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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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Persiflager, have you found a fun replacement for those boots yet?

My green shoes arrived yesterday and they are SO damn adorable! Love them! Oddly enough, the shoes showed up with a price tag on the bottom for only $29.99. This upset me since I paid $62 for those shoes! So I wrote their customer service department a little email telling them about the problem. Luckily, they replied promptly & were wonderfully apologetic & said that they will refund the $32 difference. So not only did I get adorable shoes, but they ended up being cheaper than the other green shoes after all! How great is that?!

In further happy shoes news, I am getting these boots ("May" by Lauren for Ralph Lauren) in black for my birthday. I've been looking for a simple pull-on boot for years and I've had my eye on them for ages. Now that they're on sale, they're starting to sell out in various sizes so even though my birthday is a month away, Sheff told me to order them before my size sold out. Happy early birthday to me!

And now I must stop looking at shoes because I have spent more on them in the last 2 weeks than in the whole previous year.
Yay, RosieV! Those green shoes are adorable and that's so awesome you got refunded the difference.
Love the birthday boots, rose! So chic and versatile.
very cute, rosie. like riding boots..... *two parts, covet, one part gimmie....* wink.gif
Happy early shoe birthday RV! Those are smashing boots and adorable shoes.

I went back to the shop and made them order me in a pair in my size, now I have these ridiculous boots!
Persiflager -- in the words of Rachel Zoe -- "I die. Those boots are bananas."
Persiflager, those boots are ridiculously awesome! You're going to enjoy strutting your stuff in those babies.

My new boots arrived yesterday! And they are lovely. The leather is a tiny bit stiff right now, but I think they'll break in nicely. I wore them to dinner with my favorite plaid skirt & I looked scrumptious, if I do say so myself.
i usually dislike hi heeled sneakers, but i like these:
I just got these:

and I love them. I still walk like a goat in them (I've been wearing flats for like 3 years), but they're so comfortable. I wear flat sneakers all day at work and have the most horrible foot pain all the time, even with "arch support" inserts. I wore these all weekend and my feet don't hurt at all.
Those look nice hello tampon. I usually don't wear gladiator sandals, but now I wonder if those shoes would go well with this dress that I just bought. Or does anybody have a better idea for footwear that would match/look good?
Y'know, I think I am the one person in America not into the whole gladiator trend & it's killing me because I can't seem to find any summer sandals I like.
i decided i needed a birfday gift to me, so...

about as anti-sandal as you can get, but i've never cared for anything that even smacked of flip-flops. lol... i'm a dork like that.
See, now, I wish the world were covered in lush grass so I could be barefoot all the time & flipflops/sandals are the next best thing. I knew a barefoot hippie guy & the soles of his feet were manky & tar black. I can't do that shit.

I guess I'm looking for something a little more suave than flops, though. I have two pairs of black suede, large coverage thong sandals with black bugle beads that I adore that languish is storage. I meece them so!
AP, I'm with you on hating gladiator sandals. HATE THEM.

And GT, I'm loving the docs. Oh how I want another pair, but I want a lot of things first.

Like these. Alas, my consult is tomorrow and I have to be a big kid, even though I really, really love those shoes.
I'm not into gladiators, either. For me, the point of a sandal is for your foot to feel free, not caged in. Also, they tend to look really boxy, which I don't think is flattering for most people.

GT, I actually own that pair of boots you linked. Another Bustie gave them to me a few years back. I just hope to be able to fit into them one day. I really need to start making better use of my other DM's, too. I have something like 6 pairs of boots that I keep forgetting about, but I am wearing my new pair of DM sandals. They're heavy and clunky, but they get the job done and I don't get blisters or calouses from them.
i'm not really opposed to certain gladiator sandals, but i have to admit i do like the super high heel/platform super dominatrix variety, usually in leather. but sandal wise, i can't wear thongs/flip flops. that little thing between the big toe and the 2nd irritates my skin and hurts me super bad. c'est le poop.
and in summer, I pretty much have to live in flip flops, my feet don't like to sweat or they get eczema.

But, GT I totally hear you on that one piece of material.
I find the toe separator unbearable too. Sandals with a platform or solid wedge heel are the best. Flat sandals make me feel like my tush is being under-utilized. Teevas need to get out of my face. It's like wearing a 1970 ford bronco on your feet.
I just got these shoes today. When someone hands me a nordstrom's credit card and steers me toward the shoe department this is what happens;origin=related

I am in love. I have them on right now and don't ever want to take them off!
yikes! for $300, i wouldn't want to take them off either. i'd be wearing them in the shower, jogging, even to the beach.

they are purty tho.
I just ordered these from zappos. I had never heard of this brand before, but my mom just got some and said she had them in the 70s and was stoked to find them again. I think they look cute, but I'll have to wait to see how they work out when I get them. I am also not a fan of gladiator type sandals. Even though I'm super tall already, I feel like wedge soles make my legs and butt look much better.
Well I guess I'm alone in my love for my gladiators. Oh well.
no you're not, tampon. as i said, i just like them with (sky high, thick)heels. flats not so much. and i don't care for studs on 'em either. i think my favorites were a few years back where they all had stronger heels. the tapered/stiletto heels seem aesthetically wrong to me. the straps need the juxtaposition of a good sturdy heel.

i like these:
and minus the zipper i'd like these.

but this, this is going too far:lavish
GT, them's some nice shoes, 'cept for that last pair, that's a shade extreme. I wonder if the shield is extra?
Great googly moogly. As usual, Juicy Couture is over the fucking top. I did like the Lillie shoes, though, those are fucking hot.

Did anybody besides me notice the JC TERRY dresses in that pic of the Lavish boots? Terry. As in towels, bathrobes, & house shoes. WHY? My grandma's friends wore those monstrosities around the Lake & they were tacky even then.
yeah. balenciaga did a much better version...almost... the problem is up close not as cute(it's the gold). and the heel is ugly as sin. close but no cigar. it's a shame, because i do like the concept, but the ankle version wins. not that i can afford either.

i don't care for terry dresses, but i do have 2 vintage terry beach coats. i love them. but are you really surprised? after all, juicy made it's name thanks to the terry tracksuit with 'juicy' emblazoned on the ass. tacky is literally their stock and trade.
...I don't mind gladiators as long as they're ankle height, and high heeled. In fact, I barely consider them "gladiator." To me, gladiator is those heinous tall things with flat soles. I don't even know what the hell to consider the tall things with heels, except hideous.

Not that I'm going to get any, because 1) I'm trying to save money and 2) I don't have the faboo job I used to ... but good god, am I craving another pair of Pradas.

deep breaths zoya, deeeeeeeep breaths. laugh.gif
I love these

I tried on a pair of harlot shoes once but the heels were too high for me. I couldn't walk in them.

Anyway. I have many shoes, some not even worn yet. So just browsing for me. Even though i really need a decent pair of dressy red shoes.
goddamn if i had money.....

oh my stars and garters!

cute canvas

just weird, but still...

golf shoes?!? (i love all the colors)

ps...i got my doc martins today....yay! how long do they take to break in?
i love the shape of Irregular Choice shoes!

Do you people buy shoes over the internet much? The shoes you link are not in stores over here.
oh i do too, futura. i don't know if they still do it, but i loved looking at their shoes on zappos, cos you could see the soles, and they would have these crazy colorful pictures printed on the bottom... i wish the stars n garters ones came in my size.... *sigh*
I think I've decided upon these.

I love Irregular Choice, but I've had bad luck with their sizing. They run small.

And sadly, yes, I buy most of my shoes from the web.
those are cute AP!
wholly impractical. but i love them.
wow, me too!
Wow! Those are pretty outrageous!
cocl i love those!
Does anyone have any suggestions for really comfortable, supportive sandals? I absolutely need something flat. I'm getting so frustrated because I have at least 3 pairs of sandals and they all manage to hurt my feet in some way.
ccgirl, I'd recommend the brand Merrell for sandals. I don't have any of their sandals, but I have a pair of sneakers that are very comfortable. They are kind of expensive (well for me), but I think they would be worth it. The brand is very sporty, not sure if that's your style.

Also, The Walking Company's motto is to provide shoes to walk in comfort. Not sure if they have stores in Canada.
i've been searching all over the interwebs to find a pic of the new sneakers i got today, but came up with nada. this is as close as i've been able to find. but mine are more subtle. the best way i can describe them is white converse lo-cut brogues. they are converse save for the cap toe is shiny has a little..."widow's peak" dotted pattern pointing towards the shoe's tongue, which has a dotted pattern that is repeated on the spine of the heel. they may be my new almost favorite shoes. wub.gif
Oooh gt those are really cute gt!

I almost bought a pair of high-heeled purple faux-snakeskin peeptoes on sale the other day. I didn't because they didn't quite fit right - one of my feet is almost a full size smaller than the other and with certain shoes that becomes a big problem -- also, they were by Fergie. I couldn't justify it. I also can't find a picture of it.

Instead I went and bought a purse.
cc girl- Birkenstocks? They make a lot of different styles now, and you might be able to find something you like even if you're not into the classic ones. Are the Dansko sandals too high for you? They do have a chunky sole, but they are usually very comfortable for most people.
i've heard keen sandals, are good, cc girl, although they are sporty. :/
CCGirl, I am going to vote Birkenstock. They can be a bit pricey, but with care they last and last. My current pair of Birk sandals have been with me for over a decade, only needing occasional new soles. And they do have some super-cute styles these days.

On another note, these shoes make me want to cry because they should be mine:

don't know how to shorten the damn thing. grr
oh the tears.......
Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I tend to not go for sporty looks, Birkenstocks are more my style. I might also look at John Fluevog. In the meantime, out of my 3 pairs of sandals I have on pair that is mostly okay on my feet (it rubs my big toe a little). Ugh, I just hate shoe shopping. I'm a 9 1/2, everything rubs my feet raw and it's pretty much impossible for me to wear heels.
Period_Monster, I have the Katia's that are right next to your shoes & I gotta say, worth every penny. Very comfortable, very cute. I forget I'm even wearing heels when I have them on.
Well, I'm dreaming about Fluevog's again. And I saw these beauties. *drool*
oh god, culture! *covet, covet!*
very cute!
I'd like to wear those boots and only those boots.
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