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Full Version: Under there? UNDERWEAR!
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hee! i posted pics once. they are faboo.
a new store opened in town and the girl is interested. now all's i gots ta do is get sewing. ooh la la, crafty panty lady on da loose!!!
Ooh, bunnyb... I didn't know FrostFrench were at Debenhams. I feel an overdraft extension coming on.
So I'm looking for some lingerie. I'm pretty good with cute bras/panties. But as a small chested girl I find shopping for things like babydolls or slips really frustrating! All that stuff at Frederick's of Hollywood would look awesome if I was a C or D cup. What fits my torso is usually too big in the boobs. And instead of looking hot I end up looking like a little girl trying on her mom's slips.

Any ideas where I can get some good, trashy lingerie that will flatter a small chest? And maybe not kill my wallet since this kind of stuff won't be worn everyday.

i love both of these sites. They have tons of cute bras & panties in all sizes. And they both have great sales on cute lingere, so you can get super nice stuff for not too much.
Any of you ladies who are in the UK - Primark knickers are fab! And always cost about 1-1.50 quid to buy. They maybe only last a year, but they have such lovely stuff, and it's all bargaintastic! They're not great for bras, admittedly, but if you're a littler breasted lady like myself, they rock!

So has anyone ever been professionally fitted for a bra?
Yeah, several times actually, well, whenever my weight changed.
Ill fitting bras are so horrible, and they can ruin an entire outfit.
I used to be a professional bra-fitter! (I worked PT in the lingerie section of a dept store years ago)

thepointybird, I need to get myself to primark as I spend tons on underwear (today I bought christmassy pants in accessorize). Do they stock a good range of socks?
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Nov 21 2006, 07:28 AM) *


So has anyone ever been professionally fitted for a bra?

Yes, very important. tongue.gif
sure, sounds like a good xmas present, along with some pretty bras of course! (or dickclick ha ha ha) wants to take me lingerie shopping, and also especially likes the thigh high look. at first i was grossed out at the idea that he thinks me some sort of dress-up doll, but then a couple of friends commented that my hello kitty panties are probably not the sexiest, so i guess it's cool. hey, free undies!

so blanche, i also want to know anywhere else besides VS for such a shopping trip. VS is too expensive and so, eh....
well, in the UK it's free! but somebody could come with you and buy you underwear in correct size...
Bunny, how would you do the fittings? Would you measure the women or first see them in their own bras or what?
There is a style of panty by 'Secrets In Lace" and they are retro briefs that are so exquisite to wear! so soft and silky! They also have fantastic nylons etc. Hot site!
raisin, with a measuring tape.

I must stop buying christmassy knickers - a friend said today that it's a shame for the boy as it will be like going to bed with a big kid!
just chiming in to say that they will measure you for free in the VS stores.

no purchase necessary, although that won't stop them from trying!! man, they've gotten really high-pressure lately!
bunny, have you seen the christmas knickers in accessorize? I want. unsure.gif
hehe, those are the ones I'm referring to! I bought the gingerbread ones and matching socks for myself and the snowman ones for boy's sis for Christmas and I bought a pair of snowman ones for me in la senza.
Bunny, I asked how you did the fittings only because one of my friends was trying soooo hard to convince me that bra fittings are done by the Bra Woman grabbing the customer's breasts and "measuring" that way. I just bust up laughing and told her she was off her rocker.
"bust up laughing" ... good pun, raisingirl!
oh cod, the mental image of the middle-aged ladies in m&s grabbing at my boobehs.... laugh.gif

bunny, they're sooo cute! accessorize do really sweet pants. although i've bought enough underwear recently.
I love the Floozie range too! The designs tend to be a little on the irreverant cheeky side . I'm starting to think that I'm obsessed with underwear.
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