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confession: I am not sure if this belongs in the sin bin, but that space seem to be occupied at the moment, so...

I spent way too much on extraordinarily yummy cheeses, olive oil, artisanal bread and olives today. Not to mention a bunch of other delicious stuff that doesn't quite fit in to the healthy eating plan I have been trying to stick to. I just dusted off my third glass of wine and the thing is, I don't really feel guilty about it. Guess I'm a fat american. Oh well, love me or not, I'm fat and happy.

Cheers to that!

Seriously, in my state, I can still stay that it's okay to eaat that sutff and it's healther than LEan Cuisisine and that frozen shite packaged in green boxes you knwo? At least i'st real food.

Now I'm going to walk the 5 steps to bed before I have to crawl............

Look at the fucking typos! I hate white wine but I drank it anyway. THE WHOLE DAMN BOTTLE. hahaaaa
I'll raise a glass of the good stuff with you guys! i'M ON MY 3RD OR 4TH glass myself. Ah..fuck teh typos.
Confession: I'm proud that two of my comments in the CBC thread were deemed "disturbing." I've been tired of the whole argument for a couple of days now, but now that I know I partially caused it, I wear it as a badge of honor.

(((Continuous kudos to my fellow CBC'ers and non-CF defenders, though!)))
I confess that I found the baby-shaped piniata filled with condoms idea so hilarious that I snorted coffee out of my nose at work when I saw it.
I have been concerned for some time that, due to my upbringing, my sense of humour is dark and twisted way beyond the boundaries of reasonable taste.
My husband threw a bunch of tree limbs and brush in the bed of his beater pickup and forgot to take it to the yard waste facility. So it started breaking down and got really gross!! So we dumped it, but his truck smell like ass. So we went to a car wash in the middle of no where and rinsed it all out, but the floor and walls got covered with brown stuff and dirt. And we couldn't get it to go down the drain in the floor. (Meanwhile the people that own the place were wondering around cleaning everything, I saw the lady pick up every cigarette butt in the parking lot. But luckily, they seemed oblivious to us) So we took off quickly, leaving a huge mess everywhere. I am sure they weren't happy.
funnybird, me too...and you know what? It.was.funny. It is not our or anyone else's problem that some folks have sticks firmly lodged up certain places when it comes to kids.

I'm very close to posting dead baby jokes, but I shall refrain. Maybe. Or maybe not. I'm feeling feisty today.

confession: I am so relieved to be home and away from death and sorrow and grieving and breaking hearts and screaming and everything my weekend was filled with, and I feel guilty that I can do that. I can come home and move ahead with my life, while people I know very well are either going to waste away or at the very least, be complete heartbroken for years and years and years.

confession: I'm angry that my brother hasn't returned my last two phone calls. I suspect because the last voicemail I left contained crying and a drunken "I love you so much" and he's scared to talk to me when I'm that emotional...and once he does call, I won't tell him I was mad. 'Cause I'm a wuss.
decided I better not put this post here...reposting in Childfree. Just don't read it if you think you may not like rough, medical humor about ab*rtions, K?
anna k
Posted from socially inept thread:

I am jealous of hipster bohemian kids who have lots of friends and always have parties or places to go with their friends. No matter how social I try to be, I'm always alone and I feel like a drifter instead of having any buddies to chill with all the time. I wanna look like the hipsters in Nylon or post videos of me and my friends on Youtube acting like mini-stars. I feel like an old lady sometimes.
I'm not even sure what happened in the CBC thread (when I first read about it here, all I thought was, "There's a CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - flamewar? About what? Not a fan of George Stroumboulopoulos?" wink.gif ), but how can the baby pinata joke be offensive? If I hit a pinata in the standard shape of a donkey, does that mean that I have a serious desire to beat some ass IRL? That I'm like one of those children who likes to torture cats who goes on to become a serial killer?

But then, I'm also known to have something of a dark sense of humour.
lol, snaf.
Snafooey, I've been reading about the CBC and the same thing crossed my mind.

I am so angry right now I am afraid to write too much as I won't be able to stop.

The more involved I get with my work the more I realise how little agency and control I have in my relationship. I think maybe I am more confident in areas outside of it.

I worry sometimes my other half is permanently unable to be in a relationship.

Today, I was relieved we aren't married.

I am afraid if I ever asked him for something important to me he would refuse.

I worry about what being with this person is doing to me.
I've been carrying this around with me for a while. I may be way off base, or needy, or bitchy or whatever. But I think that I just have the world's crappiest friends.

I mean, I TRY to be a good friend. I return phone calls, emails, etc, in a timely manner. I respect boundaries. I provide support for them when they need it. But I feel like I get NONE of the same in return. I feel like, just because I'm single and most of my good friends are not, that I am just not worth the time and effort. When I was married, yes, I was busy... but not too busy to show some common courtesy to my girlfriends. And definitely not too busy to take some time out for them-- weather it be a phone call or a girls night out.

I have kids. Hell, i'm probably busier now than I ever have been. But for some reason my friends just don't seem to have the time it takes to return a call or an email or WHATEVER! It really ticks me off. I mean, dont feel like you have to call me back within the hour. But it would be nice if I heard back from you sometime THIS WEEK. Hello?? Over here! I'm the one in need of some outside adult conversation! Yes, I know you have it at home. But can you spare a minute for me? That's right. Guess what happens when THEY have a crisis? Oh yes, they call me back... finally.

For real... the only good friends of mine that I can get a response from these days are my guy friends. And well, we all know why that is. Sad shit man.

I guess its sad to me because I feel like there is really nobody that I can always depend on to be there anymore. I think there used to be. But I'm forced to kind of say... oh well, whatever... I'll hear from them when I hear from them. I dont think it should be that way. I shouldnt be forced into having an "i dont really give a shit" attitude about them.

And the things is that it is mainly one of my friends that does this. I openly have complained about it TO the other friend. But the truth is that she does the same shit and acknowledges it when my complaining shames her into it. Does that change things? No....

Alright, i'm done having a pity party. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Yummymum, you might want to post that in
problems with friends. This thread is generally for confessions, so you might find some more support over there.
(((yummymum))) I feel your pain. Sometimes friends can be really shitty. I hope maybe you can get some adult conversation with us to help you through!

I have been thinking about stealing my nieghbors recycling bins, b/c they never recycle, and I am a recycling nazi. So I could use the extra totes.

I have grown very bored with one of my co-workers, so I have been ignoring him. And it kind of hurt his feelings b/c he realized I was ignoring him on purpose, but he is a prick so I don't feel bad at all.

I wrote an essay for a family members english comp class, and felt a bit jealous that she recieved an A for my work. If that makes any sense at all.
Heh. Snaf, I thought the same thing about the CBC. And then I was a little okay, a lot disappointed that the argument had to do with being CBC (or not being CBC) as opposed to the CBC.

I'm still not sure what happened in the CBC thread and I confess I don't really give a pinata donkey's ass about it, either. C'est la vie.
I confess I'm "the bad friend"

I mean, I'm fun to be with, I don't make my friends feel bad by bragging or criticizng or judging, I don't talk behind their backs or flirt with their boyfriends... but, I don't stay in touch as much as I should.

I don't tend to check my phone messages or email very often.

When I think a friend of mine will enjoy something coming up, I call and invite them, or I'll ask them to dinner if I haven't seen them for a long time, but I'm not someone who calls on the phone every day or every week to go yakety yak.

Sometimes I have lost a friend because of that But, it's not that I don't care, I'd rather run around face to face to go have food, go to a festival, a fair/sale, a movie, music, or, really occasionally, some intellectual artsy event.

I'm just not a phone person. I care, but I go through these stages where I don't have anything to say besides, I went to work I came home I watched tv I went to bed.

Sometimes I'll go to the gym or do housechores or cook -- this is not really riveting stuff to someone else, right? So, my friends that have moved to California or whatever, I'll only call them once every few months when there will be changes in their lives and miine.

So, your friends might come from that perspective. Maybe if you got to stay home with the little one, ask them over for dinner or brunch or late night snackies with a weird arty adult netflix. Something crafty or a clothes exchange would work too.

then, sometimes you can get to know other moms in a small town -- if that's where you feel stuck -- by going to one of those walks for charity -- can meet some wacky fun smalltown moms that just want to get out -- or church which is mostly social where I come from, not heavy-duty fundamentalist stuff -- ORRRRR go to the flea market? Join the food or bathroom line and kvetch about the wait and compare purchases?

Just a thought from the other side of the phone zone.
Yeah, one of my old high school friends left me a voicemail a couple days ago and I haven't called her back. We only talk a couple times a year, send Xmas cards, etc. I've seen her twice in the past 2 years. I've told her a couple times that I'm just not a phone person, but have no problem emailing, but she doesn't get the hint. She's got some personality quirks that I thought she'd grow out of after high school, once she got through college and into the "real world" but she just hasn't. She interrupts a lot and I get the feeling when i'm talking to her that she's not really listening, just waiting until I finish so she can get back to talking about herself. I ran into her at a restaurant a few months ago and I don't even remember what my news was, but she took the whole 2-3 minutes we talked to go on and on about how she was going to Mexico in a week, blah, blah, blah. And the thing is, she's a really sweet person and I don't think she's trying to be mean or inconsiderate, so I don't want to blow her off. It's like the stuff that annoys me about her isn't worth the trouble/bad feeling of dumping her, but I don't know that i want to get any friendlier with her. I guess I should call her.
I confess that I don't return phone calls, emails etc. whenever I am feeling blue or depressed because I don't have the energy and I don't want people to know I am sick in the head because it makes me embarassed, even though my friends are supportive/nonjudgmental.

I confess that I retaliation-shop: when I have to work late, I spend a lot of money on crap I don't need via the Internet, because I want to feel some immediate benefit from thsi crazy job, even though when I took this (private sector, lucrative but probably short term) job, I promised myself I would keep my spending low and sock that money away for when I return to the public sector. It makes me feel crappy, it's against my values , and I still do it.
I confess that I am totally planning to eat my mom's turkey for Thanksgiving next week. I'm vegetarian.

I also confess, I'm seriously thinking about doing away with my vegetarian status because I feel like I'm stretched too thin to really care at this point in my life. I still buy organic, free range, free roam stuff. I also confess the only reason I haven't 'quit' yet is because people will say "i told you you wouldn't stick with it." and that pisses me off.
I confess that despite being really shy most of the time, I can be something of an attention whore.


erinjane, as a vegetarian, I have the utmost respect for people who eat meat but do it ethically.
Yeah, MrP and I reached a compromise in terms of eating meat. We don't have it that often - he will happily prepare and eat things like tofu, seitan, and tempeh - but he doesn't want to be a vegetarian. I'm really against supporting factory farming. So now we only buy meat from the farmers market. It's definitely more expensive, but it's humanely raised by local farmers whom we've met. And? It's just better.
Heh, you guys are making me feel less guilty about my confession. biggrin.gif
There's a few great little local community shops in my city where you can guy free range, humane meats and I like to support them anyways because they're so local, no big box stores.
I really tried vegitarianism this summer. Four damn months of it. I told all of my friends that I was trying this b/c I just didn't want to support the meat industry. I give up. I cannot do it!
I belive in free-range and all of that. For my house I will buy only that. But I want to eat meat again. At least when I am at restaraunts.
I do promise, however, to not go back to eatinv cans of ravioli, however much I want them.
Couldn't do it myself, I love meat too much.

I prefer buying organic though as it's supposedly more "humane than posh" (according to Jamie Oliver).
I confess that I am no longer a vegetarian. I was one for four years and threw in the towel.
I have never tried being a vegetarian. I don't want to

I don't buy organic meat as often as I should.
i confess that i have been a vegetarian for ten years, and that i am contemplating going back to eating meat, largely because of health reasons, but partly because i'm so tired of the effort it takes. on the other hand, the thought of eating meat kinda makes me want to hurl...
I'd be a great vegetarian, if only I ate vegetables sad.gif . ( I don't eat red meat however, for the last 5 or so years now)

I confess: I think, or fear, I am turning into a Dirty Old (Wo)man bc I am getting more & more lustful crushes on societal fluff personalities, like jonny (le sigh) depp, allll the dr's on grey's and so on and so on.
so shameful sad.gif .
freckle, welcome to the depply mad club smile.gif.

I watched 4 eps of Grey's Anatomy yesterday and Dr Preston Burke is the one who is dreamy.
confession: I need to stop charging in like a bull to a red flag (realised and resisted)

confession: my biggest pet HATE is negative comments about my accent. Customers do it all the time, it's the lowest form of insult (or the only one you can give speaking to a stranger on the phone, accent being the only thing you can detect about the person), and it's bigoted. I hate when a nationality is considered as having the one accent rather than taking into account regional dialects and realising that all accents differ, that is why they are called accents because they are unique and varying pronunciations of words depending on location and influence.
oh bunny, i worked with this lovely girl at the bank who had to explain that she was from new zealand Not australia about eight thousand times every single freaking day. what a drag for her, i went a bit bonkers just overhearing it myself!

i confess that i don't give enough of a shit about my kid's schooling. i Hated school, i thought the whole thing was bunk, a bunch of training to be an automaton factory worker later on in life. i plan on giving him the Teenage Liberation Handbook as soon as he's old enough. stupid notes from school, where do they get the idea that they're so damn important anyhow? piss off already.
what's wrong with your accent, bunny? It's not like you're even full-on weegie... *shakes head at silly people*

It's after three in the afternoon and I'm still sitting around in my knickers and a comfy jumper.
true, mornington, mine is rather mild compared to some (and my quiet voice is an issue unto itself) but customers can be cruel, people in general can be. You should hear some of the racist shit they spout "I want to speak to someone who can speak English" "You mean you want to speak to someone with an English accent, you ignorant twat?" as I said, it's my pet hate and weakness, the one thing guaranteed to upset me.

eta: at least you're in comfy jumper, I'm still in PJs.
Bunnyb, this happens to you in the dear green place?!! They can go to hell. That's so ignorant.
It's really common; as soon as they hear a Scottish accent their inner racist surfaces its head.
I thought you lived in Scotland, bunny- where are you that your accent is out of place?
I do. Sorry, my first post isn't that clear - I'm on the phone to customers calling from all over UK (and overseas).
confession: this weekend I was walking home from work, talking on my cellphone, and actually crossed a very busy intersection, during the DO NOT WALK time, without looking both ways, or up at the cars honking at me. I got to the other side and realized what I did because someone got very close to hitting me, and slammed on their brakes. I was nearly killed ohmy.gif Next thing you know, it will be illegal to walk and talk on the phone too. All because of me..
Humanist....I'm the same kind of dangerous pedestrian...but I don't even have a cell phone - I'm just usually just drifting along, not a thought in my far, I've been lucky, no walking skillz do scare turboman a little, though...
Ahh, bunny. That's crazy. I like talking to people with accents on the phone, as long as I can understand them and they're helpful. I like the Scottish accent. Lol- when I go to Target and they have those kiosks that play samples of all those CD's of nature sounds and world music, I always hit the bagpipes one and walk away. I love the sound of bagpipes, but I know it drives other people crazy! Ha!
I'm w/ ya on the accents pollystyrene,
the good ones makes me go all jelly-in-the-knees if ya know what I mean wink.gif ok, mostly just the males but not always..!

the time I called Ryanaire to book our flights to shannon from germany I deliberately got a conversation going w/ the ticket agent bc her brough was just amazing.

those people are stoopid and Wrong bunnyb, so phooey on the undeservingness of them anyway.

very cool bagpipe encounter: paris, the louvre. bagpiper playing right under an arch where the accoustics were phenomial. haunting. dropped about 10 bones in his hat and didn't want to leave.
humanist, funny!
i read and walk all the time, don't know how i pull it off but i've Never had any kind of mishap. good thing too, sometimes it's the only time i get to read anything at all!

i broke the law every day last week, all weekend long, and plan to do it every day this week as well. the next week too, if i get a chance.
confession: meeting with politicians always makes me feel like scrubbing with Lysol afterwards. Even when it's politicians I support.
Okay, I just have to tell the bagpipe joke, even though I like the sound of bagpipes:

Why do bagpipe players march along when they play?

They're trying to get away from the horrible noise!


Niiiiiiiiice Wombat~! laugh.gif

My feet really stink right now. I have my own, pretty big, office, and it smells like a bag of salt and vinegar chips blew up in here.....******off to get scented candle*******
anna k
I want to let out my frustration through anger or violence, to feel more alive and more vital. Sometimes I picture myself having angry, violent sex and screaming at the guy how much I hate him and him getting off on it. It's really weird but that's been figuring in my fantasies of taking out my anger through sex and feeling more like a wild animal.
dang anna, i did that last week too. avec slight choking.

i confess that i am a sexual deviant.
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