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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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I ordered these last week.
If I had the money, Fluevog would be a dangerous place for me. Good thing there isn't one here.

AP, very cute.
Yeah, I got a pair of Birgits for $100, two pairs of Giulias & a clutch. It's an addiction. The Birgits are coming in from Chicago, the Giulias from San Francisco.

Um, we gots a Payless here. I? Do not BOGO. I do not pass judgement on those who do. And there's a place called the Shoe Fetish that I've never been into, but what gives me a dirty giggle whenever I see it. We are limited as to our fashion choices here in the boonies.
OMG! Fluevog has just introduced a new shoe family, the Bellevues! I am particularly in love with the Libby Smith style. I can't seem to pick a colour scheme, however. I want all three, but think I'll settle for two. I don't own all that much olive.

And they are now making a bootie version of CH's faves called the Silverlakes. I think I could manage to wear them without landing face first.

Yes, I admit these shoes are not cheap. BUT. I cannot stress this enough. They are an investment. They are COMFORTABLE, well made, last forever shoes. You *might* have to have a heel or sole replaced, but JF sells them & they are affordable. And they never go out of style because they trandscend trends. They are art disguised as footwear.
I have several pairs of Fluevogs and they really hold up and have stood the test of time. Before we were married a Fluevog store opened across the street from the apartment where husband used to live. DANGEROUS but they had excellent sales and threw some great fashion shows.

I was walking with my 2 yr old niece in a strip mall and when we got to the PAYLESS shoe store I told her that her auntie would NEVER buy her shoes there.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Aug 7 2009, 04:32 AM) *
OMG! Fluevog has just introduced a new shoe family, the Bellevues! I am particularly in love with the Libby Smith style. I can't seem to pick a colour scheme, however. I want all three, but think I'll settle for two. I don't own all that much olive.

Yowza! I too love those Libby Smiths! I like both with the white tops, because I dig the contrast. Yum. So purty.

I can't stop checking out Anthropologie's shoe collection. There's some booties on there I want bad. And I desperately want to find the yellow pair of the Bobbi Blu Madisons. I have them in black and they're my favorite heels ever. Not sure how to post photos...grrr...
I went with a black pair & a white/black pair. I just don't wear that much olive to warrant a pair of those.

I like the shoes at Anthropolgie, too! Well Tuned Boots, Narration Booties, Cosmonaut Platforms, Scarf-Tied Oxfords. I'm diggin' this Linked Spectrum Bag, too.

My ass is too fat to wear any clothes from Anthropologie, so I focus on shoes & accessories.

TBK, to post links hit the little green plus sign on the text box bar, you should be able to link from it.

MissladyJ, I remember the Fluevog store in Chicago of which you speak. The store was so cute that it encourage one to buy shoes there. I really had to avoid it for the sake of my bank account.

AP, OoOoO, how I love Anthropologie! Such a great store. I've never paid attention to their shoes before...
I think that's definitely the way to go [as opposed to the olive]; I just don't match very often...but I should probably start. I love the Narration Booties!! Yeee!! When I'm not running out the door, I'm gonna figure out this linking method you many delicious shoes...

And does anyone else have a hell of a time finding the right flat? I love flats, but it's a pill getting ones that fit well, in my opinion. I guess I could buy those little sizer inserts more often...
wow AP, those Libby boots from Fluevog that look like spats make me absolutely drool all over my keyboard!! Also, I love everything that Anthropologie sells, but not their prices...
Well, I had liked these, but I don't do stilettos. I'd be in hospital with broken bones in under an hour!
Holy Fluevogs!!! Whine I want a pair. I should save up. Hmmm, i could pay off my visa next payday and get a pair. I like the sounds of that.
omg, AP!!! Are you trying to kill my resolve not to buy any more shoes this summer? Those are tres gorgeous, and a decent price. I really really want some spat-boots now!!!
*slinks away to shop more plasticland*
I've always liked the idea of boots, but never felt compelled to buy any....until I found the ones made by this company on Zappos. Maybe it's hormonal, but there's something really appealing about them. And they're not super expensive. I like Liv 73, Lea 21, Kelley 84, Lea 76, Kira and Sabrina.

When they mention the circumference, I assume that's at the widest part? And that's at its maximum? Hmm....I'm a couple inches too big. Doh.
Omg, all your shoe links are too much! I love Fluevog, especially their faux crocodile skin boots, but they're not available over here.

I bought 2 pairs of pumps this week (totally against my promise to myself i wouldn't buy any more shoes). 2 pairs for 50. One peep toe red pair, one peep toe white pair with grey triming, and a button, very Jackie-O. So despite my sanction against buying shoes, i at least managed to buy color, instead of black.
Ever since last year, I've been obsessed with flats. I'm in the need of buying some cute flats for work...I may have to go on a small shopping spree.

AP, too bad you don't do stilettos. I'm sure you would rock those boots. I'm actually looking forward to Fall so I can wear my favorite pair of suede boots. Unfortunately, since the only boots I own are all stilettos, I have to be really mindful of the amount of walking I'll be doing when I want to wear them.
How do we feel about clogs? I've never really liked them, but for some reason I've always been attracted to these Danskos. I've been looking at jobs & one would require me being on my feet a lot, so I thought they might be good.

Allow me to introduce the latest Fluevogs, the Kona boots.
I have that pair of danskos in black and they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Perfect for all the running around I do during the day.
AP - Love the Kona boots!!
I bought these and they're very comfy!
my favorite new shoes are the seychelles "her majesty"... (under heels & wedges). i have them in yellow and they're the most comfortable heels i've ever worn. they wear like flats and they look ADORABLE. i wear them all the time, even walking long distances, and they're great. i also found these rachel comey oxfords half-off at urban outfitters. absolute love, and another pair of heels that are as comfy as if they were flats!
::sigh:: i love seychelle's their stuff is so cute, but they don't make 'em in my size , so all i can do is paw at the window hungrily. enjoy the hell out of those things for me, mouse. (BTW, good to see you posting again. i'm doing my happy dance right now. wub.gif )
ohh, gt, i wish size was not relevant to shoes! my friend works for them, which means that i get a mad discount, but she also gets all the sampled shoes because she has teeny-tiny, sample-size feets. i'm always asking her "ooooh, which ones are those, i want to order a pair!" and she'll be like "oh, those were dropped from the line. i have the only pair". UGH, right??

*SQUEEZE* to see you on another internets mechanism too...i originally returned for a boy issue but i couldn't help bragging about shoes, as usual. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE QUOTING MY FAVORITE MOVIE!!! "i brought you flours..."
These are on sale for 2 more days. I've been wanting some cute cowgirl boots, and I really like them. Still trying to decide if I can spend the money though :D

eta: I'm hoping no one grabs them before I make my mind up!
How about a pair of these?? They don't look comfortable at all, but they'd look cool on your coffee table.
I saw those on one of my blogs, ap, and I still just can't get my head around how they're supposed to work.

I really want these. I need a pair of boots for fall, and one of the fashion bloggers I follow has been wearing these around everywhere and everytime I see them I die. (In the words of Rachel Zoe.) I'm just not sure I can pull them off with everyday outfits. Thoughts?

I like these too, but I have trouble with knee high boots fitting over my calves, so I'm thinking that they might not work.

have you guys seen the insane heels alexander mcqueen showed at paris fashion week??? i am simultaneously drawn to and repelled by them. on the one hand, I LOVE THEM. on the other, i can't stop thinking about this dog.

also currently totally drooling over tthese....i love jeffrey campbell. and am currently on the hunt for the grownup version of the laura ingalls wilder boots i wore every damn day in 4th grade. something like this, but with a bit of a heel...
Mouse, the second pair are beautiful. I am also drawn to them. Of course, if I wore them I'd break my ankles and then some.
I DIE! Of course, there's no way in hell I could ever wear a pair.

I also swoon for these Chie Mihara Atame Bow Heels.

And the Chie Mihara Effervescent Platforms are joile laide.

And the Chie Mihara Debo Ankle Boot in a stunning purple. Damn you, CH for your stunning purples!

And the Chie Mihara Cutout Ankle Boot.

My feets? Too big.

These Regina Wingtip Boots are as close to finding a pair of Mouse's LHOtP boots with a heel that I've seen so far, but the mannish wingtip part makes them not right. None that I have seen seem to have any kind of heel except the more "roper" styles with the fringed tongue. I'll post 'em as I see 'em if I wander across any closer matches.
Loggins are also Jeffrey Campbell, they have kinda the same feel as the LHOtP shoes with a heel.
oooh, those are both really close. i wish the loggins didn't fold over at the top and i wish the regina was a little dantier...but i think what i want is coming into trend right now so hopefully someone'll make it soon!

i found a really great pair of slouchy grey heeled boots at a flea market a while back, but they're really gross inside and i didn't realize this until i got them home. all old peeling leather & stickiness. bleh.

ETA ahahahahhahahah someone on jezebel made the same mcqueen heel=bull terrier association i did, oh man i love it
those mcqueen shoes remind me of the character Him from Power Puff Girls. I swear he wears those, but in black
The Miz Mooz Harlem Boot is close, too, but no heel. And if you look on the right hand side there are many other comparable LHOtP boots as well.

The Clarks Diamond Exchange may be damned near perfect.

The Seychelles Cheerio Bootie looks close, too.
ooooooooooh the clarks one is REALLY close to perfect! may need to start saving my pennies!

the cheerio was actually a good deal responsible for inspiring this search. it's really great but the heel is too high for comfort, at least for me. i'm a 3" tops kinda gal, unless i'm getting real fancy on an evening i don't have to stand or walk much...

i really like a lot of the shoes from "wanted" but they look like they might be of dubious quality (which i'm totally fine with for flats, but am a little wary with heels). love these , these and ooooohhhh these.
Huzzah! I'm glad you like the Clarks, Mouse. I went through something like 6300 pairs of boots on Endless yesterday.

I liked these Miz Mooz Sunrise Boots in purple.

And these Miz Mooz Amelia Boots in red.

And the Volatile Alotta Boot in grey.

The heels by Wanted certainly aren't high-end, but they aren't totally cheap crap, either. I have a pair of red maryjanes from there that are pretty cute & have held up well. The only negative thing I can say is that they tend to run quite small.
Ooh, want to say thanks for introducing me to the 'wanted' shoes.. cute and have international shipping!
aural i love the bow heels and spattery a few posts back. i saw these today:
WAAAANNNNT!!! by miz mooz.
i love these lil' numbers: maryj.
lil' boots: ankle biters

but i am dying for some more boots. i love my tall patent doc martins, but i want some electrican and cowboy boots:
electricians: hey tall fry

...and kit shickers:
awl hail

holy cow!
lil' calf

here's the ol' gringos. i love their worn, whitewashed soles and heels. i really want these three. very traditional, but subtly stylish:
straight shooter
broken in

and these are just funny cute.

i'll take 1,2,6,7,8 and 10 for starters...

i asked a colleague from texas if i would be considered a poseur if i bought cowboy boots. she said no, and in fact she'd be proud wink.gif
So I bought these on Friday and they are sooo comfy

And these are an early christmas present.

and these because they are just so much fun!!
Those Fluevogs keep slipping ever further away, CH! laugh.gif I have those pewter sequin flats, too!

I am trading in the grey booties for the Miz Mooz Janessa's in grey.

Cowboy boots are for the debbil!
I have decided that I'm putting money away for fluevogs. I just keep on finding other shoes.

I do need a pair of killer black heals, the LA melrose are MINE in a few months. Enough is enough already.
I love these Dolce Vida Quote Boots & these Dolce Vida Marilyn Boots.
oooh, pretty, ap! Unfortunately I can't do heels that high-my calves cramp up almost instantly and I feel like I'm going to fall forward on my face. dry.gif
i do not have much time to get on bust anymore as life happens. . . but i soooo missed this and the clothes thread. i am drooling. i need to come in here more often.
AP has such delicious taste in shoes - it brightens my day. I still need to figure out how to link :/ boo on me. But I never find time to post. So...I will just say, has anyone seen Anthropolgie's Mallard heels? Weird and neat. And I would totally wear them. If...they're ever like, 75% off biggrin.gif I also am madly in love with their boot collection. *sigh*
tongue.gif I try!

Mallard Heels

You create neat links by clicking on the box with the little green plus sign. If a box for the URL doesn't pop up, you may have to click on the window it creates just under your browser to accept temporary scripted windows.
good to see you shiny! wub.gif
Thank you AP! Yay!

I like these, not so much the shape of the toe, but for the clovers Four-Leaf Clover Boots
ah thanks gt. it is god to be seen. hehe!
love the clover boots!

so i have a vay vay ooc thing for heeled suede boots. i like them tall and love the over the knee look! i am tall and it works for me. i am currently obsessing over these two grey ones. mamma needs grey boots!

i bought these
but sent them back because they just weren't very well made and looked cheap.

i live the first ones best i think but the second ones are a better price for my pocket book. hmmm. what to do what to do?
hmm. guess nobody likes this style of boot. oh well, i love them! i also just found a pink pair that i waaaannnnt!
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