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Ooooooooooooh, today was a good episode! Alby is such a piece of shit!
yeah, he's so creepy and demented, it's a little too over-the-top.
Did anyone else catch the hilarious exchange between Wanda and Cathy towards the end of last nights episode?
Cathy, leans in smiling: "Did you put on the fresh pair of underwear I set out for you?"
Wanda, scowls: "Stop smothering me!"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! My sister and I are still laughing at that one today.
The Last Days of Disco was on HBO or something the other nite. Chloe Sevigny stars, but one of the characters is Albie!
"Did anyone else catch the hilarious exchange between Wanda and Cathy towards the end of last nights episode?
Cathy, leans in smiling: "Did you put on the fresh pair of underwear I set out for you?"
Wanda, scowls: "Stop smothering me!"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! My sister and I are still laughing at that one today. "

Me,too, that was some funny shit! Cathy is going down!
I heart u jem wub.gif

My sis and I have had a running joke for many years having to do with a new pair of underwear being all one needs when they are having a particularly foul day. It's what we call "fresh pair", as in "Aww honey I'm sorry you hate everyone and everything sucks today. You just need a fresh pair and you'll feel better". We've been saying that to eachother forever now and both of us CRIED laughing when she said that. A few days ago my sis was having a hellish day so I went by her place before she got home and laid a pair of underwear out on her bed. She called me laughing hysterically and barely managed to blurt out "STOP SMOTHERING ME!".
This thread has been quiet for awhile but I wanted to ressurect it b/c I finally finished the second season on DVD. I really love this show! Since Saturday, I have watched about 9 straight hours of it. I say, the complexities of a polygamous relationship really make my problems seem easy to solve.

When Nikki is on the screen I can barely look away but she always makes me wince. Such a scary manipulator! She should really be "The Prophet." can you even imagine what kind of scary ruler she would be?

It has been nice to see Margene grow up a little in season 2. I agree w/the recapper on Television w/o Pity that said that Barb would someday regret underestimating her and I think it happened. And I am beginning to wonder if Margine is a little bisexual. Her interest in Ana seems more than just "sister-wifey."

It was nice to see Bard leap out of the closet at the end of Season 2. It really seems that her discomfort w/the life was the secrets and lies, not the actual fact. Although that obviously gives her problems as well.

The actors who play the people from the Compound really make the show for me. When Adale (sp?) is doing anything, I always feel like I need to apologize for something. Very scary woman...

I also love how Rhonda has developed. What a crazy power tripper she is. I really hope she will be back next season but I want her to get married to Roman. She really deserves it. tongue.gif
Hello all! I can't believe this thread has been dead for over a year. Has anyone been watching season 3? It's been sooo good! I missed most of season 2 but I managed to catch up easily. What do you all think of the Ana situation?
I keep thinking of resurrecting this thread. I've been watching. I still have to catch up on most of season 2 as well. I got the gist of what happened but not the details - I'm watching season 2 repeats on another channel at the same time.

I didn't think Ana would stay and I was kind of surprised when she married Bill. I thought it was sad, and Sundays episode was so sad too, so many secrets coming out. I can't wait for next week. Do you think they'll bring Rhonda back? She's such an interesting character I don't think they'd get rid of her completely.
Glad to see this thread resurrected! I haven't watched season three yet; waiting until it is finished so we can watch them all over a couple of nights.
I was getting annoyed with the Ana situation so I was glad that she left. I liked the fact that she reacted to their married life the way most women would (ie. not willing to just do whatever Bill says, etc). Sunday's episode was really sad. I had a feeling that something would happen to the pregnancy, they couldn't just let it keep going like that. I think we definitely have not seen the last of Rhonda. She's fucking nuts and I bet she'll show up somewhere down the line.
I was a little annoyed at the way they handled the pregnancy because it was such a tired way of getting rid of a teen pregnancy. Oh well - I didn't really see too many other ways they could handle it either. Looking forward to next week!
Damn, I did not see that coming at the end of last's nights episode.

This season is depressing. sad.gif (but also really good.)
Okay . . . so Selma in a dress . . . and being Hollis Green's WIFE?! WTF?! Didn't see that coming down the pipe.
All I can say is that this episode was fucking nuts!

Also, did anyone know the piece of music that was being played at the end?
lola rojo
This week's episode was fantastic. Chloe Sevigny is simply wonderful in this role. Her character is one of the most interesting, multi-layered, perplexing characters TV has ever seen.

It would be easy to just dismiss Nicky as a bitch, but there's much more there. She's damaged, duplicitous, pious, devoted, fiercely loyal, vulnerable, tough as nails, she's a fucking paradox in a french braid!

Sevigny deserves an Emmy.

This season has exploded with turmoil, it's just so wonderfully delicious to see storylines filled with conniving schemes and in the next scene, they're describing the kingdom of heaven and what t will be like when they all meet up there. From an agnostic point of view, and also from the point of view of someone who leads a relatively boring life, it's AWESOME!

Top Chef...... I hated seeing Josea win. And I cried over the credits as Carla talked about who she wanted to compete with love. She was great.
I love Chloe too, I think she does such a great job playing Nicky.

I'm curious as to what's going to happen with Sarah's character. She seemed like she was returning to the church but I wonder if that means LDS or following the principle. I was confused about Selma too, very surprised.

I don't know how to do the spoiler type but I know not everyone is watching Season 3 yet...I found the end of the episode really sad. I knew they were going to do something devious so Kathy and Joey couldn't be together but can't they just be happy? Only 5 more episodes this season.

I just watched all of Season 2 in a few days last week so I'm finally all caught up. HBO has once again sucked me in, I can't watch cable TV anymore.

Lola, I think you may have meant to put your Top Chef comment in the Television thread, this is the Big Love thread.
Actually there are only 3 episodes left. sad.gif
I'm pretty sure it's 5. HBO and IMDB both say episode 7 just aired and they both say there's 12 in a season. I hope they don't take too long of a break between seasons. I always hated that I had to wait a year between most seasons of six feet under.
Indeed there are only three episodes left in the season for Big Love. We have only "Rough Edges", "Outer Darkness", & "Sacrament" yet to go. The "No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" will premiere in it's time slot on the 29th.
lola rojo
QUOTE(ketto @ Mar 3 2009, 07:19 PM) *
Lola, I think you may have meant to put your Top Chef comment in the Television thread, this is the Big Love thread.

Oh my, I forgot where I was!
I was behind in starting Big Love this season, I just watched the first 8 episodes, and am disappointed that there are only 2 more episodes. For some reason I thought there were 12 episodes total, guess not.

Nikki has really grown on me this season. I agree that is easy to dismiss her as a bitch, but she is much more complex than that.

Margene is the sister-wife that I can't stand. It seems like all she does is whine and act so immature.

About Sarah, put in spoiler covering in case anyone hasn't seen most of the season yet.
I think Sarah's pregnancy was handled the best way it could be even if it is a bit predictable. I wonder what's going to happen with her future, I could not see her living with the principle.

Question about Kathy and her twin sister, are they played by the same actress or are they played by real twins? From the camera angles I think it's the same actress, but I'm not sure.

What I am surprised about this season is how much I like Alby. He is a bad man, but compared to Roman he is a hero. Also Alby's main wife is hilarious.
This week's episode was pretty crazy. It was the first time that I felt sympathy for Nicki. It was just so interesting because it seems like she had always lied as a way to survive that way of life. And now she's been turned away by almost everyone in her life.
Where are you people all hearing that there are only two more episodes? On HBO's website they clearly list there are still 4 to go for a total of 12, so does IMDB. Am I missing something? Does it say this when they air? I tape it with PVR and watch them later so I never watch any of the ads.

I always liked Nicki a lot...I think she acts remarkably normal for what her character has gone through. My dad walked in on an episode with her and commented on what a bad actress she was - I think when you watch her character out of context of the show it looks that way but Chloe Svegny does such a great job.

I also like Margene a lot too. I think they play of each of the wives strengths and weaknesses pretty well. Margene is obviously young and easily influenced, but she's definitely more mature this season.

So sad we're almost at the end. I think Alby is a really interesting character, but scary as hell.
ketto, when they have the preview for next week it says "only 2 episodes left". So maybe they're just doing less episodes than regular this season. You can watch the preview at HBO's website.
Aw, that sucks. Boo!
Oh man, once again, this show has blown me away!

I now feel even worse for Nicky. I thought that Barb's religious rituals were...interesting. I'm not really familiar at all with the LDS church. Is anyone else a big fan of the music? I love it, it's just so perfect.

One last thing, I was slightly confused by tonight's ending. Any thoughts?
QUOTE(ketto @ Mar 12 2009, 05:28 PM) *
Where are you people all hearing that there are only two more episodes? On HBO's website they clearly list there are still 4 to go for a total of 12, so does IMDB. Am I missing something? Does it say this when they air? I tape it with PVR and watch them later so I never watch any of the ads.

IMDB? Is so frequently wrong that I'd be blown away if they actually got it right. BLOWN AWAY. I dunno where on HBO's site that you found that there were more episodes left, I got my info directly from there & we only have one episode left, Sacrament. And they kept bleating about there's "Only one episode left!" & "The season Finale!" in the ads. Which I wish they wouldn't do. I hate the way they feel the need to hype the hell out of everything.

What is up with Alby & Nicki's relationship? I swear I remember seeing them making out once, & I notice that Alby's evil wife is VERY uneasy about Nicki. And Alby talked about what *they* could do, meaning he & Nicki & it didn't seem to me about being Roman's two cagiest spawn . . .
On the episode guide on HBO's site they listed 12 episodes, but I didnt look at the names or anything. I didn't see any of the ads this year because I just PVR the show and watch it later. Sad there's only one left. sad.gif

AP, I don't recall ever seeing anything sexual between Alby and Nicki. Apparently Alby is actually gay so I doubt anything incestuous happened with them. I noticed his wife too though - she seems like she could do some damage potentially. I feel like they definitely have a weird relationship, but I don't think it's sexual or anything like that - I think he knows that with the information the two of them have (Nicki from Bill/Roman) that they could have a lot of power together.

I feel bad for Nicki but I just want her to take responsibility for her actions. It's so frustrating, but a pretty realistic portrayal of someone like her.

The LDS stuff was interesting too...I had no idea there was anything like that. I like the music too.

Candy, which part of the ending confused you? I'm wondering if Barb will help Nicki. I thought maybe at the very end that Bill might have had a testimony or something but I wasn't sure either.
Loved the bizzare beginning of the wives' conversation at Alby's house:

Alby's wife Lauren: "Did you run over any ducks along the way?"
Margene: "No!"
Lauren: "No?" (sounding disappointed)

And then a bit later Barb comes out with: "Nicki, the fact is, clinically speaking I think you might be a sociopath..."
More fun than a barrel of monkeys!!! lol.
Oh Alby's definitely a struggling gay/bi man, but I keep remembering a weird scene with Nicki in a bedroom, but I can't seem to find it.
Hah, the sociopath comment made me laugh out loud too. The season is really kickin' ass.
lola rojo
On this past week's episode.......

Did anyone notice during Nicky's conversation with her first husband JJ, he referred to Nicky's daughter, he mentioned her age, and I think he said she was like 10 or 11.
I totally forgot to mention that part. That wasn't something we were supposed to already know, was it? I just watched season 1 and 2 together all in a blur and was worried I missed some details. I'm sure they're setting things up for next season.
Oh my god, tonight's episode was fantastic!

It figures that Alby would screw up the bomb. Also I think that JJ said tonight that Nicki's daughter just turned 14 or something. And finally, I have to admit that I let out a huge gasp when Joey came out of the closet and attacked Roman.

Also, the Velvet Underground song just fit so perfectly at the end. But wtf, did Bill just try to create a new religion?
I was very shocked by the Joey thing too. The episode was good but it also felt kind of rushed, like they were trying wrap up a few too many things (even though there's lots of cliffhangers too). But still so good.

Now I've got to finally watch Rome.
I just watched the first episode of season 4. I didn't know it was even out yet.

As if Adam Beach is on Big Love now, my brother went to high school with that guy! That is so awesome.
no one is watching the new season yet? but there's so much interesting stuff going on! hurry up busties, i need someone to chat about all this with. happy.gif
Yeah, still a ghost town after two months.

Sissy Spacek is one to watch. The light that went off in her head as soon as Nicki mentioned the casino, her total turn around on Bill. She's up to no good!

The whole Alby getting some ass thing is interesting, too. And what it may mean to the UEB & Juniper Creek.

Margene/Ben. Ick. I wonder what JJ has in store for that poor kid, down the line.

Joey is a dummy & Wanda is still crazy.

Nicki. My god where to begin? Between the daughter & that ex-husband Nicki is cruising for a bruising. She's not giving that malevolent little bouffant-ed pixie enough credit. And on the ex-husband tip, what was up with the nails? Somebody on some other board suggested inbreeding amongst their people led to him not having nails/his issues with cruciferous veg.

Barb's being totally naive about the workings of the res. That whole thing with the "fuck you white bitch, get off our land!" was funny, but painful at the same time. And the odd set up with her & the sexy Adam Beach. 'bout time HBO brought some hotness, yo!
I just finished watching the first 3 episodes. Lots of interesting stuff going on. I love the cast on this show.
okay, i know he's deeply psychotic and crazy and has tried to (or actually has) kill or terrorize just about everyone in his family, but how cute is it that albie has a boyfriend?
I couldn't help thinking the same thing, grrrl. Although I'm a bit afraid about what might happen to his 'friend'. I found their scenes pretty hot actually and I'm not usually into guy-on-guy stuff.

I like that they have Sarah doing her own thing with religion but she's still acting really young and naive.

Bill is still crazy - I wonder if in a round-about-way this will make him the new prophet. I love Sissy Spacek too so it's great to see her in the cast.

I think the Margene/Ben thing is a little too much for me. I feel bad for Margene because I think she gets left behind a lot but...I dunno, I guess Ben comes off as way too young to me and it's just creepy.

The stuff with Nicki...loving it. She's so interesting.
you know, i'm kind of surprised they went back to the whole margene/ben thing again; i thought they'd resolved that a couple seasons ago, so it just seems kind of tired to be bringing it up again in this one. i can kind of see her seeing him as older/more "manly" after the way he went after jj, but still, i'm with you on the eewww factor.

i love nicki this season! she's hit or miss sometimes, but i think she's definitely the most interesting, complex character on the show.

is anyone else bugged by the new opening credits? it started and i thought it was some wierd dream sequence thing, then they did again with the next ep, and i was like "really hbo, these are the new credits?" i hate them, bring back the ice-skating!
While I found the skating to be wholly apropos of nothing, I prefered it to this float-y thing they have going on now.

OMG, I knew Alby was a creeper, but he's a CREEPER! CREEPER!

And my god, but am I pissed off at Bill & his jealous bullshit. He didn't like being sent away as young competition, yet he's doing the same to his son?
I like the storyline but I also have trouble really believing it. I mean, really Bill? He doesn't think there's still a chance he'll be outed? What about his father, what about Alby? What about JJ? All these people could easily expose them and have no real reason not to. It just seems to over the top that he would actually run. I find Bill to be quite selfish. He and Margene have barely any interaction this season, there's so much fucked up stuff going on with his family, yet he's okay with putting them all through this?

I think I actually find the scenes with Bill to be the most boring.

I wonder what's going on with Joey and JJ.

I also love Adaleen.

I loved what Jodeen did at the end. I was afraid she was going to kill herself or something.
IS BILL DELUSIONAL?! Does he think he's going to win the seat & come out as a polygamist & everything is going to be a-okay? This is America! We can't handle a closeted gay governor or any one of the dozens of unfaithful politicians, but somehow Bill thinks the people are gonna say it's a okay to live the principle?

Also, the only dirt they found on him is that he got arrested once?! REALLY?! THAT'S IT?! In this day & age of muckraking & dirt digging, he should have been outed as a polygamist quite quickly, but he hasn't been. I know his business partner took one for the team, but c'mon. Even a little bit of digging & a high school journalism student would be able to put it all together fairly easily.
ap, seriously. and has no reporter looked back at all the Roman Grant coverage and seen Nikki as his daughter? and now she's not only working the opponents campaign but Sissy Spacek thinks she's on Bill's. maybe the scorned DA will come back and spill the beans.

what's JJ's beef anyway? i missed that.

poor Ben and his hormones. and was anyone else creeped out by the way he was looking at Cara Lynn?

speaking of hormones, i've been predicting for weeks that Barb and casino guy are gonna hook up. or at least want to. the sweat lodge scene seemed to allude to that.
I am so having so much trouble swallowing this season. Seriously. OMG. WTF? It's largely ventured into major soap opera territory with all of the completely over the top drama they've been throwing at us. OVER THE TOP. Is somebody gonna go into a coma? Is somebody gonna have a mysterious twin (Oh, wait, that's Jodene!)? Is Roman Grant's reanimated corpse going to pop up & start hailing down fire & brimstone? It's just getting more ridiculous every week.

The whole JJ thing is because he was Nikki's first husband; he picked her from the dreaded "Joy Book" when she was a young teen. I doubt there were/are too many divorces granted in the UEB community & that she only got her freedom because her daddy was the prophet. And to then have her own mother sealed to her ex-husband makes Adalene another mother of Nikki's first born by being a sister wife. Or something. Yeah. That's nuts.

And another thing . . . was anybody besides me really creeped out by the bat-wing armed memaw lady in the pink dress & the molester-looking/sounding pepaw whose only line/action was, "Babydoll," & to pet much younger women?
super creepy, and super ridic. no mention of Sarah and the baby. and now Ana's back in the picture. it's too much to keep track of.

of course i liked Margene's "I'm no feminist, but...." speech. at least she's an interesting character and i'm curious where she goes.
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