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Full Version: New Zealand Busties?!?!
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This might well be a bit of a long shot, but I don't suppose there are any NZ busties out there?, had a bit of a trawl through the list and couldn't see any relevant threads, but dying to see if there are any kiwi busties about!
I'm originally from New Zealand. Does that count?
We used to have a shared "Antipodean" thread for the whole Southern Hemisphere - NZ, Australia, SA and even South America, but it didn't get enough posting in it, so it dropped off the bottom of the list.
Holla out!
Hiya, welcome to Bust! You might also like to introduce yourself in the For The Newbies thread.

Also, if you don't want your email address to be shown in your profile, you can edit your profile (follow the link on the left hand side).
I live in Dunedin.
oh, and i was SO hoping that the antipodeans would band together once again!! now that i am A TRUE anitpod....and having a lovely winter, i might add! how is everyone?? can i be an honorary kiwi? i know i'm not QUITE as far south, but still.....
Impactdixon - I saw in another thread that you were looking for pretty bras, but didn't know what to recomend as I didn't know what shops you have down there - I PMed you but I don't know if you got it - try and use the search by bra size function. They have some very nice ones in your size!

Well Tes, I am having a horrible winter. It is yucky and wet and i have to kill mould every other week even though I have an upstairs flat.
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