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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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SO I went boot shopping on Wednesday and found myself these here. They are so cute and obscenely comfortable. I'm looking at the other cool stuff and I think I'll be buying more int he new year.
Ugh. I need rehab for my apparently unstoppable shoe shopping habit. I fell into the BOGO hole at Payless today and bought these and these.
the first ones are really cute!
I need some new boots in my life right now. Does anyone have any reccomendations for durable (attractive) winter boots out there?
Depends on what you find attractive! What kind of shape do you like? Do they need to be for real warm winter boots?
Would you consider just scaring the snow away?
New Rock Store

Heh. i am in lust w/ that purple metallic bag w/ the zippers.
lilpink (and everyone)--OMG aldo is actually having a boot sale RIGHT NOW! i'm drooling over these. my friend has them in cognac and i was coveting them thinking they were vintage (she's an even better vintage scorer than i am, and that's saying a lot) but they are not! i love the cognac but the camel is only $109.....what should i do? i need new boots too, i just discovered a hole in my trusty black cowboys. boooo.

these are also gorgeous...

and these...and omigod i think i just died and went to boot heaven. oh dammit they don't have them in anything near my size....oh crap. now i wish i had just never known.

oh oh...and look at these...omg the button detailing....

dammit i keep finding more....i'm looking for an every day flat boot but GUHHhhh...and only 80 bucks!?
mouse, the last one you posted is lovely. i want i want i want! also the flat one with the buttons. super cute. i have already spent my quota for boots this year though. *sigh*
i bought em....the cognac. i went to the aldo store (braving the pre-christmas mall hordes) and got them for even cheaper than online. they are SOOOOOOO CUUUUUTEEEEE. the salesgirl told me she has the same one and everyone always freaks out about them. i am very pleased.
mouse, I hope they bring you years of awesomeness : )

I'm a heartbeat away from getting the boots that culturehandy posted a couple weeks ago, in green. It was instant love, and the tab for that page has been on my browser since it was posted. I wait at least a couple weeks on the more pricey things; if I still am in love by then, I go for it. I'm definitely still drooling for them.
Are they holding up well, CH?
ohh my. it appears I've offed the thread.
so I'm still deciding if I should invest in these two:
They're both on sale with free shipping...i'm oh so tempted~
culture, thank you for turning me on to Miz Mooz~

The one pair of 'fashion' boots that I have are 4 inch-heeled platforms, so they are a bit uncomfortable and not casual enough. I've wanted fashion boots again that are way more comfortable and less over-the-top.
I vote for #2, humanist- much more versatile. I like them in brown.
I like the Belvedere model, too. Def #2.

I am liking these. Because y'know, I need more shoes.
Humanist, the first ones are pretty cool, but when I saw #2, I began salivating. Very very cute. And I normally am not a fan of brown boots, but I'm about to buy a pair of those for myself. Yum.

The other day my best friend let me borrow her Fleuvog boots & I absolutely fell in love with them. The problem is they don't make this style anymore (Bev). I have warned her to be careful because I'm seriously tempted to swipe them before I leave town.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 28 2008, 10:58 PM) *
I like the Belvedere model, too. Def #2.

I am liking these. Because y'know, I need more shoes.

Ooo, me likey! I always love a retro '50s/'60s vibe with pumps.

I spent my xmas money on these and these in brown. I just received the brown ones in the mail the other day and they look great. They work with jeans (including my skinny ones) and work pants. Can't wait to get the black buckle ones. And I love that they call them "shooties."

This is the most money I've spent on one pair of shoes in a long time, so to justify my spending, I gave a lot of shoes that I've needed to get rid of to Goodwill at the start of my holiday break. Plus, I needed to make more room in my closet for the new ones. Aheh.
thirtiesgirl - I love the button ones!

I was given these for christmas, from G. They're my new babies and I loves them.

However, I'm lusting after these, even though I'm not sure how practical they'd be, being pvc (I was never a fan of jelly shoes... but....). And these.
You got your sin & anti-sin all stitched up, TG! Those are some cute shoes!

Have you checked with ebay, yet, RV? They have a pretty broad selection of Fluevogs.

I have an odd pair of red Meleflex heels from that company, Mornington. They are surprisingly comfortable & weirdly cool. I wouldn't compare them to jelly shoes, except for the sweaty feet part.
I think I'm more excited about the second pair as well, but the first ones are definitely attractive as more casual, everyday boots. The second ones are a bit more glamorous (for me, anyway : P)

rose, I don't really like brown boots (or any brown footwear) either-but I like those in brown too-they're a nice, rich, almost reddish brown. Yeah. I think I'll go for it-especially before the free overnight shipping expires-woot!
So, I've got a hankering for shoes again,

I want these

these are also pertty.


these are neat.

And then there are these. I love these boots, but I just cannot justify spending the money on them. If they were $150.00 cheaper. Fo Show, but as it, I just can't right now. Waaaaa.

I found my beloved purple Inge Fluevogs on a Candian site crazymadcheap ($228US!), I waited a day & lost them. sad.gif

I found these lovlies, but they sold out my size & they aren't making anymore. I actually emailed & called Jeffrey Campbell.

For all the shit I talked about those heel-less boots that Becks Spice was wearing, I am oddly intrigued by these Fluevog boots. They also come in black with a gold heel, but I'd rather silver or pewter.

And speaking of pewter, I am liking these Seychelles as well.

ap those fluevog boots are wow! i lust i lust!
Speaking of Seychelles, have you seen these? I swear, these shoes are my soul mates (...erm, or should that be sole mates? pardon the bad pun). I want to take them home, cook them a romantic dinner, introduce them to my parents, walk them down the aisle and have their little strappy, silver, stack heeled babies.
i think i have spring fever for shoes. (i am sure there is such a thing) because i can;t wait for nice weather so i can wear cute sandals! there are lots of cute ones coming out this spring. i saw these at target that i likes but sadly they didn't fit. on the web site they have this lovely but i didn't see them at the store. *pout*

i want to fill my closet with
and these
*le sigh*
lust lust
i want them allllllll!
is it wrong to want every solid color of Hunter Wellingtons made even though i don't live in seattle (or anywhere near as rainy)?
in general i am all about the knee-hi boot but i'm particularly twitterpaited about these wellies this spring.
i'd just love to have a collection of Wellingtons, with their own special rack, the real deal, starting with the fabulous "pumpkin" ones with a lovely bright yellow (too expensive) boot socks to go with.
if you need the visual
Hunter Pumpkin Wellies
i might have to move to vermont or some such place to justify this love
These shoes in green: Mabel T-strap pump. I want them! They're cute! And affordable! But do I need them? No. Plus I'm afraid of buying shoes without trying them on. but they're so cute!!!!
Those are hot, RV. I've bought that brand before. The website says it has free return shipping.
omg, rosey... those ARE cute! covet!

thank you for bringing this thread back.... ugh. i'm dying right now. a potentual sub asked me what kinds of shoes i like, because if things go well he might want to get me some as a gift. then i made the horrible, terrible mistake in going to nordstroms to send him a link of some ankle boots, or oxfords that i adore so much.


i wuz ambushed, people!

first, the oxfords, because i don't know if i can resist this first pair. i really don't.

pray for me.

pray reeeeeeeal hard.

all business(check out the heel detail. i love the shape and the brogue/menswear details.

sweet pea


in full color


sidewinder (love these)


technique color (good with leggins or colored hose

*lust lust lust drool drool drool*

That is for the gorgeous shoes that you posted, GT.



Is for, upon seeing these delicious shoes, googling "nordstroms" and finding out that there are NONE in your state!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

Did I mention I am PMSing?

Anyway, those are beautiful shoes, time I get to MN or Chicago I will have to check out a Nordstroms. smile.gif
I'm praying for you... praying for you to get "in full colour" because those are the raddest.
oh, they will ship them to you, tree, no problem. nordstrom's is great with exchanges or whatever....

i so wish we could post pix in here... i hate having to click on linx... grrr!

thanks for that edie, alls i need to do is win the lottery, and i'm moving to shoecity!
GT, I looooove the first shoes (the Ginita oxfords). When I opened the link, I gasped, so I guess you could say they literally took my breath away. Yumnumnumnum!
those are my favorite too. (so glad you like them too!) i'm trying so hard not to run in and get a pair. i really haven't got the money, but god.... they are soooooooo cute, and i LOVE menswear details and those ones are so, well...witty.
And GT, they're on SALE! If they have any left in your size, it could totally be worth it.

My problem is that we're coming up on summer. I usually wear sandals in the summer. I think I'll keep watching those T-straps & see if the price of the green ones drop since I know I won't really wear them until the fall anyway. I feel a bit guilty, though. I have so many heels that barely see the light of day! Clearly I need to dress up more often.

Speaking of sandals, I need to find some that will go with a chiffon dress I just bought. Note that the dress looks a lot cuter on me than it does on the model. Plus I got it for half off! Yay!
I totally just bought the purple ones. And they're the only ones priced at $19.99! Which I don't get, because I think that's one of the prettier colors. I actually don't have any heels at the moment, and these look like they can be worn dressy or casual.
I don't like buying shoes online because you don't know if they'll be comfortable or fit properly, but Endless has a 365 day return policy and they pay for return shipping :D
I really want these

I just have to wait for my next paycheque - this one's all tied up in rent!
*rushes in, all out of breath with excitement!*
i neeeeeed these shoes!


Oh, you evil, evil shoe bitches!

I want these, to go with this. I wear my gold pen necklace & I'll feel very Mad Men even without the red hair.
I need some shoe advice!

I've just seen some adorable knee-high boots on sale downstairs - suede, curvy high heel, zip all the way up front.

Should I get them in purple or black?

My head says black but my heart says purple........

The purple will go with your current winter coat!
Purple, purple, purple!
Yayyy! Purple it is!!

I shall go downstairs later and check the maker so I can post pictures.

Thank you for validating my impulse!
Can't wait to see the purple boots!

Humanist, glad you were able to snag the plum ones for the cheap price. I would get those instead, but I already have some very similar shoes in that color. Plus I WANT the green! It's a shame they aren't very spring-y.

Which brings me to these babies. So damn cute! And seasonably appropriate! But tey cost more than the other shoes. Boo!

I love the green ones, rose, and I disagree: they are spring-y! I could totally see you wearing them with a green or a lemon sun dress at the theatre or out for dinner.
rose - those are gorgeous!
In a moment of weakness today, I purchased the Tilly shoes - the ones I posted yesterday with the black and white bows. I first found them on-line months ago, but lost them until this week. I couldn't let that happen again! At least they're a lot cheaper now than when I saw them the first time, so it works out
roseviolet - fabulous purchase! I *love* them, so pin-up chic!
i made a pilgrimage to the nordstroms to see those oxfords. i can't buy them, but i'm a shoe sadist. so many shoes i find cute aren't in my size so i don't mind looking and not buying them, even though i get a bad case of the gimmie gimmies.

i looked around with a person from nordstroms and never found them after an hour. ironically, i forgot the brand name only to gravitate towards shoes by the same company--- some adorable de-constructed pumps that i'd love to post links to.... but they aren't on the nordstrom website, and the ginita website ( the company name), is under construction. so i will wait to link.... sniff, sniff.

afterwards i went to the perfume department where i found a few gems--- i prefer citrusy scents, but i have to admit, i could not resist getting a sample for something called (*snicker*) "she wood." oh my. the irony of me wearing it is deliciously dirty.
(i just love my she wood!)
she wood! GT that is perfect. I love it!
No boots left in my size sad.gif

Am now searching desperately for something else naughty to make up for the disappointment.
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