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I'm too poor for my shoe-lust. Plus, you know, my enormous high-arched hobbit feet don't take well to cute shoes. Which blows innumerable goats, since my fashion sense - like my spidey sense - is keen and tingling.

I was shopping for new sneakers today. I've been living in birkenstocks for weeks now and I can't take it anymore. Too much walking. However, as usual, the little purple saucony sneakers I wanted do not exist in my size. Or the equivalent man-size. In fact, I couldn't get one.damn.pair in a men's 9. Is that weird or what? Does this store merely service the hipster nymphs and pixies of NYU? Like I'm not feeling out of place enough, apparently I need to find the big fat foot store. I just need to find the bag to put over my head...*rummages in boxes*

*sigh* Okay, rant over.

I love browsing'm so loathe to buy anything, though. My experience has been that nothing ever fits my feet comfortably. I don't think I've ever owned a consistently cozy pair of shoes in my life. So, while, yes, those heels are a 10.5 wide and awful cute, they probably still won't fit.

Blah - I'm sorry this is so negative! I'm a bit depressed! Yay shoes! If you have small feet and can wear the cute ones, wear them and be fierce!!!
I'm with you on the fear of buying shoes over the internet luci - my feet aren't especially odd-shaped, but they're between sizes.

ok, I want,4,shop,womenmain,wasseen these babies in red. I have a leetle bit of a thing for Kurt Geiger/Carvella shoes; I think it's because my favourite favourite red heels were from there. Once I get my feet used to them again, they're my comfiest shoes - and if I didn't walk so much, I'd be in heels every day of the year.

I think I'm going to love this thread
mornington, I will have to take some pictures of my KG beebees for you that I bought in the sales at John Lewis last summer. Luuuuuuurve.

(and those are some hot mamacita shoes, girl!)
mornington--i <3 those red shoes. bea-uuuu-ti-fulllll!
After ten straight years of lust, I now (thanks to ebay) own a pair of silver 8-hole Docs. Huzzah!!
docMs, zillahgirl? oooooh, silver - have you got a picture?

I have been known to be a Doc whore (I think living near the factory outlet used to help) - although I've stopped buying them now. I figure six pairs are enough. (I think six. there may be more lurking in a box somewhere)

I still love my painted ones with the eyes on them. They're like a treasured friend, even if I don't wear them too much (even after four years they still make my feet sore)
I have 7 pairs of DrM's. :-) They used to be all I would wear. I'd love a pair of the silver ones with at least 10 holes, or some with that floral pattern they had out several years ago.

Those shoes are gorgeous, Mornington. Very classy.

I never did get those ones on ebay I wanted because I mistook the day the auction ended. I'm still going to keep checking to see if they come back up, though. Either way, I don't do too well with thong styles, so they would have been good sitting shoes.

I love those shoes mornington. I couldn't pull off the sequins with my wardrobe but I adore the mini-platform sole. Gorgeous.

My favourite pair of docs ever were in oxblood and by Red or Dead (RIP). They ruled and I wore them for years.

So I found my low-heeled, button-fasten shoes at Top Shop, in a nice darkish blue. Here's hoping they'll still be around at the weekend when I'll have money again...
Those shoes are fab, Mornington!!

Funny that you guys are talking about doc martens, i just bought a pair today. I wore doc martens mary janes for 8 years, and now i've worn them out completely.
The pair i bought now are very cute mary janes like shoes, but the strap is higher up the foot, across the ankle.

click on 'search footwear' then in the menu shown on 'women's' and then it's the 23rd shoe in the scroll bar below. I couldn't find a direct pic.

And i love the 'lip service' shoes by Fluevog, but there's no retailer over here that sells them....
the ones with the squirly embroidery on them? toooooooo lovely! *covets*

now you've started me... these babies

although I'm still angry with doc martens for moving thier factory from rushden (ie the uk) to china or wherever it is they went. 'cos now I can't get cheap DMs.
Ah, Fluevog ... I covet these in pink and red. I'm not really a heels person (except for my very high green tweed pointy heels) but those are divine.

Sybarite, I LOVE Top Shop shoes! I have their lovely suede flats with trim in three different colours (black w/ metallic silver trim, blue w/ darker blue trim, red w/ red sequins) as they're so cute and comfy! Gotta love student discount.
Yes, those with the squirly embroidery, Mornington. Wow, those are cool boots, btw!

Bunny, i saw them on the site, the ones you mean. They're lovely.

I bought comfortable soles for two pairs of shoes i've had for years now. So glad i finally came round to do that, because i now have high heeled shoes which are actually comfortable!
Zillah will be one kick-ass archivist!

I can't find the lip service Fluevogs on the website, Sonik...
Oh my god, bunny. I want them too!! I just bought this red dress at the thrift store - silk wrap-around, cap sleeves, very very very Eva Peron...those shoes would be perfect! I have such a thing for vintage and vintage-style shoes...

Mr.Luci tries to be so generous with me; I tell him how cute the shoes are and he tells me to buy them (with our joint account...which I can't contribute to...'cause I'm a student and poor and he is not...but he insists that it's OUR money and not just his and I can't wrap my head around that) but I just can't bring myself to spend that much on shoes.

I wanna though!! I need help justifying shoes to myself. Unless, maybe I don't NEED to justify shoes.

Also Fluevog. I lurve these.

oh, now I want more shoes... specifically those, luci, but in the pink and red. I can see me wearing them now and every single one of my friends and family going "oh dear god will you stop with the shoes". And now I've just found the two stores in london that sell them...

I'm going to be on bread and water for a month. bread and water.
OMG mornington - which two stores in London sell Fluevog? Do they have the Harlows?
well... according to the Fluevog website...

Black Truffle which looks like shoe whore heaven anyway. There's an email on the page

and I'm looking for the other. All I have is the shop, which is called "Totally..." and is in London. which is totally not helpful at all. And a phone number.
Dusty, the lip service series are out of stock..they're not on the site anymore.

I wore high heeled boots at a new years eve party and my (male) friends were all like 'are those new?' And i said no, because they weren't. And a friend of mine said 'you are not like *that*, are you?' He meant 'girly girl with shoe obsession', since i'm regarded as 'one of the boys'.
Well i should come out of my shoe closet, dammit! I burp loudly, drink beer, make poo jokes and laugh about absurd humour. I'm cool, so please let me have my shoe obsession, k?

I hear you, Luci. Vintage is great (if not overpriced). It's like rummaging through the box with old clothes when i was playing when a wee one.

Black Truffle...sometimes i think it's a blessing those stores are not within my reach;)
Ah...i found a picture re: lip service Fluevog:
Any salseras in here? I want to get more serious about salsa dancing and I figure one part of that is to get appropriate shoes instead of fiddling around with my Payless mary janes. But I have no idea what's best to wear. Also, I'd really strongly prefer not to wear leather, so if you had any links to companies that could accommodate that, I'll love you forever!

Thanks, Sonik!
I just looked into these negative heel sandals. They are supposed to be really good for posture, therefore good for back and foot pain.

I found them through and ad in the most recent Bust.

Some of them aren't too pretty, but I really like the aphrodite ones.
octinoxate - I was a dancer with a company, many years ago, and performed all dance styles and I really really loved wearing the 2 1/2" to 3" heeled, womens tap shoe WITHOUT taps for my ballroom (salsa included) dancing. They were sturdy black shoes with a slightly rounded toe and a strap across the foot near the ankle and the heel was sturdy enough to withstand the movement but not too thick or square to look un-elegant. They may not be what you're looking for but I loved them. I'm not sure what they were made of, but they may come in man made materials. If I can find a pic, I will post it here.

mermaid - those sandals are kind of ugly but I do agree with you about the Aphrodite ones, they are cool!
Double Post - Sorry!
octinoxate - here is a link to a pic of the dance shoes I was talking about. You would have to ask if they are available without taps and I think these particular ones are leather, but maybe you could find another site with some non leather ones. This will just give an idea of the style I was referring to. Good luck on your search! AOHADDGFDHIIICO&
My posture needs help, but boy those shoes are not my style at *all*, the Rhapsody looks like it might be cute on the right person, but that is certainly not me.

That is a great idea to wear dance shoes as street shoes, I'm gonna look into those.
Anyone heard of or tried Insolia inserts? I love the look of heels, but rarely wear them because I'm a big wimp for foot pain. I ordered some and will report back! The one pair of comfy heels I have are BCBGirls black stilettos with fabulous flexible rubber soles. I lurve them soooo much!
I've tried a similar thing by scholl - party feet. I heart them; I put them in whenever I wear heels & I probably wear my shoes for a couple hours longer than I could otherwise. As the insolia ones cover the whole sole, I imagine they'd be way better.
Ah, Party Feet! They are my life saver! As is alcohol, the more you drink the less you feel the pain ... until the morning after.

I am NOT a heels person except for very special pairs I own and wear on special occasions.
I have found the most DIVINE pair of shoes in a Nordstroms advert! they are "michelle K" and I have searched the web trying to find this exact pair but have had no luck so far.... I tried to scan the magazine page so I could show it here but I can't get it to convert to something I can link.
The shoes are choco brown suede sneaks with 2 narrow straps that go across the top of the foot and velcro down and each strap has a BRIGHT green "michelle K" and "mK" on them and the stitching all over the shoe is in BRIGHT green thread and there are 2 insets on the outer part of the shoe that are kind of a wavy strip running from ankle to sole and then a smaller strip and the inset design has a brown and BRIGHT green on light brown kind of snake skin looking print.... the sneaks are VERY slimline, like climbing sneaks (not chunky at all) and they slip on.... I think the velcro straps are just for tightness or whatever.... there are also some areas on the shoe that look like a canvas type fabric that looks to be brown snake skin print too....
I just love these shoes but am having no luck with finding this particular color / style combo.... I wish I could post the pic....
Hello. I live in Spain, and I'm LOVING espadrilles. They so comfy, and come in all fabrics here. And they're cheap! I got some high wedgy ones in sort of ruched gold fabric. (When I read that, it sounds hideous) Also, I got my 2yr old daughter a cute little pair in lime green. I'm after red polka-dot next.....
margot - i just checked out and they have some very pretty shoes! I love the black ones with the "valentine" embroidery on the toe.... so so pretty
you're lucky you can get them so easily where you live!
thinking i might order some for the summer!

Oh, but what exactly is "cheap" to you? cause on the website even the basic ones were like $50.00 US and up...... maybe it's because you can buy locally that they maybe cost you less? lucky lucky you!
I just found about 5 perfect pairs of shoes at Schuh. How could I have forgotten Schuh?? They have the cutest cornflower blue heeled mary janes! (Now that I've spent any and all the money I have... Curses!)

Voodoo, I'm not in the US so can't help I'm afraid...
I've read about Insolia inserts a little bit. They sound pretty good, but I want to know how something that goes under your heel, the part of your foot with the least amount of pressure on it while you're wearing heels, is supposed to make the ball of your foot feel better, especially in the many sandals that offer NOTHING to cushion that part, even though it bears your entire weight. I'm also not sure if they're removable - I'd put them in some shoes, but not any of my expensive ones if it could damage the lining.

I bought my first pair of espadrilles this year. They're fairly low heeled and made by Born. OMG, they're comfortable. I wish the soles of all my shoes felt like that.
ok... so I have picked out a couple of pairs of espadrilles from that web site I mentioned earlier.... I'm a little sad that most the pairs I LOVE are not available (right now) in my size.... but I will keep checking in..... I'm thinking they will be cute with jeans.... and skirts

weeeeeeeeee're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!
so.. they were reduced in house of frasier. I couldn't resist!

and.. I am so loving clarks right now. But they have lots of cute shoes they've put these horrid knobbly catpoo-yellow rubber soles on - even wedges.

I'm having a shoe-boast. excuse me.

divalla - the party feet, which are just like those insolia things, are removable, and washable. They haven't done any damage to my shoes either. I heart them as much as i heart my new shoes
mornington, those red shoes are adorable.
Oh, I looooove red shoes!
Voodoo princess, which ones have you bought?
And yes, they are cheaper here, but I don't like to gloat!
Ooh mornington - I love the shoes! The Wizard of Oz ones remind me of a pair in Office that I really wanted. My Oz shoes are flat as I just can't do heels anymore. Saying that, I am coveting these:

Irregular Choice heels

eta: okay, the direct link doesn't work but it's the first female Irregular Choice shoe, it's named Antique Rose and is simply divine. Also check out Rocketdog Sandy, Sarah and Sigrid- they are all so pretty!
i love the irregular choice scoop in the front heel shape - i have the CanCan boot in black which i substitute ribbons for. unfortunately they are not the highest quality shoe- but they are comfy and super stylish. they seem to have the lower heel (though i think the Cancan looks like a kitten heel but Zappos where i go tthem says the heel is 3"???!)
I am an Irregular Choice whore (although I haven't bought any for quite a while - topshop ballet flats in numerous colours are my current faves) and I still mourn a pair of turtle-toed denim flats with flower on them. Sigh :-(. I still have them but they are worn and let in water; I keep them in the hope that one day I find a shoe-maker who will duplicate them for me!

I find myself recently buying clothes to match my shoes ... shouldn't it be the other way round?!
totally coveting these shoes:
Those shoes are so cute, Misspissed! I'd totally buy them if I thought I had a chance of being able to walk in them. Sadly, my limit is about 3.5 inches.

They're lovely! I couldn't walk in them either... I'd have to either just stand there, or be carried everywhere (now there's a plan)

bunny... I love the flower!
so nice i posted twice!
they are so adorable...even nicer in person.
i would get them, but i am having a dilemma about spending that much money on shoes i can't wear to work!

(i tend to justify big purchases on a cost per wear calculation -- i will spend $200 on a coat or handbag i will use every day..)
mornington, how about in a sedan chair, decorated with matching polka dots?

I agree - they're cute...but may I ask, how does one walk in such things? I have a pair of 3.5" heels and I can barely move. Is there a trick I missed out on growing up? Or is it truly all in the balls of the feet? My calves are strong...but I don't know..

*pouts because I love high high heels but cannot wear them*
wtf? why do i keep double posting?
well, in the case of those shoes in particular, there is a 1" platform, so you are walking on 4 inch heels.

all my heels are generally platforms or wedges. i have no problem with thicker heels, but
i can't walk in stiletto heels w/o a platform. i don't know how some women do it!
for instance, i have NO idea how someone can walk in these.
but i've got no problems walking in these... (i own a pair of those shoes and have done burlesque acts wearing them)
It's the platform that tends to get me into trouble, oddly. My highest heels are 4", but I find anything that's over an inch has to be closed-heel, otherwise I can't get it to stay on my foot. I do heart my stiletto heels though - I have two pairs, pointy-toed and they scream secretary slut... in a shiny, italian-leather way.

luci... my mother taught me to walk in heels when I was a bridesmaid, and I wore a heel of some sort every day for three years. I find the trick is to start small, and work upwards... kitten heels to start... and then whomp, you're running down the street in 3.5 inch spikes (I think it runs in the family... my nana could run on cobbles in four inch stilettos). And strong calf muscles will help!
I heart high heels. I'm at the point where I can jog in 3 inches but I was sprinting in mile high platforms in high school.

Here's a wee peek at the fake horse hair darlings
i picked up the the nine west outlet.

It was love at first sight, *sigh*
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