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Full Version: She's Crafty...the Revenge
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Unfortunately I'm not crafty sad.gif.

I fell in love with the onesies and was thinking one or two for two different babies in my life (both boys) but patches could work... I don't have the capability myself but I know a woman who does!
come on now, i refuse to believe that you aren't crafty in any way what-so-ever, you're so creative! if you were here i'd get you to come over and tempt you with my plethora of craft supplies, i know we'd find something that you'd love.

ok, i can translate any simple-ish picture into thread. pm me when you've got a collection (choose at least 10 images) and i'll give you my email so you can send them to me. i'll let you know what's possible and what i think will look terrific.

here's a barrage of images...

some felty fruits and veggies i've been making for little

a snow man i made him for xmas one year

more embroidery

an afghan i'm working on (it's my first and it's huge already but i just can't stop crochetting!)

my first teddy

xmas ornaments

and hats!

Wow *in awe of Pepper*
aw shucks! happy.gif
pepper, you're a star! and a very talented one.

I shall compile images.

You're right: I AM creative so I should be more crafty with it. This Christmas I'm going to try to do a few crafty things; they probably won't involve stitching but will be handmade with love.
hee hee!

i knew you had it in you! any time you want to run ideas by me if you need a little help, i can usually figure out how to make anything out of anything. and that craftster board is a great source of inspiration too. check out the feature projects, the hot new topics and the new with pictures quick links. there is always some amazing stuff there.
ok, i don't know where else to put this but here is the window my papa made for me. it's 2'x4', he designed it, hand cut the high lead crystal glass, hand bevelled the pieces with machines that he designed and built himself, and Voila! i wish this picture did it any kind of justice.

gorgeous glass. can't wait for a sunny afternoon when it will fill the house with bright, sparkly rainbows!

oh yes, and the frame is made of walnut from a tree that used to be on his old farm. wow!

Wow, that's beautiful, pepper.


pepper, that is absolutely gorgeous! i bet it looks spectacular when the sun is hitting it!

(I'm cross posting this:)
Okay, me decide!

Have you all gone to the BUST Craftaculars in the past? I want to be a vendor this year, but I don't know if it'll be worth it. The way I see it, it's $225 to get my table, and about another $100 in the cost to make my product (gourmet organic dog/cat treats). So if my products sell at say, $10 a pop for a bag of organic goodies (much less for doggie brownies, etc.), I'll have to sell at least 33 bags to break even.

So first of all, do you think it's worth it, and you think it's worth it? (lol, sorry...I'm a bit tipsy right now and lost my second question.) I mean, I went last year and people were selling soaps and stuff, so obviously they're making enough money to break even. And other people were selling handmade bags for upwards of $50, and they were selling. But dog/cat treats at a craft you think it's the right audience?

The deadline is Monday, and of course, I'm waiting until the last possible minute to do this...

I've never done this before. But I want to try if I think it won't be a waste of money (I'm kinda poor right now). I think it would be a lot of fun. It's a cool environment to be in.

I have never visited this thread before, but it's 5:15 a.m., and I've got insomnia, so... tongue.gif

I just wanted to tell y'all that your creations are lovely!! your crafts! And PEPPER---OMG---that window is AMAZING!!! Wish my Daddy was still around to dote on me! sad.gif

Thanks for sharing your work, y'all. Lovely!

Wow pepper I love that window! And all your crafty stuff!

I'm going to be getting my sewing machine out today. Very few manufacturers sell bras in my size, so I bought a few very plain ones, and this afternoon I'm going to be getting my craft on with some lace and ribbon to prettify them : )

So I'm hoping someone can help me with a question before I begin: has anybody on here ever dyed clothes using food colouring / vegetable dyes? I want to dye something black and was thinking of using food colouring, but if I did that, what could I use as a fixer?
guitar - I'm a tie-dyeing fanatic, and when you buy kits they often come with soda ash to soak the material in before dyeing. It's to help the color last longer. I'm wondering if that would work with food color, too.

Meanwhile, I just recently moved into a new apartment, and I'm cursed with the white walls I'm not allowed to paint. So I'm looking for decorating ideas to spruce up the place and make it less bleak without violating my lease. I also want to expand on the hippie theme I have going in my bathroom (shower curtain covered in bright multi-colored daisies). My thought so far is to get black and white pictures of famous hippies, laminate them, and use them as sort of wallpaper. Any other suggestions?
thanks guys!

as for while walls, i tack up my collection of saris and other fabulous fabric. makes it look like some kind of arabian tent sometimes, i love it. beaded curtains on the doors, fabulous fabric at the windows, sometimes i'm glad to have white walls to brighten up around my explosion of colour everywhere else! in fact, it's white in this apartment and i'm glad, it would be way too dark if it wasn't!

here's another pic of the fabulous window...

Oh Pepper! You're on Craftster (of course!). I was perusing threads yesterday and saw your beautiful window! I'm usually over in Clothing and Knitting, but i love checking out all of the creativity all over the site.
Pepper, that window is amazing! I can't even imagine the amount of work put into that, but it's worth it. So. freaking. gorgeous.
not sure whether to post here or on the 'thread thread', but that seems to be mostly about knitting. i have a question for the crafting busties . i have this brown leather handbag - a very simple kind of over the shoulder satchel type of thing. it's a nice bag but the cheapskate shop (Zara I believe) skimped by not lining it. Which means my stuff gets covered in tons of little bits of brown fluff - nice. i am planning to run up a quick cotton lining for it , but not sure how to affix it once i'm done. I was wondering if i could just glue it on to the inside of the bag? i don't have any special equipment and am wary of spoiling a good leather bag - any advice?

update - there was fabric round the zip so I glued it to that rather than direct to the leather - worked fine.
i'm sad this thread sees so little action. I just popped by to hunt for the brilliant gingerbread tree decorations i saw here a while back, already trawled the holiday thread but finally found them here, i hope you don't mind me copying your idea pepper. as i'm here, i might as well post my first sock monkey, i finished him last night. not quite enough stuffing and I sewed one ear on upside down (a particularly gripping moment in Spooks) but i like him anyway.
oh that is so totally not my idea! go ahead, copy away.

cutest upside-down-ear monkey ever! i have so many socks waiting to be attended to. i saw a sock horse that i have to try and i'm going to make some gloves into octopuses too. should be fun!

i hang out on mostly, it's really busy and the crafts and swaps are a-mazing! more sock monkeys that you can imagine too wink.gif
thanks! i'm on craftster too, there are so many great ideas to pinch! i think i've seen your stuff on there too, you had some supercool projects *in awe of pepper the craftmeister*. i saw a sock octopus somewhere which i think is a great idea but can't remember where.
pft, i just saw you there!

the soctopus is actually here on bust. it's so freaking cute!
snow white
beck, that's one hott sock monkey

does anyone else do any embroidering? i saw an ad for *sublime stiching* here on bust and ordered 8 designs from them. i wish i could embroider my x-mas presents in class b/c i get so bored just sitting there.
i embroider. it's something i have to pay attention to and actually look at though. crochet i can watch tv if the pattern is fairly simple but anything with a needle requires a bit more focus!
I embroidered a jean jacket a bit, and beaded it. I wish I could do that kind of stuff in meetings.
So I just got my very own sewing machine. First project? Curtains! Second project? Scrub caps! Third and most lofty of them all? SLIP COVERS! oooooohhhh ahhhhhhhhhh.

wish me luck!
omg beck that is adorable... and the mismatched ears really add to the appeal! love it.
okay, so revision after last nights.. erm... mishaps....

First project: Learning to sew a straight line.

Second project: Curtains!
Third project: Scrub caps!
Fourth and most lofty of them all: SLIP COVERS!

oooooohhhh ahhhhhhhhhh again
i did some freezer paper stencils for the first time this xmas. stupid easy and turned out really great. here are five with a quick tutorial in the first post. you can check out my profile to see other posts i've made with other crafts too. i have a flickr pool in there as well that i'll be adding the shirts to soon.
OK I had to share this somewhere, but I can't put in craftster in case my mum sees.

it is a present for a friend who drops the c-bomb with real panache. I am also quite proud of my handiwork. But please don't look if you are offended by bad words and swearage, that is why I have posted just the link rather than the images themselves!

Bad cushion!

but look at my neat stitching and the pretty buttons!

PS Prettynpink, my tip for curtains (i made them for our front room and spare room and are simple but look alright, I could post pics if you like) is to make friends with your iron. I hate ironing but it does make a huge difference. Sorry if you knew that already though.

btw what is a scrub cap?
beckster, fabuloso! loving the c word p'llow.

have a gander at my flickr, i just updated it with some awesome owly goodies i made for a swap. it was so much fun!
ooh so much cool stuff pepper! where on earth did you find that owl fabric? and your embroidery designs are amazing, you have so much patience with all that intricate's making me want to learn how...
i ordered fabic from harts in cali and from fabric tales in japan, i can't really remember what came from which place though.
i have some insomnia so a small hand craft to do at night is ideal for me. makes the time pass and i satiate my need to be busy, ha ha.
i lifted ALL of those embroidery images off the net. they weren't intended for that purpose but, meh, who cares? one thing was a metal pendant but i just sketched it out and got busy with the thread. it was sssoo much fun!

are you swapping there? it's a gas.
swapping - right now i'm just about keeping it together at work but letting everything else slip. but as soon as i get some more energy i think i might do...
Hee. I've never swapped on Craftster, but I have to be really careful about swaps right now. I think Mr. Dusty just shakes his head when I get stressed about swaps. The last swap I did, I sent out eight cards each to two other people and got six back.

ATC Quarterly has a challenge on the subject of Rabbit. I carved a stamp for it, now I'm wondering if I should try a fabric ATC.
oh dusty, no one ever gets bailed on for a craftster swap. if your partner flakes you get a swap angel who sends to you. it very well organized.

beck, i'm on mat leave or i wouldn't have time for crafting either. i need something to do while is hang around with baby!
[quote name='pepper' post='187119' date='Feb 1 2008, 02:54 PM']oh dusty, no one ever gets bailed on for a craftster swap. if your partner flakes you get a swap angel who sends to you. it very well organized.

Hee, sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I get stressed because people bail on me. I get stressed because I don't have the time, and then I wonder why I'm running around doing a swap when I don't have time to work on my journal.
yeah if this babe sticks around i plan on doing the same - a whole blissful year of babies and craftiness mmmmmm
(some poo and sleep deprivation too i guess)
I just had to stop in and share this with you all:

Natalie Dee meets Subversive Cross Stitch
haha they're great - 'bite me' is my fave i think. i've made a pattern for one that says 'no loitering, no swearing, no spitting' - when it's done it's going up by the front door...
i have this over the stove, it would make a terrific cross-stitch i think...

i want to make one for my brother with the words "Have A Day" and one of these mellow.gif
ha ha ha ha. it's so him.
So many adorable things linked here!

I've been inspired...

I'd love to make some gloves, just out of this old "sweatshirt" material I have. Could anyone possibly link me to a pattern for gloves? Mittens would work in a pinch, too.

Thanks Gs.
check out threadbanger.
oh, DECENT!! (giggles), these are EZ breezy!

(thanks pepper, that's exactly what i be needing!! )
they have really great little videos there. you can subscribe to their newsletter thing too.

hey, here's my little girl's new dolly i just finished.
yes she has girly bits. they are in the pattern. seriously.
I just found a great thing to do with sweaters that get boiled in the wash. Cut them into a tote bag pattern, add a woven liner and handles, and you have a cute wool purse. You can even sew or glue felt decorations on the outside.

I made one, but I don't have a picture yet. I'll post it when I do.

You can even make coin purses with the sleeves, by cutting them and laying them flat on one another, and cutting them into the shape of a coin purse.
dolly is awesome, baby even more so.

i've added that threadbanger to my faves. but where on earth would one source such a hideous sweater in the first place??
the thrift store by my place has WAY worse sweaters than that! WAY worse!

there's new stuff in my flickr today.
hey you have been busy, i am actually a little scared of the zombie...i love the owls on a string, individual ones might look cool on a Christmas tree *note to self*.
ok, i've been making crazy needlebooks, like SO many. do you think i could sell these and if so for how much? they take at least an hour each and are 2.5 to 3 inches across both ways. there is an inside page in a co-ordinating colour for the needles.
they are cool! not sure on pricing - £5 each? today that is about 10 CAD. I've been thinking about making and selling stuff while on maternity leave, but some things are so labour-intensive I'm not sure i would make much money from it probably have a better idea about the kind of prices people pay as you've sold your work before.

got to run, making hot cross buns!
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