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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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The black and silver are my first choice, but really, I wouldn't turn down any of them!
Since Target shoes were mentioned, I have to share my latest purchase: these brown vintage-y pumps. They look even better in person and they perfectly match this little brown cocktail dress that I'm wearing to a wedding next month. Very very sexy.
ahhh this thread always makes me smile! i am totally broke right now so i can't shop and i have found boots that i am drooling over *drool*
Oh, this inspired me. I've been hunting for knee high boots (without super, super high heels) that I can teach in for years. The issue usually is that I have fairly large calves so they never fit. But today, I found these...and ordered account be damned.


Man, I really hope they fit because they look awesome and all the reviews say they are even comfortable!
NadasGirl, said boots are sold out now, I think, as the site won't show me them!

I checked out the Nordstrom shoe sale last night, and am of extremely mixed feelings about these. If they had a closed toe or even a normal peeptoe, they would be mine right now, but I couldn't decide how I felt about the toe just basically being chopped straight off like that. (They look more peeptoe-ish in the picture, but in person, really just a big hole where the front of the shoe should be.)
I'm dying. For my birthday, my friends chipped in and got me a gift certificate of a good amount at a really cool shoe store here.... AND I CAN"T FIND IT!! fuck. there are so many super cute shoes and boots there and the fucking gift card is nowhere to be found. I know I put it somewhere I wouldn't lose it... only I can't find it. argh!!!
zoya! das ist der poopenstein! ya!

llamas... why you make me go to the nordstrom site? now i've got day dreams of shoes running round in my head. and the shoes that always call for me the worst, oxfords, but worse, the very cream of the oxford crop:
SPECTAT blink.gif RS!
oooooh. i adore spectators.

and me without any $$$.
i might just have to rob a mcdonalds tonite.
tch! don't they know there's a sale?
are you freaking kidding me?
they're my absolute weakness.
they make me go all gooey in my gooey center...

Great googly moogly, GT! Those are some damn fine shoes!

~*!*~*!*~*!*~*!*~ sparkly find-that-gift-certificate vibes for Zoya ~*!*~*!*~*!*~*!*~

I love heeled oxfords, but I can't wear most of them. Alas, my ankles aren't terribly defined so my legs look quite stumpy in them. However, I have a feeling I could pull these babies off. Yum yum yum!
aw shit, why'd you have to post the fluevog site, rose?

I've been looking for the perfect flat soled, high boot with slightly motorcycle boot styling. You know, to wear with black miniskirts and tights (of course...!)

and I'll be damned if they aren't on there. fucker.

awesome fluevog boots, argh!
Those boots soul. Need. Want. Die.
Sorry about the bad link earlier.

I figured if I was having problems finding boots that fit and were comfortable, I couldn't be the only one, right?


Here's a link to the boots in a different color...

And, kudos to Zappos! I ordered them at like 4 pm on Wednesday, and got them at 5 on Thursday!

Totally taking them for a walk this weekend!

I bought these yesterday.

Cheap, cute and cheerful.
lananans - i had a lavender pair of shoe very like that when i was about 10 and i wore them everywhere! they were my favorite shoes!
Haha, well what is old is new again! I thought they were too cute to leave behind.
yeah so i'm in negotiations for a very small freelance job for seychelles footwear--just some illustrations for their business cards. i was asked if i wanted to be paid normally, or in shoes.

is it very very very bad that i said the latter? unsure.gif
I think you know we all support you in your decision, Mouse.
Seychelles rock. I'm totally jealous, Mouse. ...Ok, opinion time, ladies. What do you all think of these...

Not that I need another new pair of shoes, but I've suddenly developed a crush on these Nike lowtop basketball sneakers and I've been looking at all sorts of styles & colors online. I've kind of fallen in love with these purple/grey ones, but I really don't want to drop over $80 on a pair of sneakers I'll regret buying later. What do you all think? Worth it? Or am I just getting sucked into another trend that I don't need to fall for?
thirtiesgirl, those are RAD. i've actually found myself tempted by some pairs of sneakers similar to that lately, and i'm pretty steadfastly a boots-flats-or-heels girl, with the occasional pair of converse thrown in if need be.
I'm very much in favor of those, thirtiesgirl. Also of being paid in shoes. biggrin.gif

I never had a pair of these the first time around, so now...*drool*
Oh wow - Dr. Marten's coming back...

I did have a pair of those the first time around, except they were brown and had a chunkier sole... I think I bought them in 2000... and they are still the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.

thirties -- I love those Nikes. I always like shoes like that but I'm never sure how to pull them off. Also, I seem to have an aversion to comfortable shoes. All mine give me some sort of blisters.

Except for these:

I got them at the Naturalizer outlet for $20. I saw them and I fell in love.
i went on a santee alley binge last sunday. the bad? i bought five pairs of shoes. the good? i only spent about $50. the other bad? these shoes will inevitably fall apart in three months (and actually one pair has so little tread that they actually caused me to wipe out in front of everyone in a bar, after only a beer and a half). but sweet goddamn, they are cute.
Um, I didn't know Doc Martens ever went away. I mean, yeah, I stopped wearing them all grunge style with dresses & shit, but they were my preferred winter time walking boots. When I came back I brought a pair of sneakers, a pair of flipflops, a pair of dress shoes, & my Docs.
A shoe as good as a Doc Marten will never really go away.. I just meant that maybe now we'll see more people wearing them again..
Oh, the standard Doc Martens definitely never went basic black ones are still my concert and sloppy winter day footwear of choice, for very similar reasons. tongue.gif I specifically meant the taller ones, which have been a bitch and a half to find after they were super-trendy several years ago.
I have that pair of 20-hole Docs, but they're not zippered. I actually got them free from another Bustie who doesn't come around here much anymore.

Doc Martens will never go away. I think I've got something like 8 pairs (20-hole, 2 10 holed black greasies, 2 pairs of sandals, 8-hole steer's blood, and my prides and joys, fuscia suede 6-holes and patent leather kelly green with steel toes 6-holes). My green ones are so incredibly obnoxious, but really comfortable and great for concerts.

I almost never buy women's Docs. I've found that a men's size 5 does me pretty well, and the men's boots aren't so fussy. Too bad I keep forgetting to wear them lately.

high-high sneakers at the Carlos Diez show in Madrid.

you would have to get up like an extra two hours early in order to have enough time to lace those motherfuckers up!

oh, and apparently the seychelles thing is a go...i'm getting paid in shoes, LAWD.
i made the mistake of picking up an elle accessories magazine while waiting for an appointment the other day and now i am grievously obsessed with the sculptural heel trend. i can't find my favorites online, and i forget who made them (prada? dior? either way they were a good 4 hundo or so, so it matters not) but they were a pale pink pump with a heel that looked like it should have instead been propping up a french victorian end table. simple, weird but not over the top, and lovely. covet covet covet.

also, miu miu. i don't know if i could ever succeed in rocking these but aren't they kind of TOTALLY AWESOME?

i admit that i have an obsession and i want want want. but these and these too and mmm, yummy, these too.

I also love this pair.

so yes, i love oer the knee boot. but they are all out of my price range. i did ask for the leather and suede one i posted a while back for my b-day though. (hoping)

mouse i think they are great and i even love wearing heals and quite high ones at that, but i am not sure i could walk in those.
Wow, Mouse. Those are dope. I'm liking the oddly sculptural shoes, too. there was a pair I saw last night that were . . . L.A.M.B. . . . maybe that were really cool. But the ANGLE & the heel height . . . not for me. This from a woman that wore five inch heels comfortably regularly. It's the angle. Again, maybe I shouldn't have checked out of ballet so early.

I have these in black, now I think I want them in the new plum. They're uber comfy & look great with everything.
yeah i can barely handle anything over 3" unless i'm going to be sitting down for most of the night.

funny, if taken out of context, that sentence could be HILARIOUS.

anyway! AP those chunky lil boots are adorable. i want them in blue and orange. in fact, i want to wear one blue and one orange.
So I ended up not spending $80 on the Nike lowtop basketball sneakers. I saw them in person at Urban Outfitters the other weekend (the exact purple & grey ones) and decided I didn't like them as well as I thought. Instead, I went trawling the 'marts the other weekend (Wal- and K-) and found that they're both carrying these uber-cute ankle boots this fall: small pic; bigger close-up. (I don't know what's going on with photobucket or this site, but the two are currently not being friendly, so I can't seem to post any images from my photobucket site.)

...Anyway, I bought the black pair at K-mart for $23, a total steal. Wal-mart has them in a faded brown color (not dark chocolate brown), also for $23. I bought the Wal-mart boots, too, but decided I had to take them back this week, simply because I really don't need another pair of boots in my closet. I already have several pair of ankle boots as it is, but I just couldn't pass these up, so I kept the K-mart pair. If you're looking for a pair of cute ankle boots, these are it, and comfortable, too.
very cute 30's. and can you really have too many boots? I don't think so.
Heh. Well, I live in Southern California.
I just got these:

tall, badass motorcycle looking boots, but so so comfortable. I love wearing them with little skirts and tights.
zoya - I like.

mouse - oddly beautiful. don't want to wear them, just look at them tbh.

I do *not* need any more boots, but I want:
and these
and these which remind me of a pair of fluevogs, but cheaper

and - bunny, was it these you were talking about?
mornington, i like the hush puppies in the brown.

i have been shopping for shoes for kiss the fiddler. she has crazy wide feet and is having a really hard time finding a shoe that doesn't look like something Rx'ed by the foot doctor. she wears a quad E. if any of you have suggestions . . . she is looking for something she can wear everyday that is still cute.
ok, just because I found them on ebay, and I thought I'd show ya'll...

these are the Prada shoes I own. They are so comfortable, I've had them on for over 8 hours at a stretch and been fine. I've also run 10 blocks in them, no problem. I wear them all the time, so at least I get good use out of my splurge (and FUCK, on ebay they're about 1/2 the price I paid for them in the fucking Prada store. Granted, I bought them when they just came out...)

prada platform shoes
mornington, the link died (schuh links can be funny and won't let me post a direct link); anyway, mine (that I want to replace as they are dyed blue from wet jeans and are the comfiest and cosiest I've ever owned) are the Cat mardy fur. eta: these (I'm thinking of buying them in the dark brown/chocolate this time instead of the golden).
damnit. Yes, those were the ones I linked to!
has anyone been to Make me chic? I bought a pair of sandals for my brothers wedding from them. they have good customer service.
I have such a panty splash for these. I'm loving mixing my butch taste with girliness.
ap - those shoes are gorgeous.

deschats - that site is really cool! and cheap! I've been on the hunt for a pair of boots for the fall... before it snows here, which won't be long... and I just saw These which are cute, AND inexpensive! Hmmmm....

ap - those are HAWT.

I cannot believe I am coveting something from Target:;rh=&page=1

actually there are many shoes there right now I am coveting. unfortunately, I'm in the wrong country. I think it's time to start hitting people up for care packages..... hahaha
oohh! zoya i likey!
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Oct 22 2008, 03:43 PM) *
I have such a panty splash for these. I'm loving mixing my butch taste with girliness.

if you order them by the end of today (October 24th) and use the coupon code OCT20 you can save 20%.

... and you can earn 3% cashback if you have an ebates account*.

I feel like such an enabler laugh.gif

*if you don't and want to set one up, let me know- if i send you an "invitation" and you register through it, you'll get five extra buckaroos.
Zoya, I know what you mean about Target. I was a big fan of their shoes a few years ago, but then I thought they dropped the ball and I stopped shopping their shoes for a while. Lately, though, they've got the cute shoes back. Yesterday, out of sheer boredom at work, I went online and purchased these Sigerson-Morrison flats and these black wedges.

Not that I need more shoes (I'm already running out of closet space), but I convinced myself that I needed another pair of silver jeweled flats, since I so often wear my other pair to work. And to quote What Not To Wear's Stacy & Clinton (which I hate to admit that I'm doing), metallics in neutral colors (silver, bronze, gold) always go with everything. The black wedges... I saw a girl at the Stereolab show wearing the exact same shoes with a pair of skinny jeans and I thought it looked hot. ...Such is my justification for spending more $$$ on shoes. And if I don't like them, I can always return them.
thirties - droool... beautiful shoes. I loves them

On Another note.... I think I just died of Lust
Regarding Target Sigerson-Morrison flats, I got these today at lunch for half price in the store. Wooo! They run small, incidentally.
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