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anna k
Culture, your post also turned me on. I don't care what it was like, just the words sound sexy.

I want to fuck, but I'm around guys who do not turn me on in the least.
i confess my period is late. this, rationally, is because i am coming off of birth control pills a while back and have been stressed. it is also, irrationally, because i had protected sex one time three days before my last period.

i confess that this lil straight girl has a girl-crush.

i confess that i think that i might hate myself, and that i deprive myself of little, trivial things because i think that i need to be punished for something that i can't even pinpoint.

i confess that i thought confessing would make me feel better but it makes me feel worse. thank you, catholicism.
I confess that I probably got more mad than I should have when my alcoholic brother called, out of the blue yesterday, and began blabbering. We got in a fight over politics and I hung up on him. Which made me feel bad until about 6 hours later when his still intoxicated ass woke me up to let me know that the Colts had won the super bowl, as if I care. I am seriously considering cutting him out of my life for awhile.

P.S. crazyoldcatlady, I get girl crushes all the time. I think it's a totally normal thing.

I confess that I just wrote a big confession, but I'm running off to post it on my LJ instead.

I confess I'M A BIG WUSS!

But I also like to protect myself.
over a round of beers tonight, i remembered that i was once baptized and confirmed in the catholic church, and that i have a confirmation name. it seems like forever and a world ago.

not really a confession, but the beers are still in me.

i confess that i am going to FUCKING take a BASEBALL BAT to the smoke detector OFFICE SPACE-style if it does not stop fucking beeping!
I confess that I do not feel bad that my mr's g'mother is ill right now.

the old bat has smoked like a chimney for years, which lead ultimately to her own husband's lung cancer that killed him, but yet refuses to acknowledge that second hand smoke is bad.
she is a small minded contolling witch.

I also don't feel bad for the mr's folks, bc they are seemingly deliberately making things harder on themselves than need be w/ the situation.

I am also damn near gleeful that we live too far away to be sucked in to their self-created drama.

ccc: we have one of those somewhere in the garage but in 4-years have Yet to locate it.
it beeps occassionally, and mostly we forget about it unless we are out there awhile and then we seem to focus on it til it makes us crazy.
my sympathy's . sad.gif
confession: i lied
Confession: I spoil Oreo waaaay too much.

So today at work Mr. Oreo accompanied me and proceeded to give everyone kisses who came our way. One co-worker in particular he has grown quite fond of (she always holds him when I bring him to work and kisses him) but there was plenty of work to be done so I filled him a glass of water and a small dish of food and told him "Mommy would be back in an hour". I ended up talking to my co-worker for 15 minutes outside of the door to my office and Oreo grew very agitated. He was crying, sniffing, and scratching at the door. Finally we broke down and opened the door and he came bolting out for my co-worker.

I'm suppose to be there to work, not let Oreo be cuddled by everyone biggrin.gif I'm going to have to cut back on his days in to the office.

NOT FAIR..Oh yeah, I forgot I'm not working I'm a full-time student...



OM -

please give Oreo a kiss for me. He is so cute in his picture.

You might want to be careful when you say Mr. Oreo cause other posters might think you are refering to your man (or woman if your homosexual). For example, I call my man Mr. Pug all the time and most people know that I'm talking about my man R.

Confession: I spoil my puppies Pinky Floyd and Shelby Girl too much as well. They don't really need left over roast beef gravy on their food after dinner now do they?
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Feb 7 2007, 07:00 PM) *

please give Oreo a kiss for me. He is so cute in his picture.

You might want to be careful when you say Mr. Oreo cause other posters might think you are refering to your man (or woman if your homosexual). For example, I call my man Mr. Pug all the time and most people know that I'm talking about my man R.

Confession: I spoil my puppies Pinky Floyd and Shelby Girl too much as well. They don't really need left over roast beef gravy on their food after dinner now do they?

Okay I'll be more careful. I have so many nicknames for him but I'll just call him Oreo for now on. Left over roast beef and gravy? You could have just given them the roast beef but the gravy too? Woooo.
pugs... Indigo gets gravy pretty much every night; i make it specially. I used to give him stock, but he prefers the actual gravy... i take my dog into uni. he plays anatomy model.

confession: i take waaay to much pride in being given complements about the hound.

confession: i take sick delight in grossing people out with dissection stories and pictures.
mornington, indigo DESERVES that hommage!! NOT a sin. (i mean, it would really be stretching if you told that to a priest in confession. now, if you took pride in YOURSELF, maybe. but indigo? nah.)

oreo's mom, love my pugs and mornington: who wouldn't prefer the gravy?? also not a sin.

whoops. i forgot this was the confession thread, not the sin thread. jeez, wonder how i got those two mixed up? catholicism much?

confession: i lied. it was to protect someone from getting hurt. but it was still a lie. and i knew i was doing it.

QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Feb 7 2007, 06:00 PM) *


You might want to be careful when you say Mr. Oreo cause other posters might think you are refering to your man (or woman if your homosexual). For example, I call my man Mr. Pug all the time and most people know that I'm talking about my man R.

Confession: I spoil my puppies Pinky Floyd and Shelby Girl too much as well. They don't really need left over roast beef gravy on their food after dinner now do they?

LOL....but OM's post reads so much more titillating, if you interpret it as her significant other.... wink.gif

Guess that's meant for another thread, though.

Lots of cute doggies here! Oreo, the pugs, and indigo are all very handsome. smile.gif
Random Confessions:

I have realized that I am a complete and utter flake. But now understanding the reasons behind my flakiness, I don't criticize people who are flakes so much.

I haven't showered in a week now.

I have never. ever. changed a diaper in my life. Why do people find this so hard to believe?

I'm starting to regret the whole taking a Spanish class in school thing. Besides some words being similar to English, which makes it a little easier to remember, there is absolutely no logic in a foreign language paralleled to one's own language. It's not like math or science, where everything is for a reason. Why are nouns assigned a gender? Why do verbs have to adapt to who is being addressed? It makes no sense at all to me. It's all memorization, no clues that help, no concepts. It's very hard to memorize something with no concept. I still really want to learn it, but I'm dreading the rest of this class.
I've decided that all of my dreams are bad dreams. Freaky and disturbing, even when they're not scary, as such. I've been reading too much Freud for school, it's true, but it has made me decide that I don't like the idea of or need a window into my subconscious because I don't like what I see.

I'm slightly drunk.
After watching the movie Philadelphia for about the first time in 10 years, I realize how apathetic I've become to the AIDS crisis. Not so much about the situation in Africa, India, and other international countries, but within the US. I think I'm in denial about the fact that it still exists in the US and people still die of it.

Boo on me.
I confess that I think the vast majority of the people I work with are morons. This includes my idiot boss.

I confess that I am really very full of myself and maybe my problem is that I think I am better than others.

I am starting to resent hubbies ability to work all night and come home whenever he feels like it even though he knows I want to go work out at 6:30am which makes me feel like he doesn't give a shit even though I know this is not true.
I think I have more angst over whether or not to put my dog to sleep than I imagine I would if I had to decide whether or not to get an abortion.
Polly I'm the same way. When I meet a client at work (I'm in social services), who has AIDS, I'm still pretty shocked by it.

I had a really large peice of stawbery shortcake today.

Humanist, I also have never changed a diaper, I'm an only child, and never did the baby sitting thing a lot.
I had a dream about someone I definately should be dreaming about and woke up feeling guilty as hell.

Went to mall the other day for the first time in years, and realized I absolutely hate the freaking mall.

Pissed a man off in traffic today that was driving like a bully and took great satisfaction in watching him yell at me in my review mirror. I even laughed at him so he could see.

Spent to much money this weekend.
I too have never changed a diaper, and don't intend to start now! (I never babysat anyone but my lil' bro, when he was a young teenager and I was an older teenager.)

Also, part of me wants to say screw everything and move to NYC and start over. I'd have multiple housing/job options with people I know there...pretty much the only things keeping me here are my mom and my pretty new car.
anna k
Went to mall the other day for the first time in years, and realized I absolutely hate the freaking mall.

I get nauseous there. Too many people moving in different directions, the music pumped in, the cheesy club music played in clothing stores, and I feel dizzy and zombie-like.
QUOTE(anna k @ Feb 12 2007, 08:33 PM) *

I get nauseous there. Too many people moving in different directions, the music pumped in, the cheesy club music played in clothing stores, and I feel dizzy and zombie-like.

add me to that too.
A trained chimp could co the job I am currently assigned to.
There have been too many jobs I've held that could be done by trained monkeys. For example, the one I'm at right now could be done by a monkey, or chimp, or probably a lemur.

I've never changed a diaper either and don't have a desire to, at least not until I produce children of my own.

I go to the mall about once every two months, I could live without them. For some reason I hate going to places that are going to be overcrowded and loud, except to see a band play. Even then, between sets, I have to go outside or somewhere where the crowd has thinned. A part of it is because I don't like crowds, but another is that I can barely make out what people are saying and like to have the conversation where I can hear them.
I have violent thoughts sometimes about random strangers who piss me off.

When someone pisses me off when I am driving I would seriously love to get out of my car, pull them out of their car, and just whoop their ass. Sometimes I seriously think the jail time would be worth it.

Likewise at Walmart the other day in the produce section getting some sweet potatoes, I pulled off one of those plastic bags to put my taters in. There were tons of people just being obnoxious. For a moment I thought how nice it would be to run up behind them and strangle them for a moment with that plastic bag.

Thankfully my anger management issues have never surfaced past what I think in my head.

Aliboo, I feel the same way about people (almost always guys) who call or yell out to me from their cars as they pass me while I'm running or walking. It's my fantasy to have a rock in my hand and hurl it at their car. That would teach them, I think!
My home life is really pissing me off: my little sister is a complete horror just now and I am finding it so hard to cope or really to care (I do care but it's exhausting me). I want to run away or hibernate under duvet and pretend it's not happening. I feel helpless and incredibly frustrated and irritated and put upon and I have no control.

This is what therapy will be good for, for venting, but I really needed to get it off my chest.
anna k
I'd love to take off and take a trip to Paris or Lisbon or Montreal, but I have to start my career and earn enough money to support myself as an adult.

My older sister has acted immature for many years, and she's 26 now. She sent me an email Valentine of ugly people, laughing at them looking pathetic and loser-y. Nevermind that she's acted much like a pathetic loser the past few years and is aware of it.

I cannot stand how many women/girls my age talk like 15-year-old mallrats, constantly saying "like," "seriously," "literally," and raising the end of their sentences like questions when they aren't asking a question. Or rambling and sounding misinformed and blase about whatever they are talking about. I hate that way of speak, but it seems to be the normal way of talking now.
I sometimes talk like a mallrat, and I'm almost 30.

I think it has to do with confidence. I've noticed that when I'm not feeling sure of myself, I sound like a teenager and have a tendency to ramble. This, of course, doesn't help my confidence since I know I sounded like a fricking idiot and then I sound even less sure of myself. It's a vicious cycle. sad.gif

confession: I feel like I'm losing my mind, and it's scaring the living crap out of me.
I wish I were going on vacation for a month. I could live in a bathing suit and eat fried plantains for a month, I know I could.
I have to go to the mall tomorrow, and I m actually looking forward to it. I know I know. I have to get something for a wedding. So I get to do the "adult" clothes shopping tomorrow. And I'm going to get some DVD's, it can't be all bad. In theory.
confession: my current avatar is me, the last time i shaved my own head, and my intent is to express solidarity with britney spears.
I just dropped off my old student flute ( & when I say old I mean like I got it New in 1978!) at the music store to be completely over-hauled. the rough estimate just to be re padded was $199**, and that's w/out any other work I know needs to be done. my parents only paid about $300** for it to start with.

however, I am excessively joyful at the thought of being able to play again ! my poor otherwise sedate and very beige surburban neighborhood may never be the same when I progress to aqua lung and jethro tull!

I have always like this avatar mouse,brittany or not.
freckle, I also played the flute!

I'm horny. I've been playing flirty with guy from work.
i miss the angry scary sarcastic girl i was in highschool that had maybe five friends. the too-red lipstick and black eyeliner and saying fuck you to anyone that pissed me off in the slightest

actually having a boyfriend has made me realize that i like girls far more than i originally thought
I am uber jealous that my bf is taking a 3 week vacation. She still lives at home and works a kind of trivial part time job, so I feel like I work a lot harder and deserve a vacation more. I have never really had a real vacation, and somehow she manages to take one or two a year. But I love her to death and hope she has a great time.

I think my sister is a wierdo. She called me a little bit ago to tell me about some guy she went to hs with getting in a accident, and went on and on about how hot he was....more handsome than she thought a man could be...on and on....I don't even know the guy, and she hasn't been in high school for almost 20 years.....

I don't give a fuck about Britney Spears shaving her head, and I wish people would stop talking about it so much. So she shaved her head? Who the hell really cares? I shaved my head when I was 20 and people obsessed about it....why did you do it....can I rub your head....blah blah's no big deal.....

I am cranky today....
anna k
ginger_kitty, I was jealous too when my sister kept going on trips with her friends. They went to Miami, Paris, and Cancun, and it seemed like a waste of time and money since they were right out of college and living off of their parents. A few years later, they are 26, working crappy jobs, and haven't progressed past being childish and gossiping about former classmates and pop culture.

I don't care about Britney either. And I didn't care about Anna Nicole Smith. She fucked up her life and died. I can't see much tradegy in her.
I'm going to have to agree with the Anna Nicole Smith thing, I don't give a flying fuck that she is dead. Really, what did she ever accomplish? Really. NOTHING!

i'm really obsessed with mommy blogs. two in particular, one of which is a girl only about a year older than me who lives in my same city. i want to hang out with her. i wish i had a kid so i could hang out with her and her kid.

though i am staunchly in agreement with the childfree movement, i think i *really* want to have my own someday.

in the same vein, and i wouldn't confess this if i weren't drunk (which i am), every time i see pictures of my complex ex's nephew (age three), especially if he is in the photos too, my ovaries hurt. a lot.

furthermore: we use condoms, but if i got pregnant right now, i would keep it.
I am always a bit amazed when people adress me as ma'am or any other female pronouns. i know it's what i worked for for so long, but i am still strangely flattered by it.

conversely when someone calls me sir, or a male pronoun, i am shocked by it, but it doesn't hurt as much as it used to.

but i am still suspicous adresses a table of me and my gfs as 'ladies'.

i rarely think about being transexual when i am with someone else.

when i am by myself in public, i become very neurotic about it.

i had to grab a trash can in the men's bathroom for my work. it was the first time i have been in a men's restroom in 5 years.

it was weird, even though i only put one foot in the room.

i still avoid going into women's restrooms as much as possible. for some reason i think that it might turn out like a scene from invasion of the bodysnachers where everyone points at me and screams. it is a very common thing with transexuals. we have a fear of restrooms. i just wish i didn't worry about it so much. maybe someday.
You're lookin' very Jean Seberg, there, mouse.
i confess I am totally addicted to
Mouse, could you point me towards the mommy blogs you like? I am 6 months pregnant and interested in reading some good ones.
mouse and aviatrix you two are hot!

le sigh. Confession, I wish I were high right now, but i have to go pick up my mother in 45 minutes, and i can't. Crud.
Yes, they ARE, aren't they, CH?

Confession: When we went out for my belated b'day party last night, I ran into a woman there, who I haven't seen in a couple months. She told me that my new hair was going to turn her into a lesbian.

So I'm sorta crushing on her now, just cause she is cool enough to openly say that to a semi-casual acquaintance.

Confession: I hate American Idol.

Confession: I really don't want my wrist to get better, it's been so nice being off work.

Confession: I like being a redhead.
Confession, I know that my co-worker/buddy's girlfriend is cheating on him and has cheated on him several times and I can't bring myslef to tell him. Other people have mentioned things to him, and he refuses to believe it, but I have concrete evidence. And it feels crushing not to tell him, but at the same time I like to mind my own business. Very conflicted.

I agree, mouse and aviatrix are hotties!

treehugger, seriously redheads do have more fun! smile.gif
Maybe you could leave an anonymous note, ginger, documenting your concrete's cliche, but think about it this way- if it were you, wouldn't you want to know?

Confession: Sometimes I feel like I am not as important to people in my life, even family, as they are to me. I don't know if it's true or not, but I end up blaming myself for trying too hard.
I've never liked Grey's Anatomy, but now that there are a bunch of people on the tegan & sara bandwagon just because they heard a song on there makes me actually mad at it. like, how dare they expose some of my favourite music to the masses? nobody knew who they were and i loved it that way
I'm scared.
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