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Full Version: Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady...the Big Love Thread
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I started it!
Ohhhh... I love the title! And I'm hopelessly addicted to Big Love, also!

I like the show when it focuses on the family. When it ventures over to the extended family at Juniper Creek, I really lose interest.
GREAT title.

I haven't watched the last two episodes but I intend to shortly.

Having not seen them, is something being foreshadowed between Margie and Barb's oldest son?
I need to catch up on my episodes!
GREAT title jem!! Thanks for starting this thread...I'm going to watch the latest epi tonight, and then I'll be ready to dish!

Like any "bad guy", I just want Roman to just stop being horrid to Bill....I know it makes for high drama and is a nice contrast between the extremes of the faith, but oy, I just want Bill's family to live in relative peace....
Hee! Great title jem!

I think there's tension between Ben and Margie, but I think it's sexual only from Ben's side. I think Margie just desperately needs a friend.
Throwing out title love here too...

I feel the same way, catsoup. The "abnormal" family dealing with "normal" family/society/life stuff is endlessly interesting to me...The abnormal families who are removed from society, not so much.

It's so weird how likable the main characters are.

As for Roman harrassing Bill's family - I think they need to resolve that storyline. It seems like it could get old fast.
Is it wrong that I'm singing the thread title as "Once, twice, three times the ladies"?
I'm so glad you like the title--I was so pleased with myself when I typed it! ;}

Yeah, the whole Roman thing is overkill. We haven't even seen Sarah in two episodes because there's so much other bullshit going on.

I don't know-I think something may happen with Margene and Ben, she is really immature and lonely, and they totally flirt.

I am loving Nikki's Prairie Bitch Ass.
yeah, Nikki is my absolute favorite character. So bitchy! So manipulative! Though how anyone can accumulate that much debt and still have nothing but prairie outfits is beyond me.

And I find myself rooting for Barb and Bill and their "affair," and then I snap out of it and want to smack Barb for staying with a guy who reacted to her near-fatal illness by becoming "inspired" to get new wives. But Bill's just so darn likeable.
Do you think their living arrangement is anti-feminist? I read this whole article saying it's romanticizing an oppressive and controlling way of life, blahblahblah.

Do you think Bill is absolutely in charge? Sometimes I feel like he is, but other times I feel like the women are and the power shifts depending on what's going on. I like to think Barb has the final say on things.
I have to say that I don't find the Henricksons' (proper) lifestyle to be that anti-feminist. I don't think its good for any of them. Also, as they are fond of reminding us, they chose this life (which of course doesn't make it any less anti-feminist, I just don't tend to argue with what people choose for themselves). I personally wouldn't mess with Barb.

I would say that the oppression is down there at Juniper Creek, with Creepy Roman and Nasty Frank and Child Bride Samara.
Yeah, I tend to agree with zilla, about the Henrickson's making a choice...but I also think the choice means something different for each woman...for Barb, it was both a choice made thoughtfully, and yet, Nikke was basically given to the family as chattel, to seal the deal to start Bill's first store. For Nikki....sure, it was a choice from her perspective, and with her love of material things, getting off Juniper Creek is a sweet deal. Now Margene is the interesting one to seems true that she fell in love with Bill, and chose to be a part of the family, and yet, I feel like she didn't understand the full ramifications and how isolating it would be. She's a young girl, in this family basically on her own, no real outside friends or activities. I think it will be most interesting to see how Margene either comes to terms with her choice, or if she decides that it is not for her, as she needs more social opportunities.
I love this show and the thread title! Nice.

It seems to me that the women are not consistently dedicated to the polygamy lifestyle. It often seems like they wish they had Bill all to themselves. Barb seems to be the one who is most able to let him go when it's not her time. Nikki appears jealous much of the time.

I like Barb & Bill, but I have to wonder about their judgement & intentions in taking on the other two wives. Nikki-for financial reasons, and then Margene who is so young & inexperienced in the world. It seems morally irresponsible.

I'm with you on the Roman issue-I find the whole storyline tedious, I wish they'd resolve it.
Also, I am amazed they agreed to "bring another soul" into the family, considering how every time you see poor Margene, she is struggling to balance two babies on her hip with little to no help from the other women, on top of constantly babysitting Niki's bratty and misbehaved little boys. It seems like Niki can barely handle her boys and should be the last one to procreate again (although I know she just saying she wants to get pregnant to get more time with Bill and take him away from Barb and is really taking birth control still). I am just surprised the others would consent to the idea. I felt so sorry for Niki's little boy at his birthday party when he asked if there were going to be any children there and seemed so miserable with all his gifts.
Re. "bringing another soul" into the family: I think that technically, as morman polygamists, that's what they *should* be doing - procreating. That's the whole reason for the polygamist lifestyle, at least on paper.

And I do think their living arrangement is anti-feminist. Completely. Although I agree that adults should able to choose for themselves, they are still "normalizing" a lifestyle that inherently gives women a raw deal. Even if they are hiding it from their LDS neighbors, they are still sending a strong anti-feminist message to their children. They're saying them, through their actions if not in so many words, that God does not think men and women deserve equality in a relationship. That men are entitled to more and women should be happy with less.

I think the same thing when I watch "The Girls Next Door." *hangs head* Okay, I don't go out of my way to watch that show (this is the one about Hugh Hefner and his three live-in girlfriends), but I am quite fascinated by how the girlfriends are always trying to convince the audience how great it is to be them, and how they get offended when someone calls them anti-feminist.

Because I don't care if you get to live in the Playboy mansion - these women are adults, yet they have a curfew, are kept on a small budget, and live in a relationship where the monogamy runs one-way and requires them to compete with each other for the affections of an 80-year old man. And yeah, although whatever they want to do is just fine by me, the sales-pitch for the lifestyle irritates me.
Okay, I'm all caught up now and at this point, I was going to say that I like Margene's character that most because she chose the lifestyle rather than being raised into it. But Nikki is fascinating too, and I also like Barb a lot.

The one thing I don't buy is how the women all claim to love each other and be married to each other. I never heard that as being part of polygamy. It seems like a nicer concept, but I don't buy the "sister wives." Margie obviously sees Barb as a mom. And Barb acts like a mom to both of the other wives. And Nikki clearly doesn't love anyone but herself.
i am as morally opposed to the polygamous lifestyle as i am to the mobster lifestyle in the sopranos. i have zero tolerance for religions based on the subjugation of women. (ok. well. most religions are based on the subjugation of women. but some more than others). i also find the comparison between polygamy and gay marriage as something outside the norm - and therefore worthy of applause or at least tolerance - offensive. it's not something i can easily put my finger on. however i didn't feel as hypocritical when i started watching the sopranos as i do with this show.

that said, i got sucked in by the intrigue, the comedic element, the writing, the cattiness (yes, the cattiness, there, i said it) and some of the actors, especially jeanne tripplehorn. bill paxton makes me want to plunge sharp objects into my eyes. i know they cast him for his middle-americaness, but he's like the i wish they'd cast someone else. anyone else! i mean, really. at least find someone sexy enough that polygamy might be worth it!

also, a large part of the suckage is that it follows the sopranos. even tho i don't usually watch shows just because they follow something that i watch. also, there's nothing else on on sunday nights, if you're not a grey's anatomy person.

i can't stand nikki. tho i like chloe. so she's doing a good job. "Though how anyone can accumulate that much debt and still have nothing but prairie outfits is beyond me." bwah!

i missed the first two eps, and don't understand the roman-bill feud. i need to do some research, because it's starting to bother me.

rhonda and alby are uber creepy.

anyone remember grace zabriskie (lois) from twin peaks? god i love that woman!

and what everyone else said about the thread title. including my not being able to get the song out of my head. except buckwheat's singing it. you're unce, tice, tee times a mady ... oy.
I can't stand Ginnifer Goodwyn (Margene). I hated her in Walk the Line but I thought it might be the way they wrote her character. Now I think it's just her. She always plays a whiny brat and I never find myself feeling anything sympathy for her, but just biding my time until she's off the screen. Anyone else feel that way about her? I think Chloe Sevigny and Jeanne Tripplehorn are much better actresses, and I agree that Bill Paxton puts the bore in boring.
But he has such a fine ass for a 50 year old man!

But really, I'm getting over Bill Paxton's tight heiney at this point. I'm surprised it's not credited as Bill Paxton, and his Magical 50 Year Old Sag-Free Ass!
It gets more screen time than the Henrickson Kidlets (who rock).

If he farts on screen twice does his butt get a SAG card?
"If he farts on screen twice does his butt get a SAG card?" Bwahahahaha!

I like Margene the best.

what was up with the alby creepy potential manlove in the motel?? that was so strange.

I thought that was odd too, glow. I don't see where it fits in the story.
it's like, if he was repressing his attractions, i could see that. but he never really seemed into it so it was just ???
I never wanted to reach into my TV and throttle a character more than I wanted to do so to Frank tonight. EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW

"Go for his privates!"

all in all that show was sort of boring to me. i think they took it in sort of a goofy direction. and like suddenly the neighbor has disappeared this episode? dunno. wasn't into it.
I am *this* close to stopping watching. I hate all the Roman/Extended Family crap.
I think the roman/bill feud is gonna end. I actually like the forays into Juniper Creek.

And I totally LOVE Bill Paxton. I've never seen him in anything before to ruin his 50 year old ass, though.

My other predictions:

Margie and Ben are gonna have awk.ward.sexual.encounter.

Joey's sweet on Barb. He's gonna leave Wanda and stay in the city.

Wanda is some sorta shady, though. I think she might go back to Juniper Creek and start up some shit.

What's with Dale's (pink faced crewcut man, is his name Dale?) wives playing footsie during the bridge game? We're they signalling or having some lesbo action?

Sarah and Deb (what's her name?) are they gonna be gay? Or just good mormons?

I think Alby's got the man-love issue and I hope they keep pursuing that in the future.
oh, i love this show!!! how did i miss this thread for so long? (i know it hasn't been that long).

my partner and i have been watching the shows as they come out on the box (cable-thing). i think we'll be watching episode 7 or 8 this week, can't remember. the last one we saw was the alby-man-love one. i don't know if he was actually into it - i thought he was just acting that way to get the guy to leave...but maybe i'm just missing something.

i love margene...actually, all the characters. for a while, when roman was on the screen, all i kept thinking was: he was molly ringwald's sweet dad in pretty in pink (he was, wasn't he?). and i agree with everyone here, the roman-bill feud is getting to be too much. i was thinking they would resolve it soon, with bill's plan to have the attorney general involved (i think i'm getting that right)...but when he received that phone call from joey, i was like "gaaaahhh".

i was not a big fan of nikki at the start, but she is growing on me. i think her screwing up is what's attracting me to her. *and*, the way she handled alby when he was looking into one of the houses through the patio door (how creepy!) totally made me like her even more.

there are sooo many other story lines they can dwell into - like the sara and her friend thing - and yes, what will happen to margene and ben?

(i'm addicted to the show)...and yes, rhonda (is that the name of roman's little child bride?) very much creeps me out...i kind of like when we're taken to juniper creek.
Did Frank's 2nd wife really refer to Condoleeza as 'uppity'? As in an 'uppity nigger'?!? Holy shit.
Yes jem, she did. I liked how the scene was set up to look like they were reacting to the news about terrorist cells, but no.
Frank is so foul. I love to hate him.

Ooooh, oooh, Rhonda! I totally think she's gonna bail Juniper Creek and go hog wild in the City! Remember how she was singing at Roberta's funeral that song -- "Will you miss me when I'm gone?" I hope that's a bit of foreshadowing.
2 minor issues I have that have nothing to do with the storyline:

the wardrobe sucks 90% of the time. I know they're Mormons, but geez. This is TV. Wear something I can drool over! (Maybe I'm just spoiled by the Gilmore Girls because that's the only other TV show I ever watch).

The yard- WHY is it all dirt? There's not a single blade of grass. It's so gross.
I think the yard is them unconciously creating Juniper Creek in the backyard.
Whew!!! I've been dying to come in here all week, but didn't have a chance to catch up on last week's epi until last night!

I do kind of like the contrast between Juniper Creek and the Hendriksons....JC's militance creeps me the hell out, but its interesting. Wanda's breakdown shows the isolation that keeps people there, which I thought was interesting - Wanda speaks her mind too, and among all the JCers, I think I like her best.

Now when Nikki asked Barb if it was over....what do you think she meant? The JC/Bill conflict, the family staying over, or their polygamist lifestyle in general....I wasn't sure if I missed something as I was BUSTing while watching...but that was a juicy tidbit.

I like Margene more every week...she just wants to be normal and for people to be happy, nothing wrong with that.

Frank is indeed hilarious to watch, and I just knew Bill was going to find his mom in bed with him - Frank and his mom are so fiery, how could they not be attracted to each other - like moths to flame, eh?
I'm pretty sure Nikki was asking Barb if the affair was over.
Nikki is EVIL! I feel sorry for her sometimes, and then after the latest episode (the barbecue for betty) I can't believe her nerve! She is by far the most interesting character.

All right Roman you big rainstorm in a parade. Enough with you. Have a coronary while you're banging away on wife #75.

Anyone else think it was funny that Don's two wives were gonna share a room when Betty came into the scene? I wonder if they are the footsy-playing ones.

I'm pretty sure lobsters in trash bags in the hot car would induce me to puke.

Bill did too much yelling this episode. He was too Al Pacino-y for my taste.
I really hate that Barb continues to stand up for her, putting the trust between herself and Bill at risk. Nikki does not deserve their unconditional kindness and forgiveness. I'm getting angry with the show because there has to be SOME penalty/punishment for her actions, but she always manages to manipulate her way out of it.
omg! the ben! he is the yum! and how can he feel bad about himself! poor morbot! also, have you ever seen such a stilted, non-touchy defloweration? ack!
Oooooh, now I'm really curious. I didn't watch last night. I hope I'll have time to watch tonight.
Ben has such gorgeous eyes! Plus I really think that he and the actress who play Sarah look like they're siblings--they both have these delicate features. I'd say that they then made a mistake in casting Teenie, cept that she's ADORABLE and I love her little redheaded self.
zillah, I was just thinking that this week. Ben & Sarah do like alike.

I'm glad Margene ditched the neighbor lady.
Margine gets on my nerves. When Bill Paxton gets physical with her, it always makes me feel like he's molesting a child.

Ben is SOOO HOTTT! That little whore he's dating needs to slow down and consider his feelings. If she knew anything at all she'd know that he's special and not like all those other awful teenage boys who don't give a shit about girls and just want to get laid. Yeah, that sex scene was so awful for both of them! No build up of any kind. Poor Ben.
Poor Ben.

Ben and Sarah totally look alike, Zillah, good call.

And finally, I fucking love Niiki "I said shush-up!" and her dryer fixing ass.

Spoiler alert!

Margene preggo. I was surprised by that. Things are getting sticky for the family. I almost felt sorry for Bill when he couldn't join that leadership group, but he chose that life.
Yeah, I was totally suprised by the pregnancy announcement, you could see Nikki seething already. But really, I just felt bad for Margene...she's already got her hands more than full.

And Bill....the poor man is not thinking clearly...taking on the UEB council, when the older guy warned him repeatedly about what happened to his grandfather...not too bright. And the load of debt he's carrying now with buying the UEB seat, Nikki's Debt, and his stores...a storm is a brewin' - that's for sure.

Really, I'm starting to feel like this show is more mobster oriented than Sopranos lately....

Rhonda creeps me out...totally.
You know, this family needs some serious birth control! Those kids of Margene's are always crying and screaming and she can barely handle them, plus she is always having to babysit Nikki's monster boys, so how is this new baby going to work?
Good finale! I felt so bad for Barb. Really though, it is hard to believe they have not been exposed thus far. It just seems impossible. Also, this episode really showed how the lifestyle affects the children. They all suffer, due to the choices their parents make. Poor Teeny. Even the young bitchy girl from the commune. I know she's a snake, but I felt sorry for her this episode too.
do we do spoilers in here after the show airs? if so, do not read further if you haven't watched the finale!

wanda poisoning albie? priceless! (and is wanda a little retarded, or what?)

but i fear roman's retribution. gah. i can no longer picture him as the cool, wimpy dad from pretty in pink.

jean tripplehorn is amazing. i still do not like anything about polygamy, but my heart broke for her. and that was before she cried.

and what was up with poor margene's dress/hair for the award ceremony? they made such a stink about nikki losing the prairie clothes, yet they make margene look like an 80's prom-girl reject?

i know it was a shock and he was concerned for barb, but i hated that bill didn't walk out with his children, head held high. he made them all fend for themselves. i hate bill.
I think we can talk about the show in detail once it airs.

you're right mando -- Bill sucks for leaving his kids behind like that. Though I normally like his character, or at least I liked him at the beginning of the season, that was just lame.

Does anyone else wonder why in the world Bill and especially Barb would ever go for this lifestyle? I know that the writers "explained" it (after Barb's illness, Bill went back to "the principle," and she followed), but that's just not cutting it for me. Why would they want to make social outcasts of themselves and their children? Why put their business at risk?

And I still don't understand how they can afford three mortgages and support 11 people on Bill's income and Barb's sub-teacher salary.

I'm kind of sorry they've been exposed already. I really liked how the show approached their crazy lifestyle by showing their every day lives...but with the UEB storyline and probably now their exposure in the community, all the craziness and drama is external.

Gah, HBO's tiny little seasons irritate me.
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