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Full Version: I dont want to be jealous but . . .
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. . . My boyfriend is visiting Italy with his cousin and a couple of their friends for a couple weeks this summer. I can’t get awful scenarios of good-looking Monica Bellucci lookalikes out of my head. He’s never done anything to make me doubt his love but I know that sometimes things like that just happen. How do I get tell myself I’m paranoid, but it’s not really helping. I don’t want to act like a psycho but the idea is really eating away at me!
Jealousy sucks for the person who feels it, but it's an irrational fear. Please keep telling yourself all the reasons he has given you that he is true to you. Hopefully that'll help. Also, DO NOT let it eat away at you. Change the subject in your head. Think of the good times and why you love him.
Hi smallfeet!

Notwithstanding john's excellent advice, there is a thread about jealousy in relationships here. It's in the sex threads, but it's mostly talking about relationships and jealousy that arises from that. You'd probably get more of a response if you repost over there.

Generally, we try not to start new threads if there is an existing thread your question can fit into; I know BUST is sort of unique in that regard to other message boards.

You can check about new threads and find out where to post your queries here.

I saw over in Newbies that you grew up in Buffalo. I'm from Rochester, originally. Howdy neighbor, and welcome to BUST!
Hey, I'm new and wanted to comment here b/c I went through your situation just this past year. Except it was me who spent last summer abroad and my boyfriend (at the time) who couldn't get over me possibly meeting other guys. So I understand the feelings you're having but on the end of the person who is away from home, I can tell you it's quite hard to be dealing with culture shock and new surroundings while also dealing with a boy or girlfriend back home who is suspicious of you. For me, it meant not being able to tell my boyfriend about a lot of the things I saw and the people I met. And I sure wasn't guilty of anything even though he sure racked up minutes on his Onesuite account trying to make me feel as if I was. Like I said before, he's not my boyfriend anymore. But I don't want to make you feel bad, apologies if I did, but I just wanted to offer the perspective that the jealousy doesn't just eat away at the person feeling it.
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