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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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I am loving these JC Mariel snake wedges. They are awesome sauce.
I love those days when you can get the look for less!
love alloy. most of their pants come in 37" length, and some their shoes come in my size. <3

i'm so in hate with you right now, aural. no matter what i say about my coming back having to do with missing busties (which isn't untrue), but i cannot match your shoe finding accumen. you don't share these things on facebooks, damn you.
supa hawt sneaker wedges

supa cute animal print ankle boot wedges

I do not need the high school fools being privy to my shoe hotness: them bitches be tryin' to bite my style!

Is Eilatan not the shit?! Good deals & they deliver MAD fast! I got my Ticks & my Mariels from them!

These are the JC leopards that make my heart beat faster: the Foxy Platform.

And trust me, you will not be in hate with me later today. Today I will make you cry & fill your heart wif lub fo' moi.

as if i could even think of being in hate wif mah wahfeh. i lubb you wif all my ebber lubbin heart, and you know it. also? you made me cry, my heart is over flowing with aural lubbins. wub.gif
I lub you, too, wifey! wub.gif

Jeffrey Campbell for fall! I wub.gif the Two Timer & for some reason I find the Lita appealing as well. If only they came in red pony . . .

Fluevog is now offering the Libby Smith in farking PURPLE! WANT!

I like spikes & even more spikes!

Suede bows!

And ribbons! How lovely those would be with a variety of diff colored grosgrain!

So I am planning for my autumn wardrobe (broke + need to look professional + want to look cute=advance planning) and have decided I need some cute shoes to wear with sweater dresses or skirts. I can't afford these or these but am inspired by both to look to cheaper equivalents...

Also I just bought these to wear with jeans, corduroy trousers and maybe my new twill trousers.
For my lovely Sybarite:

Type Z Vanna's, Spotlight Heel, Rialto Burnished Oxford, Chelsea Crew Oxford Heel, Anne Klein Qiara (Notice that it's an Amazon link, so snoop around, yo!), Shopstyle link to various oxford pumps.
AP, you are an online shopping guru! Many thanks!
No problem! I try to be helpful, plus it's SHOES. I LURVE SHOES. SHOES, BETCH! You'll have to tell us which ones you go with!

Also, Plasticland is running a 15% OFF everything sale that isn't new stock. They have a lot of cute shoes & many are vegan friendly!

I covet these Alexander McQueen boots. I wish I had the legs (and $$) to wear 'em.
Oh, I loved those, too! I'm also way into the Cherish, I'd like both the purple & the petrol blue.

Are you a regular Fluevogger or would these be your first pair, Snarky? I think I have . . . ten pairs now? And two totes & a purse. BEST leather goods investment I ever made. They all fit like a dream, are well made & fucking timeless. I ALWAYS get mad props whenever I wear any of them in public because they are so awesome. I may have to have them resoled eventually, but I will be wearing my Fluevog's to the grave!
Those are nifty, ap! I have 6 (maybe 7? but I don't want to get up to go count) pairs of vogs I think. I love watching eBay for deals on them. I do wish I had more - I love them because they are unique where I live and I can go a bit wild and still wear a comfy shoe!

Eyeballing these tonight..... not sure if they would be comfy or just cute for 5 minutes.

Dunno where you are, Snarky, but here it will soon be too cool for shoes of that style. I am too clumsy for those little short kitten heels.

OH, FUCK ME! Pewter Cutout Wedge & Black Cutout Wedge.

I am completely in love with Jeffrey Campbell. The Meeker Wedge, Thread Platform, Jezebel Heel, Phone Wood Heel, & Switchblade Boot.

And Irregular Choice also has some interesting choices for fall. I have NO IDEA why I like these, but I do: Beans On Toast & the glam Spit Spot High.. A revamp from a few seasons ago, the Flicker Flack. The Poetic Licence Backlash.
{sobs} want... esp. the spit spot hi... i may have to procure a child, sell them on the black market, have my feet cut in half to wear them but oh mah fuggin' gawd....WANT!!
And now a report from the shoes that are ridiculously expensive:

I DIE. I die TWICE for Alaia. LITERALLY. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Shut the front door! Oh, if I had the legs . . .

Y'know, I don't shop from crazy insane priced places, but they often have really great styling tips & knock-offs/substitutes are easily found.
I am scared to check out net-a-porter: too many temptations, I would have to take up gambling. LOVE the Miu Mius... even though I couldn't walk in them.

ETA: This is why I can't find any Mad Men-inspired wool frocks... because they're all over 500. /threadfail
I know this is supposed to be about shoes, but I *can* tell you that the head costumer from Mad Men, Janie Bryant, is partnering with both Banana Republic & QVC to launch MM inspired lines this A/W. We shall see.
Encouraging, but I looked at the previews... you know what colour the Mad Men women don't wear? The ubiquitous grey which is all over the runway previews...again. Will check actual BR site in a few weeks.

/derail, for real this time
Neutrals are rampant this year.

Eh, I don't like BR anyways. I have a pair of fantastic boots from there that I bought ten years ago, but the shit I had to go through to get them? Feh. I sat on a bench in the middle of the store for nearly ten minutes before somebody actually deigned to help me. Plus, they are the same company as ON & ON doesn't want fat chicks in their stores, so they deserve it in the fuckin' ear.

I do hope the QVC line is cool, though. I'd rather buy from corny QVC than BR.


Curse you Anthropologie! Fall Frolic Booties, Cloaked & Buttoned Booties, Purple Unfolding Booties, Forest Flower Oxfords, Lass & Laddie Oxfords, Peppermint Swirl Spectators, & Eyelet Platforms.

Ohhh, pretty shoeses!

Can I ask about handbags? Apologies for posting in the wrong thread - advertising had made me think that shoes and bags are basically the same thing.

Anyway, I'm basically trying to find a smart leather version of my current scruffy messenger bag, but they're all so..... girly! I like across-body bags as they're more comfortable, with internal pockets and as few buckles, frills, bows and other nonsense as possible.

Any tips?
Oooooh! How I love thee, Jeffrey Campbell!

Persi, I moved your query over to the purse thread. I hope you find what you are looking for!
These fall somewhere between Elton John's Pinball Wizard Doc Martens & something very TRex, but god help me, I love them: Jeffrey Campbell's Glitter Lita. The Lita has been the go fall shoe since they launched despite the fact that they are a shoe that only a fashion blogger could love. I have been waiting for the glitter ones to launch since August & have, in fact, planned a huge chunk of my A/W purchases around them. Glitter, purple, & back pony & I am a happy lass!

Also, Fluevog is at it again! Behold . . . the LOURDES. I luff shoes with button detailing! They've also updated my favorite Giulia's in black velvet.
If these do not make you wet? You are dead, fo' sho.
Must. Win. Lotto. Alexander! McQueen!

Is it weird that I desperately miss this man I never knew? This man I want to just call 'Lee' because I am so familiar with his work that he feels like an old friend? ::sighs:: It still makes me terribly, terribly sad that such an amazing, creative spirit extinguished his own light.
lol, ap, i like your shoe fetish. smile.gif
Archegonia, when in doubt, when bummed out, I indulge in my love for shoes by online window shopping. Of course, some shoes are like architecture: beautiful to look at, but I wouldn't want to live in them!

I have the world's biggest neo-sixties girl group crush on these beautiful new Fluevogs, the Attentions Paris Beige Devilfish. Oh, so sexy, oh so neutral. WAAAAANT. I need them to go with my new ASOS dress with the Peter Pan collar.
Glitter 99 Tie! Sparkly Frankenstein shoes! What is not to love?!
Colourful new shoes for ME!

These and these.

Shoon is my new favourite shop smile.gif.
Nice, Persiflager! Those must be very comfortable!

I just bought these. Mine are tan though.
Ooh, pretty!

Yes, comfort is a priority for me. But I love high heels on other people's feet!
Talking about comfort:

These. I had to get used to the look of these, but by browsing through fashion blogs fot inspiration these sandals suddenly clicked with some ensembles i had in mind. Still too cold to wear them outside, but this afternoon looks promising.
What the hell?! Ya buncha practical shoe wearin' freaks! laugh.gif

These are my current obsession, the Gee Wa Wa Flora in Kelly green. I like the raspberry ones as well, but I already have enough red shoes.
Ooh, nice! Are you going to buy them?
Well, I needed something to go with this purse . . . laugh.gif

QUOTE(just_a_guy @ Sep 9 2010, 06:27 PM) *
In my experience a girl who has a closet full of trendy shoes and handbags cares more about the criticism of other women, whereas a girl who is more likely to spend her free shopping time picking out underwear tends to put more weight on the opinions of her inner circle of friends and family.

I also bought some new brassieres to make sure I'm down with my inner circle. rolleyes.gif
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