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Well, I trashed the whole attempt. I think my main mistake was trying to do it with the satin like they showed. It was slipping all over the place! I think maybe I will try it again with some fabric that isn't so slippery, and maybe do a larger one so it's easier for my clumsy mechanical hands to pin it all together. Maybe flannel and courderouy or something. ooooh- a pillow!

One thing that confused me was the rectangles they have you cut for the labia minora-according to the measurements they give in cm (i'm lucky I work in biotech, makes me very used to the metric system), but the rectangle I get is much larger than the picture they show in the pattern. And then when I tried to gather the edges to make it all "ruffly" it just had a mind of its own.

snow white-that knitting can be addictive! I was on a big kick a couple years ago, but I don't have the patience to work on a project for I have tons of unfinished stuff. Heh.
I love knitting and crochet...and i love everything about going into a yarn store and looking/feeling/melting in all the gorgeous color and texture. I tell you, though, it took me awhile to really get the hang of knitting at first. I learned out of a book and found knitting to be harder to pick up than crochet...definitely worth getting past the learning curve.
treehugger: Sewing frustrated the bloody fuck out of me in the beginning and sometimes a project STILL makes me want to scream and tear up fabric and rip my hair out. As a girl I was more comfortable out with my dad overhauling an engine than getting near a sewing machine. But with patience, it's possible for us "tomboy" girls to sew, too. smile.gif
Cute hat pattern that a very lovely crafter translated into real people speak

There's a link to a site w instructional videos and another link to cute slippers that look really easy.

I'm going to cheat and make them up in crochet but the hat looks doable, even for me and I'm a knitting idjit.

Treehugger, I swear that I'll make up that pooty purse and take along-the-way pics. Just gimme a bit of time, no internet at home again. Le sigh.
That pattern is very similar to my first knitted hat project I made years ago. pepper, even though I tend to be more of a knitter there are just some things I like better in crochet. Hats are one of those things, so I think your plan to "cheat" and crochet it is a good thing. "Hip Hats and Cool Caps" is one of my all time fave crochet books, BTW. I wish I had time to make every thing in the book. And for people with either big hedz or big dredz this is a perfect book.

Has anyone sewed up one of those cute cyclist caps that are so popular these days?? Threadbanger has a tute, but I haven't tried it yet.

P.S. Isn't craftster the freakin' greatest? I love CRAFTzine, too. Miles and miles of project tutorials.
what timing, pepper! Yesterday I just sat down and DID it. It's a little rough, and the zipper isn't quite right, but I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt. I used various flannels. I'm so PROUD! tongue.gif
Hi guys, has anyone here ever attended or been a vendor at a Bust Craftacular? I put in an application for the next one, but I'm not certain what to expect if I actually get in.
QUOTE(treehugger @ Nov 8 2009, 08:59 AM) *
what timing, pepper! Yesterday I just sat down and DID it. It's a little rough, and the zipper isn't quite right, but I don't think it's too bad for a first attempt. I used various flannels. I'm so PROUD! tongue.gif

Your FIRST project has a zipper. That is incredibly kick-ass awesome, you SHOULD be so proud. I think you may be a natural at sewing. I'm very serious. smile.gif
snow white
Finally found vintage-y kitchen towels, when they re-modeled Joann Fabrics they finally got a decent embroidery section smile.gif I also found some awesome free patterns on that BadBird site i think pepper suggested (thanku, i love those patterns, i'm kinda bored of the Sublime Stitching styles, plus they're not free). So i have to bang them out b4 x-mas and i want to make some plushies, which should be interesting b/c i never have before, lol. (anyone have additional patterns/ideas for them?) The only x-mas gifts i bought have been the power tools and a couple shirts for my boyfriend (so proud of myself for finding and buying power tools!!! lol). anyone doing a home-made x-mas?
Snow White, that's great! I'll have to stop by my local JoAnn's to see if it has a better embroidery section, too.

I'm doing a few homemade things for the holidays. I've made a super simple crocheted shawl for my mother-in-law and a knit lace scarf for another friend. But the REALLY impressive thing I've done is knit my first pair of gloves! Well, technically, they're fingerless gloves, but it still means I had to knit in the round with double pointed needles - something I've never done before. I was scared and intimidated at first, but in the end it was a lot easier than I'd imagined. The best part: the project went by SO QUICKLY. I made both gloves up over the Thanksgiving weekend. I used the Dashing pattern from Knitty ( ). This particular pair of gloves is for my best friend. I enjoyed making them so much I'm thinking of making a pair for myself, too. I'm also thinking of making the Fetching fingerless gloves ( ) for my mom.
I'm doing a mostly hand-made holiday. I made Batman patches for my 6 year old. I want to do a knitted Totoro and some plushies, too. On I found the best recipe for making side-walk chalk; you can customize the color and even make glow-in-the-dark chalk. How cool is that?!

roseviolet: you rock...knitted gloves in the round kick ass!
snow white
wow, those sound like some pretty nice gifts, rose. i learned how to knit recently but i hate it. i really wanted to make my own sweaters and scarves and gloves this year buuut, i guess not sad.gif i thought i would luv it but i find it awkward and boring. my bf's mom is like a master knitter and i was thinking of asking her to teach me b/c maby i'm missing something.
Snowwhite, it was a while before I was comfortable knitting anything besides scarves (and even those scarves were frustrating in the beginning). What kept me at it was my desire to make all the cool shit I saw other people making. ANd I wanted to use all the gorgeous specialty yarns I saw at the yarn stores. Little, by little the hobby became addictive. It snuck up on me, this love for knitting. If you don't know how to crochet, maybe you could learn that next. It's a lot easier and less frustrating. But it sounds to me that your feelings are typical for a newbie knitter.
I also thought knitting was a bit fiddly at first. Frankly, I think that most knitting projects are fiddly for me at the very beginning, so I can understand why people get discouraged so early on. But it gets better. Once I've completed a few rows and I begin to understand the rhythm of that particular pattern, it becomes more enjoyable for me. It's worth pushing through it. Start with small projects - a basic wash cloth that you can finish is one night. Then make a scarf with a bulky thread and big needles so it'll take less time to make. I think only hard-core knitters should make sweaters. They take a looooooong time to make and too often the fit is wrong, so the sweater never gets worn. Have you heard of the Sweater Curse? Scary stuff!

I agree that crochet is a great alternative. It seems odd at first - partly because everybody holds their crochet hook in their own way - but it many ways it's easier. You're only committed to one stitch at a time when you crochet, which always gives me a greater sense of freedom and control. I also find that my hands cramp up less often when I crochet as they do when I'm knitting.

To be honest, I prefer the process of crochet, but I prefer the look of knitted items most of the time. Every once in a while I find great crochet patterns & I pounce on those! But generally I only crochet items that can be bulkier - blankets and such. Knitting provides a much smoother look, a better drape, and can have a nice, natural stretch if you use the right stitches, so I prefer to knit items that will be worn.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Dec 3 2009, 02:41 PM) *
To be honest, I prefer the process of crochet, but I prefer the look of knitted items most of the time. Every once in a while I find great crochet patterns & I pounce on those! But generally I only crochet items that can be bulkier - blankets and such. Knitting provides a much smoother look, a better drape, and can have a nice, natural stretch if you use the right stitches, so I prefer to knit items that will be worn.[/font][/color]

This sums up my feelings, too. Some things like hats, I love in crochet. And I love that there are no crochet machines so crocheted items are by necessity always hand-made. But crocheted SOCKS? Yuck. I am glad I learned both arts, though. I love making my own things, and I love the feel of the beautiful yarns in my hands. The coolest thing in the world is being out somewhere and having a stranger gush over your latest finished project.
Hi Ladies! I was invited to a "Christmas Ornament Party" and need to make an ornament to bring, however my google searches have eiher been impossibe (soldering metals? I have neither the time nor resources!) or cheesey (I really don't want to show up with a lightbulb painted to look like Rudolph). Does anyone know of a cute project that is fairly simple?
QUOTE(MadameHooch @ Dec 6 2009, 02:51 PM) *
Hi Ladies! I was invited to a "Christmas Ornament Party" and need to make an ornament to bring, however my google searches have eiher been impossibe (soldering metals? I have neither the time nor resources!) or cheesey (I really don't want to show up with a lightbulb painted to look like Rudolph). Does anyone know of a cute project that is fairly simple?

You can do a lot of cool things with those plain clear ornaments from the craft store. Probably the easiest thing is to swirl paint in them. One thing I did was made little polymer clay thingies (poinsettias, holly, simple flat things) and baked them on the ornaments. When they were cool, I popped the things off and stuck them back on with a little glue. Then, I stuffed a bunch of tinsel inside using a pencil. They were pretty easy and cheap.

For ornaments, try or search for "adorned" magazine on-line. I've seen some easy, beautiful ornaments on both sites. I really love ornaments made from craft felt (whimsical animals or doves, for example). Adorned once did an article of Russian-style ornaments that were gorgeous.
Does anyone have a link for a basic knitting pattern for an infant cardigan sweater? My babe is 6 months, but she's 20 lbs. and 29 inches so I'd be looking for 9 month or 12 month sizing.

eyelet, the pattern says this is for a boy but I think it would be cute for a girl too
KNitty has this listed as tangy but I think that's just because of the math involved (which probably isn't that bad)

And this might be a little big, but she could grow into it, right?
Thank you pants!
Sooo, since I made the labia coin purse, I made myself a cover for my Kindle-I'm pretty happy with it-I did it in patchwork, 1" squares. I cut apart an old 3-ring binder for the material to make it "stiff" to protect the book. I will have to post a picture of it soon.
snow white
i have alot of bare walls in my appartment and rather than buying crap from wal-mart i thought i'd paint/colorpencil my own, but then i thought, why don't i embroider my own?? the only problem is i don't have any frame of referance. does anyone know of any good sites for something like this? b/c i was thinking of doing a mermaid/underwater motif for the bathroom, dutch for the kitchen and wild animals for the living room. instead of leaving them in the hoops (which i like) i'd dress it up by putting them in a frame.
Sounds great Snow White although I'm sorry I can't offer any suggestions. I also have a lot of bare walls (which drives my partner a bit nuts) because I would rather have nothing than something I don't like.

I sewed myself a tote/grocery bag the other day. I am quite proud of it although it a little discouraging that it took so long to sew something that retails for... oh... about 99 cents.
snow i suggest multimedia, embroidery is so small it will take forever to make up wall covering in just that alone. combine it with some stencil or hand painting, maybe some kind of stitchery, yarn, bead work... something nifty is bound to evolve out of that. there are some tutorials for hand looms for weaving too, i like those projects a lot. if you look me up on flickr (craftylittlemonkey) and check out my faves you'll find some incredible inspiration from tons of artists.

i've been stitching a bit lately but no internet at home still so no way to post pics of anything, boo. and i cut the end of my finger off just before xmas too so that's been slowing me down a bit dry.gif . don't worry though, it was only a chunk (and i do mean a Chunk) of the pad of my right index and now you can hardly tell any is missing at all, it's amazing! still kinda tender but really, incredible healing. i'm in awe of the regenerative powers of my lizard tail pointer. wow.

anyhoo, will get images up soon of the latest monster and some monkeys that are in the works, a stencil, a beaded doll, etc... where are all your pictures ladies?!
I am very seriously considering making this throw but know it will take ages and cost quite a lot. BUT it is so pretty and would look really nice in my living room

Also, snow, maybe you could embroider some picture sized pieces, like the portraits Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching does, well not exactly like them, but inspired by, over a bold drawn on pattern on the walls or even a stencil of some sort.
wow, that throw looks amazing / incredibly time consuming! Cool project!

I've been getting into embroidery lately, just a few tea towels and such, but it's so much fun!
snow- I'm with pepper on the multimedia suggestion, it would be a great way to stretch your embroidery and display your many talents at the same time!

I've also been making alot of tiny charms and such from polymer clay, a medium I was really into for a while and then forgot about, but now I've come back with a vengeance!
I know this is not the place for self-promotion, but I've opened an etsy shop if you want to see some pics of my crafty goodness. It's called CrinolineCreations.

I just finished a pretzel series (super cute, with glitter "salt"!) and now I'm working on getting my valentines collection up. So much fun with clay and jewelry making!

Pepper - I'm so sorry to hear about your poor fingy, but wow to the lizardy regeneration. I hope you're up to craftin' speed again soon!
My finger is as good as new, yay! Mind blowing, just unreal that it's entirely better. Wow.

Holy Maude that afghan is incredible! *wants* Wish I had more patience for/was better at the yarnery. Maybe some day...

Crin, such cute nums! Please to be making some more now. I think those are wonderful.

Ok, here are my latest thingies. Excuse my terrible photography skills please, I can't be good at everything I'm afraid!
that monkey is adorable! so are all of crinolines little baubles, totally cute.

I'm finishing up a baby sweater right now, the one on the cover of this magazine, in fact. Except just with one colorway from Manos (a nice rusty colour way since my pregnant friend is not a pastel fan). Then I need to sort out a new scarf and hat for myself and THEN the afghan will begin. I'm sort of dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time. It's definitely the mosy ambitious project I've ever taken on, but I have faith in myself, at least right now I do. I'll probably start crying by the third row, but life requires challenges! Plus all that yarn cost ALOT so I can't give up on it smile.gif
Thanks y'all! lol, my baby cousin (age 5) is always coming over wanting to make "tiny food" just like me! We use play doh or crayola magic for his, though!

I love your monkey, pepper! Especially his nose and bellybutton. I also really like your "photo ornaments" what great gift ideas!

pants- the baby sweater will be gorgeous! What a lucky baby! Good luck on the afghan!!

Ok, there's some more here now we're on a roll!
That purple monkey has a bum crack too, heh heh.

Crin, have you seen this poly food? Makes me cry, it's so delicious looking...

I just finished a latchhook pillow front, just have to stitch it all up. Can't believe how long it took, wow. That's a craft for people who just like the doing. Personally, while I do enjoy the process, I'm more into results. Spending hours and hours on one small kitschy craft is exhausting! I could have made 4 sock monkeys instead dry.gif .

Ok, I'll get around to making a snatch purse and taking pics of the process. I've got the basement in order and the house I passably tidy(ish), just gotta tackle this studio before I start any more projects. Unfortunately little man keeps handing me these fantastic drawings of the stuffy he wants me to make next and the temptation to cut and sew instead or organizing is nearly overwhelming. I've run out of surface area in here though (including the floor) so I will just have to get on it.

Where do you craft? How do you make it work for you?
I craft on the sofa which means it ends up covered in yarn bits and patterns. I've got my stash in a big green trunk but it is totally disorganized. what i need is some sort of shelving system to divide everything up on, either based on color or yarn type. But it's hard to find the right sort of thing and so VERY easy to buy more beautiful yarn. Manos de Uruguay is especially dangerous.
wow that was delicious looking fake foods!

I love the idea of making stuffys from children's drawings, pepper. It's a great way to make lasting memories, and encourage imagination!

I guess I just use my dining table, so I can spread out. I'm not a very organized person, so my yarns and fabric live in a pile in my bedroom and my clay/jewelry craft stuff is shoved into a huge old tacklebox of my Dad's.
I feel pretty spoiled rotten to have an entire room to myself for crafting but honestly, I don't know how I would ever make anything without it! Maybe if I only did one or two crafts and not the 10 or so I get into regularly plus the things I just fool around with. Like I said, spoiled rotten. Even so though it's crowded and messy galore in here. I spent some time shifting boxes and bags out into the living room to make space to actually tidy up but now that it's clean there really isn't anywhere for that stuff to live. I'm doing a major, Major stash bust to get rid of it all. I figure from now on nothing comes into the house that I'm not going to use straight away. Yah, right! I'm gonna try though. Either that or we'll only have half a living room from now on.

I made some mittens and a hat out of an old sweater with a music motif for my mama and I washed and dried 3 loads of sweaters (some felted nicely, the rest are just clean) to make a patchwork cover for the cushions on the glider rocker. I hope to get that done over the next couple of days but tonight I'm going to finish the fleece blanket I had planned for little's xmas present. And patch his jeans. And fix a quilt I tore apart to make smaller. Right.
A terrific crafter offered a free pattern for an amazing octopus on craftster the other day, here it is
I'd say you need beginner to intermediate skills to do it. It turns out so great! I've made one so far and altered the pattern a bit to make another smaller one as the kids were fighting over it (I love when that happens! Well, not the actually fighting so much, just the loving the thing I made part).
I finished those jeans, the quilt, the fleece blanket for little's bed and some other things. I'm going to finish up some freezer paper t-shirt stencils in the next couple of days and a beatbox/mixer board pillow case for a friend's kids. My house is looking really messy right now but I'm busting stash so I just don't care, HA! There's still only half a living room out there though so back to work for me!
I just bought all of the wool sweaters at Salvation Army. Well, there were only 4 of them, and one is amazingly ugly, but they were on sale for 49c apiece. I'd felt them up, but I used all of my quarters on big loads of actual laundry. : /
What are you going to do with the sweaters? I have got an enormous pile of them going right now, I mean it's just stupidly big. I bought them all on the pretence of covering the cushions on the glider rocking chair but I could seriously make a new cover for the couch with the amount of fabric I've got and that's after felting! I bought two more sweaters today too. What can I say, they were all on sale for a buck a piece. I have a big bolster pillow that I wanted to cover in sweater patchwork and have promised my friend to make coffee sleeves for take out cups for her cafe, plus there are some darn cute stuffies out there made of sweater patchwork that I'd like to try my hand at so... maybe I'll have used up this pile in the next few years or so. Ha ha ha. You know what I saw though? Terrific sweater slipper/boots made out of cheap flats, sweater sleeves and hot glue. I'm gonna give it a go. Maybe those are even sellable, that would be amazing!

I also bought every piece of clothing I could find in luxurious fabrics of red and pink and some ribbon and satin in shades of gold for the velvet vulva change purses. I plan on making a few in varying degrees of complicatedness to sell and give away. I promise to photo-document the process with a better pattern and instructions than the ones in the link I posted (those were vague, sorry about that).

I want to join an Alice in Wonderland swap on craftster too, I have a ton of applicable supplies and ideas falling out of my ears. I might have to have more than one partner at the rate I am planning to craft! Got an good ideas? I love that story so much and there is just a tremendous amount of art work and inspiration out there. I haven't swapped in ages either. I want to do it.

I was out with my junk store junkie mama to day, we hit three treasure shops, malwart and the dollarama. I came home with a gigantor bag of goodies, mostly for crafting. Now that my studio is managably organized I'm messing it up again. Sigh. Oh well. Creativity is a drug that I just can't do without.
I'm going to assume that y'all are so busy crafting teh fabulous that you just haven't had time to post any of it!

Here's my latest freezer paper stencils, the mixing board pillow case is my favourite though the I <3 Kung Fu ain't too shabby either.

I'm signed up for a Wonderland and a Sock Monkey/critter swap and have started crafting, got a ginormous pile of supplies ready and dozens of ideas too. And am still working on that velvet vulva project and the sweater patchwork. And some bibs and blankies for friends with new babies. And some more sock creatures just because. And a miniature for a challenge. Etc. Heh.

What are you guys up to?
I'm not crafting much right now, unfortunately. I'm on the lookout for a sweet vintage pillowcase to make into a sundress for my baby cousin. I have a ton of vintage rickrack, I just need something to put it on!

pepper- i love your stencils, particularly the kung fu one!
I'm not sure what I am going to do with them. I have a particularly heinous one that I kind of want to make into a bag of some sort. It is really thick though, so I'm not sure that's the best thing. I think one's arm is destined to become a case/cozy dealie for my calculator.
Whew! a dozen recycled tshirt bibs, 8 taggy flannel blankies, two more sock monkeys, cross stitch, altered altoid tin, 3 dozen photo note cards, needle book and pin cushion, Alice themed stuffies, shadow box, a necklace, and two more sock monkeys on the go. I have been BBBUUUSSSYYYY!! I tried to put a tutorial together for those pooty purses but dang, the instructions on that site SUCK so I'm having to figure out the pattern drafting and assembly for y'all. I promise I won't give up but my first effort is complicated and fussy. A bit more time and I'll have something simple and doable that you can add detail to if you feel like it. My mom saw my mock up though and told me they would sell like hotcakes at the michigan woman's song writing festival so maybe I'll have to put a bunch of them together and see if they really will. Not sure I can actually list that kind of item on Etsy or Ebay huh.gif laugh.gif
Yeah-I made two of those purses. The first one turned out-meh. I had used flannels. Second one is quite a bit better but I had to cheat a little. I used the satin for the inside lips and it kept sliding all over the place-finally I had to use some basting glue to hold everything together long enough to stitch it- then it worked. I should post a picture.
Yes, post pics! I have over a dozen in-process pics for that little thing but they are so unhelpful because the end result is not quite the thing and the piecing it together was way too fussy. I picked up a few little scraps of this and that this week to make more of them (I have a shopping bag full of fabric, ribbon, etc for this project so I better make a whole whack of these things once I figure them out!). I'll work on it now that my swap and present crush is over. I sent off 7 parcels this week and I'm bushed. And my craft room is a craftastrophe, ugh.

Here's a voodoo sock monkey that I am quite happy with. He went to a friend who did some shopping in the city for me, he tells me his wife and mom have tried to steal him already, ha!
All my swap partners have received their stuff now so I'm free to post pics on flickr finally. There are 3 pages of crazy crafts, day of the dead sock monkey, glass wonderland art dolls, etc etc. I've been crafting my little monkey fingers to the bone!

Any easter crafts happening with you guys? I can't think of anything I want to make but I'm sure I'll find some inspiration somewhere!
Hey you beautiful crafty ladies, I 'm so happy to be posting today! The computer has been on the fritz for ever and a day, so I've had no web access at the homefront.

Has anyone ever gotten brave enough to try their hand at pysansky (you know, the Ukrainian tradition of making gorgeous heirloom quality decorated eggs with wax)? The closest I have ever come to pysansky has been to download some pysansky coloring pages for the kids.

What I probably WILL do for Easter is make some side-walk chalk. There is a simple recipe I found months ago on craftzine. You can make beautiful, custom colors and even use glow-in-the-dark paints or (of course) glitter for fun special effects. If you save your toilet paper rolls, they make good molds for the chalk according to the article.

Pepper, I haven't visited your flickr in months, I can't wait to see what you've been up to. (BTW, I always giggle when I see you used one of my favorite books to model a book mark you made...Spiritual Midwifery. I'd recognize the cover art anywhere).

I've also been doing some Asian carp kits and Korean blue dragon kites with the kids...oh, and Pokeman crafts. Doesn't everybody need origami Pikachus about their house?
I am not that brave, for the eggs I mean. But I would try the chalk recipe! That sounds like much fun. laugh.gif
My aunt used to do pysansky. It isn't as scary as it sounds, it's taking an egg, drawing on it with wax, dipping it into color, drawing with more wax, going from lighter to darker in color dips. There is a special sort of pen-type utensil that holds melted wax and stays warm for doing the drawing. When I was maybe 11 she helped me make my own egg. For some reason it is done with a raw egg, and it is kept from year to year. I still have mine. It is over 30 years old now. Eventually (if the cat doesn't get it), the center dries out. Anyway, I had a blast-of course at 11 I drew child-type drawings on mine. Heh. I was a horse fiend at the time and mine has a bunch of cartoon-ish horses on it.

Anyway, you keep adding layers of wax in between color dippings, once you are done you warm the egg over a candle and wipe the wax off to reveal all the brilliant colors. smile.gif

Anyway, I think you should try it, Koffeewitch and Pepper! And anybody else who is curious!
Hellooooooo talented crafty ladies!

I have crafty aspirations and a basket of materials, and would love some suggestions on what to do with some umbrella fabric! I rescued the fabric when the umbrella spokes broke, as it was pretty and I thought it could be useful for something. I now have a circle of purple polka-dot watreproof fabric (nylon?), with a diameter a bit less than a metre.

Any thoughts?
Sounds like that might make a nice tote bag for the grocery store...
SKIRT!!! If you're little, or you have a small girl around who needs a fun outfit. Sunhat comes to mind, something nifty could happen in that area. Purse, totally, grocery store bag for sure. Crazy stuffy, giant squid or octopus. Or a circular pillow/cushion might be interesting (gather the "points" together, cover with a circle of something), you could use it outdoors! Sunshade outside. Pin it over a light in the ceiling or make it into a lampshade/light cover. Rain poncho. Bicycle rain cover (hmm, how to do that?). Side table cloth, window treatment, windsock for the porch. Man, I need to go craft something now...
Treehugger: Did your aunt make her designs free hand (yikes!) or have any templates? Did she have a little stand that rotated the egg to keep her lines straight and even? I saw a pysansky egg stand like that in an antique store once and wish I had picked it up but I've never seen anyone use such a thing in any of the instructions I've seen. The results, when made well, are gorgeous beyond words and I have a special love for eastern european art...I just have little faith in my own ability to make the damn things turn out well.

Persi: You could always cut out funky shapes and applique them to t-shirts, jeans, etc. It would make a nice rain coat for a small dog, too.
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