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anytime my boss tells me i work faster than my coworkers, i use it as an excuse to goof off even more than i already do.

Same here, mouse. Right now I've got the least amount of work I can do and not get into trouble figured out to an exact science.

I've sent out a few resumes, gone on a few interviews, but nothing has panned out and right now every job posting looks as horrible as my current job.
Confession: I just saw a bedbug in my bed. And I am freaking out about it.
LOL aqua!
Instead of going to the studio tonight, I'm going to read my trashy no-good confessional memoir du jour in bed, and then go to bed early, all because I don't want to be outside in this cold weather.

I'm putting off a visit to the doctor to get a physical because I don't want a lecture about how I'm not losing weight fast enough (this is all in my head). I also don't want to have to explain my lack of desire to date but that I still want/need to be on the pill. I don't want the doc to ask me about "family planning." I hate my doctor's office because you have to schedule an exam four fucking months in advance and then when you do get an appointment, it's 15 minutes at the most and how the hell is ANYONE supposed to explain anything in 15 minutes when the doc asks how you've been? I don't care that this is the norm for most doctors' offices; I'm sick of it, so I just don't go. I should find a new doctor, but don't feel like putting the effort into doing so.

I canceled my gym membership and feel no remorse about it.

I have fantasies of quitting my job so I can spend more time at the studio, in the kitchen, and writing.

Someone stole a couple of pens from my desk (I keep all my writing utensils in a certain spot) and I am still pissed off that no one in the office seems to have a clue when it comes to respecting other peoples' space. I think someone stole some of my tea, too, and that pisses me off even more. What kind of jerks do I work with? Go get your own pens and beverages!

I can't wait until vacation next month; I'm so excited that I think I might cry with total joy when the plane lands at my destination.

I am laughing so much at Aqua's confession! Because I'd probably definitely do the same thing.
I love itunes.

I don't want to go out for my friends birthday tonight, I'd rather stay home and smoke.

I miss my former play thing. blink.gif Yet I think he is a prat.
omg gumby, i would be freaking out too-yikes-there was that whole outbreak of bedbugs in allston a few years ago, creepy.
Confession: I quit writing for BUST because I just wasn't feeling it anymore.

Other confession: I'm thinking of quitting the boards, too.
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ Jan 24 2007, 02:55 AM) *

We had to cancel our gym membership to cut back on our monthly bills. Which makes me feel guilty on so many levels. I really want to get in better shape. Also, our membership takes 30 days to cancel, but I feel wierd about going since I'm feeling like a deadbeat.

My job loathing is reaching an all time high. And I am surprised of how tollerant I have grown over the years. I want to march up to my boss and quit, all Twisted Sister 'We are not going to take it' style....but I need the money, so I bite my tongue and put up with quite a bit of shit.

Gingerkitty, I was about at that point on my job yesterday. Seriously, it was one of the worst days I've had at work in a long time. mad.gif There were a few times that I really thought I was going to totally lose it. I'm just glad it's over.

Confession: I called in sick today. Not because of the horrible day I had yesterday (although that was certainly in the back of my mind), but because I had to take my Cancer Dog to the vet E.R. at about midnight last night, owing to him becoming violently ill from his latest chemo treatment. sad.gif So while I myself wasn't physically ill, I just didn't think I would've been very productive at work today on only a few hours of sleep and under a lot of mental stress worrying about my baby.

Girlbomb: You'll be missed. I really liked your writings in the magazine, and I enjoy reading your posts here, too.

((((((((((((((((((ratgirl & dogger)))))))))))))
that just breaks my heart for you. I am SO Sorry!

and ditto girlbomb, I've loved reading your work there too, but respect your decision. just know your writing will be missed there by some of us.
Thank you for your kind words, Freckleface. They are much appreciated! mellow.gif
if girlbomb disappears, i shall stalk her. mwa ha ha!


i still have qualms about confessing shit in here, even tho it's comforting/cathartic. i still can't get past someone really dumb & clueless making me feel entirely shitty about something i confessed about. it was trvial, we're not even talking Deep Dark Secret. it was months ago. i'm savvy enough to know, you put it out there, it's up for grabs, you risk public ridicule, yada yada. but still.
but it's completely understanding mandolyn. I stopped posting on one forum because everyone there was just, well, mean, and after I posted something and got completely and utterly trashed, I decided I was done with posting there. I still visit occasionally becasue there are sometimes gems of information relevant to the career I am headed into and the applicaiton process I am in, but no way am I willing to put myself out there to be attacked again. I am so glad I found bust!
If Girlbomb disappears, I shall stalk her even more on her own website! I'll miss you, GB, but I know how it goes... sniff sniff... dissolving into sobs... don't goooooooooo!
I confess..
( & this is so weird I can't believe I am going to actually tell you all this but what better place?) that when I am in a turn lane and traffic is really super backed up, I get all anxious like rain- man and half whimper/whine " all skate everybody skate. all skate EVERYBODY Skate Now!" and it strangely makes me feel better.

I don't know why.
anna k
For a long time, whenever it rained and I would be outside, I would think of the song from Bambi: "Drip, drip, drop little April shower."

I like to practice ballet moves to George Michael's Father Figure.

I like Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten, even though it has usurped Liz Phair's Why Can't I? as the Chick Movie Theme song.

Watching the TCM In Memoriam video of film stars who died in 2006, I teared up at seeing Adrienne Shelly, since she had been little known during her lifetime and it seemed kind and respectful for TCM to include her with all the other people, giving her a moment of honor. She was little known, but I rented Trust a long time ago and liked her in it, she was very real and beautiful in an unusual, downhome way. Now her directed film is at Sundance, but I don't know if it would've played there had she still been living.

I can feel self-centered because I feel more attractive, stronger, and smarter than I was when I was younger, and I want to show it off to people who I was shy around before to parade my matured self.
The exterminator confirmed it: we do have bedbugs. And they won't spray until sometime next week. I told my mom and she banned me from visitng her house, from storing any of my stuff there, from borrowing her vacuum, and from keeping the cat there when they bomb our apartment. So I guess my confession is I'm not planning to tell any of my friends about our little problem.
((((gumby)))) That sucks! I hope this week goes by quickly so that you can put that problem behind you.
Gumby, my mister and I were bitten by bedbugs in a hotel in Amsterdam. FWIW, we left the hotel in a hurry and took absolutely no precautions against picking them up in our luggage, our clothes on the floor etc... and we didn't take any with us.

I had no idea they were so spreadable, until I started reading about infestations in NYC and elsewhere. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I think your mom's being unhelpful. Can you check into a cheap hotel overnight?

Good luck next week. I hope you've avoided being bitten at least!!
(((((((((((gumby))))))))))))) that is just awful!!
I hope you are able to go back into your place free and clear very soon!!!

I confess
that when I write something really good, I seem to fall alittle to a lot in love with it and re-read it obsessively (sometimes making little changes & tweaking it) for the first few days. I don't know if this is normal or a really super big ego at work?
Girlbomb -- I too would miss you, you are so funny and kind and well-grounded, having worked your way through a life that is more complicated than most.

Bust magazine -- I have mixed feelings. Often I'm annoyed by it, but I always find one or two things in it that are really, really worthwhile. hmmmm.

The difficulty on the boards, girlbomb and mandolyn, I put down to the way women have relationships.

We want to disclose all, have all accepted, accept all. And yet, I think our desire to be compassionate and tolerant and discreet and patient and encouraging can sometimes open the door to predators or lead us to try everything to continue relationships and accomodate people, even when they have become toxic. Let's all confess to our weaknesses and stigmas, and open the door for people to prey on our insecurities. Let's make sure we never "judge" someone who makes us feel bad, cause, gosh, they feel bad too!

You can only negotiate and redefine and compromise and change postion so often before you turn your body and mind into a big, awkward pretzel, and wonder how you got in that grotesque and uncomfortable position.

I go to other boards where there are a lot of men, and they don't put up with that for a minute. They will instantly dispute. That doesn't mean they don't have compassion - they get to know each other and still express sympathy when someone's cat dies or they have a sucky boss.

But there is not the sense on other boards, like there is on Bust, that if someone posts something like:
"I love to be mean to people, and I know I'm a big snob and I can't help it, and I don't want to, and I just want to dose my sorrow instead of dealing with it." that everyone will just nod their heads and affirm.

Rather, they will say something like, WAAH WAAH STOP BEING A JERK!!

There *are* several threads in which people offer acceptance and good information to lead someone in a positive direction, though. I think the good part about owning up to pain is to say, help me see this and get over this, I have a lot to give the world, and I don't want it to get in my way anymore.

Or just have fun -- like celebrity gossip -- it's freeing to laugh at these self-important celeb jerks.

So, it's worthwhile, but I worry sometimes that this place is dragging me backwards when I'd rather go forward in more neutral and shallow-- maybe in a good way -- settings.
Thanks for the wellwishing, ladies. I was neurotic and obsessive before but this just pushed me over the edge. Once the apartment is sprayed I think we'll be fine, but that won't be for a few days yet.
I really like the message boards because it's really helped me to question and redefine my relationships to other women....When I first lurked around I was so intimidated that I didn't participate at all. But I just really love the community everyone has created here. And I feel a lot more confident with standing up for myself...something that wasn't instilled in me as a child. Still, I don't know if the boards have changed or if it's more that my relationship to it has changed, but it is different from a few years ago and I can understand why a lot of people migrated away from here.
End rant.

Wombat, I have a hard time accepting praise from you, because your posts often make me really angry, and I don't enjoy interacting with you online or watching your interactions with others. You and I disagree about what makes the BUST boards a sometimes-difficult place to navigate. Sucks to have to be so blunt about it, but there it is.
"The difficulty on the boards, girlbomb and mandolyn, I put down to the way women have relationships. We want to disclose all, have all accepted, accept all."

wombat, yes, i only come here for the coddling. wow, you so have me pegged! your powers of perception are truly astounding!

you'll never realize it in a million years, but you've just proven my reason for not wanting to post in here.
If you think the lounge is dragging you backwards, wombat, then you know full well where the door is. Don't let it slam on the way out.

(I've tried, I really have and I know you like me, what's not to like? but you keep doing this and upsetting or annoying people I care about and like to mollycoddle and wrap in cotton wool and soothingly brush their hair).
I have a hard time respecting people who don't take responsibility for their actions.
Confession: I'm currently quite upset with my mother. I usually don't feel this way about her--I really do love her a lot--but she pushed my buttons in all the wrong ways the other day. Friday night she called me, asking if I'd drive her and my stepfather to the airport the next day for their flight to Switzerland. She'd only known their itinerary for the past three months; couldn't she have asked me a few days earlier? (I don't like doing things on short notice, especially when it's not necessary.) But I agreed to pick them up at their house at 1:30 Saturday afternoon as per their specific request. And I was at the house at said time. They weren't ready. Or at least my mother wasn't ready, anyway; she was dinking around, still packing, still figuring out what clothes to take on the flight, still taking care of laundry. Oh, and would I take back a DVD rental that was overdue for them? We finally left the house at 1:50, I turned my car radio on, and my mother instantly complained and asked me to turn it off. MY car, MY radio, mind you. Then she proceeded to give me completely unsolicited advice about my dog's cancer treatments, which I cut off with curt "yups" and "nopes," hoping she'd get the hint. We got to the airport, they went in, and never before have I been so happy to see her off! Now she's at my sister's place in Switzerland and can drive her crazy for a change. And I don't have to see/e-mail/talk to her for another week! It's going to be bliss.

Ack--my apologies that this has turned into quite the rant. I really don't hate my mother--it's just that her behavior, combined with everything else that's going on in my life right now, has about pushed me over the edge into a nervouse breakdown.

'Nuff said for now, I'm sure! blink.gif
Oh, fack.

I wasn't thinking I was speaking for you, girl_bomb.

And -- I was more criticizing myself than anyone else. and musing about different boards. The amount of brouhaha and trolls etc. here is not a larger amount, but, it's different.

I was wondering about the perils of over-disclosure and over-reacting.

I am not the only one who does this by a long shot, but I am certainly guilty of it.
I am QUEEN of over the top these days.

Note to self: try to keep things simple. Short and positive is the way to go.

Confession: it is not easy for me to do that on Bust for a couple of reasons.

must. though.
confession: i have no patience for people who don't have their shit together as much as i do. i don't have patience for people unwilling to take risks or make the effort to get what they want and i don't understand why people say i'm brave or seem older than i am, though it flatters me.

this gives me both a short temper and a big head.
QUOTE(mouse @ Jan 30 2007, 05:20 AM) *

confession: i have no patience for people who don't have their shit together as much as i do. i don't have patience for people unwilling to take risks or make the effort to get what they want and i don't understand why people say i'm brave or seem older than i am, though it flatters me.

this gives me both a short temper and a big head.

I know you didn't mean it this way, but today I am doing both and reading your confession actually just gave me the boost to remind me there is nothing wrong with ambition and actively persuing what you want in life and in fact, it's really The' way to be.

Heyyyyyy -- I'm right with you guys. And always was that way. When my folks' money cut off after my sophomore year of college, I knew it wasn't going to be an easy row to hoe. Actually, I told them not to give it to me because, between the divorce and the disease, they needed it a lot more. I felt like a sleazy weakling for taking it. I mean, I had known it was going to be a hard row to hoe ever since I was tiny. My parent's money was really my grandparent's money.

I told them that I could make it on my own.

People gave me all kinds of crap for being poor and going to a private art school (Museum school like mousie!!) Part of it was, 'if you're poor you must be inferior anyway.' And part of it was the fact that people would not voluntarily sacrifice and impoverish themselves and walk the very thin edge for ANYTHING. There is nothing in the world that they would not give up, the minute they couldn't buy all the latest things and coast along. Not one single goal is sacred if you have to hang your butt over the edge and just grit your teeth and hope it doesn't fall off.

What i'm doing now is writing code for a web site and I'VE GOT IT!!!! It is so FUN. But it took me awhile to learn and refine it. While yet another money/clock is ticking away perilously close.

I am even putting in some old writing, making sure I mention and demonstrate my feature writing, essay writing, copy writing, market reseach, copy editing and proof reading skills.

And I'm putting in some old school projects now that I have a scanner and a new machine!! Debt. Paid off the old, bring in some new.


When I was going though the toughest time in my life, second shift job Wednesday thru Sunday at a newspaper way out in the burbs, pain in the butt commute, just because it was my first graphic arts job and they were willing to give me raises and publish my writing and let me create some info graphics and layouts and stuff, I was also dealing with my mom dying, my dad going nuts once again, and my sister trying to rip off my share of the inheritance.

I was living with roommates that were trying to take over my house, talked against me and my boyfiriend to mutual friends that we had known before they ever moved in, tried to get us all thrown out for the sake of throwing wild parties, and, basically, told me to my face that I must be an "uptight person" and not a real friend, because I wasn't sitting around with them EVERY SINGLE NIGHT getting drunk and stoned and eating shit junk food!!

I was getting up and writing and doing vocal exercises and exercising!! And I would only go out once or twice a week, otherwise I was traveling three hours to go see my mom in the hospital and my dad in the hospital and talk to lawyers.

Dayum!! I was such a dorkus maximus, huh? I shoulda just had crappy jobs like they had and just sat around in my spare time. Why was I so **stuck up***?

I'm now sitting in a beautiful apartment full of sunshine and my grandma's antiques and a new computer.

And I'm about to become some kind of Marketing Director or something.

So there. Poo!!


Oops, this is also long, disclose-y, etc.

Separate subject entirely, not asking for yay or nay votes from anyone:

I'm not dismissing, excusing or defending anything I have written on this site -- I wouldn't have written it unless I felt it was necessary. To have integrity and the tougher kind of compassion. People who are happy about taking others' money and dignity really bug me. But, why be ensnared. Well, no way out but through, eh? Same as so many other situations in life.
freckle, GO FOR IT!!! smile.gif there's no excuse not to tongue.gif

wombat, i didn't know you went to smuffa! when were you there?

i confess that i DID take other people's money. i had the absolute luck to have grown up in a poor family, but with a very wealthy and generous uncle, who is very intent on using his money to make sure that people get to do what they truly want. my family has gotten to travel because of him; my father now speaks italian because of him; i owe him my education. and while i worked work-study and on my own throughout college to buy books and art supplies and rent (and supported myself on my own immediately after college), i don't have any student loans thanks to him.

instead of feeling guilty or beholden (because it is like a drop in the bucket to him, and he WANTS to help, and it would be rude of me to refuse--the dynamics with him are very specific), i think it pushes me to MAKE something of the opportunity i've been given.

i confess that i'll never be able to really comprehend how grateful i should be for this. i have the humility and common sense and resourcefulness of growing up without wealth, but the opportunities and benefits that come from wealth--and the knowledge that it's a gift i would be rude to not take advantage of, which keeps me ambitious, without the resentment towards whoever might not have helped me.

i confess that i do not feel guilty for being given money, but often i feel guilty for being so lucky.
how funny, mouse. i am so the opposite. i rarely have my shit together. i'm a classic flake/slacker. i do things because i fall in love with them. i had some ambition, but i end up 'following my bliss' more than anything. i never had any money (nor did my mom). i ended up doing so many things i always wanted to, not out of ambition, but to see what happened, or on a lark. like i ended up reviewing movies, more as a scam to see movies for free than cos i wanted to get published-- i hate writing. now there is something i want, (painting career) and i don't know how i feel about having to work hard for it...hmmm
(((gumby))) They'll probably be gone before you know it!

girlbomb, Your writing in Bust and in lounge will definately be missed! But you have have to do what feels right for you. Just drop in from time to time to let us know how you are doing and all.

Confession: I hate it when people try to talk to me about the super bowl. I don't give a fuck about football or the super bowl. It annoys the piss out me when people ask me if I watch, I say no I don't find it at all interesting and then they try to chat about it!?!! I just don't care, it bores me to death.

Wombat I went to SMFA too. Weird.
QUOTE(mouse @ Jan 30 2007, 12:20 AM) *

confession: i have no patience for people who don't have their shit together as much as i do. i don't have patience for people unwilling to take risks or make the effort to get what they want and i don't understand why people say i'm brave or seem older than i am, though it flatters me.

this gives me both a short temper and a big head.

Mouse, I love this post and your one after it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not feeling guilty for being given a gift that obviously wanted to be given. Having those opportunities are wonderful and meant to be grabbed a hold of. Despite our culture's fascination and glamourization of poor people making it all the way, it doesn't mean it's the only way. Actually, that glamourization is a rather funny contradiction considering our obsession with wealth and the rich, but that's a whole other conversation.

And Wombat, good for you! It is so hard to do what you are doing/did, especially with a sick family. My mom has a physical disability that has been progressing over the years, more so this past year, and it's amazing how much strain it puts on the family, and on her. One of the hardest things I've had to do is recognize the strain it puts on me, adn be okay with taking a while longer to finish school so that I can help her out. For some reason I think I can work, be a full-time grad student, help look after her and have a bit of life without it all affecting me. That being said, I so don't get lack of ambition and drive, though sometimes i look longingly at my friends who are lounging on their couches and go, i can't wait to do that, but all in good time. Or 5 months actually biggrin.gif Then I should have a couple off before jumping into an extremely intensive program that will test my limits and have me do so many things I have never done befoe adn am rather scared to do. I so can't wait!!!
Yeah, mouse, I'm not guilting you for taking the money.

To some extent, my even getting my parents to pay for the first two years of school and set me up in my Boston apartment meant that I had a lucky advantage over other people. I didn't have to work a job and could really concentrate and adjust, and the fact that I had gone to a private pre-law school for two years and gotten good grades opened the door to SMFA later -- and the fact that I went to SMFA, even though I burned myself out working, and preps looked down their nose at me quite literally and really let me know it -- the SMFA combined with the pre-law let me get into the state school where I finished my bachelor's -- and I got jobs on that basis before I went to state school.

What I meant by "People who are happy taking others' money and dignity really bug me" I meant, not accepting gifts that they were offering that they could afford, but people who sleaze on other people, as in take their money AWAY from them, and their dignity as well. Either by abusing a relationship or by indulging in a questionable social structure.

In my case, I could have "guilted" my parents beyond what they could comfortably pay, and some people told me I should, because it was their choice to help their child have a better life than they had. But... sometimes I feel guilty even for the amount that I did take.

And yet, I was a big kerfuffling asshat -- for a good cause, I think, and I'll take the blows -- on Bust here because people were posting about how happy they were to take AWAY money and dignity from others against their will. That's how I see it anyway. And again, i am not asking anyone to say yay or nay on that one. I will stand alone on it. It wasn't self-righteousness or judgement but an unwillingness to countenance something that's harmful to others, and to make it normative, and to say, "You better not speak up about this or else."

So, hope I'm clear on that. I don't resent people with money etc unless they are jerks about it. And I think we are fitting into the more amorphous middle class that has some privileges and some struggles, but is in a far-from-secure position.
And --- hi, there, aviatrix !!
cool. i understand what you mean.

but i mean--and not to totally derail the thread, since this is a bit of a confession--i do often feel guilty for having that advantage. not for taking the money, but for simply being ABLE to do what i want to do now. i have friends who are thousands of dollars in debt already, and i don't even owe a cent. and i feel guilty for that, since it was luck of the draw who i'm related to, and under no extra achevement of my own.

i'm sorry people were nasty to you at smfa. i kind of kept to myself there, especially because i was interested in either very technical, traditional art, or commercial art, and neither of those are their abundant or strong points. i felt out of place but i was never given any sort of attitude for not being wealthy or whatnot.

starshine: thanks smile.gif

I am so tired of fighting. I know I am a feminist and I know my beliefs and I want to stand up for them but it is just so hard sometimes. I'm terrified of not caring any longer but sometimes it just seems so alluring. ANything for an easy life eh?
I don't have too much debt either -- a little less than 50 a month for the student loan, although at some point I should hardball handfuls of money at it to knock it down and out.

Confess: I have things really good these days, and am just busting ass to get to the next level. And I alternate between feeling too self-indulgent and between making up for it by driving myself the way Scarlett O'Hara drove that poor horse in Gone with the Wind.


But, muuuuuuch better presentation of web portfolio and resume is almost done.

I keep saying.

***** I am meeting the COOLEST people.

Thanks starshine, and mouse, you are doing well!!
confession; I went to the bar last weekend and sucked some guys cock in his car.

I also agree with those who have no patience for unmotivated people.

I am a minx, coquette, whatever you want to call it...

I've had a few too many and driven home in an altered state a few times. Not cool. sad.gif
I wish that I would live my day-to-day life the way I do on vacation. When on vacation, I am eager to go out and see and experience as much as I can. I value every moment because I know it is limited. But I forget this when I'm back home & spend far too much of my time piddling about on the internet or watching lame television.
Culture, your post made me horny.

Gumby, I don't have bedbugs, I have FLEAS. And they have flea-bombed TWICE and we keep finding them in the same little bathroom.

Our little cat LOVED to go outside, then every season we would have to wash her with flea shampoo (not an easy task), set off the flea spray cans (one in each room) and take her little mad-as-a-wet-cat self outside with us in the cat carrier for four hours so she wouldn't get poisoned.
Wow, fleas suck. Did an exterminator come in yet? Hope that works out. I can't believe how many hours of energy I devoted to my life trying to get rid of these little pieces of shit, and the exterminator has to come back two other times, too.

Confession: I loathe the comic strip "For Better or For Worse", yet every day I find myself reading the daily strip off their website.
I am obsessed with For Better or for Worse too. Do you read the monthly letters on the website? I do.
I have a really BAD Attitude about valentine's day this year.
the mr & I always say it is much too commercialised and that we don't need a retail-holiday to remember to treat each other lovingly.. but that said, the closer it gets, the pissier I am getting that he is not around right now to especially spoil me all the same.
ridiculous and shameful at the same time sad.gif .
Our little cat and our little apartment are in the past, gumby moe, and that is a little sad, but I don't miss the cat litter, the fleas, or the clouds of loose cat hair we would see drifting in the shafts of afternoon sunlight.


Freckle, I suggest you buy yourself a big, gaudy collection of chocolates, eat the best ones and donate the rest to daycare or something smile.gif
Bwah haha! Aquagirl, I read them and then think to myself "April would never write a letter like that every month!" I heard she is going to end the strip sometime this year.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Feb 2 2007, 04:01 PM) *

I wish that I would live my day-to-day life the way I do on vacation. When on vacation, I am eager to go out and see and experience as much as I can. I value every moment because I know it is limited. But I forget this when I'm back home & spend far too much of my time piddling about on the internet or watching lame television.

WORD. I so relate, RV. I'm hoping for an epiphany of sorts on my vacation.
I plan on getting really high tonight.

I am going to wear my shirt that says 'orgasm donor'

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