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i'd guess that pattern will take you less than a week at the rate of 2 hours a day. it could be significantly less,
when working with patterns, i often lose track on the counting...
Thank you Pepper! I found out everything I needed to know just by being a lurky loo.

Crinoline. Outstanding!
happy finger stabbing, try not to bleed on your work!
humanist, I agree with period monster on the time estimate. Once you figure out the rhythm of cross-stitch it'll go quickly.

This is my first day off where there's no pressure of doing my hated-second-contract job. I have been focusing on cleaning so my room has more space for crafting (sewing and spinning primarily). Part of that is putting legs on a new table and hanging and making curtains. Both are well in progress, and as far as I'm concerned any day where I use my sewing machine and my dremel is a good day.
grrr...I haven't been able to complete my bestest babe's bday embroidered pin-up girl teatowel cause of the bullcrap in my world right now.
I can't wait till next week when I may have some time to finish it and get it sent to her.
I have another bday gift coming up soon, as well.
At least I'll be able to keep myself busy while adjusting to a new situation...

and I'm not happy with the blue transfer pen. I have had to wipe it down with plain water over and over to get the blue water marks out...really frustrating!! I think Im going to use the carbon paper next time...

end crafty rant...
thanks, ya'll! I'll post a photo when I finish!
moonpieluv i just use a regular old pencil to mark patterns for embroidery. you can't see the lines at all when you're done. i make them very faint too so that i am never following a pattern exactly, i like the creative freedom to interpret the design a bit sometimes wink.gif
I do have a graphite pencil...and the regular ones, too. I just found it hard to trance on the window. I tried it on a glass coffee table putting a flashlight under it. That seemed to work better, but not like...amazing.
I hear ya on wanting creative freedom. I'll add hearts and X's to stuff..or a bigger bum as I gave to the pin up gal.

I'm SO happy cause I've already found a friend that lives where I'll be moving that embroiders! Yeeee! That makes me happy.

I may be able to get my parent's to give me their sewing machine again. I took it last time with the best intentions..did nothing..yada yada. But I think now I'm in a better mindset for crafting, as I've got the ball rollin. I wanna make a duvet cover and pillow shams for my bed using a mix of vintage and like, reprodepot fabrics.

Gahh.. I also wanna make latchhook rugs for my new apartment. Some maybe vintage ones from ebay..the BIG ones...and some I create myself.

Lawl, I better get busy, ladies. blink.gif
i always find cast off latch hook stuff at the second hand store, i have like a huge box full of the cut yarn! tons of canvas and patterns and hooks too. it's a bit time consuming though.
there is a fantastic crafter who does porn latch hook that i thought was awesome. i lost the link to that website when my last computer crashed though. wonder if i can find it again...

ah, here we are.

and here's a great porn by numbers site.

dirty crafty, now that's the bomb!
wowowoweee. I love the trashy latch hook kits... has a way in which you can send in a picture, and they will digitally paint in on your canvas board. I think that's brillant..and it cuts out having to buy all the paint, try to paint something good for a latch hook rug...and understand.

Yeah, I think I'm going to focus on embroidery right now..cause I'm such a newbie. The back of my work looks like a bird's nest! Plus I've got bdays and the holiday gifts comin. Maybe by Jan. I can take up a hooker rug! So trash. love it.
hooker rug, oh *holds sides laughing* hee hee!

if your embroidery looks like hell on the back take a look at some embroidery stitch books. they have great diagrams showing the how to and it will save you on thread! i am a real rule breaker when it comes to crafting but one thing that design school taught me is that sometimes the tried and true method is a billion times easier than trying to figure it out on your own.

though i do like that tangley look wink.gif
oh yes oh yes. I plan on getting a book when I get settled in my new state. I probably should have ordered a book with my kit, but..hey, we gotta start somewhere. I'm almost done with my second piece I've ever ever done, so I'm trying to go easy on myself at first. The book would be so helpful.

I've already got two gals interested in creating a night for embroidery..maybe call it "flossy friday" or something with like cocktails and good music. gahh I'm a nerd. laugh.gif

awww. I like the tangley look, too.
library! don't bother buying until you peruse a few. there are so many of them! man, have i ever been finding some treasures on flickr, check there for inspiration. makes my little thread sketches look like baby stitches.

you know, my older lady friend was telling me that thursday has always been the traditional day for women's groups to meet. like quilting and canning bees way back in the day even. apparently meeting with other women on a thursday during the witch hunt era was a sign of craftwitchery and grounds for burning, eep! funny that, the sinister day just happened to be a day that women had been meeting for generations. huh.
yay, I got my kit today-I'm excited to start!

I also wanted to post photos of my latest project. I cut my long dreadlocks off over 2 years ago. I didn't want to throw them out, and I wanted to do something creative but practical with them instead. I'm not sure where the idea came from, but i decided to decorate a lamp shade with them, using a glue gun. I finally got to carry out my idea when I recently found the right lampshade, and I'm utterly in love!!

Most people who I've told about this or who have actually seen it are grossed out or even shocked by it. At best, some people are all, ''s interesting'. Only *4* people out of MANY think it's as neat as I do, and those people all happen to be artists. Be honest with me, people-everyone else has been, so I won't be offended if you find my lamp creepy and weird. But If you love it like I do, let me know too!
ETA: don't worry about the lamp overheating and making the hair smell or set on fire-I've left it on (supervised) for several hours now, and it's been perfectly fine. Lots of people were worried about this.

So...without further ado:

I think it's really interesting Humanist. I also think most of those people wouldn't be grossed out if it was long shiny straight hair, instead of dreadlocked hair, which many folks are still suspicious of.
Just curious, the hair so dense, does light shine through or do you part the 'curtains' when you need to? The hairdresser in me wants to wrap a few of the locks in different threads and cowries and stuff.
I don't know if I like my hair enough to live with it like that. And once it leaves my head it's like shed skin.
I can see another reason that your artist friends like it - it generates controversy & thought for sure.
super creative for sure and absolutely creepy too. "hair" art always creeps me out though. my friend made a felted ball necklace from her cat's sheddings that was just too much for me. everytime i saw that thing i'd have to turn away, ack!
I scored a ton of fabric remnants from my grandmother, some of them dating back to the 1920s. So my new project goal is to try and copy some of the latest fashions that I 1. can't afford and 2. can't find in my size (petite).

My first project is a blouse I'm doing without a pattern. It has a ruffled collar/front placket and a waistband with a peplum skirt. I think I'll do hook and eye closures down one side because I don't have a zipper and I don't want to make six buttonholes. Plus I think the hook and eyes will look invisible (going from under arm to just below waistband). I'm about 2/3 done on it.

I'm using some midcentury cotton fabric that is cream with a tiny black fern print. The ruffles will have contrast edges.

I also hope to make some high waisted skirts, but I want a heavy tweed or denim type fabric and satiny lining.

Any sewing tips/ techniques you'd like to share?

oh, and hairlamp = not for me
QUOTE(pepper @ Sep 11 2008, 12:17 AM) *
super creative for sure and absolutely creepy too. "hair" art always creeps me out though. my friend made a felted ball necklace from her cat's sheddings that was just too much for me. everytime i saw that thing i'd have to turn away, ack!

My three year old cousin cut off a chunk of her hair and stuck it to her painting with glitter glue. My aunt said that she was just 'trying out different mediums' and then took her to get her hair cut.
QUOTE(crinoline @ Sep 16 2008, 02:42 PM) *
I scored a ton of fabric remnants from my grandmother, some of them dating back to the 1920s. So my new project goal is to try and copy some of the latest fashions that I 1. can't afford and 2. can't find in my size (petite).

My first project is a blouse I'm doing without a pattern. It has a ruffled collar/front placket and a waistband with a peplum skirt. I think I'll do hook and eye closures down one side because I don't have a zipper and I don't want to make six buttonholes. Plus I think the hook and eyes will look invisible (going from under arm to just below waistband). I'm about 2/3 done on it.

I'm using some midcentury cotton fabric that is cream with a tiny black fern print. The ruffles will have contrast edges.

I also hope to make some high waisted skirts, but I want a heavy tweed or denim type fabric and satiny lining.

Any sewing tips/ techniques you'd like to share?
oh, and hairlamp = not for me

Oh lucky you Crinoline. I'm always afraid to start cutting into nice, old fabrics. I'm a terrible horder.
Hook and eye-closures = genius, especially down the side
Because you never know who is reading what where and when i am going to post this here:

Calling Geek Crafters: We Want To Interview Joss Whedon and We Need Your Help!

Kids,—nay, the entire online crafts community—needs your help with something that could be so much fun, I can't even find words for it. We need you to help us get Joss Whedon's attention.

Who's Joss Whedon? We know many of you already know, because you've chatted here about your love for his work, like the TV shows he created: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. And the movie Serenity. And the Astonishing X-Men comics and the Buffy comics, too.

And it's possible that this week you watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (and if you haven't yet, you should; it's free for a limited time!). And maybe you read Whedonesque, the massive and wonderful site about all the people and projects remotely related to Joss Whedon's work.

See, Joss Whedon is a wicked creative guy, and he entertains us. And last week recently, in a tongue-in-cheek response to an interview question on the Wired blog, he practically begged for a crochet publication to interview him*. And simply must be that pub. Why? A bulleted list will tell you:

Just the thought of this makes me giggle. And as we all should know by now, absurdity is a big and special part of the internets.
He's trying something new on the internet with Dr. Horrible, and we love trying new things on the internet, too. If we knew people like Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day, we'd want to do fun things like crochet with them, too.
Tons of crafty types are geeks who love to combine crafts with their geekiness. And tons are geeks who never thought to combine their loves. And some aren't geeks at all, but would be thoroughly entertained by an interview with Joss, too.
Holy crap, have you seen Geek Central Station?
There are hundreds of crocheted or knitted Jayne hats posted on Ravelry, alone.
Speaking of Ravelry, there are over 900 members in a group on there that's devoted just to Whedon's work.
Loads of crafters don't have any idea who Joss Whedon is and have never known his work. We can't just sit around and not seize this speck of an opportunity to try to remedy that.
Ok, enough bullets; this is a peaceful blog. We're revisiting our grassroots... roots... here, and asking the whole community to help us. If we all play together, we can have a load of fun. Here's what you can do (I lied about the bullets; at least these have numbers):

Blog about this and link back here; post about this on the crafty boards you frequent.
Speak up. Thousands of you read this blog. Some of you must know someone who might know someone who can help us get a hold of someone who can tell Joss Whedon how much fun it would be to spend a few minutes with us, even over email.
Got a Whedonesque membership or know someone who does? Let them know what we're up to! Kiba posted about us!
Got ideas for what else we can do? We're all ears.

ETA three bullets (21 July):

Know someone who's made or bought some Whedoncraft? Phone them up or email them or Twitter them or otherwise nag them till they post about it here!
Got some contacts at a big blog somewhere? Or maybe you just like being an enthusiastic anonymous tipper? Let those big-blog writers know! There's enough fun in this to spread it all over the internets, from the crafts world to the tech world to the geek world, and beyond.
Remember: Just like crafty people wear many hats and can be found all over the internets due to their other interests both professional and recreational (how come there are so many crafters? Because we're doctors and teachers and lawyers and scientists and writers...), Whedon fans are everywhere, too! That means pretty much any place you hang out online is a good place to post about this (you know, within reason).

tee hee those are perfect little nightmares
one more, it didn't turn out very scary at all though! i still like it. baby tucks into mama's front pouch like a little kangaroo dolly.
I scored a ton of awesome furry yarns (eyelash yarn already wrapped around soft regular yarn so it's easier to work with) at Hobby Lobby for 79 cents a skein!!!
They should work up some wonderful furry critters. I'm thinking of strating an etsy store after I'm finished making my christmas list :
(small white Totoro, Pacman, one-eyed alien, snake, three beer cozys, four pairs of earrings, two brooches, one hat, one headband, and a dog sweater - all crochet)

Does anyone have etsy advice? And is anyone else crafting this christmas? (pepper- I know you are!)
no advice here but let me know if you find out anything 'cause i'm thinking about it too. i sure am crafting, crafting my little head off! everything this year will be hand made except for a couple of toys that the little man wants and books, of course. i feel like i need another me right now, one to take care of the kids and the pets and the house while i lock myself into the craft room. geez.
I posted a few of my thoughts on selling on etsy in the DIY thread in working girls.

I haven't really thought about Christmas gifts at all yet. All my crafting has been business related. I might just end up buying all my gifts off etsy. Handmade, just not by me.
I'm going to crosspost this in the home decorating thread, too. Question for you artsy crafty types: I have sixteen six foot long bamboo poles, and I want to make some sort of wall hanging from them...something a little sophisticated, but sort of Bali-looking. Any ideas?

To all the crafites, I thought some of you may like this, it has all sorts of projects on it.

linky linky.
I used bamboo poles to make tropical kinda blinds in my kitchen.

I just weaved them with some thick hemp on the sides and once down the middle. It looks like something you'd pay too much for at Ikea. But I'm liking Ikea lately, so we'll pretend I didn't say that.
Did you guys know there's a blog called Men Who Knit? I'm tickled.
Lol. How awesome is that. Hey by the way I just bought my Knifty Knitters last week. I can't find time to actually take a class on needle knitting yet. Does anyone know any cool blogs or tutorials on using the long looms? I'm trying to just make simple items like scarves.
Hello Ladies -
I’m selling a like-new Print Gocco Kit for Paper & Cloth (silkscreening kit). If anyone's interested, please visit:


Thanks! xo Olive
Are any crafters planning to visit the Renegade fairs this year? Was hoping to go to the Brooklyn Renegade on Sunday, but I don't think I can get the time off work.

psst Olive, your links don't work
Have any of you ever made or used a Pinhole Camera? I am fascinated by these suckers, but have yet to make one. Will be one of the first summer projects when my oldest child is out for break.
I <3 arts & crafts of all sorts super happy this thread is here! biggrin.gif
Anybody else into low tech or square format photography?
Hm the last time a made and used a pinhole camera was in grade 6 for science class and now it's all a blur.
latest freezer paper stencil. this craft couldn't get any easier, everyone should give it a go! the results are always so terrific!

lots of other crafts there. wish i could visit more often and chat about everything everybody is doing but so BUSY! x's and o's, have a crafty day!
Double post sorry
Sorry about that ladies - Here are the correct links:

Thanks for looking! Olive
i checked out your machine, the second link isn't working for me but they are the same, right?. i've always wondered how exactly it is that those things work. you are burning a stencil of any image that can be used over and over again? and that machine is for not only burning the stencil but also for printing the image? using ink like a screen print or creating iron-on transfers that you then print on with the machine or with an iron? *confused*
I'm going to attempt a bit of a thread ressurect here - I just bought myself a book to learn to sew with some fun little projects and I've just purchased my first sewing machine. This is something I've been planning on doing for a while - and I'm so excited. The sewing machine is actually currently in the box - still need to get it set up, but I'm hoping this will open all kinds of crafty doors for me.

It's a Singer Advanced (it was on sale -whoo hoo) and I'm so excited to take it for it's first drive.

Oh - I love my new machine so much! I made a simple little makeup case out of a cheap cotton that is gold with red flowers and vines on it - very rich and looks a bit like a toile. I used a matching red zipper and, although not perfect (I didn't leave quite enough room for the zipper) I love it.

I love all the stiches on my machine and I love how relaxing my room is. My basset hound comes and sleeps on the couch next to me while I sew. I just need to rearrange the room a bit to get my computer off the big table that would be perfect for cutting and measuring.

I now have a tonne of this fabric left. I'm thinking next will be placemats, or perhaps a protective cozy for my good fabric scissors.
Hi, missjoy!

I don't sew, but I am considering taking a class to learn to do so. Did you take lessons or did someone teach you? My mom used to sew, she could probably help me out. I was thinking of taking this on in the fall, when the days get shorter & I'll start needing something to fill my evenings.

I'm looking for a calming hobby & my sister tells me that sewing/knitting, etc. would be perfect for keeping my mind off my anxiety, which always makes me fidget. However, the only thing I have ever sewed was a Loony Tunes-themed bag in my 6th grade home ec class, which was a stressful experience because my teacher was really impatient.

Could anyone recommend a good book for beginners? I am especially interested in making my own clothing!!

I didn't really ever sew much before - a couple sock monsters by hand. I bought the book Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp and I love it. My makeup case I made was actually a pencilcase in the book. It's got some humour in it too - which I like.

I know a lot of people like knitting, but I find it so hard to fix mistakes and takes so long. Sewing has much more of an immediate payoff. It's less portable, but I don't mind that.
Thirteen, I knit some. Nothing fancy, but I enjoy it. I think one advantage to knitting is that all you need is some yarn & 2 needles. I plan to get back into it soon, it's been a while for me.

Missjoy, thanks for the sewing book rec! I will check it out.
what about embroidery? Same kind of pattern stuff.

I found the stuff put out my Jenny Hart was really delightful and you can add stuff to the clothes you already have!!
I just found instructions on how to make your own terrarium, these things look so awesome. I thought I'd share in case anyone else is fascinated:
snow white
i embroidered a wedding present for a friend of mine, just finished it (oh, and started it) last night. the wedding is today. i was going to put the date of the nuptuals but it looked to "graduation-ish" to me so i put "09" in small numbers instead. i originally wanted to spell out their entire names but it came out crooked so i went with something kinda fool proof. next time i'll have a better idea of what to do. this was my first attempt at anything like this, i usually do plain white fabrics but i had this and thought i'd give it try. i wish i could have balenced it with something else but i liked the simplicity. but all in all i'm proud of it and i hope the bride and groom like it smile.gif

thirteen, i like to embroider. i want to "graduate" to sewing but for now this is a great relaxing hobby you can put down for a few weeks and pick up again when your in the mood (that's what i like about it). and i love this site, sublime stitching. it's a really easy hobby to get into to, as soon as u pick up a needle you can start and as you work it more complicated stiches come naturally. but i do want to learn how to sew in the next few months so i can make x-mas presents. i think my gram has a sewing machine she'll let me use
Hey Thirteen, I find crochet really relaxing and it's so portable that you can do it anywhere. I can't even read a pattern yet but I've still made some cute hats and cuffs and stuff. I can get a hat done in about an hour now, great for gifts or when you want to match an outfit. The best part is that all it takes is a hook and some yarn, that's it!

Foryoursplendour terrariums are so cute but these days the thing I do most with plants is kill them I'm afraid. Too busy looking after my own little sprouts, the green things in our lives have to live outside. Maybe later though, I do love those shamrocks.

Snowwhite, cute monogram! Nice straight stitches, looks great. Mine are never that neat, need more practice making things that arent' abstract and actually require stitching skillz.

Here is my latest creation, I think he turned out great all things considered (incredibly bad assembly instructions and making half of it on a bus ride, ha!). I haven't been making much and now we're moving so it might be a while until I get the studio set up again. Sad. But motivated to really get on top of my list of projects when we get settled!
snow white
omg pepper, that dog is so cute! wow, where do u find patterns for that kind of stuff?
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