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well AP, its better then sitting on your ass at work and busting, which would be my deal right now. the advertising world is collapsing around me here there is so much to do, yet i am trying to catch up on the drama that is "ordinary confessions".
there ya go with the proving me wrong.
sigh, well, it ain't the first time.
i'm glad i didn't jump into the fray with two guns blazing though.

i confess that i disabled avatars and signatures straight off (because i really dislike them), i tried to do it with the stupid smileys too but the i end up with a line of code which is worse, so i don't know what this blue dog is but i'll go and look.
i can only see then now because of mine but i'm disabling them again right now because i just can't stand them. they're so distracting.
i confess that i wish there were no such thing.
auralpoison, I got some words for you bitch. But first, just let me say...
that I love all my white buddies, but if a race war jumped off, I'd cut their throats first. Go get fucked. You're prolly a fucking pig. Go find a horse to fuck, bitch.
cos the fact that we jumped into the fray with two guns blazing means we deserve that? pepper, stop trying to be the bigger person here - it's really not suiting you.

I confess that I'm no longer biting my tongue, fuck it.
I confess that I'm pleased I was right, smug, white cocksucker that I am (tongue firmly in cheek).

oh, and I'm now fucking the horse I rode in cos there's nothing like some bestiality..
bunny, if you have regrets about saying what you said don't take it out on me. my comment was not directed at you chica bella. i honestly feel good about not having been reactionary in this case, that's progress for me. i have a hot temper by nature, it's taken a lot of work on my part to get to a place where i don't react and attack. it has nothing to do with you or anyone else here or trying to be a bigger person than any of you. it has to do with being a better person than i have been before.
i don't notice you giving faith shit for being kind, girl. get off it.
I declare today to be "National Irritable Day"
I confess that I completely and utterly have no regrets whatsoever about anything I said.

If it's personal growth on your side, then good, it's personal growth on my side to make my opinion known and not be walked over.
confession: I laughed... not at my busties, though - just at the near-ridiculous of the vitriol... I actually think it's been handled remarkably well and I've got nothing but respect for all of youse. Except now I'm gonna put Pepper in one naughty corner and Bunny in the other... joke.

confession 2: I too live vicariously through the crushie thread.

confession 3: I'm sitting on my ass busting instead of... actually, what am I supposed to be doing? oh yeah...

confession 4: being vain. go see say cheese...

confession 5. for the benefit of a boy
bunnyb, good for you girl. You gots some BIG ovaries.

Auralpoison, you were prolly raised around white folks most of your uncle tom life. So, now I am a racist, that rich and golden! I can't wait to tell my boyfriend. Ha! I think he'll agree with you, you fucking cunt bag.
You are so high and mighty. I am just a simple racist compared to you and your fancy education and worldly experiences. Fuck you too bitch. Cunt bitch!!! I have never liked you from reading your posts either, your just a high and mighty hot head. Bring it on cunt. Cunt, cunt, cunts of all colours. I'd punch you right in your gorgeously African American nose!

sidecar, white people are always running off to tell on people. Grow some ovaries.

pepper, From some of your past posts, I expected you to react viciously. You didn't.

confession: pepper and I are in the naughty corner but with gold stars!

wanna share a tub of ice cream, doctor?
for the love of god could you PLEASE at the very least be creative about your insults. And you dont know a single goddamn thing about AP or her background so I think you should just shut your trap. you dont need a fancy education to not be a racist you moron. last time i checked GW bush had quite the education and was a racist AND a misogynist. so no, you arent a simple racist hummingbird, you are simple idiot. A simple idiot who needs a valium perscription.

sorry- must breathe-katie do not feed the trolls.
hummingbird -- please quit with the lame threats and tired tired insults. These desperate pleas for attention will backfire when people do ignore you -- automated or old-school.

For the substance of the initial conflict, people have tried to clear the air. Now you are the one clinging to this, and being both ridiculous and offensive. This is a bulletin board, nothing more and nothing less and if you react this strongly and erratically to people whom you've never met, I sincerely fear that you need more professional attention than anyone here can provide. Move on, move out, or shut up.
And furthermore, pepper, you didn't react, and good for you too! Cause' that also take BIG OVARIES!

Oh alright! I'm done.
i confess that the only reason i am posting in this thread is the melee that is going on here. i confess that i am a young, not that longstanding bustie and have never attempted to have a position of authority or matriarchy or i know better than you or what have you on this board. nonetheless:

JESUS you guys! everyone needs to step down and step back and look at what is going on! both sides have gotten so fucking self-righteous that it is obvious that no happy conclusion can be reached. stop. fucking. thinking. of. yourselves and think of the other person. just stop, step back, and for chrissakes look at it from the other side.

i, like faith, was raised quaker. i had so much freaking conflict resolution and nonviolence this and that when i was growing up that i could do it in my sleep, and i guess it got really ingrained into me because i constantly find myself shocked when other people do not look at it this way. i was raised to accept EVERYONE and i still feel that way, and that includes EVERYONE. that includes bunnyb, it includes hummingbird, it includes george w bush, it includes the men who hijacked the planes on september 11th. it does not mean in any way that i agree with or condone the actions or choices of anyone i just mentioned, but i was raised to believe that ALL human life is, for lack of a better word, sacred. and worth it. and worth stopping, listening to, and trying to see the other side. i believe everybody deserves a second chance, a third, a fourth, whatever.

so. please everyone just stop. and try and see what has happened here and what the other side is saying, and not necessarily just what they are writing. obviously there is shit to be read between the lines here and i think we need to PAY FUCKING ATTENTION to that.

this conflict is stemming from someone feeling out of place in the lounge. and i don't think that should EVER be the case here, so maybe we need to pay attention to that. maybe there is some validity there.

on the other hand, namecalling, mindless cursing and inflammatory accusations are never a good way to make oneself accepted by a community. i feel like this is common knowledge. instead of lashing out, if there is a problem for chrissakes TALK ABOUT IT. there is something behind this and i'm appalled that you smart, awesome, empathetic women haven't noticed this.
Good Post Mouse!
hummingbird i just feel so sad for you girl. really, i'm not angry, you can say anything to me, it's impossible for me to take it personally. i just wish that you had come back to talk to us about whatever it is that set you off. it's obviously way too late now but after that first post you still could have you know. i can feel from you that you are SO upset and angry and pissed off and hurting. it sucks to think that here we all are for each other and intead of it working it can sometimes fall completely apart. of course we don't all agree or get along perfectly all of the time but here we all are, willing to listen and to talk things out and all it takes is asking for it.
well, you asked for something all right but i don't know how much good any of this is doing you.

bunny, is it sticky toffee pudding ice cream? i'll get a spoon.....

ETA mouse, i noticed. fat lot of good it did eh? ah well.

*implementing ignore function now*
oh jeez. I am stepping back cos I am not having a let's attack bunnyb day. I confess I don't care what was between the lines, it is obviously a cry for help, hummingbird obviously has deep-rooted issues but it is obvious that her comments are extremely racist and she has wished serious hurt on BUSTies.

I am not in a forgiving or all-inclusive mood today. I cannot care about racists. If that makes me a bad person then so be it, leave me out of the group hug and therapy session please.

eta: since you can get sticky toffee pudding in your contry, pepper, then hell yeah smile.gif. I need it.
I move that any and all continuations of this discussion be moved to either Kvetch or the Community Forum and let's get this back on track. I have been keeping in PM contact with Hummingbird and I think this is played out.

Time for everyone to take five steps back, get a cup of coffee, and put your feet up on the ottoman.
bunny, ok, no hugs for you then. extra ice cream!!
wasn't that you and i that had the conversation just the other day about not stiffling yourself to avoid hurting other's feelings? well done expressing yourself. i may not agree with everything you had to say but i appreciate the honesty.

minxy, are you girls friends? i just wanna hear that she's ok.
i confess that minx is smart but i still feel like i have to say one more thing, which is not meant to be pointing fingers at anyone and i am not calling anyone a racist but is simply food for thought: if no one is willing to care about racists, they will always be racists. if we are willing to care, they may change.
WHY should it be moved to kvetch? I think there are some kvetchies who would disagree with that proposal. I'm done, I've just been lumped together in a sentence with hummingbird, DUBYA and 9/11 hijackers. I'm pissed. eta: AND NOW I'M THE FUCKING RACIST?! eta: apologies to mouse: I read your post as "if no one is willing to care about racists, they (the uncaring ones) will laways be racists". It goes to prove that I am way too emotional for this and taking time out. *not flouncing*

pepper, thank you. Yeah, we didn't agree but we talked it through, obviously others didn't notice that.

Hugs and ice cream would be both be good.
No no no no no no NO WAY does this belong in Kvetch!!!!! Anyone who is a regular poster in Kvetch would agree with me on this.

The discussion began here. It can end here.
I have no interest in this vitriol being moved over to kvetch.
me neither. it's been kept out of kvetch for a reason
ooh, kvetch is not the place at ALL. but why do we need to move anything anywhere, ever? perhaps that would difuse it? but it will peter (*snicker* i said peter!) out on it's own. peeps who are 'done' with the conversation can be done but obviously there is still some discussion to happen. i don't mind that, or where it happens. when i'm finished i'll stop participating. whatever, things will pick up where they left off eventually. this is certainly an unusual occurence here, no need to try hurrying it along, let it run it's course i say.

bunny, don't take that so personally. you weren't lumped in, that was, i am SURE, a general statement about acceptance of all people, good bad and ugly.
peeps, let's not get our knickers in such knots eh? like water off a duck's back. it's only true for me if i let it be true for me. call me a cunt or whatever, until i accept that designation as my own it's totally meaningless. meh, i could care less what poop gets flung my way, i can duck but the thrower ends up with shitty hands. ugh.
I *still* haven't gone to the market. Am thinking of going to the liquor store instead & drinking a bottle of cold champagne just because I can.
Um, no this shouldn't be in kvetch. As long as the wicked witch of the west is gone, I'm not sure why this discussion needs to continue at all.
Okay, then not in Kvetch (I don't hang in there very often and am vastly unaware of the "reasons"), but you receive my meaning. Unless people want to talk about the real issues at hand, which were beautifully outlined by Mousie, then I don't see the purpose of leaving crimson stains of the Confession thread's wall. People are getting really weird about stuff they would never even flinch at normally.

I really think that we should get the thread back on topic, and move the relevent issues to the Community thread where they belong, or Corncob, whatever. It's a suggestion and nothing, my students are back and it's time to warp their minds.
i posted a happiness recipe in the foody thread. breakfast anyone?

i confess that i drank way too much wine last night (for me that's about three glasses, ha!) and stayed up way to late and cancelled a therapy appointment this morning because i am feeling like such ick.

cold champagne sounds like just the thing.

i also confess that i finally got some cash yesterday and the first, the very first thing i spent some of it on was a necklace for myself. i am a spendaholic. shopping therapy has got me in it's vice.
Quick confession: AP's champagne sounds really good and I must confess that drinking and smoking on the job sounds marvelous.
In the interest of getting the thread back on track, I have a confession: I love the drama. Love it, love it, can't get enough of it. When the boards blow up, when my friends get into it, where there's family drama, I can't stay away. Mind you, I don't want anything to do with it personally - well, rarely - but oh do I love a ringside seat. I'm absolutely the person you call when you want to spill it all and have someone say, "she said what?? OhmyGod. Then what happened? *gasp!* I can't believe it..."
This should not be moved to kvetch for the same "reasons" as it shouldn't be moved to okay...

The lack of sensitivity around this place galls me - yes, let's not attack anyone for being insensitive about 9/11 but mollycoddle them when the spew forth vitriolic, racist shit. Oh and let's shove our oar in and tell people to move it elsewhere when BUSTies are upset.

Ok, now I really am done.
I confess, that despite my new exercise regime, that I might have a Guinness with my lunch today.
confession: it's grey and overcast and gently raining outside and I love it.

confession: my hips and shoulders are slightly uneven due to a case of scoliosis when I was a teenager, and now I have a difficult time carrying a strapped purse bc it always slips down.

confession: I love the BeeGee's and I think How Deep Is Your Love is maybe the great recorded love song of all time and I imagine myself and a mystery man holding crossed hands w/ our bodies leaning back, twirling around and around out on a disco ball lit dance floor.
freckle needs to visit the bag forum on
you are certain to find a cross-your-shoulder bag or knapsack bag idea there that suits you.

msp i love it too, though i often join in. i like it when people get all real and shit.

i confess that i am doing nothing. the maintenance man just came by to fix my patio door and an element on the stove and the house is such a disaster (and so am i) and i just can't find it in me to care. what has happened to my pride in my comfy, pretty, TIDY space? who is this lacadasical person that has taken over me lately? she's a lazy slob!
i confess that i really wish this crap would be put to bed.

i confess that i realize my mentioning said crap wakes it from its slumber.

i confess that i wish we could come in and confess in this thread without fear of being judged or labeled insensitive and that our confessions could just stay here, without comment unless through PM.

i confess that the above confession is rather self-serving because i have been labeled insensitive due to a confession in this thread.

i confess that my brain hurts now.

and back to honest to goodness confessions:

i was glad that i was sick last week and had to be hospitalized for dehydration because it meant i didn't have to attend StupidWorkMeeting and didn't have to beat myself up over it.
(sorry you weren't feeling well last week falljackets- I really hope things are better now)
confession: I just found my 2 "squiggles" (these amoeba type creatures that hatched when our sea monkey's died, I don't know what they are so I call them that) were Having sex !!

or in their case I'm sure it probably Is procreating.
regardless, I went to check on them, got alarmed when I didn't see them,opened the lid, and saw 2 sets of tiny eyes, but 1 funny shaped body, and a whole lotta shakin' overall.

.. I'm no prude but I feel alittle dirty right now, bc it took me a second of watching them, to fully comprehend what was going on.

confession: that expensive gourmet coffee machine that I lied to qualify for, arrived today.
Just wanted to concur some of what Bunny said. "Kvetch Up" is very similar to the "Okay" thread in that it's really just a bunch of people, chatting about random things in their lives. The only major difference is that Kvetch has been on these boards for years longer than the Okay thread. Other than that, they're pretty similar and some of us partcipate in both threads. There is absolutely no reason why any argument should ever be moved in there.

I respectfully request that one should get to know a thread first before making any assumptions about what happens in it. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Anywho, I confess that I have not gotten dressed yet. And it's after 3 o' clock in the afternoon! Eep!
I confess that I'm jealous of rose being in her pj's until 3:00. I *wish* I could be in my jammies right now!
Rose, I wasn't talking about the argument itself moving into that thread, but rather took literally the definition of "kvetch" (e.g., if you wanna complain, do it in kvetch or corncob, or discussion of community issues in the community threads). Does that make sense? I am kind of an anal order girl and utilitarian until it hurts.

Or am I anal until it hurts?

Or like anal until it hurts?

Perhaps that should be the confession...not enough anal.

I am drinking the champagne & eating beef jerky. The groceries can wait.
Dear ____

We have sold over 45,000,000 sets of Sea-Monkeys and I have never, ever, heard of any other organism growing in a Sea-Monkey Tank. This is most intriguing.

Can you please take a digital picture and send it to me? I will then forward your email to the President (who is a Scientist) and to the Owner.

Best regards,
The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys®

Brand Product Manager

confession: apparently, we might have some sort of rare organisim in our sea monkey tank.
confession: I am going to feel like a full-on FRUITCAKE if they are something easily recognised by this scientist .
I confess that I feel *extremely* jealous of freckles seamonkeyness.

Only today i was wondering whether seamonkeys would make a suitable pet for me, and whether after all these years of longing, I could have monkeys of the sea all of my own. And now I hear that freckle got extraordinary sea creatures with hers. Extraordinary 'copulating' creatures. With big eyes.

The reason I was wondering about sea monkeys(and still wondering if they actually look like monkeys with flippers and a snorkel) is that I confess that I might be purchasing a new mode of transport on Saturday. And I *guess* they don't get seasick.
sea monkey's are not at all what the caricature picture makes them appear as.
they are in actuality, a tiny tiny minerature type of shrimp.
so no crowns, or capes, or big eyes.
at their largest, they grow to about the size of a ,. (that's comma, only a little larger than even that.)
and in fact even in best case, our experiences with them have them living a few weeks tops.
and no, never had any success training for tricks w/ pen lights as they advertise either, but they are still interesting to hatch & grow, and are the very lowest of maintence as a plus.

I am much sorry to disappoint, but I'd still hope you get some. the last kit we bought (at target, toy dept) even came w/ a corded clear bubble locket so you can wear your sea monkey's, and take them with you every where you go. constant companionship.
(we have not so far attempted this as our died before we got the chance.)

congrats on your new method of transportation butterfly- whatever it may be smile.gif
I confess that, in the last week, I have spent more money on flowers for family and friends than I have spent on myself in the last 4 months. Luckily, I don't buy things for myself very often, so I don't think the husband will be too upset.

I confess that I think kittens are cuter than babies. And I'm afraid this means I would make a bad mother.

By the by, I finally got dressed. happy.gif
I can *wear* my sea monkeys? *wherever* I go? Wow. blink.gif

You haven't exactly told me anything I didn't already suspect about their appearance. But a gal can dream.
Confession: I really wanted to stay the fuck home today b/c it was raining and I really wanted to just hang out at home and read.

Kittens are cutier than babies in my opinion.

I'm drinking the hell out of some red wine tonight, and loving every minute of it.
confession 1: I delurked in the crushie thread too because they're fun reads smile.gif

confession 2: I would bust at work if i could but i can't so i won't sad.gif

confession 3: My fridge currently has only lemons, condiments, and organic milk. someone needs to marry me off so the husband can take care of all the house duties.
-confession 3 corollary: as a result, i had cereal and yogurt for dinner. oh, and some pocky.

confession 4: I never could figure out the diff between Kvetch and Okay...

sassy, kittens ARE cuter.
Confession: I had a horribly realistic nightmare last night that lasted for hours. Even though part of my brain knows it had to be a dream, part of my brain is sure it was real. So I'm taking my husband's behavior in the dream as if it was real, and still feeling hurt by it all these hours after I woke up. I know (think?) he didn't really do anything so horrible in reality, but I'm still hurt by the dream and am taking it out on him.
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