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Full Version: Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady...the Big Love Thread
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I just fucking love Chloe Sevigny as Nikki. It's the perfect role for her.

And I almost felt sorry for Rhonda The Bedazzler until she sicced her husband Gramps on the Henricksons.

As if they would just eject Barb from the contest right that second. Wouldn't they just make her a loser and then that's that? Talk about kerfluffle and shit.

Ben didn't get his groove on at all and Sarah was barely in it, which is a bummer. They are the most interesting parts of the show to me.

What the hell is Wanda's deal? Would someone hit her over the head with a shovel already?

And Albie, I hope he lives, only so that he can have more crazy gay encounters like that one time.
I believe Margene's ensemble was a skort of some kind and it was deeply disturbing.

This episode was heartbreaking. The final scene with the three wives in Barb's bedroom actually had me crying.

I am delighted by Lois, and Wanda gives me the Hebrew Jebrews, but you knowwhat, I would have poisoned Frank and Albie, too.
Margene's outfit was definitely a disaster! And Nikki got to wear a cool dress.

I love Lois, she cracks me up.

I dislike Albie. I was hoping he would have died.

Lot, I was wondering the same thing. It is really not believable that Bill can support 3 households. Nice houses too. Also, I don't understand why Bill would want the polygamist lifestyle, what with the feelings he has about the compound.
I feel like Bill's taking to the "lifestyle" is more a macho thing - showing that it doesn't have to be like life on the compound...that it can be a choice. Or maybe it was also a reaction out of fear when he nearly lost Barb...

I dunno...I think if you owned two gigantic home stores you might be able to have three households...they're nice but not really over the top, property probably isn't that expensive, and what if he got all of the building supplies at cost from his store...seems feasible to me.

Lois is great...I love the scenes with her in it.

Wanda is definitely a little "off," but I like her fierce mama-bearness in doing what it takes to protect her family, regardless of the consequences...

And, I'm really sad that the season is over. *sigh*
Nikki looked so beautiful. It's easy to forget how beautiful Chloe is when she's always in those praire costumes.

I was cracking up with Rhonda's bedazzler.

I hoped they would let Albie die. I'm not sure how things are better with him recovering. Then he will tell Roman that Wanda posioned him and the retaliation will be terrible. I thought better to let him die and get rid of the body and then claim innocence, but that may be because I spend the hour before Big Love watching Sopranos..... :-)
I think Margene was in that horrible 80's Prom Nightmare to punch up how gorgeous Nikki was.

Melora Walters is just trouble wherever she goes.
I thought Bill and Barb got into polygamy because they needed money (for Barb's hospital bills or the store or something) and Roman paid Bill to take Nicky.

I guess I'm the only one who didn't feel that sorry about the competition thing. I thought the whole competition itself was lame and Barb was acting like a complete dork about it. And she seemed like she cared more about being disqualified than about the whole family getting exposed. All over a dumb contest.

Wanda and what's-his-face (the brother) are constantly fucking everything up. I don't know why Bill even involves them anymore.
I thought Bill took up the principle as a way to thank god for not killing Barb with cancer. And since Nicki was conveniently already nursing Barb, he just married her crazy ass so he could get right with the Lord super quick.
I want to have dirty lesbian encounters with Nikk as she hollars "I said shush up!" at me.
That is all.
Oh sooo happy there is a Big Love thread....

I think Barb was more upset with herself, that she had exposed the family by being selfish

I'm upset the season is over.about the contest.
wait a minute, hold the phone! "I thought Bill and Barb got into polygamy because they needed money (for Barb's hospital bills or the store or something) and Roman paid Bill to take Nicky."

thank you for mentioning this critical point, hellotampon. i had no clue about this! i only missed the first show. possibly the second. either i'm embarrassingly oblivious or they never made mention of this in subsequent episodes. the rest of the season would've made ALOT more sense had i known this ... goddammit!

and without my sopranos or big love, now i'm getting hooked on entourage. anyone up for a thread?

or maybe we should just have an HBO thread? except i heart this title. and i don't watch deadwood.
I watch Entourage but not Deadwood either, Mando.

An HBO thread might be cool. But Entourage might also deserve it's own thread.
I LOVE Big Love and I'm also really sad that the show is over. I didn't get to watch the finale, but I heard all about it. I have to check it out ondemand or something.

I HATE nikki. I'm sorry to everyone who loves her, but I think she's such a bitch that I get annoyed listening to her sometimes. Especially that whole "who will watch the chicks?" mentatility. I want to punch her in the face! However, she totally keeps me watching.

I love Margene! I think she's a very believable character and very down to earth. I totally saw her pregnancy coming though. As soon as she passed out, I was like, "ten bucks says..." I'm excited to see how Nikki will handle it.

Btw, did anyone else hear know that Margene has a blog? If you go to, and look under their original series, she has a blog and talks about things that happened and how she feels about it and stuff. It's very interesting. And I haven't checked it in awhile, but I think hbo will continue to have "Margene" write in her blog through the off season until it starts back up.

random: am i the only one who's bothered by the opening segment of the show, and margene's long hair even though she clearly has short hair in the actual episodes?
I guess the reason this show works is that there is a character for everyone. I personally despise Margene and think Nikki's character is way more interesting. Margene is pretty weak and has self-esteem issues which make her super paranoid all the time. She is also pretty whiny. I like Barb the best and I felt so sad for her when the mom of the year thing came back to slap her in the face. I think she IS a great mom, but that polygamy was definitely a mistake for her and her family.
cstars, I noticed the hair thing too! but it didnt make me crazy or anything, i just thought it was weird. i actually think the opening is really lame! but i love that show. I am really sad that it is over for the season, but i cant wait for the next one!

Bring on the Polygamists!
*bump* for hamburg
I wish we had a Deadwood thread, but if we did I couldn't participate anyway because I don't have cable and I'm waiting for the third season to come out on DVD.
thanks for bumping, mornington. i gonna read everything tomorrow!
Whoa, mandolyn, I didn't know that about Nikki.

Also, i am down for an HBO thread, I love about anyhing they put on. And that main actor boy in Entourage . . . whooooo baby!!!!

Although . . . who was into Carnivale? And is anyone into Rome? I'm bitter about the end of Carnivale and mad i nlove with Rome.
New season starts June 11th! Who else is excited?
Did anyone watch watch the season premire?
*gasp* how did i not know there was a big love thread?!

i saw the premiere. spoiler in white: i wish jeane tripplehorn would've left instead of gone back. it would make for a badass season.

i thought it kind of dragged at times, but i'm glad the show's back! embarassing confession of the day: i even requested monday nights off work from now on just so i could stay home to see it. i was pissed when i had to work this past week! hee! *blushes*
I thought it dragged a bit at times too. They didnt make mention of Margie being pregnant, I hope they didn't "forget" about it. My roomie and I were talking and we think Barbs cancer might come back or there will be some sort of scare about it. I have Monday nights off and refuse to switch with anyone or pick up an extra shift. lol
what is goin on with Rhonda? I almost barfed when they were hinting that she was gonna have sex with Roman *gags*. She is weird, he is weird the whole thing is weird.
I don't get her story line. I thought she was from the compound, but then that other woman last night (her mother?) kept on with that "Do you want to go back to Mexico?" stuff, and now I'm totally lost.

All that compound side stuff annoys me, and now it's front and center of the show! Ugh. I wish they'd focus more on the home life. That's where I think all the interesting dynamics are.
I know! I thought the same thing, maybe she said New Mexico, but still that doesnt make sense to me. But now she is in the house, is she trying to get with Bill? Or is she really just too young to settle down with Roman?

But they do need to focus on home life more. Margie is pregnant, Barb is having family troubles the son is going straight edge, the daughter is going to meeting about leaving her religion or something like that! There really is a lot goin on at home.
i thought what happened was that rhonda ran away to mexico, but i could be wrong. that little bitch creeps me out. i hate barb's sister so much. margene is awesome, and i'm glad they finally resolved that is there/isn't there sexual tension thing with her and benny. i want to see more of sarah and her friend. alby needs to have more gay almost-encounters with hot drifters in seedy motel rooms. nikki needs to grow up and realize that her family doesn't give a shit about her. and was anyone else's head spinning while nikki's mom was explaing all the various family relationships and how people are now their own step-grandparents and nieces?
When Nikkis mom was talking about that stuff it made my head spin too! i was trying to straighten it all out in my head but ugh! i almost forgot about Albys "encounter". He is starting to snap a little i think.
I thought they said that Rhonda had somehow run off to Mexico and they had managed to get her back. And the sister kept bugging her and reminding her that she's "sealed" to the prophet. *shudder*

It's weird, I know that Margie is pregnant but I don't remember them telling Bill.
They had told Bill she was pregnant in the season finale. I just moved and we dont have cable yet so i missed it last was it?
Oh man, last night's episode was so good! It was one of those ones that left me wanting more. And how creepy was that scene between Alby and Sarah?
Margene's baby is just the ugliest baby I have ever seen in my life and for some reason he was in every fcking scene this week. There. I said it.
Margene's baby is just the ugliest baby I have ever seen in my life and for some reason he was in every fcking scene this week. There. I said it.
LMAO, jem!!!

I'm glad this week picked up some speed. I was getting kinda worried about season 2 for a second there!
Has anyone noticed that Margene has actually LOST weight since last season? And she's supposed to be pregnant! I liked the way she looked before! This past episode was GREAT! SO MUCH DRAAAMA!!
ok i just have to wait a few more days for cable, I heard from a few people that this weeks episode was very suspensful.
lol, somehow I didn't really notice the baby! I guess I was distracted by all of the other things going on in the episode.

Has anyone been to HBO's website for Big Love? It's kind of funny, they have these fake ads for like, Eau de Polygamie perfume and a medication called Polygamol (or something like that). They also have some interesting little "In the beginning" vignettes of what life was supposed to be like when the they first got married.

I actually hadn't noticed Margene's weight, I've just been noticing her hair in like, every episode!
I am completely not overexaggerating when I say that the baby looks just like Sloth from the goonies. Baby ruth? Rocky road?
dude, did everybody cancel their hbo sub or somethin'? whither the big love love people? i think we've had a pretty interesting last few eps.
i'm so confused about the whole video poker game storyline. is it me or are they trying to replace 'the sopranos' with all this blackmail and gun play?

i actually felt back for nikki this week, clinging to margie's mother like that.
I love this show. question.. Margi mentioned 'Anna', the waitress. I must have missed something. did she confront Bill??
I Love this show, but I'm SUPER behind. Just wanted to say that.
QUOTE(jami @ Jul 31 2007, 05:19 PM) *
I love this show. question.. Margi mentioned 'Anna', the waitress. I must have missed something. did she confront Bill??

yes, but because she wanted anna as the 4th wife. i think she had a crush on her herself!
The ending of the last show was awesome, although i wish they hadn't gone off on that stupid side story, even if it did end with Roman getting shot. And they should've shot him in a critical area, not just his arms and stomach. *sigh* He'll live.

You know who I wish they'd kill off? Bill's mom! Ugh, she's so annoying!

I can't believe there's only 4 shows left! I feel like it just started!
I love Lois!
I love Lois!
Gah, I can't come into this thread anymore for fear of spoilers! Now that I'm out of my hometown I no longer have TMN and I can't find the show online so I'll just have to wait for it to come out on DVD. It sucks because I love this show and I wanted to keep up with it.
I've just started watching and have finished season 1 and season 2 so far within the last week! The boy and I love this programme.

I like Lois; she cracks me up - especially when she committed Wanda! Frank annoys me - he's such a fucker.

Jem, did you notice when Margie's baby fell over in an episode? OMG, it's hysterically funny. It's the ep from season 1 where Pam sets Margie up on blind date and he comes to the house; in the forefront of screen Aaron and Lester are sitting at coffee table and whichever one is the baby completely falls to the side and disappears!
I like the show, but only when it's focused on Bill, Barb, Nikki, and Margene. Any time it ventures over into the compound and all that stuff, I lose interest to point of changing the channel.
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