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so, here's a place to talk all about undies. my first comment is...
why on earth did i not find maidenform bras before now? they're sooooooo comfy i don't even want to wear any of my old ones anymore. i guess i'll have to see of they stand the test of time, but they seem fairly good quality, so i'm hopeful.

also, i really like joe boxer panties, but they're rather expensive. does anyone know of any brands that are similar to joe boxer comfort-wise but not as expensive?
I know nothing about undergarments at all, so I was hoping to learn something here. I don't wear bras because I have this serious issue with feeling confined or bound, and I feel that way when I wear a bra. The down side here is I should wear a 40 C/D so I have moderately big enough boobies I should probably wear something, sometimes anyway. And it's the same with underpanties. I hate to feel like something is binding in the crease of my legs, so I opt to go without, which is not always so comfortable either, depending on what I'm wearing and doing. I was checking out the MENs boxer briefs recently though and maybe those will be an option for me. NOT SEXY AT ALL, but definitely look comfy. Maybe I will check out the Maidenform Bras too.
you definetely should check out the maidenforms, voodoo. it's seriously like not wearing a bra, except the boobs are under control. i actually forgot to take mine off last night when i was putting my pyjamas on, it's so comfy
Y'know, Hanes makes boxer briefs for women now. I still prefer the men's version (The legs are a little longer. I like to wear them around the house.) Other than that, I don't really like wearing underwear. Which is weird because I have a draw obsession & have hundreds of pairs in a variety of styles. When it's my moon time, I do wear them, I have some super soft pairs I picked up at Old Navy that are cute.
Heh, nice thread title tyger. :-)
I have fruit of the loom women's boxer briefs and I love them. I don't know if that brand in particular is great, I just know I love boxer briefs.

I have panties that say "moon time" from wackyjac for my moon time. I love wearing red underwear on my period.
panty ho reporting for duty. you know i collect them, and i make my own outta old t-shirts and shit. i lurves me some panties, bras too but i am not loving the underwire these days. it leaves a perma-mark under the boobage, sucky. i'll check out the maiden form stuff. my post nursing boobies still look great but they can use some help...
tyger, do you have mind reading abilities?? Just the other day i was wondering where to put this link.

Green Knickers

I want the "Stop Deforestation" ones! Although at the minute it looks like there isn't a way to buy them which sucks.
oooh...cute panties miss jane.

i'll order some once its up and running!!
I'm with tyger on the maidenform love. I don't buy any other kind.

I also love the American Apparel boy briefs, and also the hotpants. And the tap pants. My most comfortable underwear - soft, no chafing, cute colors. Gap Body has good cotton hotpants (I think they call them boyshorts, dunno) in good patterns. They are good for everyday, but also you can feel confident that if someone's got reason to see your underthings, they're gonna be impressed.

I cannot stress enough the importance of cute/and/or/sexy undergarments. My sister gave me this advice for giving presentations: wear your most scandalous underwear under a relatively severe outfit, because then you'll feel sexy and confident underneath and like you've got a spectacular secret and it'll show in your presentation. I tried it and she's right. I go whole hog with garter belts and everything if I have to talk at a conference. I need every extra bit of confidence I can muster.

Also... you never know when someone will see you in your underwear, so it might as well be cute.
yay, a chonies thread! hi, i'm Grrrly, and i'm a pantie whore. i cannot express enough my love for my underthings, and continuing to do so in public is bound to get me in trouble one of these days. so right on for timely bust threads.
my favorites right now are my lace-trimmed cheeky shorts from torrid in multiple colors of pretty. the lace isn't scratchy, they're comfy and cute as hell, and unlike others of that style that i've tried, they only show a comfortable lower third of my buttcheeks (and that's when they're riding high) rather than 3/4 of them. i wish i had time to expound on this topic more, but i've ostensibly got work to do. but i'll definitely be back to this thread. :D
American Eagle boy briefs. So...damn...comfortable. I feel like I'm in my pajamas. They don't ride up and they are actually kinda sexy too. My boyfriend makes fun of me because every time they have a new pattern I buy's the only thing I buy from AE.
What a cool new thread!

I just want to crash in and declare my hatred of thongs! It's so nice to see so many of you guys wear boy briefs, too. Sometimes it seems thongs are everywhere, and I find myself thinking am I the only girl that hates thongs?
Ginger, I'm with you. I hate thongs but I love love love boy briefs. I think they're super cute and sexy, and practical for everyday, not just "i wanna look sexy" days.
I've worn thongs since I was 12 - in 1987 they were definately not fashionable or popular and I had to conceal that I wore them. I got them because they were cheap, but I find them massively more comfortable and practical than other underwear.

Paradoxically, thongs do not seem at all sexy to me. Boy briefs are sexy, "big" briefs are sexy, bikini pants are sexy. Those high cut shorts things are sexy as hell, but they make me feel like someone sellotaped my asscheeks together.
ditto venetia. sellotape, ha!
love the no-panty-line of a thong, don't think it's sexy At All. i undress facing the boy when i have that silly gitch on. all that ass bisected by stripper floss...not attractive. but really, more attrative that having to fish a wad of stretchy cotton out of my crack all day long in public. it ends up in there, might as well start off in there to begin with. ha ha.
Me too - that's exactly it. Might as well minimise the amount of fabric in there, since that's where it will be at.
Tyger, what kind of maidenform bra do you have? I'm looking for an everyday bra that's comfortable, gives a good shape without completely redefining what my boobs look like, and keeps them under control. In my mind, this is what a bra should do, but my last four or five bras have all fallen short. Does anyone have suggestions? I have to buy online (in the US) because there really is no shopping within an hour of where I live.
lot, it's just a regular maidenform bra, i think. the cups are stretchy/foamy stuff. they're not like over-padded tank bras or anything, with underwire. i bought them at the bay, and i think there were only two or three kinds to choose from. just make sure you get the stretchy foam cup kind. it keeps them well under control, but they still feel like boobs
awesome, thanks tyger!
Another really affordable bra maker is Lovable. They make the best push up bra I've ever bought. They're slightly padded but not to much and they really just push up what you have and keep it up. I heart them!!!
Although I am ambivalent about shopping at walmart, I just found some excellent underwear there. They are sort of boy shorts in mesh and lacy materials. They ride low on the hips, and they don't appear to leave any panty line. A problem I have had with boy shorts is that because I have a big butt and thighs, they would usually cut into my skin and actually make a worse panty line. I think these are going to solve that problem, and they are only like $3 each.
(kinda off the fashion topic, sorry)
Does anybody else ever have the underwire pop out of their bra? Like under the under-arm?
What is that?! Is it just a cheap bra, or what? If I get one that actually WORKS, and FEELS GOOD, it's not long until that happens!
Any advice?
When that happens to me it's usually in the breast, not my pit. Open heart surgery, anyone? I think it's just normal wear & tear. I've had thirty dollar bras do it & five dollar bras do it. Me, I just have big untame-able juggs.
I wear very expensive (as in $100+) bras which apparently have razer sharp underwires. On my favourite bra the underwire has poked through between the breasts twice. I always sew it back in carefully by hand. This time I'm covering the top of the wire with duct tape so it's not as sharp. It's not too difficult to sew up the hole.
poked in the boob? why yes, yes indeedy!
i am trying (desperately seeking boobage gear!) to find non-underwire support. it leaves a really ugly line under the boob, it's so not pretty, and i don't even have big ones! everything sucks, it's all so tight and strappy or grandma-y or non-supportive. gah, i long for the days when i could totally go without. sad boobey moment. boo hoo.
and to make matters worse i am hating my gitch right now too. full bottom ends up in the crack, floss is rubbing me the wrong way. wish i could just ditch it all for a while but that is just so not comfy, and hello to the extra laundry! how do those hippy girls do it?
While I have an undergarment fetish (Let's face it, some of that shit is SEX-AY!), I rarely wear them. Draws were invented because people only had so many clothes to wear & they were beating that shit on rocks to keep them clean. You needed a piece of cloth to keep your naughty bits from your clothes since they were all you had. Nowadays... fuck it. Unless it's my moon time, fuck the draws. I... free cooch it? We need to come up with a femme version of commando... clitmando?
hee!!!!!!!!!! omg girl.

i just call them my fur panties.
Hey, I only have so many clothes to wear, and so much money to pay my water bills with! :-) Still, skirts should be ok...
HAAAA!! (aural! so funny you are!)

How about "whoa-man-do?" (pronounced to rhyme with "commando."
(womando!) because most women do...
pepper - I bought the most fantastic non-wired bra last week. It's a bit like this one. Mine has a wide red band under the breasts though. It's so unbelievable comfortable and gives a really good shape, which isn't something I tend to associate with non-wired bras. I'm officially in love :-).
beansalad - where did you get your new bra and what is it called? the brand, I mean.....
does anyone know of any online underwear sales going on now...? most of my underwear is getting to the point where i want to replace it, so i need to buy in bulk and that means cheaper (costwise) is better.
It's Calvin Klein, like the one I linked to. I bought it in Selfridges (Birmingham, UK) so it's in the current season and it was £26. Mine is black with a red band, and there was also a white one with a light grey band. It was a little expensive but it's so worth it. It's my most comfortable bra by miles.
THANKS! beansalad....... I'll have to find them here and get me some.....
Beansalad, that bra is cute and I personally love Fyi, if you live on our side of the Atlantic you can still order from the US-based cheaper and often w/ free shipping.

I also love Calvin Klein undies and bras. Well made and cute, without too many bells and whistles. I don't like my underwear to be too frilly.

Oh, anyone living in NYC should check out Century 21 for cheap but nice undies. It's a huge discount department store, with underwear dept. on the 2nd floor. I got something like 8 pairs of designer undies and 2 bras there for about $60 last year.
i have a question: i know that you're supposed to wear cottong undies to let the girly bits breathe, but my mom bought me some microfibre ones that are soooo comfy, and i was wondering if they breathe? i hope they do, but if they don't i'll have to go back to the cotton
I think microfibre breathes... possibly not as good as cotton. It can't hurt to wear them every now and again... and I think it matters if the gusset is cotton or not.
Does Calvin Klein make bras in a D cup yet? I never could find any.
The soft bras are sized 'small' 'medium' 'large' rather than regular bra sizing,and it says on the website that 'large' goes up to a 36D. Personally I'd want to try it on first though to check so I don't think I'd risk buying online.
They do a bunch of wired cupped bras which go up to a D cup too :-).
I'd want to try it on too, but that's good news about the underwires!
Does anyone know where I can buy stockings with seams down the back? You know like... either sheer black or almost translucent with dark seams running all the way down the back of the legs? Kinda impractical, but I just think they're so sexy. I'd want stockings rather than hold-ups as I want to wear them with a suspender belt.
somersalgirl is totally on it!!! AE panties are the best ever! I've got the flattest wallbutt imaginable, and these knickers hug the concave cheeks and make them look pert. Oh yes, false advertising panties! I love them. I've got them stockpiled, and there's enough to last me forever.
hi beansalad -
well I was gonna say to look at any more upscale department store like macy's or neimans, etc. but then I saw that you are in the UK.

so try this link: (it will link directly to some tights with seams)

and btw, figleaves is one of my favorite sites to get underwear from. They have a US and UK store (links for both on the page) if you like nice underwear like i do.. you'll be drooling over this site!

I LOVE underwear. I love nice underwear, and I do wear it on a daily basis. I just love the way really nice underwear feel, and I feel kinda naughty knowing that its underneath my clothes. My current obsession: Aubade lingere from france. so farking hot! and it feels nice too. I dont' think there is anywhere that I've seen that carries it in the states, you have to buy it online. I have a bra / thong set of Abaude that is so HOT, and yet so comfortable to wear all day.

yeah I buy underwear like Imelda Marcos bought shoes. its' a total weakness of mine.
Beansalad - have you tried John Lewis? I have a feeling jonathon aston sell something with the seam up the back (don't know if they were stockings, tights or what) and I know they stock J.a. in Lewis. Other than that, Selfridges/Agent Provacateur are all that come to mind.
YAY for backseams! has a few good ones, but most of them are tan. great prices though!
I think Donna Karan makes stockings with seams, too. I believe I have seen them at Nordstrom.
Oohhh thank you so much everyone! There isn't a John Lewis in Birmingham (WHY???) so I think it's gonna be an online shopping jobby. I am gonna have so much fun perving over all the gorgeous stockings... mmmmm......

Since we've got a few underwear sites listed so far, does anyone have a favourite? My absolute favourite is . The lingerie is stunning and there are usually quite a few discounted items. I've ordered from them a couple times and have been really pleased with the quality.
Debenhams stock Myla lingerie too. I love FrostFrench's (Sadie Frost and Jemima French) Floozie range for Debenhams; their designs are so pretty and feminine and the hipster briefs are so flattering (you too can have an ass like Kylie ... or something kinda like it!)
I love the Floozie range too! The designs tend to be a little on the irreverant cheeky side :-). I'm starting to think that I'm obsessed with underwear.
Pepper makes her own underwear out of old t-shirts? That's so crafty it's unbelievable.
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