me, but I have the feeling they don't like me either, so it's a mutual dislike.

I put in a request for a vacation and haven't heard back if it's approved or not, yet I've already gone ahead and bought the plane ticket because I'm impatient and don't want to pay a lot for it.

Somehow I managed to survive working in hotels and restaurants without developing a drinking problem, but this current job (which resembles Office Space) is making me want to drink beer for breakfast.

i wish my roomie's elderly dog would have to be put to sleep already, just so i don't have to listen to roomie talk to it in that ridiculous baby voice anymore. i'd also like to tell her that the reason the dog still pees all over the kitchen floor is because she says "no no baby, bad girl" in the same squeaky happy voice she says "does mama's good girl wants a treat? yes she does!" duh, it's all about tone. dry.gif
anna k
I feel like I'm old and uncool, and I'm just 23.
I saw a girl wearing those mary jane crocs and i thought they looked kinda cute.
These are a lot narrower than the original ones, and they don't cover so much of the foot. They look a lot more feminine.
Believe me, I still think the original clogs are ugly as sin.

Wait a minute, we saw those at Nordstrom the other day and you said they were ugly! blink.gif tongue.gif
but that's before I actually saw someone wearing them. They were a lot more petite, not so huge and clunky looking, like the clogs. Don't get me wrong, they're still fairy ugly-but a lot less compared to the other ones.
I am probably going to purchase a pair of the sandal crocs this afternoon; I got heniously bad blisters from a pair of sneakers yesterday and enough is enough. my poor feet throw up the white flag.
will let you all know if they are as comfy as advertised.

..I believe I developed Situational Tourette's (not to make fun of anyone w/ it) at a theme park yesterday;
the mr tricked me (twice) into going onto roller coasters and I was so scared and freaked out and Mad that this little voice I had no control over started screaming " LIIIIIIII-AAAAARRR!! - - Liar! - LIAR!!"
and then the 2nd time (right behind 2 young girls no less, I am so ashamed) " F- UUUUUUUCKER!!! "

I do not think I am much welcome there again, not that I would return anyway. unsure.gif
I bought them, a pair of sandal crocs, 2 straps that you wear forward, w/ a thin strap over your toes.
black w/ a light lavender base, though they were also available in brown w/ lite pink.

so far Yes, they are really comfortable. a nice massagey sole for the pressure points and they weigh nothing and are uber spongy so you feel like you are stepping into fluffy bouncy air.

the mr says " eyy, they're not so ugly." but will need a good all-day wear for a true roadtest yet.
i gave myself a really stupid, embarrassing injury the other day. i took a quick shower and then turned the water off and started drying myself off, but a slippery sensation told me that in my haste i had forgotten to wash the soap out of my ass crack. i hate that feeling but i was also half dry so i didn't want to get back in the shower to rinse it out. i decided that it would be a brilliant idea to turn the water back to the faucet instead of the showerhead and to squat backwards in my bathtub with my stupid butt positioned under the running water. this worked fine to get me soap-free, but when i went to stand up i SLAMMED the top of my butt into the faucet--which is fucking sharp, btw!!!--and now i have a couple of rows of nasty cuts where most girls have tasteless tattoos. it hurt like holy hell and it bled forever and is a really awkward place to try to put a bandaid on but honestly no one can say i didn't deserve it. rolleyes.gif
i told two of my best real life friends about bust. i feel a little naked. who knows if they'll even check it out, but we'll see. i'm a little askairt.
mouse: injuries of that ilke, many Many times.
just yesterday I was at a store and snuck over to the checkout lane next to me to snag a candy bar they were out of in my lane, and whacked my head on the shelf corner as I peeked around- and yes, there was someone else standing in line there when I did it.
if anyone had their camera phone on right then I could be the next big you-tube sensation. rolleyes.gif

ditto for telling a few friends about Bust. but the mag, for women my age, isn't all that hot to trot and most of my friends don't get all riled up about declaring to be a feminist/what that means the way I do.
I'd rather them check out this Lounge than the mag (am I goin' to hell for saying that??) anyway, bc I think it's more diverse.

confession: I have lost my guilt-spawned drive to Ever start-go to college.

confession: I also realise now I am utterly done "doing good" in the largest sense of what motivates me as a human being..I don't think I want to go into social work anymore.. I don't even want to volunteer..
leaves me at being completely lost as to what I want to do w/ the remaining years of my life.

I use men for my own pleasure then walk away without giving a shit. I have become a player. I have turned off the part of me who gets feelings to avoud being hurt.
anna k
Play on, playette.
I agree with anna K, play on!

Confession: I havent spoken to him in years, but I heard that he was engaged and she was pregnant. I had this sudden realization that we were never going to be together, I didnt even know I still had any sort of feelings left for him. I thought of all of the ways I could get back in the picture and be close to him. But after a while I realize I only want what I cant have and I definetly cant have him.
I judge people by what they have in their cart at the grocery store.

If I'm exchanging e-mails or text messages with a man, and he has poor spelling, I find it a turn off.
anna k
Me too. I don't like the use of "u" for you" or "ur" for "you are" or any of that. It's lazy and annoying to read.
[quote name='culturehandy' date='Jul 2 2007, 01:22 PM' post='159857']
[color=#9932CC]I judge people by what they have in their cart at the grocery store.

I'm always the one embarrassed by the crap I have in my cart, sure people are judging me.
now I know I'm not paranoid. (at least not when it comes to this!) ohmy.gif

I was almost killed in my neighborhood a little while ago, when 2 teens speeding in a car flew through a stop sign at a 4-way.
by guardian intervention the accident didn't happen, but as they were zooming past, they made eye contact w/ me and it was as if they were only just seeing me there right at that moment and realised what a catastrophy it Should have been.
I hope this makes them more careful; it scared the shit out of me.
I judge people who have lots of crud, and I mean like no fruit or fresh fruit. I always feel bad because I know what it is like to be rushed so that you don't have the time to prepare.
culture phone I Have time to prepare, but we still eat just a lot of crap.
I'm not proud of it, but it's reality.

so if I ever saw You at the grocery staring at my cart, it'd be o k tongue.gif !
I confess :

my inbred moronic neighbors are shooting off fireworks right now, close enough that I can hear the sppppppff whiz by my upstairs window;
I have the worst urge to go outside and let loose w/ my garden hose.

" .. what. I was just watering my grass. "
I am not impressed by people with tuned exhaust, a body kit on their honda or a loud stereo system. I think it is a complete waste of money and it is obnoxious. You aren't being unique when just about everyone with a honda does this.
I am not impressed by people with tuned exhaust, a body kit on their honda or a loud stereo system. I think it is a complete waste of money and it is obnoxious. You aren't being unique when just about everyone with a honda does this.

Agreed, culture.

Right now I can't hear or read the news without getting upset over events. It's gotten to the point where I can't even watch the Daily Show without getting depressed. I should take a break, but I feel guilty when I think about doing so because most people don't pay attention to what's going on in the world, and I am in a position where I can take the time to find out.
I'm eating Chef Boyardee ravioli for lunch because I was too lazy to prep anything at home and I could buy it at the gas station. I didn't even used to eat this shit when I was little (when most people had chef boyardee). I think the peeps in line were *definately* judging me - I was too!
Confession: I've never seen anything like the light I see in his eyes, and I swear to god sometimes I can see his entire soul laid bare.

Confession: I become quite bereft whenever I start wondering if I'm wrong about the nature of the connection I'm feeling.
I wonder if I'll ever have romantic feelings for someone again.
Going back a coupla months but, like yuefie and culture, I cannot help becoming emotional at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I've recently become addicted to the programme and it's the only thing I watch on TV other than Friends reruns (anything else is on dvd or downloaded). It restores my faith in the human soul - there are good, loving people out there - not the hosts or the producers but the families themselves and the community they live in who are so kind to the family.
I confess:
now that they are gone again, I miss my parents horribly and always feel like a small child abandoned or orphaned when they leave.

I ridiculously am 1/2 waiting for them to have turned around and pull back into my driveway right now. sad.gif
I confess: I loathe my mothers husband. I hate how he talks down to me and will refer to me as "girl" when he does so. I confess that i daydream about putting rat poison in the cheap boxed wine that he drinks everyday.
I confess: I loathe my mothers husband (not my father). I hate how he talks down to me and will refer to me as "girl" when he does so. I confess that i daydream about putting rat poison in the cheap boxed wine that he drinks everyday.
perhaps you need to read back in the archives to where I detailed my plans for the demise of my f-i-l?
it involved a slick floor surface and a Lot of old english spray polish- wax on- shine smoothe.

rat poison is traceable, but a slip/fall is really just a terrible accident!
(and yes, I still continue to do this whenever my in-laws come to visit, about the only time I polish my foyer like that, and while it hasn't worked yet, I am keeping the faith.)

I'm sorry your mother's husband makes you feel that way.
Betty that reminds me of 9 to 5!

Confession: There is a guy who really wants to fuck me, and I'm letting him know that it's a possibility, but truthfully, it's not going to fucking happen. Ever. He's got no idea, I'm playing with his mind. It's the player playing the player.
I am teaching my dog to respond to me bi-lingually, in english and in spanish.
I don't speak spanish, just a few words left over from when we lived in panama, and my girlchild & the mr think I have lost my mind, but my thinking is... why not? biggrin.gif
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jul 2 2007, 10:22 AM) *
If I'm exchanging e-mails or text messages with a man, and he has poor spelling, I find it a turn off

i couldn't agree more. this is a good one. my last boyfriend gave me a card with some flowers for some random occasion. on it he wrote some little poem in which he wrote "SPEACIL" (this word appeared twice) when he meant special

and freckle, why not teach the dog spanish? it will be the most cultured pup in the neighborhood smile.gif
Someone is whistling in the office right now and I want to go punch him. I hate whistling!
QUOTE(bettieblank @ Jul 12 2007, 07:59 AM) *
I confess: I loathe my mothers husband (not my father). I hate how he talks down to me and will refer to me as "girl" when he does so. I confess that i daydream about putting rat poison in the cheap boxed wine that he drinks everyday.

I feel the same about my step-father. He has a severe nut allergy, and I spent too many hours of my teenage life imagining how easy it would be to slip the residue from a can of peanuts into one of his cans of beer. Fortunately (for him and me), I moved away from home as soon as I was out of school.
I dont even live at home and he never comes over to my place, because i have thought about not de-iceing the driveway or leaving the floor wet, but he never goes anywhere lol. I am just going to have to wait until he drops dead from old age.

I noticed the lady down the street letting her dog use my yard as a toilet this morning. When i took my pup for a walk I picked up the foreign poo in a bag and dropped it on her front walk.
a bilingual pet is awesome. I sometimes speak to my cat in Hebrew.
anna k
Freckleface, I read an essay once when a girl described being on vacation with a Chinese friend's family and their dog understand both English and Mandarin.
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