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Confession: I'm really starting to miss being kissed.
i didn't let myself really like my boyfriend until i met my best friend's girlfriend-type thing (she's from out of town) and decided she didn't make me feel insecure in my relationship with him.

and i still honestly can't think of any reason for my boyfriend to like me
oh god, erinj, me too. i sooooo miss kissing. i've been tempted to kiss my ex, which i really shouldn't do, because i really can't see dating her again,
Confession: I fear becoming my mother. Her mother had Alzheimers and now she does. And I find myself getting forgetful and not remembering things that I feel I should. And it actually really gets me down. Because I'm paranoid and I swear, I don't want to end up like that. It almost makes me suicidal when I forget things. I had a bad night last night. I'm too young for this crap. At least I think so.

Anyway, seriously, if I get to where I really think I have Alzheimers I do think I will kill myself. If there's no cure by then. In the early stages, you KNOW.

Man, this is depressing.
confession (although perhaps it may end up as a Sin if things finally go as planned... wink.gif ) :

my in-laws are coming and I just super Old Englished my foyer again; hope springs eternal!

confession: I didn't send my sister even so much as a card this year and don't feel bad though I most sincerely hope she does.

I love the slippery floor tactic. Good luck with it.
I am in love with a man. And we are both interested in a third party. Having a relationship with another woman. A real connection. A three way relationship, not simlpy a three-way. We want a relationship with another woman. He is a sweetie. And I love women. And he loves that. And we are good. Together.

Ladies, don't settle for less.

Confession: I like these threads because I don't have to read, I can just write.
(((Treehugger)))) I've been at my parents for the past week and every time I have to repeat myself because my mom can't remember the answer, I worry about what the future brings, and since her mom was the same way and both grandparents on my dad's side were the same way, I worry what the future will be like for both my parents and me.

I wish Harry Potter were real. I think it would be fun to do that.

I hate New Years Eve, I think that it is over rated.

Treehugger, my grandfather had Alzhiemers, and I am also worried, not only about myself but about my father.

New Years is another reason for people to feel bad when they don't have plans. Just like Christmas, birthdays, and Valentine's Day.
anna k
Yeah. I don't like being in crowds, but I like intimate parties with friends. My best time was two years ago at a girl's loft in Harlem, where it was her birthday and I was unexpectedly kissed at midnight by a boy I had been chatting with on and off. I don't know if she's throwing another party, I may end up watching a late-night showing of Dreamgirls during that time.

I always hated Valentine's Day. Not just because I didn't have a beau, but I didn't have a group of girlfriends to give me flowers and candies in school or go out partying with. It was always lonely and uncomfortable, so I'd skip school that day, knowing that gifts would be passed out in class.
I moved far away from my home. I am living with my boyfriend. Sometimes-it's great! But, sometimes, I feel like a fool.
Beauty & her Bass
I am loving the fact that my boyfriend and I aren't doing anything for New Years Eve. We are staying home, eating Chinese food, drinking cheep champagne and enjoying each other. It's sad but at 22 I feel like I'm bored with watching drunks fight or vomit all over the women's bathroom at a New Years party in a bar or club anymore. I want to bring in the new year with someone I love, Cook's pink champagne and some lo mein. Mmmmm.
I confess that I'm going to need a disco nap later this afternoon if I have a diryt snowball's chance in hell of staying awake until midnight tonight.
Ugh. I am meeting my father-in-law in two weeks and I must confess it's going to be difficult not to get totally plastered as a coping mechanism. I've never interacted with him, but I know his type (narcissist - and I've had enough interactions with npd people to last me a lifetime) and I know the details of Mr.Luci's parents' divorce and the circumstances surrounding and I honestly want nothing to do with this person. I'm going to have a hard time keeping the contempt out of my face and voice.

Other confession - I'm nervous about the fall-out for Mr.Luci when he tells his mom we already got married. She's queen of the passive aggressive guilt trip, which he is really good at rising above, but the fact that we eloped, sort of, might make her ragey. Blah. On the flip side, my parents laughed their asses off about it and were thrilled for us. The contrast is interesting.

Other confession - I have been so deep into depressive "let's-not-leave-the-house" mode that I am dreading going over to our friends' get-together tonight.
OMG culturehandy!!

When I was in college I pretended I was a Griffyndor!! This was because I spent many long hours there, including having passwords to set up the labs and a job in the library. I felt like Hermione. Oh, winter and all too!

It was really dorky but it cheered me up. Ha! I never told anyone that, of course.
Confession: I'm seriously thinking about smoking a bowl tonight.
*offers treehugger the pipe*

Confession: I am having insanely lustful fantasies about a random 23-year old man who tried to chat up my 38-year old ass last Friday.
You should just go for it and STOP GIVING ME SHIT!!
confession: I spent new years home by myself, sickly, and with my vibe.

Pretty good way to ring in the new year, I say, except for the sickly. tongue.gif
good-grief-grrl: you sound pretty bold to me; that, my dear, is not foolish. only fools never try anything new.

lilacwine13: learn everything you can to avoid what you think to be the inevitable. you are in control of your fate.. advancements in science happen everyday. i've read the best way to avoid alzheimers is to keep your mind active and challenged.
I want to be selfish, and me, me, me all year this year. I want to put myself on the front burner and only do things that are 100% in my and my twins best interest.

I don't really care how family and friends feel/ will feel. I'm going to do me to the fullest extent, and I wont feel bad about it.

I spent New Years super fucking high! (I mean I travelled through time!) listening to my ipod and lying in bed, it was intense.

I have an ipod...I bought into the masses, and I really love it...

I got together with this guy who I have had previously had bad sex with, then we had really good sex, we got together and it was really nice, and highly intimate, he was even a good kisser, which I really wasn't expecting, I have a wee crush on him...

culturehandy!! oooh!!

I think you all are gutsy and worthwhile. And if I gotta say that a million times, that's okay, because we all need it.

I just lose patience when somebody fishes for reassurance constantly but kisses up to bullies and turns on friends. It's like, wtf?

For the most part, giving acceptance and sharing knowledge can only be postive thiings, so, patience, I need more of it.
Note to self: Do not engage. Do not be provoked. You have been a class act for the most part. Just rise above. Ignore. Do not escalate. Stay positive. Maintain dignity.

i haven't smoked well since august and i miss it.

i miss my quasi boyfriend overseas and will probably quasi cheat on him and if he found out he would be really fucking heartbroken.

half of me is scared that the above isn't true for him and he is having lovely sex right now with some other american chick.

i said this before somewhere down the page, but I'll say it again - I like this guy i met more than i'm willing to admit to anyone.

I confess:
I'm queer, I just play a straight girl in everyday life.

It's funny cause I came out when I was 14. Then a few years later I went back in for 6 years cause I had a boyfriend. Still do. Doesn't make me straight.
*Slowly coming out again*
I have a lot of questions that I want to ask Girltrouble, but I don't want to say the wrong shit.

I guess I could use PM to ask my questions, but I am hesitant for some reason....

(ok, GT, come in here and give some encouragement, so the journalist in me can ask you all of these questions that I want the answers to! wink.gif )

I confess to finding donald trump funny in a clip I saw of his feud w/ rosie " I'm not running for office." in his refusal to be PC and apologise.
I also confess to not being able to Stand rosie o donnel and I'm not sorry for it.
just bc she's gay doesn't mean I have to like her. there are a lot of straight people I dislike for less reasons than being obnoxious.

I confess to being very much in my own head lately and being unsure if it's good or not.

and I finally confess (tho I know this belongs elsewhere) to thinking that wombat is just rockin' w/ goodness here lately, and I am much glad to have made her acquaintence here.
Beauty & her Bass
I confess that although I act like I know what I'm doing...half the time I have no frickin' clue what I'm doing at work.

I also confess that I don't want to go to work today and that I'm procrastinating as much as possible.

I miss cigarettes.

I hate cell phones.
Although I loved seeing so much of my family and friends over the holidays, I am delighted (and relieved) to have the house to myself.

I love the mister's daughter and am so happy that we get along... but still resent that when she stays with us I don't get a minute to myself and we have to listen to her video games. I should not feel this way, because she rocks, is good, intelligent company and doesn't stay with us often.
Why thankee, MissFreckle, for your support, and for the support of others --- you know who you are! Who PM'd me.

I am also pleased to know you all, and I think we are all facing down darkness and bringing in more light.

girltrouble has beautiful paintings, which I must say here, cause, I confess, I forgot where she posted them!!

I hate cell phones too! (and yes I have one, but no, I don't much know how to use it.)

I totally know what you mean and no worries for feeling that way.
you're cool in a way to her no one else in her life can be just by bein' you.
Freckle, thanks so much for that, that's so reassuring. I hope you're right. smile.gif
I hate cell phones as well, and do own one. (I hate carrying the dumb thing around however and about half the time I leave it at home, or else it's shut off.)

Knorl, I've started doing more reading about Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss, it's something that I need to learn more about. I have to do more mentally challenging things as well, TV doesn't do it for me (no matter how interesting the shows are). The thing that worries me the most is that my mom doesn't view it as a problem, she thinks as long as she can do her job and she isn't forgetting anything major, she's fine. I just worry what will happen when something major happens, or when my dad's memory starts slipping (He seems fine now, I think his parents' didn't have many problems until they were almost 80.), or stop being such a worrywart in the first place.

Confession: I am eating chocolate for lunch, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Also, I just realized that I am even more awkward now than when I was in high school, which is rather pathetic.
Lilacwine, I am still as awkward in work or networking situtations sometimes as I was in high school, and I'm in my 30s. I can pull down a blind of smooth nifty-witter sometimes but when I slip up I feel 10 years old.
i'm beginning to understand that i'm a substance-abuser, like my grandfather and father and brother and sister and half of my cousins ... and not "just" a social drinker/user. (holy shit, is that a hard sentence to write.)

but i have no intentions of giving up all my fun crutches.

but i realize i need to work hard on this mental health thing.
I tried to hand in my final thesis today to the faculty. And it was rejected for formatted reasons that were not detailed on the check list but rather on a link from a link. Today was the deadline for last semester. I cried. I am still upset. But I confess that I am also relieved. With everything going so well, too well, lately I was just waiting for something to go wrong. Just to know that I am still me and my theme song is still Expo 86.
I confess that after the relationship that I have been out of for 7 months, I am truly terrified of being in a relationship again. I am afraid to give my all, and let someone get close to me. I will not go through that again.

I really want to tell my mother-in-law to fuck off.

I don't want to develop such problems with her so soon, but she (and whatever undiagnosed mental illness she lives with) are making it terribly, terribly difficult.

I'm finally getting comfortable in my new city, but I still have a lot of moments when I want to move to the country and start an organic farm. I miss soil and clean air and forests.
lucizoe dear-

have you any hardwood flooring at your place?
or any floors w/ a "slipper when wet" potential?

if so, wax on/ wax off - rinse- repeat,
and then invite your dear m-i-l over for tea and to burry the hatchet.

mind you, this plan hasn't worked yet for me w/ my f-i-l, and ok, so I have nearly busted my Own ass a few times (which serves me totally right) but hope does spring eternal.

hugs of sympathy,


I confess to attempting to aid and abet in injury and / or worse but it's all in the name of sisterly luv.
confession: i've gotten much more social and confident over the past couple years, but much less creative and prolific.

i think it's because the time i now spend with other people is the time i used to spend with my sketchbooks/notebooks.

i don't know which i like more.
last night was supposed to be hang-out night with a friend who is going back to school sunday, but instead i went over to my boyfriend's house to watch buffy, snuggle, and make out, so neither of us saw her. but i didn't force him to miss it, and i'm not sorry at all
(((lucizoe))) I have discovered in laws just suck. Sometimes they mean well, sometimes they are venomous.
(((freckleface))) You crack me up! I contemplated the floor waxing thing, when you mentioned it. tongue.gif
(((mouse))) My creativity has taken a backseat to relationships in the past, but I always ended up falling back on my hobbies
(((culture))) Starting over is always scary.
(((all the busties)))

My confession: I am secretly happy my brother in law wasn't able to get the pup, he tried to adopt. He is really irresponsible for his age and doesn't even take care of himself.

I have filled out countless apps. for new jobs and I am begining to think no one is ever going to hire me. sad.gif

My parents have started wearing matching outfits . And it's starting to freak me out. The past three times I have seen them identical outfits, head to toe. *shivers*

confession: i've become an utter slob in the absence of my roommate. just watching tv. taking naps. too lazy to cook. it is just sheer laziness. amazing. one time, when i was living on my own, i didn't do my dishes for a couple of weeks. they just sat in the sink, building mold. gross. thank maude, i have dishwasher now!

confession2: i'm afraid i won't get an internship position again this year. sad.gif
Heh, freckle. Don't tempt me.
I have so much work to do, and everyone thinks I'm hard at work doing it, but all I've really done for hours is surf the web.

ok, I've told some of my friends that I like this guy I've been talking to, but I will confess that I like him more than I even let on.

I have the munchies so bad right now that I am considering walking out in the rain to try and find some food. I'm actually considering eating fast food, which I never do, because I am so hungry. (yes, premenstrual rules..)
Holy fuck, I think I finally have a grip on this report I'm supposed to be writing.
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