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koffee, she did them freehand but I do think she may have had one of those stands. It's been thirty years, so I don't remember for sure, but she would divide the egg surface into even sections, and sketch a pattern to fit in them, sometimes it was flowers, sometimes it was geometric shapes, leaves, etc. Then she'd use that as a basis and just fill it in with colors that struck her fancy.

She was/is an amazing artist, though.
Here is the cool sidewalk chalk project; it's a great one to do with kids or as a surprise from the Easter bunny.

treehugger: I think your aunt sounds amazingly cool. Is your family Eastern European or did your aunt just love the look of pysansky? Have you guys seen "cut out and keep" yet?? It's by no means a new site, but I just discovered it and love it. It has lotsa lovely step-by-step tutorials to all kinds of fun stuff. The link takes you to the recent issue -- The Horror Issue- how fun is that?! I can't wait to turn Barbie Dolls into zombies and Dia de la Muerte dolls. Who sez Halloween is only for October! And don't be scared off by my penchant for weirdness, the site has lots of beautiful, traditional crafts from all over the world, too.
I just stumbled across this looking for a diy sunscreen recipe (I got a rating list instead, I think I'll let the experts mix my screen)
what to do with a broken umbrella!

I made 15 liters of liquid laundry soap today. That's 240 loads and it cost me about 2 bucks and 20 minutes of my time.
Aaah, that's brilliant! Thanks Pepper!

And hearty congratulations on the detergent thriftiness.
Yes, thanks pepper, for the link to mother nature network in general...I got absorbed into the side headlines immediately. Did you guys know about the fucking ISLAND of FUCKING TRASH that is twice the size of fucking Texas floating in the Pacific ocean?! It extends 30 feet under the water. An entire nation -sized island of trash. A fucking curse on all our careless, consumerist, wasteful selves for what we've done to this planet... and all at the expense of developing nations. We don't need 3 R's, we need dozens starting with Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Repair, Replace and Respect.
I know. It's appalling, that garbage island. Truly unforgivable.

On the upside, a friend has commisioned me to make 3, count 'em THREE sock monkeys. At 50$ a piece that pays the kids back the money I have owed to their education saving fund since last year *shame faced*.

Yay for crafty income! Why do I feel guilty taking money for something I love so much though? Ugh.
Yes, love, why DO you feel guilty for getting paid for hours of careful, detailed work that can include many hidden costs for materials? You shouldn't. Then there is the fact that you will be even more painstakingly perfectionistic because you are making these for somebody else. You will doubtless spend gobs of extra time correcting "flaws" that you would let go if you were just making the monkeys for yourself alone.

Hey, what's that site where people post ads for things they want made for them along with a price range? Is it "alchemy"? Have you guys seen this? Ads run something like this: Looking for handknitted socks in colorful yarn; ideal price around $20.
Then crafters can contact the poster and negotiate a work order and price. Anyone ever done this??
Whoa, really? Now that I HAVE to check out!

I don't know what my problem is except that I'm an artist (of sorts) and selling my work opens me up to I dunno know what... something. My things really have to be up to par and what if they aren't? There are WAY more talented people out there than me not selling their stuff.
Well, let me put this into perspective for you. Most of the things that most people spend their hard-earned cash on are made in sweat shops by girls and women earning $2 a day. These items are made by the cheapest methods, using the cheapest materials possible by desperate illiterate 11 year old girls. These are the products that fill our homes and cover our bodies.

But YOU make things in a spirit of joy (pun intended) and you put your beautiful, whimsical, talented self into every thing that you make. AND what you make is well-made. You don't sit around and think to yourself...."hmmm, how do I make a product that will fall apart fast enough that people will have to keep buying more, but not so fast that I lose my customer loyalty?" No, you put your love, and care, and joy into every stitch and that certain je ne sais pas quoi that makes your creations so fabulous. Remember, I knew who "craftylittlemonkey" was long before I came to the Lounge! Your stuff is GREAT. Sure there are always amazing people out there who aren't selling their stuff, but YOUR stuff is more than good enough to sell. I would be thrilled to pay for something you had made. You go for it, girl!
wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
What's everyone making this spring/summer? I usually end up experimenting around this time of year and taking a break from my usual fiber/wool fetish. Wool and warm weather are just not a nice match. My latest has been:

*a Hello Kitty rug (latch hook)
*Origami 3-D stars in lotsa colors (soon to be turned into garlands and beaded curtains and strung up around the house).
*Origami butterflies and cranes (put to same purpose as stars)
*Colorful bowls made from recycled magazines (tis the season for eco-crafts)
*Cute robot magnets to amuse my robot-loving son
*Appliqued baby onesies galore
*Cute stuff via the aronzo/aronzi books
*Cat toys
*Several pairs of baby booties

The unfinished/pending list: Origami lanterns, sidewalk chalk, Japanese fish kite, a Totoro hat, a cute emergency sewing/mending kit (like the ones they sell in stores, but cute and hand-made) a bag and pouches for my herbal first aid kit, a crocheted baby doll top, a shawl, some funky hats, cute animal faced covers for my mp3 headphones and a matching pouch for the player, a monster laundry bag to help kids keep their dirty clothes off the floor.... and let's face it, the list never really ends...
How about you guys??
Since the semester is coming to an end, I'm thinking about summer crafting. I have ~90% of my clay supplies and all of my spinning crap here at the apartment, so I should be able to keep myself occupied for a bit. Not sure what I want to do with the clay. Canes, perhaps?
I really want to learn to work with clay...I have no experience with anything but "kitchen clay". I've seen some amazing stuff made with Fimo; a lot of people are making tatoo style jewelry with it and I've seen lots of sweet little gnome houses.

I'm about ready to collect all the cat hair in my apartment from the shedding season and spin their fur into yarn. This idea becomes more and more tempting every spring.
Wow. What do you guys think of this? (necklace on top left)
Oh, ugh to the cat hair. My friend has a necklace she made that includes some small felted balls of her kitty's sheddings, it's such a confusing piece. I mean, alluring and disgusting all at the same time. Like you want to touch those delicately soft little fluffy bits but it makes you shudder when you do blink.gif kinda like that lamp shade made of old dreadlocks I saw once.

I am hopeless at sculpture though I think I could throw and hand build well if I gave it a go. The cat hair ball friend is also a potter, I learned a lot just hanging out with her while she was at school. She does really interesting work with sprigs and such, very innovative and unique. In fact, she is one of the top inspirational people I've ever met, she tries out so many things and they are all amazing. Yarn work, hot glass, decorating, she has a gorgeous house full of plants, a spectacular garden and is a CHEF to boot. Makes me feel like a putz sometimes, how awesome she is.

Ok, girl crush rave over... this summer I am going to tackle the huge bin of clothes waiting to be altered or built into something else. I swear I am really, actually, really going to do it this time. It's stuff I don't want to throw out or give away, things I think will be fabulously wearable when I finally get around to giving them the attention they deserve. Wish me luck though, I've successfully procrastinated this project for ages upon ages in favour of sock creatures and tshirt upcycles. Sigh. I did sell those 3 monkeys though, and left 2 more in a friend's shop. That felt nice, I'd do it again. Maybe once I get the studio back in shape. I had it organized but then it exploded, it's a craftastrophe in here. It's bad.

I can't open your link with my crap internet connection right now koffeewitch but it looks from the title like it's the barbie face necklaces from craftster, is it? Those were too cool.
It's a picture of a necklace made from Barbie's ta-tas. There are Barbie faces, etc. on there too, so yes, it sounds like you've seen the same one.

Don't feel too bad; I have a huge (and growing)! pile of thrift store clothes that I have bought for the fabric or the felting potential. I just added a big pile of silk neck ties to this pile for god-only-knows-what reason. The thrift store is my favorite source for fabric these days; I've found some beautiful things I can't wait to cut up.

Ah Pepper, I'm so wishing you weren't dealing with the dial-up thing these days. I just found a documentary "The World According to Monsanto" that I've linked on my FB page. You would love every awful, horrific moment of it.
*laughing that you ALSO have a bag of neckties from the thrift store* laugh.gif
Yes, *blush* we are sad and pathetic. As in, "hey, what did YOU do with your free time on Saturday? I was at the thrift store looking for useless things to upcycle and spending what little money I have on stuff nobody wants. So I can put it in a box and let it sit in my craft space for the next 2 years until I decide what to do with it".

Hey everybody, I'm getting together with my vegetarian kids group this week-end for eco-crafting. The thing is that all the parents are kind of looking to me to come up with projects for the kids. I thought they could make origami out of junk mail or I could start them on making magazine bowls. The little kids can do art and collages, but...does anyone have any other ideas for up-cycle projects that appeal to kids?? We're meeting for about 2 hours, so they have to be fairly quick and easy projects. I'd love any suggestions...
Did you see the featured project on Craftster this week out of strips of junk mail? Really gorgeous pictures, each one can be different with slight variations in the final step. Check it out! I'd link you to it but dial up... blah.

Notice that the bag of old neck ties is NOT on the chopping block during this crafty clean up. Not this round anyhow, I'm holding on to those beautiful (albeit nearly totally useless) scraps of silk for now...
Hey Pepper, did you still want to do a swap for that mask I made?
Sure! I could do it now if you're interested in getting crafty supplies in return (I am currently in major destash, clean-up and organize mode and have TONS of great stuff) or for a crafted item in a while, once I conquer the mess and finish a few WIP I have on the go wink.gif .
I can wait awhile for a crafted item.
BTW, pepper, that is SOME avatar!! laugh.gif
Do the crabby patties show for you? Mine still shows my blurry face, I don't know how to get my computer to be real.

I've got 2 needy crafters lined up to take supplies off my hands, whoo hoo! Maybe I'll actually clear some space in here finally.
Oh yeah, your crabs had been showin' for a while even before I finally said something about it. I can't even look without thinking Lords of Acid.
Hey everyone! Long time no post! Had a hectic past couple of months. Things did not work out with my baby's daddy and whatnot. Anyway. I am so glad to see you all keeping this thread going! Yay for crafty busties!

Speaking of crafty busties, I noticed koffeewitch was mentioning working with clay- that is what I work with! Polymer clay = my love! I have a new etsy shop with my polymer clay jewelry if you are at all interested to see what I mean, feel free to visit my shop at We can be clay buddies! Lol
NMR have you also posted this on the shameless self promotion thread?
QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Apr 23 2010, 04:16 PM) *
NMR have you also posted this on the shameless self promotion thread?

Lol! I love the name of that thread! Thank you for the suggestion, I didn't know about it, but I will check it out for sure smile.gif
I couldn't find that thread... Hope everyone is getting their craft on this weekend, though! *Hugs*
Cool fleurs! Very pretty. Someone bumped that thread for you, yes? Some talented women in there I tell ya.

I've been wire wrapping for a bracelet and earrings I'm making to swap on craftster and it's really easy to do and looks great. Here's the tutorial I looked at if you want to try it. The more I do it, the easier it's getting too. When I finished the owl set I started making a loaded charm bracelet for myself using every single little thing I've been saving up in my bead stash. Lots of silver but some splashes of colour too. It's looking so gorgeous and every time you see it there is more to discover. I know my daughter will steal it from me just to look at it over and over again! I've got 3 more planned after this, an Alice in Wonderland themed one, one with hearts and love stuff, and one that is shades of copper. I have never been a bracelet wearer but these are fast becoming my favourite sort of jewelry.

Scroll down to LadyLeitzen's post for an open loop tutorial
And closed loop here, this is the most secure and not very hard to do at all!

Here's the bracelet I made

You can see the wire wraps in the close up shots. I think it turned out pretty good. I got to use up TONS of stash too!
Here's the next loaded charm bracelet I sort of love these now!
Hey Pepper, those are awesome! I especially like the second one you linked with lots of hearts on it, it came out so beautifully!

So... I have a newbie questions for the crafty busties- I am going to be in my first fair this weekend and I've never had a booth set up to sell jewelry before. Anyone have any advice/tips? I would really appreciate it! Especially when it comes to a display.

Thanks gals!! xoxoxo
Pepper is inspirational; you should peek around her flickr pages at some of the other stuff she's made.

I wish I could give advice on the tabling thing, but I have no experience there (well, other than political stuff). I guess if it were me I would want to draw people into my table and keep them there looking at things. I think if you have too few things set up they look while they're walking by. I would want tons of little things set up so folks would really have to stop and look... but seriously, I have NO experience here so I'm just really talking out of my ass...

nakedmolerat, have you checked out craftster? There's some info there on selling.

One thing to do is make your booth inviting and eyecatching without being too busy. Use levels to merchandise your things so they aren't all jumbled together. Boxes of different heights all covered with a cloth will do.
Organize things together in cohesive groups with a featured item on a display stand or in the center of the bunch. Think about displays in stores that have caught your eye.
Make sure you have good visibility of all your product at all times, people steal. It sucks but it's true.
Keep your business cards, packaging material, etc all handy but tucked away and totally out of site (except the cards, put them out).
Have extra stock to fill in gaps when things sell or be prepared to rearrange your table. For some reason in retail, the more items there are the more likely they are too sell. Not to say over crowd, that is unappealing, but too few items can be quickly passed over for a more exciting table.
Bring a chair! Or make sure they provide them. You'll faint after a few hours standing. Bring water and snacks so you don't have to leave your booth to buy crappy over priced show food.
Do you do custom work? If so make a sign, people can be shy about asking.
Wear your work, change pieces throughout the day. Talk yourself up! Don't be modest (hard to do, I know, I suck at this point) confidence sells.

Have a great time! And don't spend all your profit smile.gif
Hey koffeewitch and pepper, thanks for the advice! It really came in handy- I like the idea of boxes covered in cloth for variety in height!
I'll have to check out craftster and pepper's flickr!
Definitely have cards/flyers out with your etsy/website address so that people can look you up later, or pass your details on to a friend.

Might be worth having a zippered bumbag (fanny pack?) for takings as it's harder to steal, otherwise a cashbox or tupperware. Make sure you have a decent float of coins and notes to give people change. And be prepared to offer discounts for multiple purchases - much better to work these out in advance so you don't accidentally end up selling at a loss. It's good to be flexible to make a sale, but always keep your break-even point in mind (that's the amount you need to sell each item for so as not to make a loss).

Um, can you tell I'm an accountant? Sorry if that's really obvious/irrelevant! I think the more of the boring stuff you have organised in advance, the more you'll be able to relax and spend time talking to people about your lovely crafts.

Anyway, I just came in here to say that I went to my first crochet class on Saturday and..... mother-fudging working into the base chain! Much harder than I expected.
That's good advice Persiflager. Like most arteests I'm pretty lousy with the money side of crafty things.
Nakedmolerat, how did your show go? I came across a book I've got about showing and selling your work and thought of you. I have to read that again, it was full of great tips.

I've been swapping to destash my craft supplies, it's very motivating when you have a deadline and someone depending on you, I kinda need that sometimes. There are lots of pics up in flickr if you want to take a look. It starts out with some close-ups of my baby girl's scabby knees and elbows from a couple of sidewalk spills but after that it's all crafty goodness.
Hi crafties...How did it go nakedmolerat?
Are there enough crafts sellers here to bump the ol' Selling Handcrafted In A Wal-mart World, a place to discuss the ins and outs of owning your own crafty bidness (oh my gosh what a long thread title) thread?

I'm just recovering from a big American show (if you read Kvetch you've seen the tale of woe). Would love to compare notes with others who are selling handmade online or in person. Or are people cool with posting that stuff here in this thread?

snow white
just thought i'd breeze through the crafty thread again; i've been spending alot of time at joanna's fabrics and really stocked up on all kinds of cool embroidery accsessories (canvas bags, tea towels, ect...) and i've been looking at their quilting supplies too. i think that will be my next big project, probably more around the time fall sets in though, i don't do much crafting when it's so nice out.

nakedmolerat, i also luv polymer clay. all i really make as of now is light switch covers and magnets though.

right now i want to make scented sachets for my drawers and get a head on x-mas (i learned my leasson from last year, it's never too early to start making all the presents).
I am so sorry to be responding so late. I forgot my password and every time I tried to get a new password it would give me an error. I finally registered a new account, spelling mole with a 0.

Pepper, Persiflager, Sukouyant- Thank you for all of the awesome advice for displays!! I really took them to heart, and since my last posting I have done 3 events and have had a blast at each!! Each time I have a booth I learn so much. My third event was the best- I actually did very well.

Snow white, that is so cool that you love polymer clay, too! It's on sale this week at JoAnns 50% off Sculpey and Premo

I will be posting again soon- I have pictures to share!! smile.gif Hope you are all doing awesome!
Cool about your shows! Love to see pics sometime.

I've been making bunches of stuff, busting my craft supply stash and clearing out that studio. Just finished another Day of the Dead sock monkey for a friend, it's getting so much love I might have to make some more.
Working on some fabric books, journal covers, sculptures soon. I'm very inspired to do some stitching and use up fabric and other fiber scraps. If you haven't seen Teesha Moore's youtube tutorial on fabric journals yet check it out, her work is AMAZING and looks simple enough for anyone to do it.
It is things like this cardigan that make me wish I were capable of knitting. My great gran tried to teach me to knit & to crochet, but my fingers are too stupid & clumsy. I'll be scouring Etsy to find myself an artiste that could knit me something similar.
Too bad you don't craft at all, you could participate in a swap on Craftster. I'm in the Yarnies vs Sewist swap right now myself. I can manage a bit of hook or needle work but fabric is my forte.
Can't wait for my knitty goodies, I'm really excited!

That Teesha Moore project took me forever! I mean like 15 hours with needle and thread forever, gruelling! I'm working on a simplified version right now w a picture tutorial to pass along. So far it's turning out really neat looking. I'll post a link when I'm done.
Perhaps this would be a better thread for my DIY fashion posts.

I picked up a couple of funky pillowcases to make into skirts yesterday and I'm STOKED. One's got a fun yellow and white abstract bubble design with a couple of dark bubbles for accent, one's pale green with a white pattern, and one's a very retro yellow, white and salmon floral design. I think I can make them all into skirts within an hour tomorrow, unless they turn out to be too narrow and need to be cut and sewn differently. If the pillowcase skirts are successful, I may experiment with a dress! Two king-sized pillowcases should be plenty of fabric for a cute little summer dress.
Love to see pics when you get them done! I have a pillowcase I've been meaning to turn into a skirt for a while now too, it's vintage with gorgeous embroidery. Trouble is, it's too big and I don't want to have to cut it because it doesn't have a seam now and that's really nice. Plus, the bottom border is lacy. I am working on a series of darts that will make it fit me without also making it poofy.
My mom was tossing a satin pillow case with a torn seam the other day and it was just so gorgeous, dark salmon colour, that I snagged it. I think it'll make a great cowl neck sleeveless top if I open up the neckline and cut some arm holes. How to finish the seams is tricky though, maybe some kind of facing or bias binding on the arm holes or something...

Here's the picture tutorial for the neat little bag, it did turn out great and is a fantastic use for scraps and buttons that have no other purpose. Let me know if anyone here gives it a go, I'd love to see pics and hear feedback about my instructions.
I did a craft show during the local street festival. Sold some stuff that I had lying around and a few things I made especially for the show, like clay robot pendants. I even made enough profit after expenses like coffee and kettle corn to pay my cable bill. I traded some of my wares for 3 bars of lovely goat milk soap from the booth next to me. Aside from the slightly threatening weather the first day, it went pretty well. I gave LOADS of spinning demos. Kids love to watch people make yarn. smile.gif There were 2 little girls that were pretending that they were Sleeping Beauty.
I'm getting ready for a show this weekend. Been hashing out my booth design and making my product into the wee hours. Please wish me luck!
Woo hoo, go you! Best of luck, have a fabulous time!
Effinfantastic, I love that Sleeping Beauty story, ha ha!

I've been trying to get some stock together for a holiday market this year but it is just NOT happening. Between packing to move (and moving, oh yay), apartment hunting, start of school, making xmas gifts and dealing with a temperiffic 3 year old at home, I just don't have enough time in the day to get this off the ground. So, since a ton of stuff is cut out and partially on it's way to becoming things, I'm aiming for a summer market. Whew. If that doesn't give me enough time I just give up. This is ridiculously difficult to make happen en mass. I am more of a funky one of a kind strange creation type of crafter I think.
Pepper, it helps to share a booth early on when you don't have enough to fill up space on your own..
I've been toying with the idea of making/selling yarn dread falls (lotsa gorgeous ones on craftster and cut out & keep).
Anybody have any experience with the dreads-making??
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