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damn, missladyj, some of those are impossibly high!!! i totally covet the light blue lizardskin ones though *drool*
Just got some black patent Dansko clogs that I'm still sorta thinking about returning but probably won't and also these sweet little flats. Damn the Nordstrom charge card! It's so hard to find shoes that fit me (size 11) and are comfortable for me, though, so I don't feel too bad.
christinan louboutin was put on this earth to torture me. I *love* his shoes.

I'm currently undergoing the search for the perfect pair of summer flats. I don't really like flip-flops, and birkenstocks are a bit heavy... Does anyone else know get that where they know what they want, it's just a matter of finding it? Although, tbh, at the moment i couldn't wear a pair of sandals - my feet are blister central from trying to break in some wedges.

dayglowpink, those flats are cute! I wish zappos shipped internationally.
morn, I find my pairs of birkenstocks (gizehs) feel like slippers and not too heavy at all; in fact, I am (pathetically) waiting in anticipation for it to be slightly warmer so I can wear mine.

I am also a fan of flip-flops and ballet flats; Monsoon Accessorize's bamboo flip-flops are fabulous and I am currently coveting a pair of black and white polka dot flats from there too.

mornington - check out clarks. they have some really cute flats this season and their shoes are sooo comfortable. They have some sandals too, that are really comfortable. I have a pair of their flip flops and they were worth every penny of the $50 I paid for them.

Clarks has their fair share of weird, funky looking shoes, but they always have a few styles that are really cute.
clarks over here (uk) doesn't seem to have much in, but i'm going into town next week, so I'll take another look. Thanks zora!

bun, i find the birkenstock footbeds don't don't fit me wonderfully comfortably, although I keep trying to wear them in.

I *think* I've found a pair at faith... fingers crossed they'll be in the store so I can try them on.
Mornington, check out Born shoes. They're pretty lightweight with cushy soles and come in a lot of everyday wear styles. I've got 3 pairs.

Today was my first day of wearing sandals this spring. Yippeee! This is my favorite shoe day of the year. I hope the weather keeps warm so I don't have to wear socks again for 4 months.

Christian Louboutin is a god. So is Manolo Blahnik, but rarely as glamourous. I don't have any Louboutins yet, but they'll probably be my next designer shoe purchase. Who doesn't feel sexy in stillettos with red soles?
thanks divala! (edit: damn. they don't send to the uk. and they had ones i liked!)

hmm... is £85 too much to spend for second-hand chanel pumps. White courts, t-bar, black toe... gorgeous and good condition. Damnit i want size three feet so i can wear the chloe wedges i saw in the same shop
mornington- how about something like these elegant gladiator flats ?
Lightwieght, comfy, and oh so stylish.
Also, vintage chanel is always a good investment, congrats on your find!
thanks crinoline! those are nice... hmmm... *covets*

I bought these although I did try on several others in a gladiator style which were nice, but I just can't cope with toe-posts... I think I must have odd-shaped big toes.

I didn't actually buy the chanel pumps. Just drooled on them a little wink.gif
I ordered two pairs of shoes the other day, to use when I'm walking dogs at the animal shelter I started volunteering at; I'm sure I'll wear them other times, too.

A pair of wellies for when it's muddy out.

A pair of land/water shoes (in "sandstone", the gray) that I can wear when it's hot, but they can be hosed off if I get them muddy or poopy.

Those are so adorable mornington! The little bows are very sweet. Too bad about the chanels, oh well, at least you got to see them in person!

pollystyrene- cute wellies!
the most functional shoe I ever bought were a pair of black shiny rubber rain slickers but they are in cowboy boot style with a pointy toe and slight heel. So useful and cowboy boot! I wear them even when it is not raining!
Are Fluevog shoes/boots comfortable? They're super cute and I'm looking for some good shoes for dancin'. Anyone have something to share?
I have a pair of Fluevog wedge heels. At first, they were fine, but when I packed them away for winter and went to put them on a year later, I got awful blisters. I doubt I'll ever wear them again, which is a shame because they're really cute.
When hubby and I were still dating, a Fluevog store opened ACROSS the street from his apartment. Needless to say I have two pairs of fluevog boots and I love them. Great for dancing. I also have a gorgeous pair of heels.
Hi Zora,

If you want comfortable, go for the tsubo Shoes from here:
Fluevogs tend to run *really* SMALL, so I advise that you try them on before you buy, Zora. But they are comfy & very well made. Not to mention how unique the styles are. Every single time I wear a pair of mine, somebody compliments me. Right now I'm carrying a rockin' red Fluevog tote that stops traffic it is so cool & beautiful.
For those of you that wear Fluevogs, how comfortable would you say they are? I don't know wtf is up with my feet but it seems like no matter what I wear, unless it's a pair of sneakers I end up with sore feet and blisters all over. Also I can't seem to wear even a tiny heel without ending up in pain. I'm so frustrated, I just want to find a comfortable yet decent looking pair of shoes!
QUOTE(mouse @ Mar 11 2007, 12:47 PM) *
i'm heavily addicted to the dirt cheap, questionable quality, super trendy and amazing santee alley/fashion gal type shoes. cheapo hoochie mama stores are ubiquitous in LA, and the alley is fully deserving of its myth. you can get the most ridiculous, beautiful awesome shoes and never pay more than $20, tops. i went a little crazy in the past couple of weeks.

--black loafers with white stitching, tarnished-gold buckle and studs
--thin black maryjane flats with an allover cutout of flowers
--bright turquoise peep-toe/cutout low wedges (like these
with a dark heel, in turquoise, and not $88 bucks)
--shiny yellow rounded toe flats, gathered in the front with a cream ribbon and tiny bow

if i could find my camera i'd post a pic sad.gif

I know you wrote this in 2007, mouse, but I totally second the love for 'dirt cheap, questionable quality' shoes. I used to work just south of the fashion district in downtown LA and discovered Santee alley for the first time. Prior to that, I'd been a Payless Shoesource, Target and K-mart shoe shopper, for the most part, and sometimes Mervyns (who make some great cheap shoes). The first pair of shoes I bought in Santee alley were a pair of metallic orange foil flats with little vertical cut outs curving over the toe area, filled with gold mesh. Totally cute and beautiful. I was sold. I make special trips to Santee alley now just to shop for shoes.

Although the last pair I bought were from Payless, a pair of soft pale pink faux snakeskin flats with a slight silvery sheen to them. Absolutely gorgeous, and comfortable, too. I've always been a flats girl, or shoes with a small wedge. I've never liked wearing heels, and don't really find them attractive, either, unless it's just a plain pump in a hot color, maybe patent. That said, though, I do love Fluevogs, although I don't own a pair. I just can't fathom spending over $100 for a pair of shoes, so I haven't yet come to terms with my desire to buy a pair of Fluevogs. I do love them, though, and one day I'll get over my issues with spending that kind of money and get me a pair. (Part of the problem is that I currently own over 200 shoes and really don't need to add any more to my collection. ...And I don't really have any room to, either.)
hey candycane - i recently bought these:;colourID=1944

I do love them dearly. Although I would say it takes about 3 good wears to break in my fluevogs (i officially have all of 2 pairs), these black ones are COM-FY! They are soft-soled, very rubbery. very comfortable!

i want more, however - eyeballing/coveting these:;colourID=1995
I wish they made these ( for women. Why won't they make these for women? The closest equivalent I could find was only in distressed white leather and cost FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. I bought these for a boy friend out of frustration. At least HE can look cool. I'm debating getting the smallest men's size but am afraid they'll be too narrow or too long and make my feets hurt.
I missed these the first time, but not again. I lurve them!

I occasionaly buy men's shoes, Purplestain, especially if I want a good work brogue. I have large-ish feet at a 10, so I wear a man's 7/7.5 depending. I've never had a problem with too narrow or too long unless that's the style of the shoe & maud knows that happens in women's, too.

Holy crap! Is it just me or have Fluevog prices gone up recently? A pair of boots & a pair of maryjanes I bought a few months ago are now considerably more $$$$$. I covet these

I am a careful shopper, taught by a savvy grandmother. I view buying *very* well made shoes with lasting style/quality as an investment in something I will use forever. I have a lot of nice cheaper/secondhand classic shoes & many cheap & trendies, but I know that in time the cheapies will fall apart, fall out of fashion, etc. Buying a pair of Fluevogs (Or most well made shoes.) is knowing that you may have to replace a sole occasionally, but those shoes will be in your repertoire for life (unless you buy weird ones). If all my other shoes burned, I'd feel secure in the knowledge that my five Fluevogs would get me through until I was back on my feet (pun intended) again.

Quality is something that's fallen to the wayside in our culture. Disposabilty has become a desirable trait in things. Why spend money on buying/maintaining something good, when you can just replace something cheap & shitty with something else cheap & shitty in the first place? Consume & dispose!

And quality doesn't have to cost out the ass if you're on a budget. Secondhand, consignment, thrifting, estate sales, swaps, etc. It's work, but more than worth it. Think about the GORGEOUS shoes our beautiful & talented Mouse snagged at the Rosebowl. Somebody invested in them, treated them with love for years. Mouse paid $10 a pair for shoes that were stunning, wellmade, & vintage. She could possibly pass them on to some other savvy gal one day if she treats 'em right.

A weird way to get really dope shoes on the cheap: shoe repair shops. The shop my shoe guy is in is pretty small, so they sell your shoes if you don't pick them up within sixty days of drop off. I got a crazy hot pair of Louboutin pumps that way! CHEAP!
ooohhh! i love those boots, ap!
sigh... those shoes are super cute... last time i was sooo hoping they would be in my size. alas, a lack. not to be. but they are cute...

ah... cowboy boots. if i ever win the lottery i'm buying a great pair of lucchesse boots, and a couple of boots from old gringo. i heart ol' gringo!

ol' gringo!

You can take the girl out of Colorado . . . *tsk*
whatever, kansas katie! *sticks out her tounge* pffffft*
Hey, I'm not the one wanting shitkickers. NEVER owned a pair. NEVER will.

Riding boots however . . .

If you're talking about the Jeffrey Campbell's, I preordered mine from last night, but they don't ship for a few weeks. They re-stocked the big feetis size for me.
hmph. well i guess you got me there. right now i'm down to 3 pairs o' kickshickers.....hmmmm maybe that's why i'm depressed....i swear my boots give me the sexiest walk, so there. tongue.gif

and yes, i was talking about the jc's. they are dreamy. i love brogues, menswear details so you know you've got me jealous and drooling. i just don't know a company that makes nothing else but those kind of shoes like ol' gringo and their 'boots...

hey, no shame in lurving your 'kickers. i wanna die in muh boots.
Honestly, I will never understand the appeal of cowboy boots. I've tried. I live in a sea of them! I don't even get the Ropers. They're like ugly Doc Martens with a heel & a fuckin' bib.

My father had a shiny glossy pair of black ones that were his "dress" shoes of choice. He looked ridiculous mincing around in them because they hurt his wide feet. But come hell or high water, if there was a wedding/funeral/whathaveyou, my dad wore those goddamned boots.
a pox cowchip upon your house, aural!
fucking bib indeed!
Has anyone wore danskos? I used to wear heels to work everyday since I work in an office and we have a business/casual dress code. The heels were killer on my back so I went to flats which were... too flat. My back would still hurt because now I wasn't getting any support from my shoes. So this past weekend my mom bought me a pair of danskos as a birthday present. They are super cute clogs and really comfy. I feel that I've reached the end of my heel days and now I'm going for strictly comfort.

The clogs luckily look really nice and they have a ton of colors I just feel like I'm getting old or something because I can't have fun with my shoes....
*shoe rage*

Between me and the bestie who went shopping today, we didn't find ANY that fit us. Her size nines were too narrow, wouldn't fit across the bridge or the ankle. Mine were too wide, too big or not even in any size near mine.

The ONLY decent pair for her came at the very end and she couldn't be bothered delacing the whole boot. They weren't in my size.

It is so so so irritating, particularly the shiny black and white pumps that didn't fit either of us. That was the start of it all.
SHOEGASM! My Jeffrey Campbell's got here today! The fit perfectly & they smell so good! Of the three pairs of menswear inspired girlie shoes that I've bought I think I like them the most. The Mizrahi's look too domme & the other pair are just kinda cheap. But fun!
wait.... there's such a thing as too domme?

hmph. sorry. not buying it, aural. tongue.gif

plus you know i'm a total menswear detail whore.
It's the patent. Black patent always puts me in mind of kink. The only things I still own outside of those shoes are a pair of thigh high 5" boots & a corset-back secretary skirt. I was AP, She Wolf of the Library.

so sesi! now remind me, why is this a bad thing? lol
hmph. i am kind of angry, aural, because there is no way that i could see the target shoes without seeing what else they had. and they had some knock offs of some shoes i posted here forever ago, those cute ash shoes! luckily i chose the pair that cost 160 bux that they didn't rip off, so i can go buy a pair (that i still can't afford) at $26. and they are almost exactly like the ash version, but with brighter colors:

i'm not all that impressed with this year's crop of ash, although i do like these boots and pumps:
but speaking of patent and dommey, from betsey j:

le drool! even jessica simpson *ugh* is getting into the act:

i do so luuuuuuurve ankle boots... covet, covet....
Queen Bull
*slurp* GT, those shoes are aDORable.... i must say i was reluctant to get on the menswear train, but now that im here.....haha.

and oh how i want to hate jessica simpsons shoe line... but ill be damned if i cant do it... i just love a good hot pink detail.
omg gt those ash lenny boots are ADORABLE....*covet covet covet* the little folds just in the perfect spot and that tapered heel...swoon. but no fucking way am i paying $350+....sigh. ap, those oxfords are to die for.

i hardly ever buy shoes new unless they're shitty santee alley fashion gal $12 stuffs, but i have a large collection of awesome scores from thrifstores. last weekend i had a ton of luck (almost as good as my oxfords from the rose bowl...swoon) at the local goodwill & st vincents--i got two pairs of boots, one pointy-toed butter-colored leather mid-calf with a slouchy top and wooden heel, and one red-brown leather ankle boots with a zip up the side and brass detailing, and a rad pair of white and purple superhigh 80s heels, cut out on the sides, and which i will probably never wear for fear of breaking my neck. sad.gif but the boots are great.
If I wore heels, I'd be all over those burgundy patent mary janes. Those are gawgeous.

While I was running errands yesterday, I made an unfortunate stop at Payless Shoes where I was unable to contain my desire to purchase these:

I literally have no more room in my closet for shoes, so I don't know what possessed me, other than I could not believe the cuteness. Damn you, cuteness!

GT - I bought the same burgundy shoes from Target!!!! They are amazing for $26 and actually really comfortable! Target also has these:

cute black ankle boots

they don't look so cute in the photo, but they're awesome on - very pinup-y
*delurks also*
Ok, so I'm not the only one who finds Target heels and wedges to be unusually comfortable? I'm wanting these right now...
Shoes, betch!

Huh. Llamas & Zoya dig the same kicks! Who'd a thunk it?

I loved those Target maryjane's, too, GT! The ones I wound up getting reminded me of a pair of Betsy Johnson's I saw, but they had a slate grey ribbon lace. I think I may buy some different colored ribbons to lace them with to kick things up a notch. I like a bit o' colour; I've been fiending over purple lately.

Target has really had an uptick in quality in the past few years. I remember not buying shoes/apparel there because it was so poorly made, but when they started making partnerships with cool designers things improved. I have a bitchin' ass black faux persian 3/4 sleeve coat from there that never fails to get compliments because I make it look so fuckin' hot.

I don't know why I buy these things. There's nobody to look good for here. Hillbillies in sweat pants & shit. But the second I hit the arrivals area at the airport & see that look in the fella's eye . . . I am redeemed for my fashion addiction. I can't wait to have dirty sex with him in my new shoes!
nope, zoya, you are not the only one. my favorite heels to wear (as opposed to the dominatrix ankle boots which are my favorite to look at) are a pair of retro pumps from target. they're almost as good as sneakers.

i figured out what was the only difference between those retro mary janes and the ash mary janes-- it's the heels. the ash were stillettos, the target are a much more sensible heel.

llamas, those are cute, but i'm not an open toed or even peep toe'd girl. my toes are a sight from all my skateboarding. i take off my shoes and there's a shreik from the back of the

nope, i stick strictly with the covered toes paired with shorts so the emphasis is on my impossibly long legs. tongue.gif

and aural, seattle is a horribly low key town in all of the worst ways (it used to be in the best way, but the dot com'ers got ahold of it. but i think there is pleasure in dressing for dressing's sake. even if no one else will appreciate it. i've felt the best about myself when i made myself dress to the nines everyday. it's so much easier to keep your head up when you know you look good. clothes are a terrific armor.
If clothes are armor, then these people are ripe for some shanking.
I will redeem myself somewhat in the footwear dept by saying that the biggest splurge of my life was on a pair of prada shoes.

there. I admitted it.

How have I overlooked this thread!? It's all SHOES!? OMG!
-those target shoes are so hot, with the open side / toe detailing! I've always loved Target's shoes for their refined vintage details.

For comfort stilettos (there is such a thing!) I splurge for Diego di Lucca shoes at boutique clearance sales. They are amply padded and the way the toe tilts upwards on many designs shifts your weight so it isn't all on the ball of your foot.

I recently had a shoe frenzy with my Mom when we discovered Cole Haan Air shoes at Hudsons! Do y'all have a Hudsons? It's like an overstock store with crazy awesome sales. I got these Nude slingbacks , These slingbacks which have a gunmetal detail on the heel, and a pair of round toe Arturo Chiang pumps in an amazing bloodred metallic patent leather.
I may have gone overboard, but the prices on these shoes!!
...I am a total bargain whore.

My Mom got these super cute basic pumps in brown (they had them in leopard too!!) , and an awesome formal sandal with a two inch heel and gold chain detailing.

remember - you can't splurge too much on shoes- it's investment buying!
crinoline, I was completely unaware of the brand, but now I'm going to have to keep an eye out for these Diego di Luccas at sales! Nom.

Sadly enough, I don't think I've ever spent more than $100 for a pair of shoes, but I do tend to stalk the designer sale section at DSW. Champagne taste, beer budget and all. biggrin.gif

girltrouble, word on clothes as armor.
those are cute! What color are you thinking?
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