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I'm going to start making throw pillows out of that really neato "fur" material. I have found it in blue/green and pink/orange. I plan to find riveted eyes to attach to the fronts and use colorful ribbon to tie into bows and sew them on near the corners (like hair decorations)....
I'm just really into pillows, the more unique, the better.
I've already been making soft toys out of scrap material. They kind of are like oddly shaped, soft toy monsters. I use cool beer bottle caps for the eyes. I poke holes in them with nails and sew them on like buttons and then use fabric paint to put on mouths and toenails. My kids love them and I make them for my friends kids too. Some of them I scent with oils. I use plastic grocery bags to stuff them, so they get used and not just thrown away. Waste not want not, right?
what a freaking GR8 idea to stuff with grocery bags, you're a genius!
pepper- thanks! it just came about that I was wanting to make a soft toy and had everything but the stuffing and had NO money but did have TONS of plastic bags that I just never throw away, so it only made sense.
Where are the crafty Busties?
sorry, craftster. there's just so much there.
is ok.... i'm just so bored i'm sitting here watching "The Price Is Right" and jonesing for a new craft idea.
i have got to get a life! or a friend.... something! hee hee hee
voodoo, can you post pics of your monsters? I would love to see them.

I must do something crafty, like this weekend. I finally bought an instructional manual for mosaics (I've been thinking about doing a mosaic for like two years and I certainly have enough broken china at this point to get started). Can anyone recommend a good online source for mosaic supplies?
do you have littles? my kid loves egg shell planters. we crack a shell, dump out the egg, give 'er a rinse, draw on a funny face, fill with wet cotton balls, sprinkle in seeds and mist every day until our eggs have hair. so much fun.
last week i wrapped the legs of our table with fake ivy and teeny little flowers. looks so cute.
i'm looking for some great fabric, maybe an old sari or something, to use as a curtain in front of the closet doors in my room. they are the slidey kind and are just a big beige blank on one wall. time for a cover up!
i've just about paid off my new sewing machine so the next project on the agenda is to clean out the sewing room/closet and sort that all out. boring busy work but then i'll be able to sew again, yeah!! the outdoor market just started up here again and i'm only working 3 days/wk so i'm thinking about finishing those recycled tshirt panties that i make and throwing together a few tops, skirts, dresses and such out of reclaimed materials. i think i could actually make a few bucks with my crafty nonsense for once.
wish me luck!!
yes to pictures of monsters, ooh, i LOVE monsters!
I have one pic of one of the "monsters" i made but i don't know how to link it from my photo album to here...... help anyone?

Hey hey hey..... try this link. This is pics from a Hi5 account I used to use and I have the "monster" on there. Hope it works!
WOW..... TRIPLE post but OH well, not like it's super busy here anyway!!!!! hee hee hee.
lot49 - Have you ever seen the Dick Blick catalog or website? They have tons and tons and tons (you get the idea) of art / craft stuff and probably have mosaic stuff. I have the catalog and I think you can get a catalog for free from the web site. I just prefer to have a real "live" catalog instead of just looking online.
Anyway, go to and check them out. You may find something else you like too.
If I ever win the lotto, I'm going on a Dick Blick shopping spree!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!
I'll look around for you too and if I find anything good in way of mosaic supplies, I'll post it here.
can't see your pics, try a photobucket account for links.
Yah, I can't see the pics either's asking me to register.

Thanks for the Dick Blick suggestion! I've gotten painting supplies from them several times before, but for some reason, I never thought of them for mosaics stuff.

try this...... i think i did it right..... i'm kind of PC dumb, you know?
ooh, pippi longstockings monzie! i lurves her!
awww, so cute voodoo!!!

For all of you who enjoy do-it-yourself face, hair and body care products, check out some of these recipes. I love this site!
I have a question here..... anyone feel free to offer your 2 cents.....
I have ALOT of "flavored" oils from The Sage that I have used for making lip balms and I am wanting to use them to make "foody" shampoos and conditioners. Can anyone think of a reason why these oils might NOT work for this purpose? They call them "flavored" but I can detect NO flavor or sweetness at all, so they don't seem to have sugar (or very very little) and they ARE cosmetic grade oils. Maybe they call them "flavored" because they are food scents? I might try it anyway. I mean if it's ok for something as sensitive as lips (and massage products according to The Sage site) then it should be ok for shampoo and such, right? Anyone with experience making shampoos and conditioners, let me know what you think. Or if you have experience with oils and mixing them.
there isn't an ingredients list on the bottle? if not call or email the manufacturer and ask. oil of cinnamon should taste like cinnamon, not sweet cinnamon. i'd be surprised if they have sugar in them at all.
use away in cosmetics, shampoo, soap etc. just be sure to research the properties of the oils. citrus can sensitize the skin to sunlight, lots of other oils are strong and need to be diluted properly. get a book and read up.
No, there aren't any ingredients listed on the bottle and I checked the website and couldn't find one there. Maybe I missed it. The "flavors" I have are BUTTERCREAM (smells like cupcakes), STRAWBERRY, PEACH and HONEY.
I have emailed the company lab and am waiting, now, for them to let me know if there is something about these oils that would make them a "no no" for hair products.....
Thanks for the advice pepper..... I'll check the net too for oils info.... just wasn't sure what to search for....
blanche - thanks so much. I contacted the company I buy through and got some generic answer that didn't really tell me anything. They claim their flavor oils are for "favoring" not scenting, even though they have NO flavor what-so-ever and then suggested that I purchase other oils from them for scenting my shampoos etc. Sounded to me like they just wanted me to buy some more oils because they really couldn't give me any reason that the oils I have are not appropriate for scenting. That have 100% yummy smell-good-ness and 0% flavor, so I'm gonna use them anyway...... If my hair falls out, then.... I'll just be rockin that bald look, hey?
Here is the addy and phone number for a place that has embroidery ribbon

PO BOX 416
Fountainville, PA
They do have a web site and maybe you could look at it for your Gramm or she could just call or write them. I checked them out and they have some pretty stuff.
blanche - No prob, really..... anything to help Grammy out.... :-)
Went to a pre-rummage sale last night - huge sale, at the pre-sale you pay $2 to get in and the prices are doubled, but you get first pick of the goodies. I scored a whole box of fans for $6 - most of them are from Asian airlines (Thai Air, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific) and were apparently given out to passengers. Also two sandalwood fans! I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but I'm psyched at the possibilities!

Also got a really cool little Moroccan-style side table for my bedroom - it's been badly painted over but I'm going to repaint it in turquoise and rose and gold.
vesi - oh the possibilities!!!!! I love all things Asian / Oriental so the fans sound like fun! and the table sounds like it's going to be beautiful when you finish it.... post a pic when you've finished, if you can...
So..are there any jewelry makers/wire wrapping, beading, and hemp artists in the house? That's my crafting passion. I'm recently, now that I don't live in a derelict shack anymore, I will have more time to do those things and I'm wanting to set myself up with a workspace. I'm trying to decide what'd be the best setup.

I'd need some way of holding spools of wire, hemp, and beading threads. Some way of organizing beads and pendants. Some way to keep my pliers and wire snippers organized. Probably a Dremel tool on a drill press setup. I have a lighted magnifying glass thingy that my guy got me for christmas. I just need something to clamp it to!

Probably some sort of template for typical necklace/bracelet/anklet sizes.

Now I just want to get a workspace going. :-)

Any ideas? I sort of have a vision but I'm a little clueless!
wow treehugger - are you skilled with the woodworking at all? with the right tools and such you could really come up with a great work space.... like a beading table with a space with dowels set in to slide your spools onto and hooks to hang your tools on and the magni-glass could clamp to the side of the beading table so you could swing it over when needed.... see, my dad is a fly fisherman and happens to be a woodworker too and he made this amazing work desk and had one of those magni-glasses and all sorts of places for spools and tools and it was just too cool and something like that would totally work for beading.... the spools could go on in set dowels or you could do the whole "overhead" thing and run a rod just slightly above "sitting" head level and thread the spools on there so you could just reach up and pull down what you need.... then your table could have like a back piece that comes up so you could put hooks and hang all your tools and they would be right in front of your face while your sitting there and all you would have to do is reach forward for what you want.... then you could have drawers and use those clear plastic tackle box things with all the dividers to separate bead and such, just remove the lids for use and put them back on for storage....
these are just a few ideas
I went to the Tennessee Artisans and Craft Festival a couple of weeks ago at Centennial Park and got the most awsome "charm / pendant" if you wanna call it that.....
3 dimensional heart made of clay, glazed red with small nails and screws stuck in it all around the side edges and then raku fired.... a heavy duty staple was stuck in the top to make a "loop" prior to firing and is used for stringing "pendant" onto a cord.....
it is wicked awsome and i put it on a length of heavy duty black beading cord so i can wear as a (somewhat dangerous) necklace.... the nails and screws are inserted so that the sharp points are stuck into the heart and the heads are sticking out..... very very savage! i love it!
if i ever get batteries for the digi cam, i'll post a pic...... the woman who made them had all kinds of cool mixed media stuff, very dark and twisted type stuff (reminded me of a TOOL video) and here hubby made some wicked cool pottery figures etc..... i got their card and i think i'll get more of their works.....
ooh! website?

Click on the "BEVERLY" link at the top of the page..... this will take you to her work..... it's awsome.....

I love it!
Oh, wow. I really want to see a pic of that heart. Sounds almost goth. (drool) Hmmm....never thought of making goth jewelry! smile.gif
So I'm making a skirt out of a pair of jeans and I have an idea how it's all supposed to go together. I have run into a bit of a snag though. My jeans have wear and lighter spots, and pilly texture in the chub-rub spots and it shows in the back. I'm wondering if there would be any easy way to do something about that without bringing in a different fabric. It's going to be knee length and I planned to use the bottoms of the legs for the fill-in fabric. I had hoped this would be a 'go with pretty much anything' kind of skirt and that I could maybe use it for work if it turned out well enough. So... any ideas?
son of a MMfffTTT!

what the hell is wrong with me?
it's my friend's little girl's bday tomorrow and for some reason i am making fairy princess dressed for not only her but her two sisters as well. right. now. it's after 11. i'm getting picked up by my ride at 9am. i'm knee deep in purple silk and maribou, netting, crinoline and lame. darn darn darn it all to heck.
So, I have been collecting beer caps for monthes now and have a ton of them and I'm trying to figure some cool crafty thing to do with them.
I am thinking to make something like beaded curtains, with beer caps and beads. Maybe drill or tap a hole in each cap and string it on some hemp twine or whatever along with some cool glass beads and stuff and then string them all from a dowel that I can hang over a door frame or window. Because caps are light I kind of want to find something heavier to weigh down the strands so they hang well.
Hmmmmm........ think think think........
Angelle, I would just make the "fill in" fabric bigger, and cut down the lighter spots, does that make sense? I think denim skirts often look even cuter with less of the original leg at the top.

Voodoo -- I like the curtains idea. I also was recently in an apartment where a girl had glued bottle caps to her coffee table, packing them really tight, and they looked good.

I jave a lot of jewelry supplies but I think I need lessons on the more complicated (i.e. not just stringing beads and knotting the ends) techniques. I keep my stuff in little cases in a larger box, and in an old library card catalog a friend gave me.

i just saw an amazing donated quilt square project on craftster. all the pieces were mailed to this girl or swapped and they were awsome.
i'm thinking about doing this as a fund raiser for the local women's center, i know if a put the call out i'll get an abundance of donations, this is a super crafty town. now all i need is a theme, got any ideas?
Resurecting the thread because I don't want to see it die, even if I don't post much!

Also, I've got a question for all you who bead: what online bead stores do you guys frequent? I normally order from Fire Mountain and Shipwreck Beads, but I'm looking for something in particular (8x10mm flower cones) that I can't find a decent selection of at my usual haunts in the size I need.
wow, this thread was at the bottom of the page. tragic.
Pepper! That is absolutely gorgeous!
voodoo.. have you done the curtain yet? you could buy little weights to weigh down the bottom.. i'm sure michaels would have something..?
Are there any cool scrapbookers on this site? I've been scrappin' awhile, but most sites just have soccer mom stuff. I like to be artistic with my pages, and I've yet to find a good place to discuss ideas, etc.
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Nov 10 2006, 03:07 AM) *

voodoo.. have you done the curtain yet? you could buy little weights to weigh down the bottom.. i'm sure michaels would have something..?

Hey hey...... it's me, Voodoo...... I can't get logged on as Voodoo anymore and I can't recover or create a new password and I can't get anyone who can help me out, I think the emails aren't getting through or whatever..... but anyway, this is me now......
I haven't done the curtain yet because I got side tracked learning to knit and I've been cranking out big, fat, chunky, fuzzy scarves!!!!!! I'm soooo excited over it...... I learned by watching a video on the net...... so cool since I'm a lefthanded knitter and could never find anyone to teach me lefthanded.....
I am still planning on the curtain, just got alot going on right now..... possible move to Chicago in the works, hubby just got home tonight from interviews up there......
I will definitely post when I get it done and maybe with some pics.....
I'm also planning to make some of those dividers, like room dividers, japanese style and all...... was going to have the hubby weld up some cool frames and then I was going to use some semi-sheer fabric on metal rods (removable) to create the panels..... i just got to draw up the idea for him so he can make it for me.....
about the scrap booking...... i don't do it but mostly because how was mentioned about it being all soccer mom-ish..... i always check out the stuff at the craft stores but alot of it looks so cheesey and not at all like what i would want in my scrapbook (if i had one)..... i just wish there was a place to get some more creative, off the wall stuff for scrapbooking...... i don't want pastels and ponies, i want black and red, green and orange, skulls and black kitties, goth scrolls.... you get the idea...... some plcae to get all those kind of things in one place would be great, instead of having to search all over creation......
maybe there is a place, i just haven't found it.
there are some absolutely amazing atc's (artist trading cards) on craftster. not quite scrapbooking but along the same lines, good inspiration anyhow.
voodooevilangeline, i've been yarning too, crochet though (pronounced by me as crotch-et, ha ha). so far i have a hat with a gigantic pompom and one side of two pairs of wrist warmers. i swear i'm going to finish the mates, i just keep starting another pair to see if i can get the pattern right before i commit to more. i hafta, hafta learn how to read a pattern. it's really sad making stuff up on my own, takes three times as long.
moving and crafting eh? can be so tough but if you aren't driving it's an awesome stretch of time with nuthin' else to do but craft.
Here's a link to a thread on Craftster about "alternative" scrapbooking resources - looks like the answer is "right now, not very much available" but others are looking the same direction, it's only a matter of time. In the meantime there are also great suggestions there for how to do some of your own.
I'm not a scrapbooker, but I keep a visual journal which, um, often looks like a rough and ready scrapbook and sometimes I read scrapbooky stuff, like Scrap City: Scrapbooking for Urban Divas and Small Town Rebels and Legacy magazine.

There's lots of potential out there for cool scrapbooking, let me think on it...

Its not too difficult to find interesting scrapbooking papers, Basic Grey is really nice.

There are gothic scroll-type rubber stamps at

A good scrapbooking store, not a cheesy one, is a real help.

Also, if you lean to 'altered art' in your search, instead of scrapbooking, I think you'll find more edgy stuff.
princess evangeline
(this is voodoo princess)

i keep losing my user id's but........
i have tossed the beer cap curtain idea and have started making beer cap christmas tree ornaments!!!!!! and they ROCK!!!!!!! it all started because my mum has this tradition of swapping christmas tree ornaments in the family and this year she wanted to do it at Thanksgiving and since I had no money and no time to get any ornaments from the store, i busted out the good ole' hot glu gun and got busy with some awsome beer cap / sno flake-ish / star-ish ornaments.......
my digi cam is out of sorts at the moment but if i can figure out how to photo them with my cellular and then send to my email and then export to a file and download here, i will...... whew!
my fave so far has been the one i made with my all time fave ale caps, NEWCASTLE...... all yellow and red with blue stars in the middle of each..... it rocks!!!!!

i'll try to explain the pattern but i might get confusing, sorry.
i start with a center beer cap and hot glue 6 more beer caps around the outer edge of the center beer cap. the caps are glued edge to edge, so to speak, so the front of the ornament is the designed side of the caps and the back is the open, underside of the caps (so it's only pretty on one side)
once i have a cap in the middle, circled by 6 caps, i then glue 1 cap at the juncture of each 2 (outer) caps for a total of 6 more caps. when i say juncture i mean centered between the place where 2 of the original 6 inner caps meet. the end result kind of resembles the shape of a star of david, and it looks sooooo cool!
then, i decide what is my "top" most point so i can attach a yarn hanger. i make a loop of yarn and knot it, flip the ornament over, place the knotted end of yarn IN the top most beer cap, run a thick line of hot glue around the top face, outer edge of another, spare, beer cap and then press that beer cap, face down, into the back of the top most beer cap on the ornament where i have placed the knotted yarn. so the yarn ends up sandwiched between the 2 beer caps and the hot glue around the edge holds it all in place.

i currently have my ornaments hanging on my "christmas tree" which happens to be a huge fake palm tree that used to serve as a hermit crab home until they jumped ship........ literally. my children think it's cool though and we have added some of their artwork and some mardi gras beads from a parade and it's pretty kick'in if i do say so myself......

anybody else have any off the wall, non traditional holiday craft ideas?
i'm making ornaments too, sets of three brown felt gingerbread people with white rickrack trim as piped on icing. pretty traditional 'scept one of the three has a big bite out of it's head, ha ha ha! think my family will get a kick out of it or just think i'm a grinchy sicko?
voodoo, that is awesome. beer cap ornaments. i'm going to have to start drinking beer now for the holidays...

pepper, i'm going to have to steal that idea. except i just make actual gingerbread cookie ornaments, so the bites will be considerably less effort. chomp!

last year (my son's first xmas) was the first time i did the whole rigamarole in ten years, so i'm pretty rusty. but i have a strict homemade-only ornaments policy, so i'll check back in if i think of anything worth sharing.
princess evangeline
Yeah..... I don't actually drink anymore BUT my neighbors drink like fish and all their friends and now my mate drinks too, so when they get together I just set out a bag or bowl on the counter by the waste bin so that instead of tossing the caps in the bin, they toss them in the bowl. my mate drinks the best kind of caps (that's how I rate beer now, by how good it's caps are) because he doesn't drink the american piss (no offense to anyone who enjoys american beer) that the neighbors drink and the caps he gets are so much cooler than the americans, and he's even willing to try a beer JUST FOR THE CAP, so I can have a certain cap style for my creations!
I'm icked out by craft supplies and craft projects that include the words, imagine, inspire, art, and dream.

Maybe that's why I have found myself lately buying skull themed art supplies.
(Delurking to cross-post from Sniff, Sniff)

So I made a few batches of BPAL-scented salt scrub, and they turned out really well. I went easy on the salt mix, figuring I can add more if it starts out too strong (Cairo, I suspect, will have to be diluted - yowza, that's strong stuff...)

For those of you following along at home:

2# epsom salts (half of a large carton)
2# fine sea salt (got mine at Whole Foods for 59 cents a pound)
1 4-ounce bottle pure glycerine (found at CVS)

Mix it all together & work the glycerine through by rubbing the salt between your hands. I divided the mix up into 1.5-cup portions (I got about 6) & added about 1 imp of oil to each & tossed it through. They're currently double-baggied & resting in the hall closet for a week or two, when I'll revisit each scent & decide if it needs to be diluted with more salt mix. It's a dryish mix, but a bit more glycerine or unscented body oil would moisten things up nicely. It's pretty & sparkly, and I'm thinking of adding some appropriate bits to each mix (lemon verbena to Arcana; green tea to Apothecary; vanilla paste to Velvet; etc.)

Good fun, and at $6 for the raw ingredients & a handful of imps I wasn't wearing anyway, a pretty inexpensive holiday project... /Martha moment

(and I'm with you, Dusty - that kind of crap reminds me too much of that bloody SARK woman, whose posters I admit I had on my wall in college... How to Eat a Mango & other atrocities...)

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