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anna k
I am stressed and worried. I haven't gotten one of the courses that I need to graduate this spring, and my graduation is riding on this credit. I need 16 credits altogether, plus I need to do my magazine intern work. I have spoken to advisors at school, but am worried and don't want this worry. I want to be out of school. I am doing work to talk to people and be responsible for myself and not allow any fuckups or being too late for something.

It feels funny that I'm finally going to be an adult out of college. My parents moved away, my childhood home is sold, and I've shedded my childhood, my geek years, and my past friendships. I feel nervous and excited, I'm entering a new life of living in a new neighborhood and working a career and having a yearly salary instead of working various jobs while attending school. I hope I can graduate this spring with all credits intact, and I can secure a good job through postings on Mediabistro. I'll send out more letters and resumes this week for interviews.
anna_k! Much as I hate to be "mom" listen up!

Go to the department head in your major RIGHT NOW and tell him/her that you were expecting to graduate this semester, you have worked hard and PLEASE PLEASE let you in the class. (or the department head for that class discipline)

They can pull strings with the professors and administration and THEY WILL, they did it for me.

Lots of luck mi hija!!
I second that mom order, anna k. It's the only way you can get the school to fix this for you. If you don't speak up about it, they'll never know and you will be hurt by not graduating. It'll all work out, though, once you let them know (I never would have made it out of school if I hadn't figured this out, completely out of accident and desperation).

I am laughing and laughing because Freckle's wax on/wax off routine has now become advice! It is so true about in laws, though: they can be fine people but who needs another incomprehensible opinion around when you're trying to get through the day? I can only survive visits with mine if I make sure I get plenty of alone time when they're here; and I'd never want them to get hurt on a vist with me cause it would mean they'd only stay longer!
anna k
Before, I had spoken to someone about trying to find the right course for my requirement, since I'm bad in the subject and can't do advanced levels, essentially repeating the same classes for credits. I took a course twice and had to drop out both times because I failed the midterms and couldn't have an F on my name. I took another course and passed, albeit with a D. So this feels extraneous and annoying, and they're not doing enough to help me, no matter how much I've spoken to people. I don't feel like writing another appeal (I did it for math and got out of it, I got an easier Economics course, and I got the science class that I needed), but it may come to that.
confession: although I have physical characteristics inherited from a number of my family members, I am most disappointed when I catch glimpses of my father's features in the mirror.
anna k
I look more like my dad than my mom. I like my looks, but I wish I inherited my mom's looks more instead of being a girl version of my dad.
I look a lot like a great-grandmother on the other side, except with her husband's red-headed colouring. (Though I still don't truly get how two blue-eyed parents made a green-eyed child.) But when I see my dad in me, I see the "awful" things, like his big round head, the flat feet, the need for glasses, the saggy undereye folds that are just about to start creeping up (or down) on me (which I keep temporarily in check with those fantastic modern eyelift creams)...

confession: whenever I need my cats to stop pestering me for attention, I throw a big handful of cat treats in the air and let them scatter behind furniture and in the corners. It's a good half hour of them finding all the treats, and by then, on cat time, well, it's nap time or butt-licking time again.

confession: I'm really, really, really glad I never had kids, and I'll bet the local child welfare authorities probably are, too. Or, well, they should be.
Beauty & her Bass
confession: I joined weight watchers last night. I've finally admitted to myself that I'm too heavy and it's time for change.

other confession: I'm embarrassed about it and won't tell my family. As far as they know, I'm still at work until 6:30 on Wednesdays.

Good luck with Weight Watchers. I’ve done it multiple times and it’s the best way to go to loose weight and learn to eat better. I always get frustrated and quit but I’m like that with a lot of things so I’m no role model. If you need some recipes just let me know or check out the Weight Watchers thread here on bust. There is no reason to be embarrassed. Most of the population in the United States is obese. Love My Pugs and Mr. Pugs and the pugs are defiantly included in that group. However, me and my fat man and friends are proud to be fat cause we are happy people. NOT THAT SKINNY PEOPLE AREN’T HAPPY!! But I know myself and when I’m dieting I’m a bitch. I don’t indulge like I used to but I don’t monitor either. I haven’t gained or lost and I’m not having any health issues either. I’m just overweight. Although I hate buying clothes I like going out to eat with friends and indulging occasionally much more then constantly stepping on and off the scale and being disappointed. I have found some great places online to buy plus size clothing so I’m like shopping more and more now. I don’t get to buy skinny jeans but I get to buy great handbags and jewelry, which I like better anyway. My friends always tell me they wish they had my self-esteem cause I just don’t give a f***. I love myself, my man loves me and my friends and family love to be around me so that’s all that counts in my mind.

*raises chubby hands and yells to big busties*


Just remember fat people are harder to kidnap!
Beauty & her Bass
HAHAHA! That post just made my day! See, it's not that I want to get skinny. I've never been skinny. I wouldn't want bones showing or any of that. Ew. It just that my guy is underweight (6'1 and 141lbs) and I feel bad when we' the heat of the moment. His body can't always support mine in the necessary ways and there's nothing sexy about shaking muscles and wincing.

I am actually happy with my size. I think I look fine. I wouldn't mind learning to eat a little healthier though, and feeling a little more comfortable on vacation in a swim suit around Mr. Skinny and his even more skinny little brother.

That and it will feel nice to take off those extra "i quit smoking" lbs as a good job treat to myself.


confession: I'm jonesing for a cig...and a whopper...and a large fry...and you might as well toss in an onion ring while you're at it...and maybe a beer (at 11:03 in the morning)
muy chubby love:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((lmp+mr.lmp))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

chubby girls are the cutest anyways. tongue.gif
Yeah, I gots to say, I'll shoot for a size 10, not for something smaller.

I honestly need to eat right and exercise and pretty much am doing it and welcome the support I get.

I'm cool with chub but my feet do not agree. dry.gif

Let's just kinda shoot for that middle range.


I look kinda like mom and kinda like dad althogh it is startling to see dad peeking out now and then. my dad had blonde hair and blue eyes and my mom brown hair and brown eyes. I came out with blonde hair and green eyes.

genetically, you can inherit traits from a couple generations back. If ya ever saw those diagrams of chickens in the science textbooks.

Which I guess is also why my black cat gave birth to black, white, grey tabby and calico kittens..

I think you are on the right track for everything you want. Mr. Pugs is a big boy too wink.gif (hehehe) and he’s tall and overweight as well lol. We have problems doing some things in the sack. We both get leg cramps in mid thrust and one of us is always like “Stop, stop, stop leg cramp!” and falls out of the bed onto the floor to stretch. blink.gif We usually just laugh and finish on the floor. Some positions are very uncomfortable. I’ve heard that the liberator shapes are supposed to help with that, especially with overweight people. We were going to buy them for Christmas and then I lost my job and funds were kind of tight so we pushed our purchase date back, maybe Valentines Day. dry.gif Maybe, you could join a fitness club together. You can work on your smoking weight and he can work on his shaking muscles and wincing. I’ve recently discovered that you can get a hell of a work out from sex. smile.gif REALLY!! And, if you really enjoy yourself it will change your self-esteam a little. Mr. Pug and I have recently discovered some new things about each other and we have gotten a little obsessed with spending a lot of time in bed together. I’m in such a good place right now. Probably cause I’m getting laid so much. rolleyes.gif I’ve even started to care a little more about my looks, you know like makeup and nicer clothes, eating a little better and taking the stairs at school instead of the elevator. Notice how many times I said “a little” in the last few sentences. I’m not going crazy or anything TRUST ME!! I quit smoking May 26, 2006 and I put on some weight as well. This time I didn’t put on anything extreme though. I was lucky. When did you quit? Congratulations, that’s a real accomplishment. smile.gif I’ve been craving chicken wings like crack. Mr. Pugs is getting tired of making Wings-2-Go runs for me. Good Luck with Weight Watchers. You’ll like it. Go to the meetings. They always seemed pointless to me but it seems like I always gave up once I stopped going to the meetings. So maybe not so pointless.


lol, I got story for you. biggrin.gif wink.gif See you in the Fun with Floggers thread sometime today.


My feet take the brunt of my weight as well. sad.gif My sister is a massage therapist and she laughs when I see her cause I’m always like, “Will you rub my feet please?” She says I carry all of my stress there. She’s always trying to get me to relace my shoelaces when I put my shoes on instead of just slipping them on. She says it gives you more support and my feet wouldn’t hurt so badly.
goddamn you, lmpugs! now i have to go to work knowing that you've posted but i can't see it till i get home! (i have a no-bust lounge policy at work) argh! you are such a tease... oh and i love it....tongue.gif
can't wait!!!!
I quit smoking and went on a diet at the same time. Did a nine day detox ( just no meat, cheese, white flour, fast food, alcohol etc) it was alot of brown rice, veggies fruit and beans but I am TOTALLY JONESING FOR A SMOKE! I just want one, one cigarette.

Hubby and I are doing it together. the one thing I have found is that the detox has made me really really horny, not a bad side effect.

so far no cigarettes in like 11 days even had my friends over for a poker game and two of them smoke. I somehow managed to not have a cigarette.
I confess; I am really vain. I went out to the bar last weekend, and I kept on looking in the vanity mirror (how appropriate a name), and thought "fuck, I am so fucking gorgeous". Then I realized how bitchy I sounded.
Beauty & her Bass
missladyj: KEEP IT UP! You're doing awesome. Enjoy smelling like a shower loooooong after you shower. Something that helped me was a) comit lozenges and cool.gif I went out and bought myself a fancy shampoo and soap so i would have incentive to not smoke myself up.

confession: I did slip up today though. I had an all day training for work and after the first 3 hours we were out of coffee and tea. I was dying and it helped keep me awake...but i tasted like a smoke house the rest of the meeting. yuck.

Madame of the Pug Puppies: we were totally eying up the liberator....buuuuuut...i'm living with my parents to save money right now and he's in college, which means he's home for the summer. I don't know how long i could pass the liberator off as "stretching equipment" (especially the one with the restraints built in...mmmmmm) And I know what you mean about the leg cramps. those are the worst! you can't do anything but laugh. the worst is when you're 'stuck' in the position and have to unhook and buckle. what a pain.
culture, I do that all the time. I've grown to accept my vanity, because dammit, i'm hot! tongue.gif

confession: i really really really want my mom right now. (She's in florida till the 22nd)
Ye know, I think it's lovely to think you are lovely, cause when I've known women who have said "I'm so muggly!" they have usually ended up being catty.

have fun with it.
I confess that I just submitted a writing piece to the local paper here in town and am now freaking out.

I sent it to the Opinions Editor, w/ a note asking that if this is not the appropriate place to please direct it otherwise if it wasn't too much trouble.

It's a good piece, I know it is, the mr read it and deemed it beautiful and while yes he's my mr he is also one tough cookie as a critic.

oy vey. it's like leaving your child at school on their first day.

Scary and fun! They will ask you to verify that you wrote it (to avoid pranks) and then, seeing your name in print is great!

I have not post a message in months in the lounge, but this thread is excellent..

I read most of the thread, is so liberating, i can relate to so many of you (hey, I saw a website some time ago that features post cards with confessions written on them from different people in the world.. i cannot remember the website, i will come back to post it later, probably all of you have seen it already..)

my confession today: I read in some old posts about fear of the phone.. I hate to answer or speak on the phone at work so much it causes me stress and it is an actual obstacle for my performance at work. I think it is a combination of not speaking perfect english (not my native language) and being afraid that my coworkers realize I really don't know what I am doing at work. I will try to communicate strictly by email and I wonder if there is a class on phone protocol..
My milkshake: I quit a job once because of the stress of answering the phone was too much for me to handle. That would really be a great class to take, sort of like public speaking but for phones. I'd sign up.

confession: I'm not cut out to be a bridesmaid and regret saying yes to my engaged friend, even though she is really low maintenance.

second confession: I'm really lonely because my boyfriend is obsessed with his artwork. Even when we spend time together he is emotionally absent.

Confession, I think that some of my coworkers are so fucking useless, and I would love to tell them to their face.

Confession, I have become obsessed with itunes.

Confession, I love strange facts, especially those about death and sex.

Confession, I go through bust magazine and lounge withdrawl. I love it here so much!
[quote name='culturehandy' date='Jan 17 2007, 05:09 PM' post='128685']

Confession, I think that some of my coworkers are so fucking useless, and I would love to tell them to their face.

I have done that and believe me it will make you feel better, culture!

Confession, I am nervous about going to get my taxes done, tonight. The IRS has been unkind to us in the past.

Me too on the phones. Being a receptionist for a bit made me realize that I'm only uneasy with the phone if it's a call made relating to me in any way. Answering for other people, taking messages, etc., not a problem. I did quit when I started getting an RSI from an unrelated task.

Confession - I hate that I can be such a pushover when it comes to my own health and happiness. I hate that it's not just me, it's a trend among women because we are conditioned to always delay our own needs and put others first.

Confession - Confession 1 is an enormous reason behind my decision to stay non-childed. All that sacrifice does not appeal.

Confession - I am not at all sad that my mother-in-law is actually giving Mr.Luci and I the silent treatment, a la fifth grade playground antics. I laugh in her general direction. We are now taking bets as to how long she will hold out.

Confession - As much as I'm sad for the man that he has to go to France for work at a remarkably inconvenient time, and having to do two long flights almost back-to-back, I'm really looking forward to having a few days to myself. I know it's okay to want alone time, but I still feel guilty. See confession 1.
I'm on the flip side of the aforementioned phone phobias - I love talking on the phone, but I can't stand having to take messages for other people. I've been a receptionist for most of my working years, and since I took messages and stuff for other people all day, I've been loath to do that during my free time.

Working in a women's clothing store also took away my love for shopping for several years.

Funny, huh?
I like my job, but I hate THE ASS SPREAD. I turn around and look in the mirror and it's like, who the hell does that ass belong to?! I think I have the reverse form of body dysmorphic disorder. I think my body is smaller than it really is. Sitting on my ass most of the day ain't no fun.

Lucizoe, one of my friends is so funny about her husband. She's always joking that he should go away for a week, two weeks, even a month. "Go far away for a long time!" she'll say. I think she likes to have the house to herself, too, and a couple of days or weeks away is nothing when they've been together as long as they have. I think it's natural.
I too love having our place to myself. The mister usually travels up to a week each month, but lately he's been at home all the time for, like, ever. He's off for a few days next week and I'm afraid to say I can't wait.

I'd be just like your friend raisin if it didn't hurt the mister's feelings...
I feel like going to the bar, having a few drinky-poos and flirting my face off. Just because.

I told me former play thing that I was spending the weekend with another man to make him jealous, and there really isn't another mad.I'm just irritated by him. Tremendously.

I am secretly feeling abandoned by my friend who is spending most of her time with her new love and I no longer get the twice-daily recap phonecalls. I've been there, I should understand. But I just want some BFF love.
My old roommate/friend is in town and wants to have coffee. I really really really really do.not.want. to see her. I grew to really hate her when we were roommates, and that lightened to a hearty dislike afterwards. She knows none of this, as I am a passive-aggressive weenie.
raisin, syb and c h-

" how can I miss you if you don't go away ?" classic line in my 14 year marriage wink.gif
the mr (who is gone yet again) takes in it stride when we are both home for too long a time together.
he knows I love him, but sometimes I love him more from a distance.
and who knows, maybe it's what kept us together all these years? I need a lot of personal space; his job doesn't leave me an alternative w/ as much as he travels.
works for us!

I confess: that while I have never ever been one to drink recreationally alone, this time I am seriously contemplating it and I don't know if it's 'Good you're a Grown Up now' or a ' woman you are sad.' ?
confession: I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies, The Godfather movies, or any of the James Bond movies. My boyfriend will never get over this. Although he takes great pride in the fact that he has never seen Forrest Gump.
confession: sometimes when my cats really need attention, I buy them off with treats. I throw a handful of Whiskas Temptations out into the living room, and they spend almost a half hour tracking them all down.

Yet another example of why remaining childfree has been one of my wisest decisions.
Sometimes I think I am going crazy. I get this really bad de ja vous feeling (like right now) in my stomach and I start to freak out, inside. I have previously heard voices when this has happened. Not like it happens all the time.
confession: the self-congratulatory PostSecrets REALLY piss me off.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 21 2007, 07:43 PM) *

Sometimes I think I am going crazy. I get this really bad de ja vous feeling (like right now) in my stomach and I start to freak out, inside. I have previously heard voices when this has happened. Not like it happens all the time.

It sounds like anxiety attacks. I suffered from them throughout high school and it really feels like you are out of control/going crazy. The best way I dealt with it (besides medication) was to excuse myself from class and go be alone. I'd take slow breaths in and slow breaths out until the attack subsided.

Confession: I really love my job. After graduating, this is finally my real "big-girl", welcome to the real world corporate job. My boss is leaving the company at the end of this week and that has me very nervous. I hope I'll have a new boss that was just as great as she was.
i have been soooooooooooooooooooo tempted to stray. especially when the guy who was 13 years my junior propositioned me.

I have a rubber stamp of a vulva in my purse.
dusty certainly rivals auralpoison for being the funniest BUSTie laugh.gif .
I now want a rubber stamp of a vulva.

I take delight in grossing people out with dissection stories
I now also want a vulva stamp! Neatness.
Confession: I'm self-sabotaging my thesis. Missing deadlines, not doing enough work. Not too sure why when I have so little time left, but it is definitely time to stop!!!

QUOTE(doodlebug @ Jan 21 2007, 04:27 PM) *

confession: sometimes when my cats really need attention, I buy them off with treats. I throw a handful of Whiskas Temptations out into the living room, and they spend almost a half hour tracking them all down.

Yet another example of why remaining childfree has been one of my wisest decisions.

2nd Confession: I tried this last night, and it worked brilliantly. Which adds just another reason to why I am still childfree, and will remain so for a little while longer....

Thanks for the brilliant idea by the way! biggrin.gif
My boyfriend doesn't know that I was COMPLETELY virginal and innocent...not even kissed...before I met him. I was really shy through highschool and when I met him, he brought me out of my shell but I felt stupid and ugly thinking about the fact that I had done absolutely nothing...and stupidly, I thought he'd feel the same about me if he knew. So I told him I'd been kissed and some other stuff. All a lie. The only lie I've actually ever told him.
anytime my boss tells me i work faster than my coworkers, i use it as an excuse to goof off even more than i already do.

i need to leave this job. i do it way to well. sad.gif
We had to cancel our gym membership to cut back on our monthly bills. Which makes me feel guilty on so many levels. I really want to get in better shape. Also, our membership takes 30 days to cancel, but I feel wierd about going since I'm feeling like a deadbeat.

My job loathing is reaching an all time high. And I am surprised of how tollerant I have grown over the years. I want to march up to my boss and quit, all Twisted Sister 'We are not going to take it' style....but I need the money, so I bite my tongue and put up with quite a bit of shit.
I am a teacher and when all my students finally leave after 7th period, the first thing I do is fart.
QUOTE(mouse @ Jan 23 2007, 09:21 PM) *

anytime my boss tells me i work faster than my coworkers, i use it as an excuse to goof off even more than i already do.
i need to leave this job. i do it way to well. sad.gif

Boredom at work is a definite sign that it's time to explore other career opportunities. I always enjoy a challenge and something new to do at work. Being a technician, I always have new issues to resolve and challenges. Thats what keeps my job so exciting. Maybe it is time to see what else is out there?
QUOTE(OreosMom @ Jan 23 2007, 07:21 PM) *

Boredom at work is a definite sign that it's time to explore other career opportunities. I always enjoy a challenge and something new to do at work. Being a technician, I always have new issues to resolve and challenges. Thats what keeps my job so exciting. Maybe it is time to see what else is out there?

oh, i know, oreosmom. i like this job, but i've gotten everything i possibly can out of it. i'm not learning anything new and i'm not going to move anywhere in the company, i've got 8 months of it under my belt which is solid on a resume, and i've already got way more material than i could ever use in my portfolio. this job is not going to give me anything else that i don't already have from it.

i'm already casting around....i applied to one job but i haven't heard back from them and it's around when they said they'd be making a decision. i have a couple other connections/leads but i have to make sure my portfolio and resume are top notch before i go track em down.

thanks smile.gif

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