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Full Version: The underarm smell is back!!!!
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Last year starting around the end of April I started to get this musty underarm smell very sporatically. I tried keeping track of what I ate and couldn't link it to just one thing. Milk, caffine, desserts (like pie) all seemed to give me 'the smell' at least once but not every time I consumed them. So this smell emerged about once a week or less just at random times and then in October it just stopped. I haven't had it all winter long and now back in April/May it's reared its ugly head. I don't think I've been eating anything too differently. This is why I thought it might be an outside air allergy since it comes only on certain days and certain times of the year. Anyone heard of such an allergy to milk or pollens giving bad underarm odor??? I'm so stumped!
No offense, jkp, but I love coming into Our Bodies, Our Hells to see who is stinky and where...sometimes, even, what exactly said body part smells like! (Anyone remember my personal favorite, "Garlic Smell From My Vagina???"?)

Anyhoo, jkp, welcome to BUST! Really, really I mean it, even if I had to tease ya.

So, usually around here, we prefer it if a bunch of new threads aren't started if the subject will fit in somewhere for your topic, I recommend The General Health Question thread. Oh, usually you get more responses that way, too.

Good luck!
okay thanks, i'll post there
jkp_77: try the bacterial vaginitis thread.. it sounds like you've got BV.. it stinks up your whole body.
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