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I confess that my teenaged self often masturbated to this picture, which was once a poster on my bedroom wall...or part of a poster...or it had a different, it was different somehow, and I'm far too old to remember (but I could never forget the chest):

Good lordessa, I can't believe I confessed that.
Speaking of teenaged masturbation; I had the major hots for Edward Furlong,particularly in his Terminator 2 role. Then I was all jealous when he started dating his tutor.
you know, I honestly don't think I ever masturbated to any picture, mental or otherwise, when I was a teen. It just felt so good that it didn't even occur to focus on someone to get me going..

That said, I will admit that my first star crush was on - and I shit you not - Dirk Benedict as Starbuck on the original Battlestar Galactica, when I was a VERY wee lass... (this was even pre-discovery of masterbatory delights) eek!

I now masturbate to pictures of a certain guy that I have saved and leave open on my desktop way too often to get any work done, cause I keep looking at them. mmmmmmmm. (and I think that culturehandy might be able to read between the lines on that one... hahahaha)
As a kid I totally had the hots for Race Banion from Johnny Quest
i went to have a drink with my ex tonight.

just as I was leaving, new guy interest called. twice. I pretended my phone was off.
I then called him back and told him I was going for drinks with my girlfriends and that they'd just gotten there.

I didn't lie because I thought anything was going to happen between me and exboy.
- we were having a drink to catch up (because we are still in touch, and friends - not bosom buddies, but after some long hard work, we are friends)
and to talk about what was going on in our lives.
things are still up in the air with new guy interest and I didn't feel comfortable telling him I was having a drink with my ex.
I guess i could have just said "I'm having a drink with a friend"
I just felt weird and didn't know what to say.
so I lied.
I feel like shit and I don't know if I should come clean.

and as far as exboy and my drink / conversation, it really served to solidify for me that we are now in two totally different places as human beings and just not the right people for one another. So that's good. Bittersweet, but really good. I didn't tell him that, but it's what it did for me. So that's good.

but I still feel like shit for lying, I don't ever want to lie to someone I like. Terrible way to start things out.
But I didn't know what to do and it just came out.

again, I feel like shit.
Zoya, dude, don't be so hard on yourself. I think you did the right thing; there's no point in having a conversation with the new guy that might potentially worry him unnecessarily. Meeting with the ex makes sense to you and if anything it sounds like you gained further clarity from it--which puts you in a better place with the new guy.

You can always tell new guy about ex-man-now-friend the next time you two meet up, and frame it in all honesty as a central friendship. Feel better!
aww, thanks sybarite. new guy knows that I'm still in touch with exboy. I've told him that we talk now and then. he just doesn't realize that we're in the same city anymore (our moves were at different times and had nothing to do with one another - in fact, exboy didn't even know I was here until I'd been around a couple of months)- there was really no reason to tell new guy this, since he doesn't live in the same state, and I travel so much, I'm never around anyway. And I don't see exboy all that much - we talk on the phone now and then but don't hang out on a regular basis or anything..

I think that the biggest part of me not answering the phone was actually for exboy. exboy doesn't know about me and anyone. I just wasn't ready to tell him, since things are still in "getting to know you" mode with new guy, and I didn't really want exboy to find out that way. I'd rather not tell him about me and anyone until things are more solidified.

It's interesting, I think that perhaps my feeling of ick is really indicative of me falling back a little into one of the little things that was so present in exboy and my relationship: secrets, keeping things from one another, covering up. So I suppose it's kinda showing me that it's good I am not there, and what I don't want any more. Things have been really nice and easy with new guy and I just don't want to inject any of that kind of crap in there, I only want to be honest and go down a positive path from the start. So it jolted me when I just did it off the cuff. well, I guess it's a learning experience and I'll just start over with myself! thanks! smile.gif
I confess: my favourite show right now is "North of 60". I tape the re-runs on Showcase everyday and watch them when I get home from work. I also confess, even though I've seen the episode at least 3 times, I cried like a baby today because they found Hannah's body.
I confess, one of my favorite coworkers had a job interview for a great new job, and although I am really happy for him, I was bummed to think of him not being at work anymore.

I feel a little bad for mocking another coworker for turning a bit metro. He got a promotion, and since then he is been going to get manicures and started wearing gel in his hair. It's really odd /c he used to be kind of sporty guy, but I shouldn't make fun of him.
Confession: I am so fucking ecstatic to be alive that I feel like screaming it through a megaphone from the top of City Hall.
Yay, doodle!

I confess that I'm afraid I won't be ready for my speech presentation tomorrow morning. Every second I Bust makes it that much more true... dry.gif
I get a sick pleasure out of being a little bit rude to people in public... not all the time, it depends on my mood. It's usually when I'm in a rush and people are standing on both sides of the escalator, or walking slowly on the street. Or those who invade my personal space, or try to jump in front of me in line. I was meek for so long and now I am RUTHLESS!
London Escorts
QUOTE(miss_jane @ May 6 2006, 04:06 AM) *
I want to change my degree but I can't tell my mum because although she will be supported, deep down I know she will be disappointed because it is not a "traditional" subject.

You have to do what your heart tells you and if it is the best for you maybe your mother will understand. She’s your mother, after all.
Edie, sometimes I love being a bitch to other people. just because.

I am falling in love.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 28 2007, 05:51 PM) *
I am falling in love.

Yay, for falling love. Congrats.

I confess, I had a really graphic disturbing dream last night, and woke up thinking I must be insane. It was sick and violent, that I am affraid to share the details of it with anyone.
confession: Now that I no longer live in San Francisco I can see how fuckin annoying and self-righteous bay dwellers are.

Yo, San Francisco! Stop trying to shock people by how freakin liberal you are!! Its isnt helping the progressive movement!!! Especially when you block traffic and get in peoples' faces about stuff. Dont you see the immigrant riding the bus to his shitty dishwashing job an hour from home, and now he might get fired from being late?!? Dont you see the single mom with the crying baby who needs to be changed and now she has to walk 10 blocks home? ugg. get over your faux-hippie faux-anarchist selves and stay on the freakin sidewalk!
I think broadway is cheesey and tacky. I can't stand it.
I don't understand the appeal of nascar and all the hoopla that surrounds it.
cars race around and around a track for What purpose again exactly?
coudn't you break it down scientifically according to how car engines and speeds are calibrated, x the # of laps and then ./.' by the total # of racers involved and save everyone the trouble of it ?
I've done something rather horrible. I dare not write it, but I acknowledge it.
Gingerkitty - I had that happen once. I was freaked out for days and changed the colours of my wedding because of it.

My secret - all women's deoderants make me smell like wet laundry.
#1: i have come to the realization that i fucking hate bitch magazine. i can't stand them anymore. and it makes me even angrier now that bust is going to shit that there's nothing REAL that i actually relate to to read. bitch just seems to be grasping at straws for things to get self-righteously pissed off about instead of actually making any decent commentary on real lives of women. i feel like they're scouring the media for the tiniest thing that they could blow into a huge deal just so they have fucking content for their magazine.

#2: i don't think i like my best friend anymore. i mean, i just feel benign and indifferent towards her. she's changed so much since she moved away from the area we grew up in a year ago, and while all of her changes have been to her benefit, it's altered her personality so much that i don't feel like i can relate to her anymore. i don't get her crazy awesome vibe anymore, and it makes me so selfishly sad. worse still, the person she's turned into reminds me most of my first boyfriend--limiting, void of emotion--who she viciously hated.

#3: i feel really guilty about not going into the okayers thread anymore. i don't have time to go on the internet at work, and i don't have time to catch up when i'm home. but i feel guilty nonetheless.

Thanks for admitting to #1, mouse. I stopped subscribing to Bitch a couple years ago. I appreciate their intentions, but it was starting to get too politicized for me....this was right around the time Bust was starting to go downhill a little too, and now they're just inconsistent.

I occasionally pick up an issue of Bitch at Borders or whatever to flip through. I actually bought the current issue and was irritated to see that they had criticized Hamell on Trial in the previous issue. I'm not sure exactly what the context was, but I think he made some comment about Ann Coulter, specifically about her genitalia and they ripped into him for using a woman's genitalia against her, and he was now the King of Misogynists for it. There were two letters, one supporting their stance on it and one saying "get a grip, Hamell's not a misogynist, Ann Coulter in and of herself is way worse than anything Hamell said about her."

They've gotten to the point of living up to the old joke, "How do you offend a feminist? That's not funny."

P.S. I mailed your book on Friday- sorry it took so long!
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Apr 1 2007, 10:14 PM) *
They've gotten to the point of living up to the old joke, "How do you offend a feminist? That's not funny."

exactly! and it makes me so sad, because that is the last thing that feminism needs these days. it's almost as bad, to me, as saying you're not a feminist*. you gotta roll with the punches, not out of any sign of giving in or weakness but simply because it's far more enjoyable to not always have a stick up your ass. ugh.

and yay! cookbook! i hope you included your return address because you are not allowed to mail me anything without getting something in return.

*ETA: actually, i think bitch magazine and its ilk is probably the reason a ton of women (who otherwise might) DON'T consider themselves feminists.
I agree with the bitch thing. I stopped reading it ages ago because it ws just angry and I couldn't relate. It's got irritating to read the same thing over and over and over again.
i am busting whilst at work because it is the end of the day and i am tired and don't want to start anything new today.....

and i haven't been able to get my server at home to recognize me.

so instead of going home, i am at work, busting.

((((mouse)))) i know how you feel, dude. it's okay. really. promise.


In my more badass years, I stole a fair bit of money. I feel really awful about it, and no on IRL knows. I feel like I've been harbouring this deep ugly secret for so long.
*ETA: actually, i think bitch magazine and its ilk is probably the reason a ton of women (who otherwise might) DON'T consider themselves feminists.

I agree, mouse. Getting pissed off over everything is not the way to win over people.

Having said that, I read Bitch (and a few blogs written by angry feminists), but there is only so much of them I can take because I think they're being too petty, or else I feel bad because I'm not living on some all-woman commune and like some of the stuff they're criticizing, or else I feel out of it because I'm not paying that much attention to pop culture to notice half the stuff they point out. I keep reading Bitch because it is a feminist magazine, there aren't many of those out there. Tried reading Ms, but I couldn't stand it. I read Bust, but it strikes me more as a hipster version of Glamour these days, and that can be grating.

petty, immature confession: One of my coworkers is pregnant and getting married, and almost all of my female coworkers are making a big deal about both. I'm resentful of this because I have the feeling that if I got up and announced that I'm going to try to get into grad school and take the GRE (which is the case), nobody would make a fuss like they are over this baby. I like moms and kids, and for all I know this woman isn't recieving a lot of support for her decisions outside of work (whereas my family and friends are being very supportive), but there is this part of me that wishes I could get as much credit for my choices as she is for hers.
I have started to have anxiety, after a fashion. And I'm tireder than I'm used to being. And I hate it all so incredibly much. I hate it. I get really frustrated that I can't explain this to other people who aren't sick too. I just want to be well again.
one of the unexpected benefits of moving to my current neighborhood is that now when people see me around on my bike, they'll assume i'm a college student, and not one of the homeless that congregate on the other side of town. and i know it's stupid and classist, but being mistaken for a homeless person is one of my biggest (potential?) sources of embarrassment. i always make the effort when i'm back on that side of town to ride with more confidence and aggressiveness and do silly things like take out my phone or my mp3 player at intersections in a silent show of saying "see?! i'm not like these losers! i'm not! look at my conspicuous wealth and rampant consumerism!" and then i feel guilty and disgusted with myself, as well i think i should.
I am currently trying to get a guy at work fired, because he smells bad. I am not the only one that has noticed, everyone is talking. He just has a vulgar aroma that lingers around's not even like a body odor smell, he kind of smells like hot trash and onions. Overall poor hygiene....he is like twenty something and his teeth appear to be rotting out. I feel bad for pushing to get him let go, but I can't work anywhere near him, b/c he stinks so freaking bad.
Latest confession: I made fun of my guy for sleeping with his-- what do you call those things? the little memory sticks for your computer's USB port?-- for sleeping with one of those on a chain around his neck. I think my specific words were: "I hope my life never gets to the point where i have to sleep with one of those on." Noooot so very sensitive. I think I hurt his feelings. Made amends, though.

But seriously! I do fucking hope I never get so tied to my job that I *sleep* with it!

(((((ophelia))))) Having health problems is terrible.
Oh my, _octinoxate, I would have done the same thing. Fortunately, it hasn't gotten to that point in our house. I did yell at my friend for always wearing his little hands-free phone thing (or as I call them, "ear roaches") all over when he first got it.

Confession: I want to be supportive of my BGP's latest plan to buy a B&B in the UP (Upper Michigan), but she and her husband (the one with the ear roach) have had so many "big plans" that they get bored with and flake out on, that it's hard to be enthusiastic for them. First they wanted to breed dogs; that didn't work, and I ended up with the dog they kept....then they wanted to breed cats; now they have one of the offspring who's an purebread (read "psychotic neurotic freak") who pees all over their house and they want to get rid they want to buy this house, move away from all their friends and family with their 3 kids under the age of 5....I fear what will happen if they go through with it and get bored. The housing's really cheap up there, especially compared to here, so if they change their minds in a couple of years, they won't be able to afford to move back here. Oy. And if I want to visit, it's a 6-hour drive each way. I doubt I'll do that more than once or twice a year.
confession: i hate the idea of confession. why cant we just live our lives without shame regret or guilt? i say we can. but i think we've got to be aware of what we're doing along the way.

ok, real confession: i'm a former addict. pills, alcohol, sex, food.. wasnt enough until i forced myself to face my feelings.
I am skipping work tomorrow to go see Chris Cornell perform at a small, private performance at a teensy little bar. I'm so excited. Gotta go work on my "*cough* I can't come into work today *cough*"!!!!
Confession: I stalk Pollystyrene on the Bust boards... if I'm browsing around & I see she was the last to post in a given thread, nine times out of ten, I'll click in to read it, even if it's a thread I wouldn't otherwise frequent. (Case in point) She & I are often of similar minds, I've found, and she articulates things far batter than I ever could. I know she feels out of step with the rest of the world sometimes, but I think she's the bee's knees. She was the brains behind an incredibly thoughtful, meaningful gift that I will hold in my heart for years to come, a gift that was totally unexpected & unwarranted, but appreciated more than I can say without getting all teary again.

Polly, I think you're awesome. Thanks for being in my life, both online & off.
*sniff, sniff* tart! Actually, I have to give turbo the credit on the gift- I thought of giving *a* gift; what I had in mind was a print of "How to Really Love a Child" by the artist SARK, which is a really nice piece (and if I was able to find a small print of it, I was going to frame it for a baptism gift for Tartlet), but turbo, stargazer and I agreed that we didn't want to pigeonhole you as a mom (not that there's anything wrong with that, but you're so much more!) So turbo knew of the artist who did the piece we ended up getting you and it just encompasses your love of food, friends and life! (For those interested, the text in black below the image is what the image says.)
ooo color me jealous. i had the hotts for cornell back in the day, i kinda just wanted to lick his smokey voice
I am really beginning to despise power point presentations that get sent to me via e-mail. With the sappy fucking music and pitures of beaches. You know what it reminds me of? That I am not there, and I am working lookig at rediculous power point presentations.

I do like SOME of the one's with cool photography.

And men getting a football in the groin IS NOT FUNNY. I don't need to see a video clip that is 2 minutes long of stuff like this.

Angel e-mails make me want to vomit. I hate them.

laugh.gif CH- I was always the cynical bitch who would check after anyone in my office would send out one of those "widdle samantha jones has ebola virus and her last dying wish is to have everyone in the world send her an email so she can die happy", then copy the snopes page to everyone.

People are such suckers. Tracking email is technologically impossible, Applebee's isn't giving away free gift cards, I'm not going to suffer an untimely death if I don't send out the "You're My Best Friend in the Whole World" poem to 50 people in the next 30 minutes (would a real friend forward that to you!?!?!) and gangbangers aren't putting hypodermic needlies in the ball pits at McDonald's (but I am! J/K!!)

After 10 or so years of the internet being a widely-used tool for the average American, you'd think people would have learned this stuff a long time ago.
CH- to me, angels/cherubs= dead babies.
that was pointed out to me once by a minister's wife & I was shocked when she said it but I saw the point ( she hates them too, they were all everywhere in the store she worked in, probly the reason her mind mutated them to equal them in the first place?) and so I'm right w/ ya on that 'that's not cute it's naseating.' line of thought.

I go to that other site.. what is it, something like or whatever, and check things out and cut & paste it and re-send it to the offender w/ a note saying " this is fake. please stop sending me stuff like this" w/ the hopes that they are shamed enough to at least take me off their list of people to send shit to but it hardly ever works.

I also rarily ever forward anything to people, and never ever if it's any sort of chain mail.
I create enough bad kharma myself to worry about bringing on additional" bad luck." ditto for good.
I cannot believe the sheer number of my otherwise intelligent, cynical friends who forward chain letters and happy-sappy crap and urban legends via e-mail. Oh, and those fake virus warnings that would tell you to delete some important file! Remember those? Luckily they aren't as prevelant as they used to be. I used to spend so much time debunking urban legends and virus warnings...then I just figured it was easier to delete them and let the stupid people get worked up in knots and fuck up their systems.

Confession: I am the proud owner of two ceramic curling irons (two different sizes of barrel), two multi-temp/speed blow dryers (one regular "pro" version, one folding version for travel), and a hot air curling implement with two different attachments (curling barrel and brush barrel.)

Confession: I have three shelves in my medicine cabinet: one is for skin care products, one is for dental care products and shaving/depilatory products, and one is for hair styling products. This last one does not include my shampoo (two kinds) or conditioner, nor the gigantic can of salon hairspray that will only fit under the sink, nor any of the aforementioned electrical styling implements.

Confession: my hair vanity is reaching astronomical proportions, and it's gotten worse since I discovered I have a Leo ascendent.
Polly so true! Although the one that makes me chuckle is the one that makes fun of the stupid chain e-mails. Like saying if you don't send the e-mail along you are going to get raped in the ass by a rabid goat. Love.That.One.

I do love too! Neat stuff.

Oh frekcle, cherub's also irritate the hell out of me.

Doodle, I am obsessed with skin cream, not having body hair and make up. I love make up! I'm a libra, and libra's are so incredibly vain, I know the boat you are in.
re: cherubs. that is fucking hysterical, but then again, i'm the sick bastard who finds dead baby jokes funny. i suppose that's sort of a confession in itself.

i did the snopes thing too one day when i was having a bad one and wanted to spread the "love"

Culture, is that the one where it's the "Armless, legless, goatless boy from [some made-up unpronounceable Soviet bloc country]"? Someone sent that one to me years ago and it's disappeared somehow. It was hilarious.

ETA: I think this is it! Hello, and thank you for reading this letter. You see, there is a starving little boy in Baklaliviatatlaglooshen who has no arms, no legs, no parents, and no goats. This little boy's life could be saved, because for every time you pass this on, a dollar will be donated to the Little Starving Legless Armless Goatless Boy from Baklaliviatatlaglooshen Fund. Remember, we have no way of counting letters sent and this is all bull. So go on, reach out.

Send this to 5 people in the next 47 seconds. Oh, and a reminder-if you accidentally send this to 4 or 6 people, you will die instantly.

Thanks again!!

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Polly that'd be the one. I remember when I started reading it, I thought it ws serious, and I was thinking, fuck sucks to be that kid, then I continued reading, and it just continually funnier and funnier

If I had half as much courage as my friend does, I'd quit the profession, too, and go back to school for something I really care about. I feel like I'm doing what I'm doing for entirely the wrong reasons. No wonder why it's so hard to make a decision.

I would like nothing more than to smoke the rest of the cigarettes right next to me. This is probaby the fifth pack I've bought in my life. I think I'd look cooler if I smoked regularly, and might have at least two more friends.

If my friends jumped off a bridge, I'm not sure what would stop me from doing the same.

I'm not sure if I'll pass my classes this term.

I might be too self-centered and/or cynical to have emotions about sad events going on outside of my everyday life.
I can't be sad or see sadness without deconstructing and judging the authenticity of others' emotons. I am an asshole in this way.

I hate most everybody who doesn't get me.

I hate people who get me, but don't get things I want them to get.

I'm scared to death of losing friends to marriage.

I'm scared to death of being alone and am an attention whore.
  1. I think Larry Birkhead is really attractive. I don't know why!
  2. I have a hard time restraining myself when I'm in a store or something and a kid is being a total brat and their parent(s) just let it happen. I just want to beat the kid down.
  3. I'm utterly addicted to Facebook and Draco/Ginny fanfiction (but I'm damn proud of it!).
  4. I HATE my oldest brother, but I think it may be because I really just want him to appreciate who I am and he really doesn't seem to, or even to be open to it. He pays more attention to our other sisters and it makes me want to hit him repeatedly.
  5. I love the Pussycat Dolls. unsure.gif
  6. Even though I'm in a committed, loving relationship I would love to have one more night of just sex with my most recent ex. We were together on-and-off for five years and although he had a really ugly dick he sure knew what he was doing with it.
I'm not the most loyal person is relationships. If I don't get what I want sexually I'll look for it elsewhere, and stay with the other person. So, I guess I'm a serial cheater. This is how important sex is to me.
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