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(Schmitz's Gay? CLASSIC SNL Farley smile.gif )
I own 1000+ books and I continue buying more even when there are hundreds I haven't read yet. I have no room for all of these books and no time to read them but I can't NOT own anything that sounds an interesting, good and enjoyable read. Books are my biggest temptation (well, clothes too, but I least I wear those) and I find it impossible to resist buying any title I want to.
I'm getting to be the same way, bunnyb. I feel like if it's interesting and used (I can't bring myself to buy from Borders), then I have to buy it. Same goes for CDs, even though I have hundreds of those and can't remember what half of them sound like.

I used to work with a guy named Adolf, who was a few years older than I am from Alabama. I never could ask him about his name, though.

Anna k, I know how you feel, I really wanted to go out the past few nights but instead stayed home and read. One night I went CD shopping, and AZ Guy took me out for dinner, but that has been it for social interaction. I really want to make friends, want someone else to talk to besides him, but I'm scared I'm not cool enough to hold anyone's interest.

I hate that my birthday is coming up, I really don't want to be 29.
Every year when uni re-starts I always think that this is the year I'll make new friends, but I never manage to. I'm outspoken in class, but I end up being quiet around new people. I'm hoping (again) this year to break the ice in my women's studies honours class because I know a few of the girls from last years class, and while we're friendly and get along, I just never seem to get passed that stage. Which is doubly annoying because one of the girls I could see myself being friends with, I see her everywhere.
anna k
I need to make an effort to be more social at work. It's hard when I don't like asking questions or get annoyed by a ditzy tone of voice that many women adopt, but I need to be more social and more involved with other people to feel more lively.

I also need to call up acquantinces of mine and make plans to hang out, since we like each other but they never call me to hang out. I feel like I'm not important in their lives, which brings me down.
I'm really sad about 9/11. Nothing too shocking, but it just pisses me off that we have this moron still in office, and tomorrow is just going to suck at work because I'm going to be so fucking bummed out. And, I'm super pissed off at ABC for making that mini-series. Makes me want to shoot the damn president. Asshat.

Bunnyb, I'm with you on the book lust. I used to have over 600 or more books, and my ex fiancee burned the majority of them. So, I'm having to re-start all over. They're my most treasured possessions. Asshat knew this (some of these were first editions and some belonged to my dead grandfather, his huge Vonnegut collection for example). But, I miss them. I'm glad for the sake of my life, that I'm out of that relationship though. So, I'm basically having to restart everything over from book 1. Right now, I have about 50-100 books, so that's a bit of a start. And I'm like this with my cds and DVDs as well. I hope that didn't come off as sounding too damn materialistic. Did it?

I loved that gay SNL ad.

I also plan on trying to hang out with my friends more. I need more of a social life.

Sorry for such the depressing post.

I like the having my own space aspect of single hood, but am tired of being single already.

I want a real, meaningful relationship yet I am too cynical to give anyone a real chance to get to know me.

I am far more hurt by someone who turned out not to be the friend I thought he was, than I ever imagined. When he decided to unceremoniously disappear from my life I blew it off like "eh, whatever". I thought to myself, "hey it's better to have them leave if they aren't genuine". I thought I was okay with it. I am SO not. He was brought up in conversation on my birthday by a loved one who has been (unbeknownst to me until then) in touch with him. Apparently he calls still. I changed my cell number shortly after he pulled his little disappearing act, so he has no way to reach me directly. But he suspiciously called on my birthday. Hearing about it seriously got under my skin. I felt like someone slapped me. It ruined my whole night and I've been kind of in a funk since. I've even had bizarre nightmares involving this jackass, which no doubt has more to do with unresolved anger with ex-fucktard, king of all asshats. Damnit. Why does shit like this bother me so much?

I wish I could let things just go. I wonder what my defect is that I can't. Why do things get such a grip on my psyche? Why can't I just get over it like everyone else seems to? I mean really, I know there are people who are far wose off than I. It's not like I am unaware of how much worse things could be for me. I tell myself "quit bitching and get over it already!". It just doesn't seem to do the trick.

I've been a major cry baby lately. When I read or watch anything about 9/11 or The Katrina survivors, I bawl uncontrollably.

I know this time of year is always difficult for me and not just because of the 9/11 attacks and now the hurricane, but because it reminds me of the end with my mom.

I suspect I am suffering from real depression and this scares me to the core of my being.


(((sassy))) what a fucker. That is devastating sad.gif.

I AM materialistic: I love my books and dvds and my clothes and cushions and kitsch things... I like pretty things and it scares me that I have to own everything I want to own.

I feel bad for dissing 9/11 anniversaries as it's kittenb's birthday. It's a shame that such a special day has to have bad connotations. I still hope though that my bf who is due her baby on Thursday doesn't give birth today.

I am so behind in my dissertation writing.
9/11 doesn't bother me or make me sad at all. I don't even care to watch anything having to do with it because of the lies, and the delusion, and the social denial, and the lack of a real investigation, and the fact that no one was seriously held responsible, oh Osama--Fuck Osama...he's their scapegoat, and the fact that the whole world knows that the Bush Administration lied and yet, the rich and powerful are getting away with fucking murder. So, a bunch of Americans died on 9/11, twas a tragedy, but tragedy happens everyday. More despair and hopelessness with my tea please. Thank you.
anna k
I don't have much emotion towards 9/11. I hated it and felt like planes would drop bombs on us for a month, then I went on with my life. I didn't know anyone who was killed and I didn't have any personal attachment to it. And it's been used as the excuse for everything the government does in terms of wars and invasion and protection. Today is just any other day for me.

Plus, I hated how New Yorkers wouldn't give a shit about bombings elsewhere, but the world had to care when we got hit. I got sick of the self-pity and memorializing and milking the tradegy, and people who died were lumped together and used as martyrs or not remembered individually but who died for someone so stupid and preventable.
these are good confessions:

I wrestled w/ our insurance company and Actually WON today!!

it put up an ugly fight, tried to play dirty and toss me around to different people but in the end.. VICTORY IS MINE!!

and I called the Rape Crisis Volunteer Line to find out what I needed to do and whom to speak to, to hopefully work with the county program ( I go in wed) to aid in my eventual degree.

and I made an appt w/ my temp pmc to get him to put in a referral for the tests on my heart I've needed.

and I spoke to a friend who is having a hard time in her relationship, hopefully offering words that might help some and then we both remembered a young soldier who was killed in Iraq this day last year, that her mr was close with. what an anniversary. that hurts more than 9/11 bc it's so much closer to me; Campbell, you are not forgotten.

and I was really sincerly super nice to all the people I spoke to on the phone today, the people that were just voices on the phone and I was just another # to, bc I believe that random acts of kindness really do make a difference.

.. I thought today would be hard for me.. I thought I'd be super emotional as I've been in the days leading up to it, and yes, my flag is at 1/2 mast, and I have a small candle lit under a small stained glass flag sitting in my front window that I will burn until I go to bed tonight, but I'm not sad in the ways I expected.
life is good if we just continue to believe it can be, and are willing to roll up our sleeves and contribute to whatever our vision of good is.
I never want to watch all the 9/11 investigation stuff. It just makes me sad. All those people died and no matter how much probing is done, they are dead. People lost loved ones and have to live the rest of their lives with that. Does it really matter at this point what the floors were made of? I think we just need to remember this day and feel for those who lost. Not poke at it with a stick at every opportunity.
I agree with lori, is it really necessary to pick apart every last detail and continue to rub salt in the wounds of the grieving? Beisdes, most of that is for show and to keep us from focusing on the real horror and all the lies perpetuated by our own government.

But I don't see anything wrong with us quietly remembering what happened, paying respect and honoring those who lost their lives. I do not think it's okay to make it in to a freaking circus.

I'm saddened that people only focus on New York. Yes, the two towers and two planes that hit them did the most damage as far as lives being lost. But lets not forget about the people in D.C and PA also.

I think people with callous attitudes towards those who lost their lives and their loved ones are pathetic.

I wish I were smarter, quicker, more clever. I wish I were more responsible and capable. I wish I were more confident, more secure. I wish I had more energy, and also, more patience, more tolerance, more goodwill. I wish I were more articulate. I wish I had more fight in me, that I were braver, more courageous. I wish I were healthier. I wish I were wealthier, or at least, more comfortable.

I often wonder why people look up to me, when I ordinarily feel so very small and scared and screwed up.
I think I'm falling for someone I've never met. I fancy the pants off him at least.

I miss H.

I wanted to put "I'm covered in bees" underneath my picture. But I'd copy doodle...

I'm scared I'm going to focus all my love and attention on this dog and abandon the fragile relationships I have with people.

and I just found one of my exes on myspace and I laughed. I'm really tempted to add him though.
Dammit, mornington, you had to mention looking up an ex on MySpace, didn't you? Didn't you? I only have one ex, and it was a guy I dated for 2 months when I was 14, who I hadn't thought about in years, so I hadn't even thought about looking him up. I thought, "no, what are the chances he's on there?" (Silly me, and my naivete of the expansiveness of MySpace population!) So now I've looked him up and of course I've found him.

Yes, I dated the Velveeta Gigolo.

Oh the shame, the shame. I broke his widdle heart, too. He got annoying, so I just stopped talking to him and ignored him. I was 14 and no guy had ever paid attention to me, how was I supposed to know I should *tell* him I didn't want to date anymore?!?! The bad breath and stuff caught in his braces the few times we kissed didn't help.
confession: polly, I laughed. sorry.

here he is in all his pointy ginger glory. *hides head in shame* he was a damned good kisser though...
I laughed, too- at mine and yours- Bill Gates as a hero? Okay. I guess if it's for his philanthropy, that's respectable. Too many people like him for "livin' the dream" rather than giving it away. At least you got some good kissing out of yours.

I thought about emailing mine and apologizing for being an ass to him. I probably won't. Mainly because I don't want him knowing anything about me and sometimes the past should remain that way.
No, it's not fun being judged. Have your opinions, values, etc. and burn others at the stake.

*wonders about the age and other demographics of other busties*

My ex (not on MySpace, but I have one lurking as well, maybe I'll post him here as well) emailed me, and told me that he had an apartment, and wants to see me. But, I just had awesome date (see crushie thread) last night with really cool guy.... ugh. And I know if I hook up with ex, it will just be for a shag.

Today really got to me for some reason. I got really emotional over the whole 9/11 thing. But, in a way, I am getting really sick of it. Isn't it like pouring a shitload of salt on a wound??? Then again, part of my blues could be my insane PMS.

I really want sticky toffee pudding ice cream.... sad.gif

Polly, at least the boy liked The Beta Band..... lol. Tis a good band.

Need more beer... and considering an ice cream run....

Yeah, maybe he got some taste as he aged. I think he was a Green Day freak when we were in high school.

ETA: He's married....interesting. I'm not going to email him. Hopefully his wife isn't this insecure, but I don't want to be the one to create issues.
*it was suggested that I put this post in here, where it belongs, so here it goes*

"So, a bunch of Americans died on 9/11, twas a tragedy, but tragedy happens everyday. More despair and hopelessness with my tea please. Thank you."

This quote above is the only part of my post that I regret writing. I was being flip and trying to be funny, and I had just logged onto bust. I had no idea that busties would be in deep grief over 9/11.
I hit a nerve. My bad. But, let me explain further.

9/11 was the beginning of a war, an ideological war to secure "democracy" in a foriegn land to supplant the vested interests of the oligarchy. 9/11 was allowed to happen. Sorry kids. We have the most powerful military in the world, 9/11 was allowed to happen.

The first lives to be lost were Americans, but then terrorism changed hands, and now people in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to die. This war should be called the 9/11 war or something because PEOPLE ARE STILL DYING. Lives are being taken all over the fucking world because of politics. I will not separate the two. Good politics=lives saved. Bad politics=lives lost.

I am not grieving. I cannot. I agree with raisingirl:

"Terrorism has affected the rest of the world for decades and decades; I don't see why our precious United States of America should have been so naive to think otherwise. It's sickening to know that a lot of people think that we're somehow above it all."

And in most cases, this government is the biggest gangsta out in the world, spreading its terror.
hummingbird, that was hard to say i'm sure. thanks for being honest in here.

i confess when i watched it happening on tv that day i cried like a baby at the atrocity, but more so that something so awful could happen so close to home. i KNOW that worse than that happens every day in other countries, hell i have family in the army, i get to hear all about it. just that it happened so close. made it real. more real. personal.
i also confess that after the shock wore off i had thoughts about how it was amazing that it hadn't happened sooner considering what a global bully the american government is. we even feel that here, in canada, over the sale of natural resources and political support for wars and bombing of other countries that our mostly peacekeeping population still strongly opposes. in gw's speach after 911 thanking nations for lending support, for sending troops, money and other aid, he listed every country that had said hello but pointedly omitted any mention of canada, even though the government here immediately offered help at gound zero and continued to offer help throughout. because canada declined to support the war on terror and the disaster of searching for weapons of mass distruction we were publicly, globally slapped in the face by gw. what was he thinking?
i also admit that i don't totally believe that it wasn't all a ruse perpetrated by gw to solidify support for his leadership after the farce of the election. there was so much suspicious that the election results had been tampered with and what better to deflect attention onto something else and bring the country together (not to mention make his buddies some serious blood/oil money) than a national tragedy. and then he gets re-elected.
blood for money, seems to be the american governments creed. and now we have a US hiney-licking cockswab of a leader in this country too. wtf.

i confess that sometimes i lose faith in the ability of human beings to not act like complete and utter assholes. fuck. it scares the crap out of me.

*warning, this post could be triggering to those dealing with September 11 issues*


Despite my best intentions, I am an insomniac. Or rather, I'm not so much an insomniac, as someone who finds it nearly impossible to break out of my body's natural rhythms of staying up really late and wanting to sleep all morning long.

I honestly barely notice the September 11 anniversary itself. BUT, I feel I must add that I'm VERY aware that I'm a Canadian, and this didn't happen to me, so I try to respect the grief of Americans as much as I respect the grief of anyone in any country that has experienced a violent attack. Even leaving aside the Canadian part, though, it's still hard for me to feel very much about September 11 at all, because in my job, I get to see people's personal trauma every single day, so it feels more like "just one more thing." The women I meet often have no idea where they will sleep tonight, or where their next meal (or their kids' next meal) will come from, or whether the government or their exes will take their children away, or whether they will be able to leave their abusers before they end up dead....and I never know which woman/child I meet is going to be the next dead woman/child I read about in the newspaper, but it's happened more than once or twice, and that destroys me more than images of falling bodies ever could. And what the anniversary of September 11 means to me, on top of all the regular trauma, is that now a whole bunch of survivors of violence and/or sufferers of mental illness get triggered on a hundred thousand different levels at this time of year, and many of them go into crisis and start experiencing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-harming behaviour, suicidal thoughts, and other serious psychological issues that must be dealt with. And it frustrates me that the media plays such a big role in that triggering, by replaying traumatizing images over and over and over again, on every fucking channel. And sure, yeah, you can turn the TV off, but I'd like to see how long anyone manages to KEEP the TV off when there's more than one person in the house and you can't even articulate why you don't want the TV on because, too late, you're going into crisis mode....or maybe you're still living with your abuser and you can't even talk about it at all, and maybe that TV stuff will trigger him to be violent, too, oh shit. And then what REALLY pisses me off is how much I know about this town's dirty little secrets, and how whenever I see some fucking local yahoo bleating in the media about how we have to support our American allies in the war on terror, and how we must never forget September 11 (in a tone that implies it happened to us) ALMOST EVERY TIME that guy is one of the hypocrites whose dirty secrets I know, and I have to keep quiet about it every time, while he blusters away to a reporter with his to-the-right-of-Ghengis-Khan viewpoints. So yeah, it's hard for me to work up any feeling about it at all, except frustration and anger that September 11 was a one-time incident that is this huge political football which gets tons of public attention, while millions of women and children are abused and/or exploited and/or go hungry/homeless every single day, and nobody really gives a shit, and there's no million dollar payout to any abuse victim's family after her hubby takes down the shotgun and terrorizes her until he's ready to kill her. That's what September 11 means to me.

*takes a deep breath*

Apologies to anyone who is triggered by this post.
I didn't realise the significance of yesterday until today, when I came in here and read the posts.
i meant to display our flag yesterday, and forgot, due to personal reasons.
and yes, we own a united states flag. and we fly it on certain remembrance days.

let the tarring and feathering commence.
I have been struggling not to put non-trolls on "ignore" because I think it cheapens the board experience and is cowardly.

But I am too old, too tired, too smart (and *obviously* too conceited) to deal with people I think are zeds who I don't already know. Hah - the idiots I already know I am saddled with (just to clarify, I am speaking of IRL idiots, no Busties). And yes, the reason this is a confession is that it's mean and shortsighted to write people off as zeds before you get to know them, and it's horrifyingly arrogant and self-satisfied, and, and, and.

But I just don't feel like getting all worked up over people I have no investment in. I freely admit this makes me a bad bustie, and especially since after seven years on these boards I ought to know better. Maybe I will get stronger and take him or her or them off ignore in a few months, or maybe I am just a curmudgeon.

PS Mando, I love you in all your starred and stripey glory. You carried the flag in your heart.
Some opinions I have on certain things i.e. the military, I will not voice on the board out of love and respect for those BUSTies who have affiliations with the military. Even though I would be referring to the deployment of UK troops, it would still be insensitive and callous of me. That's not censoring myself, it's giving a fig for how it will affect those who read.

I am a smug individual, I am self-satisfied to know that I truly care about the feelings of people around me - strangers or not.
mando, if more people were patriotic the way that you are the world would be a different place.
bunny, i care enough to not censor myself, to say what i honestly feel and get an honest response in return. just like in real life, i want the discussion open, no matter how it may hurt. pain is part of life, pain is the ultimate teacher, i think hiding from it makes me cowardly in ingenuine. but that's just me and i respect your POV.

i confess that i am a bad ex-girl friend. i like it when they get hung up on me. kinda. i certainly don't discourage it. i've been thinking about this a lot.
In some respects, I'm of the same opinion as you pepper, there are some areas I don't think should ever be taboo. In certain cases, though, I know I'm not qualified to vocalise my opinions as I have no personal attachment to it or much knowledge behind it - sometimes just a gut feeling - and I would prefer to be silent on those occasions as I'm liable to hurt someone with my idealistic naivete.
but bunny, it's a chance for you to grow too. to hear the opinion of someone who maybe Does have some experience, or the opinions of other people like you. myth dispelling at least, no? and why is your opinion any less qualified or valuable than anyone else's? those are your feelings and thoughts and I'D like to hear them. bet i'm not the only one.
we just had GREAT resolution in the general sex thread talking through a difficult subject. but we talked it through to the end and i think that everyone walked away with a better understanding of each other and some satisfaction.
discussion is never a bad thing in my opinion. but again, that is just me.

one more thing. i lived in a huge multicultural city where there are vast pockets of one culture or another, cities within cities. many of the cultural practices and belief systems were very different than what i was used to and what i thought was 'right' etc (i was in my teens and twenties). one expample: being shoved onto the street car every day by a gaggle of ancient asian women was never really a fun time and it often made me so angry and i projected generalized cultural distain onto them. it was ALWAYS a hard thing to think of and to discuss, this racial bias in myself because it's wrong and i KNOW that and my parents and peer group have always been progressive sorts. but discussion happened instead of avoidance and yes, many times people were offended by the conversaion, some to the point of leaving it altogether. but i can't regret it. it was a chance to process through it and it WORKED. i can't imagine not having talked those feelings out. because they WERE and they were valid because of that. racism is an ugly, ugly thing, perhaps one of the ugliest there is. it's difficult to look at it in yourself and your peer group etc and to voice it as well. it's offensive, it's horrible. but not unspeakably so. better out than in i think
Well, maybe I am just a mean cruel heartless bitch. I don't know what the fuck a zed is, which doesn't suprise me since it's slang that white people use--I guess. Anyhow. There will be no need to put me on ignore, seeing as how I don't have much in common with ya'll anyway, I'll just lurk periodically, but for the most part, I will be content with just the Bust magazine. Mando, you can kiss my moronic ass. Faith, go get fucked.
*clears throat* no, hummingbird, you don't have a lot in common with some of us: *we* don't have pokers stuck up our ass.

pepper, I value your input. Sometimes things do need to be worked through, different points of view have to be heard and people grow and are educated as a result. You're right: I'm sacrificing my own growth by not sharing an opinion.
whoa, what just happened here? what is a ZED and why are you Leaving, of all things? stay and talk. i don't care who finds it uncomfortable, that's what we're here for.
I dunno - the sado-masochist in Pulp Fiction? Zed's dead, baby.

From what I read, faith's post was not directed to any one individual so I don't know where the anger has come from or what the issue is "I don't know what the fuck a zed is, which doesn't suprise me since it's slang that white people use--I guess" and that suggests that there is an issue here, that it suddenly became about race.

I said in kvetch earlier that some people can deal with criticism maturely and some can't and flounce.
I am sure you all are about to talk some mad shit about me. That's cool. This online community is lame. You're all a bunch of white cunts anyways, with a few sprinkles of cunts of colour. *I am only saying cunts cause' I know its a strong word to the white cunts* You can all go get fucked. *Some of you really need it, fucking pigs* I feel kinda sad about all this, but fuck it. Can't turn back now.

May as well go out with a boom, kinda like a suicide bomber. I had a teacher once tell me that he thought that 9/11 was justified and that it was about time that something like that happen to the united states. I'll take it a step further and say that it was about time something like that happen to a massive number of white people. White lives are valued more in this country. And in bust, it's clear that so are your values and opinions, fucking liberal whites. This country is remembering white american lives. That's all. Now carry on. But remember I'll be lurking....Please put me on ignore. I am feeling rather bitchy and immature. I am going through a metamorphosis. I am becoming a troll...
*sides splitting* is she for fucking real? that is some fucked up shit. The only mad shit we're going to say about you is that you ARE mad. Fuck, I'm glad I saw your issues for what they were.

eta: oh, and "cunt" has been reclaimed by the white feminists, didn't ya know?
eta (cos I just can't help myself): it wasn't just white people who died on 9/11 or since.
hummingbird, really, what the fuck? As far as I've seen there has been no anger, bitchiness, hatred, bigotry or any other nasty things directed at you in here, so I really do not understand your response. As it happened I kind of agreed with your original post in here about 9/11, but that aside I don't think that any of the BUSTies who posted after you were attacking you in any way. Hell I could have been attacked for totally forgetting about the anniversary but I wasn't.

How you have turned this into something about race, Maude only knows. And as it happens I'm not offended by the word cunt, so call it me as much as you want. But that isn't going to sort out the problem because as it is, I don't get what the problem is anyway.

Also, what is a zed?

ETA: Or has your account been hacked? Hmmm.
In Canada, "zed" is how we pronounce the letter "Z"...but, um...I dunno what it means otherwise, and I dunno WTF is going on in here. WTF is going on in here?

I suspect this is something that started in another thread, but I have no idea how it became so vitriolic over here. I'm gonna guess it has to do with everyone's personal and political feelings about yesterday's anniversary, and leave it at that.

But honestly, if people can't talk openly about personal and political stuff in the Lounge without being subjected to back-biting and name-calling (and I'm not taking any "sides" on this - one person doth not a tango make), where CAN we talk about it?
one psycho does not mean we can't discuss anything personal or political in the lounge. it's tough love if someone freaked out cos we said she could have been more sensitive.

it started in here and it finished in here, hummingbird took it into kvetch but I'm still none the wiser to why it became so vitriolic.
That was so extreme I think her account may have been hacked, as punkerplus said.
bunny, stop calling names. psycho is not very nice.

and neither is cunt or pulling the race card hummingbird.
i'm totally confused about what is going on here but girl, it sounds to me like you are having a really bad day. take a breath, remember that whatever is going on you have ears to hear you and people to bounce your shit off of. just take it easy with the vicious ok? there isn't any reason to split or to call yourself a troll or to make yourself act like one. we're friends. whatever is up do you want to talk about it? do you want some space? whichever one, i hear you.
i'm going to disregard that post below because it's obvious to me that you are really upset and venting in a major way. i have a hard time believing that that's how you really want to communicate here. whatever is going on it's OK. don't let it get the better of you girl. but don't be scared to come back.

bunnyb (and others), please, i am going to ask that you don't provoke this situation by being nasty about it. i would Never ask you not to voice your opinion but we can all discuss this without getting personal. let's talk it out ok?
bunnyb,pepper, mando, all of ya's,
lemme address the military issue, as I've made no secret in some of my whinings about things from time to time, and yes, my mr is a US soldier and yes I Am proud of that. ( he's served w/ some great foreign men & women over the years as well, minus the brit bastards who were talking about my ass and how much they apparently were enjoying the view as they walked behind me.. but that's totally o/t!).
even in my chosen life, I'm still a bit of a peace-lovin' mama (my mr calls me TreeHugger- yes he does treehugger busty!) who believes that this world and it's people are redeemable.

please, do not ever sensor yourself or your feelings on my account (if I can be so self-centered as to think that). true there have been several occassions when I read things that upset me here, but you know, that's MY concern and how to cope. one of the things that I love about where I'm from, how I've chosen to live my life for, and yes - Bust the magazine, is that freedom of speach really means something.
it means people are thinking and feeling and Talking About it!!
I've lived in places where those actions will literally get you killed.
I may not agree with something I've read, and it may make me angry & pissy & I might mouth off to the screen when I read it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have validity, and that if I stop and really think about it, I'm not able to see the posters point of view, even if I might still not agree with them.

we take what we get from this place digested in the acids of our own expierences.

= hops back off my soapbox w/ hugs to everyone=

and hummingbird: I don't know what happened here with you.
I'm white, but I don't know what a 'zed' is either or do I care, esp if it is some sort of racial slur towards someone else. my heart just does not have time or space for hate like that.
please don't become a troll.
you had some really good posts in other places, and it's not too late yet.


thanks freckle.
QUOTE(pepper @ Sep 12 2006, 01:54 PM) *

thanks freckle.

yer welcome pepper, but for what?
Apologies for name calling (cos there wasn't any of that already) but I'm a psycho bitch too.

A really bad day? wtf? are suicide bombers all over the world having a really bad day? shit like that is where all the evil stuff stems from.

racism is racism is racism and I will NOT hug and console someone who spews such extreme, vitriolic HATE. But by all means let's be inclusive, I have the ignore function to save myself from having my eyes burned by hateful, hateful, nasty shit. I am shocked that some people find this acceptable and call me out for being nasty.
freckle, thank you for validating what i said about not censoring ourselves and pointing out how people can hear something painful and deal with it and be better for it.
and thanks for stepping into this volatile arguement and keeping calm and friendly.
and for being you.
i like your couch, btw. mines denim slip covered too.
IPB Image
and apparently very, very comfy. hee.

bunny, i never said it wasn't horrible and nasty. i just think it was said in an extreme moment of anger and who hasn't done that? i don't think she meant it, i have a hard time believing that. if i'm wrong we'll see soon enough but i don't want to jump the gun on this one. let's just all take a minute here.

i didn't suicide bomb anyone this morning but i did yell at my kid when i really didn't have to. i said something mean too and i had to appologize for it. thank goddess he doesn't throw me in the trash when i mess up, or me him.
Jeez, I go eat lunch and this is what happens...

From my urban dictionary search (here) I'm not sure what a "zed" is either, at least in the context of the original post....I hope hummingbird's account has been hijacked because that was some vitriolic shit, entitled to her opinion or not.
So faith -if it was directed at hummingbird- called her braindead and did not make any racist slur, I didn't think she did. Would not have justified the response either (not even the first one about going and getting fucked).

If hummingbird's a/c has been hijacked then I'll hold my hands up and apologise, but I really don't think it has. I think she's a prejudiced and immature little girl.

I am having a really hard time with it being justified -nasty and horrible acknowledged- and put down to being a bad day. NOTHING excuses that outburst. As I said in BUSTing trolls (but let's leave it to the one trainwreck thread): would Mel Gibson's comments be more acceptable if he had said in his statement that he was having a really bad day? I don't care if someone has just lost a loved one, comments of that kind are not acceptable. Oh, and I would be saying the same if I was black, Hispanic, Asian or of any other race other than white.

eta: I'm having an extreme moment of anger and I'm not saying that 9/11 was justified cos it killed loads white folks. I'm not saying either that bombings occurring every day in the Middle East are fine because it's happening to those with a darker skin colour than me. You know why? cos not even in the darkest corner of my being do I think that, anger or not. I might not mean saying shut up all of you in a thread but there has to be some level of consciousness and culpability behind her words.

Oh, and I reported her post as the racist shit it is.
maybe i'm just in a really understanding mood today but

"I think she's a prejudiced and immature little girl."

if that's the case then these experiences lend themselves to growing up.

people make mistakes.

mel can feel remorseful and make ammends. it doesn't make what was done any better but i makes him a better person in the end.

goddess forbid we be held forever at our lowest points.

i would leave the opportunity for making amends open to each one of you, no matter what you did.
except the asshat who is unredeemable because he's satan.
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