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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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oh crap, here are the real darlings
very cute citruss, are they comfy? (hehe, as comfy as a spiky little heel lets you be).

i keep looking for a ponyhair shoe sale in the shoe brands that are comfy for me. unfortunately, i spoil myself, and covet only very expensive brands. therefore, i hold out (and therefore, also, i control my spending, because i cannot afford!!!) (we're talking $400-600 price range retail - but will only buy if under $200 for non-daily basic shoes)
Modegirl, Neiman Marcus, Marshall Field's, and probably Bergdorf-Goodman will be having their big semi-annual clearances at the end of this month or sometime next month. I'm all about the really expensive designer stuff (my most expensive pair retails for $680, and I got them for $250), but only buy on clearance. They'll usually go 50% off or more.

Is there some reason why chunkier heels are supposed to be more comforable than the skinny kind? They both feel the same to me because all my weight is on the balls of my feet. Am I standing wrong or something?
diva, i think it has more to do with stability. as soon as you're on your heels at all (like, taking a step) a chunkier heels gives more stability. in my experience, in any case.

today i discovered shoe warehouse. i always thought it was like payless (crappy in-house brand which was worth what you pay), but it turns out they have good shoes, as well as crappy in-house brands. i got a pair of nikes for 25 cnd (i know, nike is evil and has sweatshops, but once a year i buy one pair, 'cause they're the only runner that comfily accomodates my wide, high-instepped feet), and a pair of clark's walking shoes for 70, which i needed for my new job (i needed black, polishable shoes, and i didn't think my wicked witch pointy-toed ankle boots would work, for some reason). the clarks aren't really gorgeous (or even cool-looking), but are supercomftacular
actually Modegirl, They're comfier than they look. I've spent a few nights out clubbing with them, of course the steady stream of vodka shots helps take some of the pressure off as well. ;)

On the topic of polishable comfy leather shoes, I usually but Dunham dress shoes, they use the sole and technology from New Balance runners but look like a dress shoe. They are amazingly comfortable, and I'm talking during double serving shifts. They really are fantastic, though a tad fashionless...

I am surprised to read how much you all spend on shoes, maybe I'm cheaper than I thought! The most I have ever spent on shoes is $200, and it was for leather boots. I have no idea what a $680 even feels like. Are they easier on your feet? Does it actually make a difference? mmmm, I'm imagining walking on butter...and now I'm grossed out...but anyway, do tell, do tell!
ah heels....
luci, i'm exactly the same. i love em, but i have so much trouble wearing them. i got an amazing pair of old gold lame pumps from a former roommate and every time i go out i'm all "i'm so gonna wear these tonight" and get outside, walk a block, and immediately walk back home and put on my flats. *pout* i have a really low heeled pair of sandals that have a chunky heel i can do fine, but even tho the gold ones are pretty low, they're skinny.

does anyone have any suggestions on how to "teach" yourself how to wear heels? any good starting heels? i feel like it's really something i should be able to do!

eta: mornington, good advice!
hi mouse, it might sound strange, but i had a friend once who had trouble wering heels, she trained herself to walk in them, what she did was start by wearing them around the house, she would put things on the floor to make an uneven suface to walk on, old stuffed animals, if she was cooking, she would drop bread rolls and practice walking on them in her heels, after awhile, she got to where she could walk around the house and on everything without losing her balance, and from then on she could wear them anywhere, but it took her a long time, i don't know if yu want to try it yourself, but it's a thought, good luck.

I second the wearing heels in the house - it really does help. I still wear heels indoors when I've got a new pair, or when I haven't worn heels in a while.

I'd start with chunky shoes, or wedges, definitely. Skinny heels are much harder to balance in - like tyger said. If you can, I'd try clarks (although I'm not sure what the selection is in the states) as thier heels have a lovely solidity to them.
haha okay, that's awesome. i live alone so i don't have to worry about puzzling any roommates ;)
like i said, i can do the chunky heel sandals i have fine. i'll start wearing my skinny heels as soon as i get in the door. hehe. usually ladies take their heels OFF when coming home from work.
mouse, good luck with your heels, i don't know if you will try what i was saying, but i hope i was able to help a little, let us know how things work for you
$680 doesn't feel any better than $80, to tell you the truth, but they look fabulous. They're Manolo Blahnik 3.5" mules in red and black suede with an embroidered leaf pattern between where the two colors come together. Put it this way: they're good sitting shoes. :-) I wore them out to a club once, but actually took them off downtown and carried them while I walked several blocks (2 of which were in front of a sex shop with whoknowswhat on the sidewalk). Yep, they'll only be worn when I'm going to be doing very little standing. But put me in the same shoe with a slingback and I'm way better. I don't know why these high-end designers don't somehow work comfort into the cost of their shoes. It wouldn't be that hard. That said, gel inserts in the fronts of the shoes really do work wonders, even if they move around a little because the adhesive sucks.

I'm going to start wearing heels at home, too. I just get scared that the tiny hard plastic heels will scratch up my wood floors.

I'm also of the belief that department store shoe departments (hell, any place that sells shoes) should have a strip of pavement on the floor to walk on in the shoes to show you how they'll really feel once you leave the store. All shoes are comfortable when you're walking on carpet.
divalla, good luck getting used to your heels at home, but if your worried about scratching up the floors while walking around in them, you can try this, if you don't care what you walk on, you can take clothing kids grow out of to use as throw rugs to walk on, this will keep your floors from being scratched up, using girls dresses works great as throw rug because they cover completely, you don't have to worry about the pant legs moving and still scratching the floors, just a though
divalla - yes! concrete. and stairs. I have major problems going downstairs in heels
Divalla, hehe designer sitting shoes, awwww, I'm sure they look fantastic though. I keep imagining Carrie in Sex and the City. They always wore insanely high heels on that show.

I know what you mean about mules vs. slingbacks. I think walking in an opened toe 3.5inch mule is the hardest feat of all stiletto walkers. That one requires nerves of steel and years of experience. Of which I have neither. Alas!

Why don't these designers put comfort into the price? It makes no sense to me at all. K, It doesn't change the fact that I still want my own designer pumps. Mostly just so I can say they're "designer" *sigh*
congrats divalla!

concrete and stairs to test on. Yes. What's the point of having fabulous feet if you have to walk like an old lady afraid of breaking a hip? Ok, I obviously get the point. But I still want more comfortable shoes.

I got these for my wedding (maybe -- they're under consideration) I wanted red shoes. And these are very cushy. Even if they are...JLo (sighs). I really don't want to wear a shoe that "incorporates every aspect of JLo's life," especially when walking down the aisle. But at least I'm not superstitous...
On the comfort/price issue: I only have two pairs of designer heels, both bought at a significant discount (yay!), but randomly managed to get good ones. One pair is Ralph Lauren, and the other is Calvin Klein, so FYI, it is theoretically possible to get moderately comfy shoes that are also quite fabulous from these brands!
i have been wearing my skinny heels at home all the time, and today i wore my little chunky heeled sandals all day at work, and when i came home and put on the spiky ones, it almost felt natural! yay! maybe soon i can wear them OUT of the house...!
divalla, it IS possible to have designer shoes that are comfortable. you have to find a designer who designs for YOUR foot. strangely, very few women i know actually find the Blahniks comfortable. i have been asking everyone for years. even the die-hards will crack under pressure and tell you that comfort is not why they wear them. i have a pair of Manolos, black kitten heel slingbacks - no more than 2" high and they are awful on my foot. no one could convince me otherwise on the comfort/price/designer issue for years...until i met Casadei.

Casadei heels; i will stop short of saying i can run in them, but i have two pairs (both on sale at DSW for under $200!, marked down from $650 and $475). both are 4" high, and i can wear them all night - dancing and whatnot. one of them is has a base heel of about 1/2", and the other is a true stiletto at about 1/4". in a way i am thankful and in a way, i am Not! i have since discovered that the Casadei model foot and mine are one and the same! whether i agree with the style or not, every one of their shoes sized appropriately fit me perfectly. and since i've also discovered that Charles Davids aren't bad either.
brown and pink tweed shoe. Oh.
Have any of you ladies heard of Keep Shoes? They just opened a store in LA and I bought two pairs [the green boat shoes and the brown midtop]. I love to support women-run businesses, especially when they make cute shoes.
Here's a question for you experts .. ;)

Do they make heeled shoes that have arch support? I have both a high instep and a high arch and most heels when I put them on leave a 1"+ gap between my foot and the shoe. Needless to say it's very uncomfortable and means I can't wear the shoe for more than a minute or two.

Am I asking for the impossible, meaning is this something that isn't possible for design reasons? Would your foot be too pushed out if you had an arch?

I love shoes ..... I just don't wear much but Birkenstocks and Dansko clogs. :p
Has anyone ordered from MooShoes? I'm leery of ordering shoes online, as my feet are wide width 9 1/2, but 10 regular usually can fit, depending on style. Dammit, I love heels but rarely find nice ones that fit! I stand at work for 6-8 hours at a stretch, but will put up with a fair amount of discomfort (pain!) for cute shoes. I'm thinking of trying these but I'm not sure....
This is my first time in and I think I can help...a little! Tali, I would recommend looking at professional dance shoes - ballroom, character, salsa, etc. The better brands (particularly Capezio) are renowned for comfort and good support at the high end of their price point. I'm particularly looking forward to getting some of these (though perhaps in a lower heel) when I can justify it. :-) Other brands will cover good-looking peep toes and sandals, believe it or not. Hope it's food for thought, at least.

Myself? I LURRRRVE shoes but have a weird relationship with them. I tend to over-buy and then alternate maybe two pairs. And over the last few years, I've had less luck as I wear a US most of my shoes for the last few years have flats.

If I had my druthers, I'd wear mostly mid-heeled baby-doll styles (especially Mary Janes), criss-cross quarter-strap sandals, and skimmer-styled sneakers. Unfortunately, my options jump from Payless to Naturalizer pretty quickly, and I'm only just getting to where I can think about buying $60-plus shoes again.

Not to mention that the stuff I love the most doesn't often come in my size at all. If it was just a 10, I'd have a much better's the W that kills me. I can't tell you how happy I was to discover that the Footlight comes in W.
txplumwine .. oooh! Good suggestion and I love those shoes. I've been dying (for some strange reason) to buy a classic pair of pumps. I love the look of trendy shoes but I'm not a trendy person, ya know? I like the classics. If I could both afford and fit into I'd be a Brooks Brothers whore and just live in all their clothes because they are so gorgeous and classic.

Stage shoes! I never thought of that! Thanks txplum, you're brilliant! *MWAH*
*giggles* Wow! I'm so happy I've helped...and two, even! I think I should probably take my own medicine and sink in to the Footlight...
Recent purchases:
Purple alligator heels with pointy toe
sueded round toe moccasin style kitten heels
My recent purchases:
Copper shiny ballet flats (oh how I love shiny shoes)
Dark purple kitten heels with little bows on the toes
My recent purchase: a pair of hot pink thong birkenstocks. I never thought I was the Birkenstock "type" but they are so cute and majorly comfy AND I got them on sale from the Birkenstock shop!
two words: shoe sale.

I now have two pairs of winter boots. Fuck summer, bring on the cold. Flat, tan, with little detail on the top. Dark olive green, heeled, piratey. Carvela. I love them both.

birkenstocks are all of the comfy.
i absolutely CANNOT find the perfect pair of summer sandals. i want something in black leather (or even brown), or fake leather as long as it doesn't look obviously plastic, flat but flexible, with an ankle strap and a foot strap (NOT a thong). is that really so much to ask??

also, it doesn't help that i'm poor.
is there anything you can do to avoid blisters if you have very delicate feet? since the sun has come out a few weeks ago, i have gone through all my summer shoes which resulted in 12 blisters on my left foot and 11 on the right one, all in different stages of healing. now all there is left are my sneakers. dang. it's not that fun to wear "closed" shoes when it's 30°c outside.

anyone out there with the same problem? what do you do? funny thing, though, is that i even get blisters from shoes that i have owned and worn for the last four summers.
i cut off a bit of just the sticky part of an elastoplast bandaid and stick it over bits that feel like they are going to become blisters. i already know i'm going to get them, no matter what the shoe, so i Always have some bandaids in my purse and just slap one on right away. using the whole thing, it's bound to move around And be visible (which isn't exactly the look i'm going for with my cute summer sandals) so i really do just cut off a tiny strip to use. it stays put and keeps my feet from blistering up.
unfortunately, i never know where the next blister will appear. right now, they are everywhere! but i always carry around a huge package of bandaids during summer. i also discovered dr. scholl's gel thingies that you can put into sandals where they will stay put and avoid some blisters (but not all).
that's too bad. i can always feel where a blister is starting, it gets kind of hot and itchy and if i catch it right then and stick some elastoplast on it it just stays a little irritated but no blister. wearing a different pair of shoes for a day after than is usually enough to keep it from getting any worse and after that there's actually a slight callus that keeps it from blistering later. i have super high arches so nearly every shoe rubs me the wrong way in one spot or another.
If anyone's in the market for it, net-a-porter is having a really good sale on some of their designer shoes, up to 65% off. I'm going to be ordering my Choos tomorrow. smile.gif
Even at sale prices, I don't think I can afford anything on that site, Divala. Almost everything I liked still cost around $300!

Today I am drooling over these Betsey Johnson shoes. Drooooooool!

waaaa ... I love pretty shoes but they don't love me. .

My current flirtation ..

I just bought these today. Squeeeee! Expensive, but cheaper than what I'd find around here, even after you include shipping. I've been looking for a pair of Choos to add to my collection.

I'm positively in love with those Betsey Johnsons.
diva, those are positively scrumptious! even tho they hurt just to look at.

and taligator, those baci's are completely my taste. alas, no wides. *sniffle*

i've just been diagnosed with a bone spur on my outside little toe, so all my shoes/sandals are causing discomfort these days. luckily i found these comfy thongs for my upcoming vacation jaunts - i've always had issues with thongs (between the toes ouchies), but these things are better than slippers. and kinda cute ... for old lady sandals.
Maybe one of you can help me. I need to find shoes to wear for a wedding. I'm standing up in it, and the dresses are like a cinnamon color with ivory detail and are floor legnth. I am also very cheap. I refuse to spend money on a pair that I won't wear again, but everything that I can picture with the dress I think are ugly. I suppose my "style" if I could type myself *thinking big name stores* might be like...anthropolgie meets urban outfitters? Any ideas?
I find Nine West shoes are pretty comfortable to stand in, including the ones with heels. I have a pair of 2.5-3" strappy sandals from them I've worn for years that are amazingly comfortable, and I wear them all the time, probably because the sole has a padded platform on it (the single most imortant thing to me). They're pretty reasonably priced and you should be able to find plenty in neutral colors.

I'm such a damn cheerleader for Nine West. * rah rah rah*
Has anyone seen or heard of Vibram Five Fingers before? Someone I know was wearing them, and they looked so bizarre, but very comfortable. I want to get some now, but they are all sold out on the website, and they aren't sold in my area.

Also, I'd like to try Earth Shoes-the heel of the footbed is sunken lower than the rest of it so that it stretches out your calf muscles a little and helps correct your posture. And along with the bland hippie type sandals, they also make cute ones.
oh! those five fingers shoes. I saw someone wearing 'em a little while ago. I think there's a store here (in new york). I'm curious too, although I like a little more coverage in my shoes, usually - I get squicky about the city sidewalks and want everything as protected as possible. but yeah earth shoes! they're not as ugly as they used to be. I wonder if they really do work for aches'n'pains'n'posture issues? I should find a store and take a test run (well, walk, whatever).
Bought cute new birkentocks smile.gif:
so I've started taking a striptease class, and the teacher recommends heels...the ones I have can only be called "sensible." I want something skanky that I won't fall over in, and preferably rather affordable...anyone have any ideas for places to search?
look on ebay, halcyon! I can probably recommend a seller to you, if you want~
I am so excited (and very tempted): Irregular Choice finally have a website that has some very very very pretty shoes.
QUOTE(halcyon @ Aug 8 2006, 02:17 AM) *

so I've started taking a striptease class, and the teacher recommends heels...the ones I have can only be called "sensible." I want something skanky that I won't fall over in, and preferably rather affordable...anyone have any ideas for places to search?


I recommend looking into Kenneth Cole or Kenneth Cole Reaction. I'm a school teacher, but I still like to wear heels. I never have a problem with their shoes, they are sturdy and cute/sexy, I never feel like i'm going to fall over, and they last for a long time.
argh noooo... bunny. That website is painful. I want the decadence range. all of them. And for some reason, the "jakenory" boots. blink.gif

I've been reading shoewawa far far far too much. It can't be good.

Red patent ballet flats. I love marks and spencer.
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