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Well, I don't know Hummingbird as you do, Pepper, so while I can understand why you might want to protect someone you know and love, I personally cannot support the vitriolic nonsense that Hummingbird just spewed all over this thread.

I know Faith, though. And I know that she's a Quaker. And I know that one of the central aspects of the Religious Society of Friends is their strong sense of egalitarianism. They strongly believe in racial equality. Therefore, because I know well the spirit of her character and the faith of her convictions - that very faith that she chose to use as her handle on these boards - I am inclined to believe that it is impossible for her to be the racist that Hummingbird has assumed her to be. Granted, I still don't know what a "zed" is, but I am certain that it isn't a racial slur.

There was a miscommunication. A misunderstanding. But Humminbird's response went far beyond what is acceptable from any adult. That's why I have reported her post to the moderator.
i don't know and love her anymore than i know and love you but i really believe in a chance to explain and second chances in general. what she's looking for is justification for her behavior through our responses to what she posted instead of working through the issue and figuring that shit out.
yes, i agree that the name calling is beyond what is acceptable from any adult but she is not the only one who named called, just the first. do we report bunny as well for calling her a psycho? i'm not doing that even though i find it offensive (having a "psycho" family member, perhaps i'm a tad sensitive to that word). whatever the case may be, there is still a chance that ZED has been used with racial connotations in her sphere and it triggered her, i don't know. in fact, i know and understand very little abotu what spurred this on in the first place. it's a mystery to me. but i'm willing to listen and talk about it.

thankyou on all counts, and I like your sofa too! - I just realised by looking at it again- it's got a SUN design on there too- COOL!!!! now I'm just Envious!! mine is plain ( & still -not -Delievered tickticktick mr delivery here by 4:00 men- gah!)
funky & cool and clearly- comfortable!! (what a dollie! ) I'm curious as to the art hanging above & behind it?

and yah, I think you & I must be in similar places today of mellowness bc I feel similarly to you in terms of that something must be going on w/ Hummingbird for her to act this way.
no, I don't really know her either, but it just doesn't feel right to me that she's suddenly turned all evil like this and if she wants to talk about it, my Pm space is open to her. ( & no Hummingbird, I don't mean to talk about you in the 3rd person either! sorry!!)

just a hunch.

((((((((((hugs))))))))) to everyone bc mama don't we all need it ~
No, it's clear hummingbird did not know what Faith meant by "zed" but made the assumption it was racial. She freaked out, spewed forth insults and decided to get racial. NOBODY else did. So yes, she does not get the benefit of the doubt. Bunny didn't say anything racist or prejudiced to anyone here. Sorry if the word psycho offends you, but it's far from the incendiary remarks made by hummingbird. If you are all for understanding her specific situation and it suits you to do so, that's fine. But nobody else here has to. Her blatant racism is just as bad as the other troll's misogyny. And if I think she is satan, like you think of that other troll, well then I am just as entitled to. Not that I think do think so, or that he is any better than she is. A troll is a troll. And one that claims the title, well then. The job was done for us. Like I said, they are both pathetic to me. Being unable to seperate your anger at the government from feeling compassion and empathy for the lost HUMAN lives is just sad and well, pathetic to me. Just my opnion, and sorry to say, opinions are like assholes and everybody's got one.
No, Hummingbird's acct hasn't been hijacked. Period. Her response is just what I would have expected. I found her racist, immature, & simple months ago. She wondered about our ages/demographics? Right back fuckin' at ya! I'd wager she's still damp behind the ears.

I have no idea what was meant by the usage of "zed" as a term being used only by "white people" other than somebody being overly sensitive & looking for racism around every corner. As far as my knowledge of the usage of the word (Yes, primarily by white dominated cultures, but I don't think that means that their other cultures don't use it, too.) is what the Urban Dictionary & one of our own beloved Canucks said: the pronunciation of the letter Z. As far as I know, "zed" carries no innappropriate significance. It's not like "slant" or "towelhead" or "nigger" as far as I know. I could be wrong, but at least I'm willing to admit it.

Oh, & might I add: It's not only "white" women that don't like being called "cunts". It's fairly pervasive in the North American culture that girls don't like that. When I lived in Europe it was bandied about quite a bit, but here... it's verboten.

As far as coloured Busties go, you've all but called us "Uncle Toms" for getting along with & actually seeing all sides of an issue as multi-hued Busties. Aiming "cunts" at *only* white women & then trying to clean it up doesn't assuage you of guilt. Fuck you. A racist is a racist is a racist. And you are one.

Take your narrow-minded ass elsewhere. I've already put you on ignore, so it's no skin off my gorgeous African-American nose.

Enjoy your trolldom, sugarshorts. You deserve it.
The only thing I will say now (apart from the fact that Auralpoison rocks the fuckin' kasbah) is sorry for any offense taken at the use of the term "psycho". As I psycho myself I think I'm entitled to reclaim the term and I am in no way wanting to discriminate against any who have psychological problems but I can understand if some bristle at the word. It's very much a figure of speech here for anyone displaying the slightest bit of irrationality - hey the boy calls me psychotic all the time. /de-railment.
aural totally rocks the kasbah....I wish I rocked it as much as she does tongue.gif
Hey, man, Sharif don't like it! HAH! AP speaks the truth, the whole truth & nothin' but. I maybe wrong, but at least I own it. Thanks, ya'll!
I feel like an ass. I blew off an old friend this weekend, she called on Thursday and I never returned her call, I figured she wanted to hang out at the bars or something and I just wasn't in the mood. Turns out she fractured both her arms! She had an accident and was super lonely so she called me, but didn't leave a message.

I am a horrible friend.
Well, isn't this a fine sugarjar of shit?

Ya know, and you know I am going to be frank, this is such horseapples.
I love it when in-fighting occurs on a feminist website and
completely obscures the fucking issues. It's so easy to whine saying
you hurt my feelings or to call someone insensitive or make a
bunch of judgements about something (cunts? umm, I should certainly
HOPE TO FUCK SO). Let's watch round 500 of the girls in the bathroom
getting catty and MAKING things personal. Sometimes there ought not be
apologies for a flip statement. We are women here, not a bunch of frail
fucking waifs who need our hands held every single time our feelings are
somehow PERCEIVED to be maligned. Manners are nice, but manners (and
bullshit like PC) are often lovely smoke and mirrors.

Yeah, more apologies. Women should apologize more. And you know what,
these boards get so sickeningly reactionary sometimes that I kind of get
the feeling that, perhaps, we ought to be called out more often that we
do for being little fucking privileged creampuffs.

Americans are so fucking predictable. We are worried about not being
showing off some fucking false face of patriotism because we know that
if we dissent, there will be hell to pay, and the real problems never
get addressed. Guess what? I don't have a fucking flag, I have friends
and students that are in or have gone into the military and I don't
secretly wish they would not have. I despise the America war
machine, and YEAH, I will be supportive of people when they get out or
if they need the milk of human kindness, but I DO NOT SUPPORT THEM
BEING THERE. THEY MADE A CHOICE and many of them feel justified, and I
am glad that they are--seriously. Cool with me; and some of those
people are damned fine human beings...some of them didn't feel like they
had a choice. Some of them fell prey to some really good military
recruiters who know how to appeal to poor, black students of mine, and I
will never forgive them for it. I refuse to pander to the notion that
we should live in fear, the best method of control available, and that
we should GLORIFY FEAR as I see happening.

I rather think that I am just as American as someone who throws the
obligatory magnetic flag ribbon* on the back of an SUV and blames
everything on the immigrants, or whoever gets to be the scapegoat this week.

*there are people who become deeply moved by flag paraphenalia and
display it with utmost respect (I know Mando belongs to this group
because she hates seeing Corgis get hurt, let alone human beings and for
that I love her), and those who belong to the unthinking throng of
commercialist hypocrites too afraid to think for themselves and question
their realities.

It is my choice and right to vehemently hate this war, the Pres, the
fucking lies, the American hypocrisy of boo-hooing about the tragedy of
9/11 when EVERY FUCKING DAY more innocent Iraqis are being slaughtered
for their "freedom" and it makes me physically ill. Fuck that. Yep,
9/11 was awful, and I am of the disposition that we are still privileged
as all getout and people should have used that day to DO SOMETHING.
Yes, remember the dead and innocent of our nation, but remember that we
have been riding on the backs of poor countries and their exploited
citizens for centuries and our lives are not more prescient to this
issue than someone in Kabul. Until I see some people give up petroleum
products and give some of the Shrub's buddies the high, hard one, and
call for Bush to be tried for WAR CRIMES, all I see is a bunch of people
grandstanding for who can be the biggest victim.

That is my confession. Me, the biggest cunt of 'em all today.
I'm honestly not sure what's going on right now (I'm not even sure in what thread this flare-up originated), but I would just like to clarify that "zed" is the ONLY proper word for the last letter of the alphabet. Thank you. wink.gif
well, jeez, ginger, she didn't SAY she broke both her arms. If she SAID that, I'm sure you would have offered to rush over there with food and stuff.

Friends sometimes mess up, if you're friends you trust each other.

bunny_b, pepper, aural_poison -- I adore you guys and are sure that none of you are racists or other cretin-ly things.
Wow, some good points minx.

Let me just clarify how this whole thing began. Yesterday *I* said that *I* think people who make callous statements without regard to the feelings of others who are GRIEVING are pathetic. It was just an opinion. Just as her statement was an opinion. Not fact, opinion. Last time I checked that was what this thread was for. I did not challenge her right to express herself. I did not personally attack her post. I did not follow her in to other threads to try and antagonize her. In fact, I've made it clear elsewhere that I was reacting as much to insensitivity to others grief in general, be it for the poor people of Iraq, Katrina victims and survivors, people who suffered through the holocaust, women who are stoned to death in other countries, as much as the whole 9/11 mess.

But please, tell me now that it's turned in to this: How in the hell are the lives lost on 9/11 any less worthy of rememberance or respect because our goverment is FUCKING FOUL? How are the lives of innocent Iraqi's worth any less because they are not "white or American?? THEY AREN'T! And I don't recall anyone here implying so by expressing sadness or feelings of grief. To me, human loss is devastating REGARDLESS. If I'm a big pussy pants cry baby, then so fucking be it. I never debated the who's, what's, where's or why's of this goddamned corrupt administration, because I do not even feel remotely qualified to do so. All I said was that *I* feel people who can't seem to find an ounce of empathy in their souls are pathetic. Not that it was inappropriate for her to express that opinion here. Not that she shouldn't. I certainly was not trying to be the PC police. I was making a statement about how *I* felt about that subject. Period. She was the one that chose to follow me in to another thread and address me specifically. It got under her skin. Oh well. What she said got under mine. But I didn't feel the need to freak out and attack her personally. I made a statement of my own personal opinion. I didn't say "Hey hummingbird, I think YOU are a pathetic douchebag". Maybe I should have though. I agree, we should all be apologizing less, and speaking up more. Instead of just seething quietly, I made a conscious choice to post how I felt about a very sensitive matter. Someone reacted badly to it because it touched a nerve because of something they posted. Guilt? I don't know. We were amidst hashing it out and it seemed to be coming to a close when they chose to freak the fuck out and make it about prejudice and BUSTies being "white cunts". Well, ladi fucking da. If you are so ignorant that you are going to presume an entire bunch of people to be of one *demographic* than by all means, step the fuck on. And proclaiming oneself a 'troll', ultra fucking klassy.


My confession: I need to stop giving a fuck about this bullshit and get some work done.

oooh I have the same confession as you yuefie, hunny! Must stop getting distracted.

Word though, I'm apologising less and speaking up more.

confession: I am beyond pissed that UK troops are still in Afghanistan, exactly what cause are they fighting for? More and more soldiers are losing their lives, a disproportionate amount of UK troops are posted in Afghanistan compared to other countries (exclusing the US) and more UK soldiers are dying. We suffered the biggest casualty since the Falklands War in the Kinloss tragedy. FOURTEEN Scottish soldiers killed, the youngest of whom was 22 y/o. It's so sad and, yes, they chose to join the army but it was asshats who decided their fate by sending them to Afghanistan. Maybe we should look at the "war on terror" at home before we insist on doing it in the Middle East, that will save civilian loss as well as military.
I have three essays due in on Friday, and I haven't done any of them.
Mostly because because for the past 2 months my job has been a manic stress-a-thon, but also because I'm a disorganised procrastinator. I've already arranged an extension for one, and done all the research and planning for another before realising today it's just not going to work; all I have is a load of tenuously related fragments of theory that don't in any way resemble an argument.
Now I'm going to have to e-mail my course director tomorrow and admit to being a loser and all round academic failiure, and hope she'll take pity on me.

I have the feeling that no one in my life except Architect Boy actually approves of me doing this MA; they can't understand why I'm wasting time and money on studying something so academic and impractical that probably won't lead to me earning money. Maybe they have a point. I'm in the process of fucking it up anyway.

I'm confused and stressed and miserable. And whiney.
fwiw1, i think we're all on the same page here. except for hummingbird. and maybe pepper, but i think she's just playing devil's advocate.

fwiw2, i never called hummingbird a moron. what i did say was: "i have zero tolerance for assinine callous bullshit. there's a time and a place. if you don't get that, then you're a moron and it's not your fault. if you do get it and just don't care, you're not someone i want to have a discussion with in the first place."

and that's all i'm going to say on that subject.

fwiw3, my "patriotism" is very conflicted, personal, and a tad twisted. i do stand for the national anthem & the pledge of allegience, but i won't put my hand over my heart or sing/recite. i'd rather put sharp objects into my eyes than wear red, white and blue anything. and the "support our troops" yellow stickers make me flinch - (sorry freckle!) - especially since so many of them are on hugeass gas-guzzling vehicles. i guess i took it for granted that most people here know that i despise knee-jerk jingoism.

but i will fly the flag on days of remembrance, for americans who have died. it doesn't really matter to me how they died, whether they went off to fight WWII willingly, whether they were drafted and were killed by friendly fire in vietnam or whether they were innocently having breakfast at windows on the world. irrational, emotional, hypocritical .... like i said. conflicted. i'm not even sure it's "patriotism", per se.

then again, i want my son to know that you can still love & take pride in your country without supporting the bastids in the west wing.

just wanted to set that record a bit straighter.
altho i'm sure i confused the helloutta youze. blink.gif
Confession: I am seriously crushing on Mando because she used the word "Jingoism". Gads, a good lexicon gets me hot and bothered. wub.gif
ok, i confess that while i like the coloured fonts that teeny tiny red one you are using yuefie is freaking KILLING my eyes! i'm pretty sure my vision is still perfect but, damn, maybe i'm gettin' old. i'm sitting here squinting and crying trying to read all you wrote and it ain't 'cause it's making me sad.

thanks to all of you for the discussion today. i love the frou-frou la la as much as the next girl but it is EXCELLENT when we can all get right into it. expecially when we all behave ourselves. only one casualty today, tragic but not bad all around.

yes, i was playing devil's advocate. because what was said was so bad i heard it as a desperate cry for help. maybe i spend too much time with kids. they tend to act really terrible when they need you the most. whateves.

freckle, your couch is nice! and it didn't take you three weeks to make it either. heh.
the 'art' on the wall is a sarong. covered in squid. i love it. it needs some ironing though, and i suppose i could frame it but honestly i still take it down and wear it sometimes, hee.

thanks to all of you again for your time and energy and putting your opinions out there. i respect each and every one of you.

ok, and i confess that i HATE it when busties throw it out there that they have other 'legit' busties on ignore because it always makes me wonder if it's me or if someone else has me on ignore and that really sucks.

*Faith blushes beet red at all the brouhaha she incited and then wandered away from*

OK: just to clear the air about the word zed -- I picked it as a nonsense word, implying zero, which was not nice but had no racial connotation (since I don't know anyone's race on these boards, except in cases where people have mentioned it, in which case I take them at face value). So I really really did not mean to inject race into the convo, more than it already existed re. racial profiling and related issues. But name calling is name calling and I should have stuck with the classics if I was going to be petty, which I was.

I am apologizing for that not because I need everyone to like me (though, Maude, let's be honest, I do and I'm woman enough to admit it) but because it was immature and I was having a crappy crappy day and I came out with both barrels blazing and I am not proud of my tone, though I stand by my content.

And although I am Quaker, and aspire to those ideals, Quakers in general and me in particular are certainly capable of being dumbheads (I told you, I am sticking with the classics) and of course I expect to be called on that behavior.

Hummingbird, you and I got off on the way wrong foot, and I don't think that can be put right, but I am happy to stay out of each other's way, and hope you won't leave the board on my account. You may find it's not the right place for you, but it's not because we're white (some of us are) or righteous (I definitely am, though in the self- not religious sense of the word) or any one monolithic thing.

Though I now nominate Zed as an official bustie insult (hopefully aimed at non Busties in the future) since I can vouch for the fact that it really has no hidden racial etc. meaning since I made it up. And am therefore a big zed for causing all this confusion.

PS I have to say my little poster icon is striking me as really ironic right now but I am going to suck it up and leave it there, as a reminder to me own self.
For pepper, hehe. Is this better dear? I don't know why it's showing up small on your monitor, on mine it's normal sized and pink.

I am sorry for getting so worked up but I meant everything I said. I just should not have let any of this get to me like it did. And I also think we are pretty much all on the same the page here. Prejudice is nasty, regardless. It has been said before, and bears repeating, nobody has to censor themselves. It's a public forum, and freedom of speech is still in place last time I checked. That being said, it is just decent and the human thing to not enter a place where others are discussing their personal feelings on a tragedy and say something purposely hurtful and harsh. Not saying you can't or that you have to censor yourself, but you have to expect that some people are going to bristle at it. And well, if you can't take someone elses opinion without going batshit loony and accusing *everyone* here of being racist than you don't belong here at all. At least that's my opinion wink.gif

And I also crush on mandi. A lot. She is a really great friend and I cannot wait to hug her in person, hopefully someday soon.

And I love BUSTies period. Even if I disagree or don't care for something they've said. Or even if I just plain don't like them. I still will not put them on ignore.

Balls out trolls on the other hand, especially the self professed kind, well... they can kiss my entire fat, white ass.

minx, you are so hott when you're stormin' and telling it like it is. ohmy.gif Take me, you big cunt.

And AP. Jeebus. Whenever you post, it's like I'm reading through squinted eyes..."Is she really gonna....she's goin' there....she's goin' there....OH! She went there!" And then I cheer. tongue.gif
omg yuefie, *laughing my aged eyes out*
Wow...go to work for the day and look what happens...

yuefie, it shows up small for me too no matter what computer I'm on, at home or at both my jobs.

Confession: I obviously slack off too much because I cruise bust while working two jobs.
I confess I laughed so much at Yuefie's extra-large font for Dr. Pepper's aging peepers.

I confess I have been reading this thread on and off for the last 45 minutes and I still can't understand 100% what the fuck happened.

I confess if I were able to Bust at work, I'd be shit out of a job! heh.

I confess that this is the only message board I've ever posted on with any regularity. The couple of other message boards that I've posted on have all been connected to Bust in one way or another (and I think they are all long defunct now -- even Girlbomb took down her message board, right?). I think so many of you are just fabulous creatures.

And I also confess that I still sometimes miss the Hissyfit message boards because there seemed to be so many interesting guys on it.

I finally confess that I did see that uber-rich blueberry ice cream at TJs tonight and I didn't buy it because I really need to be taking better care of myself in a way that doesn't involve giving into every single damn whim that I have. Every other whim would be a good start.
lol, doodle!

Yuefie, it comes up really small on my screen, too, for some reason. The ginormous is a bit much, but maybe just up a size.

I vote for "zed" to be the new official Bustie insult, too. Like asshat.

I feel the same way pepper, about people who say they put other Busties on ignore. I don't do it either, and I always wonder who I've pissed off enough to put me on ignore (not that they'd know I'm wondering this anyway!)

I confess I was just being passive aggressive and will not put any legit busties on ignore -- legit being any single person who is not a crazy troll, not just people I disagree with.

I confess I am contemplating going to work late and sleeping in and claiming a dr's appt.

I confess I did eat every last muscadine grape even though I swore I would parcel them out for dessert all week. And I confess I am not sorry!
Hmm....what does it say about me that yuefie's "big" text is the same size as how I have my browser set up to display text? I blame having an old fuzzy monitor, and old fuzzy eyes. (But yeah, that old font was hard to read. Hey, how come we had to have a blow up before anyone said anything about that??)

I confess to fearing the inevitability of bifocals. Or trifocals, even.

I confess that I am watching Rockstar Supernova, even though I never watch television. But since I don't have cable anymore, the aerial picture on my TV is even fuzzier than my monitor.

I confess that I don't know whether to vote for the Canadian or the woman. It's now a question of identity politics. smile.gif
it's because her post was so long and i wanted to read all of it but it was painful!
a few sentences of wee pale font don't usually do me in but...

pfft, i won't say that i watched that doodle, but i did have the tv ON for it and i hardly ever watch any tv. i just wanted some mind-numbing noisy company. le sigh. i have wine but i can tell it's gonna be a long night.

i confess that i am not eating or sleeping nearly enough. today was a bad day, i considered the other mind-numbing things i have at hand but decided not too. i'm afraid i wouldn't wake up if little woke in the night and that would Not be good. but i am sorely tempted and i won't lie about it.
i confess that i would like cable tv even though i can't afford it just for the numbing quality of television. which i hate but like more than small blue pills. gah.
I forgot a confession....

I have been living vicariously through AP by lurking in the crushes thread.
(I feel as though I should apologize for *re*-railing the thread before I start... smile.gif )

I have witnessed some terrifyingly wonderful magical shit coming both from me and from others [IRL] in the last few days.

I know that those who do this have a reason for it, but I cringe every time I see it spelled "magick" or "magik."

Sometimes being female REALLY, REALLY KICKS ASS.
Ok, one more confession.

I voted for the woman.

She DID kick ass tonight. I got chills during "Roxanne."
oh, the spelling. icky. why do people do that anyhow? like wymmyn? it's just so dumb. (no offense to anyone here).

doodle, you did? i got chills too but not the good kind. more like shudders actually. dr pepper no likey.
i liked the dude with the stupid skunky mohawk. was he the canadian?
On my monitor it's a medium shade of pink, not red and not too pale. When I am BUSTing from my sisters pc it's much darker. So does this font come up tiny? Because this gigantic font is only one step up. And yeah, why exactly has *nobody* bothered to tell me the font I've been using all this time is awful to try to read? rolleyes.gif C'mon now, I don't want ya'll straining to read my posts! And I don't wanna hurt ol' Dr. Pepper's peepers tongue.gif If it's still a problem, let me know so I can mess around and find something else that doesn't hurt my BUSTies eyes. Cause, here comes my confession, wait for it... I heart me some BUSTies wub.gif

that font is regular size.
it only hurts when it's a long post. really.
if you've bothered to write that much i actually want to Read it, ya know?
I want to read all your posts so that's why I've never mentioned. It is/was all part of the yuefie experience!
It's perfect now and the same size as everyone else's - the default size.
==staggers in blearily==
I'm not going to tackle the hard stuff yet, it's too early to think so much, but I will say, bc it's important to me:

mando: I don't have one of those yellow Support Our Troops magnets on the back of my SO UN Suv car either. I despise them (except maybe on old people's car's, old Vets & so on, double stands maybe but I still sleep ok at night.) bc so often they are just for show, esp if it's a business or other profit making industry.
I don't have to advertise my patriotism bc it's more than superficial, I live it.
(confession: aside from those reasons, I also do it for personal saftey bc I don't need to shout it from my car when my mr is away & have some freak weirdo stalk me. ( & by freak-weirdo, I mean legitmately crazy rapist person.) yes I AM paranoid! thanks for asking! smile.gif

thankyou for thinking of my feelings.

I apologise for rambling ~
Yeah, Doodlebug! Dilana = awesome!!

Pepper -- a Lukas fan? Say it ain't so! biggrin.gif

I am looking forward to the conclusion tonight.

I confess this post probably isn't controversial enough ....
All you bitches that were talking shit, this ones for you.

I didn't disrespect any of you bitches, but ya'll took it there.

So, I hope someone you love dies.

Fuck you bitches.
Lovely. Bless you on your way.
bunnyb, You fucking hoe, you can suck a big fat dick bitch. You curious daughter of a bitch you. Fucking shitstain. You fucking cock sucker bitch.
I hate all you bitches that were talking shit. I hate that fucking Mando with that little emo fucking blue dog. I hope someone crawls in your window tonight and rapes you with a fucking knife to your throat. How about that. Bitch. Yeah, I know, I am not just social inept, I am pretty much sociopathic. You fucking cunts.

Fuck you all on your way. hahahahaha!! Fucking cunts.
that was, I don't know what that was.


reported and over.
Intentions always turn back upon themselves, don't they?

I confess that Mando's blue dog makes me happy every time I see it.

I confess that I am not terribly religious, and it's more an excercise of hope than Faith, but I do that Quaker thing of holding my loved ones in "the Light" so that no harm may come to them. So anyone who reads a mean word should know that hundreds more loving are out there, said and unsaid, protecting them.

I confess that I have an itchy scalp and have been scratching myself like a monkey all day.

I confess that when people have font that I can't read easily I highlight it, but am too shy to mention it because I never know if it's just me. Plus I love people expressing themselves in fun colors.

I confess that I am living freckle's tag line.

I stopped reading all your posts. You bitches fucking really believe that everyone is going to react to things the way that all white people do. Bitches, Mando, faith, yuefie, etc. all those bithces that were talking shit, I'da kicked ya asses. P.E.R.I.O.D.
Now, I will be on my psycho way. Thank you. Everyone, have a really fucked up day. Stank ass hoes.
Oh, dear.

Anyway, I confess that I have been very vocally anti-marriage for myself, very anti-wedding for myself, and just generally lil' miss counter culture, and now I'm getting married. I'm a big old hypocrite, and Jem totally called this back in June and I owe her a margarita or something, the beeyotch.


jeeeez what the hell happened in here? honestly, i dont think i have ever seen hummingbird write anything like that before. are we sure her name wasnt hijacked? i for one read her ridiculous posts and laughed my ass off bc it was the most ludicrous thing i have ever seen. racism sucks, but when its written in such cliche'd hyperbole i cant help but think it has to be a hi jack or something else. i mean come on, stank ass hoes?

if you ARE for real hummingbird, well, i dont really have any words.

i DO however agree COMPLETELY with Minx's post and think shes awesome.

I for one dont like the idea that any bustie has to pussyfoot around another in order not to offend their delicate sensibilites. mostly bc i know we are all better and more mature then that.
OOOOooooookkkkaaaayyy. For someone who hates us and wants us to die a miserable death, she sure spends a lot of time here. Damn, I'd rather read some random bible passage than that.

It's been reported.

And I like Mando's dog- it looks like my dog, if he were blue.
I also reported it.

I'm kinda speechless.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Sep 12 2006, 08:27 PM) *

And AP. Jeebus. Whenever you post, it's like I'm reading through squinted eyes..."Is she really gonna....she's goin' there....she's goin' there....OH! She went there!" And then I cheer. tongue.gif

Sometimes I just can't keep it in. I'm disappointed in myself for getting involved yesterday, but not sorry. I just hate it when people throw down the race card. It was inexcusable.

My apt building has been bought out by a new company & they're having a mixer tonight so we can meet the staff. I don't want to go, so I'm not.

I need to go to the market. I've made my list. I'm sitting here on my ass Busting.
hoooley moooley!

i confess that i just wasted half the morning reading this thread, futilely attempting to find a reason for the vitriol.

i confess that i am now officially OVER IT.

i confess that i missed all my lovely BUSTies while not being able to get on and post this week.

i confess that i will likely furiously make up for said missed posts throughout the rest of this day.
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