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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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oxtinoxate- I would look at the Dansko Golden Gate and Bay Bridge collections. There's also a new collection called Chelsea that might work. You can check them out at, and they sell most of them on Also, once you know your size, you can get them on ebay for cheaper, but it's a little risky, because all the Danskos are handmade, and the sizes can vary slightly. I have the same issue as you, and the Danskos in these collections have removable insoles, so you can replace it with your own orthotic or insole. The soles are fairly flat and are wider and more stable than the regular Dansko clogs. I have always found them to be cute and comfortable!
dayglow, thanks for the reply. I did check out the danskos and ... They definitely look like they'd be great as far as the practical aspects go (except for a couple of the super cute ones that have a bit of a heel... don't know if I can handle that right now)... and they're pretty cool looking for the most part... but but but! I want cutesy little shoes, dammit! I want sleek, stylin' little kitten heels with pointy toes! I found awesome shoes like that, black with decorative "ethnic-y" tan designs stitched in, yesterday and knew that my knees would not put up with them. sad.gif Shucks, maybe I'll go for the danskos, though. They'd be a safe bet and after all, pain avoidance is more important than being super cutesy, no? Thanks again.
I second the Dansko recommendation- I just bought my first pair about a month ago and they're wonderful. These are the ones I got. I haven't looked into the other styles too much yet, but when i can afford them, I will. They're so comfortable- I was having heel pain and now it's gone. I bought mine at The Walking Comapny, and while I was there, I got a pair of Lynco insoles. They have you stand on a platform that scans your feet, where your weight is distributed. Apparently I have very high arches and put most of my weight on my heel (hmm, maybe that's where the heel pain was coming from!) The insoles were about $60, and they said they should last about a year and a half. I put them in my cross-training shoes and they've made a huge difference.
Hey, cool, there's a Walking Store in my city! Maybe I'll go check out the danskos (and others on their site) in person and give them a little walk. Thanks ladies.
i too have fucked up ankles that require orthodic inserts. i LOVE my dansko clogs and am eyeing a pair of their cute maryjanes in red.

i'm also big into my vans but there's also lots of other "euro sneaker" type things out there that are comfy and stylish.

eta: also borns my friends who are teachers and on their feet all day swear by them.
Oh! These little guys by born are very cute:;CategoryID=135

(Thanks ferraro.) I think I'll be shoe shopping tomorrow. If I find any other good styles for us with needy feet, I'll let y'all know.
Borns are very comfy, but it depends on which style you go with. I have a pair of these, which are my favorite pair of sandals, but as you can see, no arch support. I can only wear these for a few hours. I also have a pair of these, which have arch supports. However, there's no comparison to the Danskos. I could stay in my Danskos for hours more than any of my Borns. But I still love Borns, and if you're not picky about comfort, they are great shoes. Definitely more stylish than Danskos (some are cute, but they are definitely "sensible" shoes.)
I've got 3 pairs of Borns now: low black sandals with a toe loop, aqua espadrilles, and loafers. Since I've had the loafers, I've needed to get orthodic inserts. Very comfortable and never once gave me blisters, but very little support.
My dream shoes:

50's Beesknees Pumps (In White)

Patent Maryjanes (In Pink)

Ooo la la! rolleyes.gif
I went to the Walking Company today and got me some shoes! They're not as dressy as I was looking for, but I fell in love with 'em, and they felt way more comfy than the dressier shoes I liked. Check it out: It's the style in this link, but in shades of brown (which I think makes 'em a little more serious)...;details=yes

Also, they did that computerized thing to see which parts of your feet carry the most weight (that polly spoke of) , and I bought some insoles based on that analysis.
Those are cool. I've never heard of that brand before. I know what you mean about wanting cute little shoes. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to have them, wearing a size 11 and having problems with my feet as well!
help! i need a pair of cheapish, well-made sneakers that will go with everything. i don't like the running-shoe type look and i don't want them too colorful since i want to wear them with everything. i just need some close-top shoes for the winter--all i have are little flats, and flats with socks don't work every day.

if i don't get any suggestions from y'all, i'll end up buying a pair of black converse or grey vans slip-ons, to give you an idea of my price range and the sort of thing i'm looking for--just wondering if there might be something similar out there i don't know about.

i got these today, wow wow wow wow wow
so comfortable. worth every (Yikes!) penny.

oh mouse, i don't know what to tell you. i have had to get rid of all of my cute, cheap shoes. after a lifetime of bad footgear my tootsies just can't take it anymore. i saw some great sneakers at my fave shoe place, not cheap but so worth it. last runners you'll ever buy...
these are by earth shoes too

those are lovely, pepper, but there's no way i can spend that much on shoes at this point. i've only just recently gotten to the point where i no longer owe my parents money and am supporting myself completely, and i still have a lot of big-ticket things on my list-of-stuff-i-NEED, like a new fridge, a working oven, and a decent comforter.....thank you though!
Pepper, I really like those green boots.

Speaking of colored winter boots, I've had my eyes on these, which are waterproof:

IPB Image

...but I know they won't be bright for very long once the first snowstorm in the city arrives.

Sorry, Mouse, I would have recommended the Earth shoes as well.
found the cutest pointy-toed moccasin loafers for $3 at goodwill! woo! and they fit perfectly. god bless my common-size feets.
Pepper, those boots are beautiful! You have good taste!
Earth shoes rock my socks.
Hi ladies. A question for ya: how do I wash sneakers? My running shoes are STINKY and I'm wondering if I need to suck it up and buy new ones already (though I don't think the soles are worn down too too much) or if there's a good way to wash 'em. I'm nervous about throwing them in my front-loading washer 'cause I don't want them thumping around in there potentially damaging something. Should I go to a laundromat with regular washers? Will washing alter/damage the shoes in any way? Or maybe there's some de-stinking trick I don't know about? They're synthetic material if that makes a difference in all this. Thanks!
I think it depends on the shoe and what it is made of. Is there any leather on them? I would not put that in the washer. If it is all synthetic, you could try washing them with a load of clothes or even just towels. I don't think that would cause a problem in a front loading washer. It could possibly mess up the shoes, though. There might be some kind of label on them with cleaning recommendations. Oh I just noticed you said they were synthetic. Do they smell from the inside or is it the whole entire thing? Do you wear socks with them? Did you step in water or something like that?
Most of my sneakers are canvas, so I just toss 'em in the wash at the laundromat. I soak 'em in a solution of Doc Bronners peppermint/water over night before hand. I air dry, cos that worries me more than the washer. Keep in mind that I am gross & often skip socks with sneakers, so mine are RIPE. Once my mom thought the cat had peed in the hall closet or something cos it smelled so wrong. I had to apologise & stick my sneakers in the window.

Growing up, a friend's parents used to make them spritz Simple Green into their sneakers. Kills the stench & is pretty eco-conscious.

These kids today & their shoes. My hiphop cousins were in town & crashing on my sofa. One of them asked for a rag as soon as he got here so he could swipe down his prisitine white, Snoop Dogg kicks. I'm in my thirties & I still wear my Converse until they disperse into shoe molecules in the miasma never to be seen again.

Mouse, have you hit up the Cons website? You can now design your own fabulous kicks for about $60. I've designed three pairs (Low top slip on All Stars, low top lace up Jack Purcells, & a pair of suede One Stars) for every occasion & they are sharp if I do say so myself. Plus, it was just crazy fun designing them. You can even personalize them! My black/red/white pirate slip ons say "Harlot"!
sorry to change the subject, but look at what I got:

I love them!
ap, i just ended up getting some basic blue low-top chucks. they go with everything, which is exactly what i wanted, since i didn't have ANY sneakers before. now i feel like i can, if i want, buy some more exciting sneakers now that i have all-purpose ones. i got really excited about a navy, grey and red suede pair of asics at sportie l.a., but of course they didn't have them in my size. they never do.
I bought my first pair of Fluevogs this week! Check 'em out.
I'm jealous. really, really jealous. fluevog have gorgeous shoes
is anyone else cowboy boot addicted?
i already have 4 pairs, but have to have some ol'gringo boots
Oh rose those are so cute! I love fluevogs.

I also now love ol' gringo cowboy boots!

/shoe lust
i would be, if I could buy them easily. I have loved my cowboy boots nearly to pieces and now I want a new pair. A friend of mine is going to texas for sxsw (the lucky bastard even if he is working) and I'm thinking of asking him to bring me back a pair. So if anyone knows of good places...

those gringo boots are beautiful

I am in shoe hell. I wear a size 11, slightly on the wide side but not wide enough to wear a Wide-sized shoe. I have bone spurs in my feet and back pain, which elminates a lot of cute shoes for me. I can't find decent, comfortable, non-ugly shoes for less than $120. I'm going crazy. I've been wearing the same few pairs of shoes now for two years, and they are on their last legs (or rather, feet). Same for my summer sandals...they are dead in the water. Anyone have any suggestions?
I also wear a size 11, but my feet are more narrow. Have you tried Danskos? They are on the pricey side, but they do come in size 42, and I think at least some of the styles would work with wider feet. You should be able to get them for around $120 or less. I like the regular New Balance 574s in size 11, too. They fit me pretty well. They're not dressy, though, obviously. Check out the Danskos on zappos. If they don't work, you can always return them for free!
Thanks Dayglow...I tried them at the store and they were way too tight. I'm doomed to walk the earth in these shoes forever.
Kel, were they tight in terms of length, or around your foot? Did you try more than one style? I wear size 10, but my feet are kinda thick and it's difficult sometimes to find shoes that have big enough toe boxes for me (they're particularly thick at the ball of my foot, like where I bend my foot when I walk.) When I got my Danskos, the first pair I tried on (like these) were tight across the top, but then I tried these and they were much better. They're very similar, but the second pair just had a little more room.
Hey kelkello, have you tried some cute, funky sneakers? My shoe options are limited b/c of related health issues too (mine is knee pain, not back) and I'm enjoying some sneakers by Tsubo, fit with custom insoles--which are way expensive for me out of pocket but your insurance (if you've got it) should cover insoles. The other cool thing about funky sneakers is you could leave em laced loose for a wider fit, yes?

Some tsubos that come in size 11, for 80 bucks:;details=yes
i got some supercute shoes at the retro store in my town a while ago. they are wooden-soled platforms with hearts cut out of the heels, with a strap across the toe-ish area made of skinny zigzags of coloured leather. and they were, like, 15$ and soooo comfy i can wear them all day at school
Kelkello, have you checked out Geox's lines? They make really comfortable, really good looking shoes for men, women, and children with specially constructed and supported soles. I have a pair of them in a slip on style that I use anytime I need to do a lot of walking/standing. The sneakers come in both men's and women's styles and certain stores will carry larger and longer sizes--or the sneakers can be had in the men's sizes (two numbers smaller than women's sizes, but same great construction design). They also make pumps, slides, and boots for women--all very comfortable as well.

Check out this link for a sampling of various stores and prices.
Thanks for all the help, ladies. I'm still looking, and your ideas are great! This has been a problem all my life, but especially now that my feet are not only picky by size but also by foot health issues.
my new boots are driving me crazy! they're fucking adorable, and lord knows i love me some tall, clompy, kick-ass combat boots. they're great for work, cause the high soles keep me out of the puddles, they've got mad grip for walking through the boning floor, and the support is great because i have got the weakest ankles known to mankind (at least one trip to the emergency room a year screaming "forget the x-ray guys, i know it's broken this time; but it's always "just" a bad sprain). the problem is, they're chafing the hell out of my calves and shins. we're talking some serious red, itchy welts. and the itching leads to scratching, which leads to more irritation, which leads to more welts, which leads to an ugly scab on the inside of my left leg that i just can't leave alone. also, because the way the boots naturally wrinkle and slouch when i walk, no matter how tight i lace them or how hard i tug the tops upward when i'm zipping the inside zipper, there's a ridge that pokes in and constantly jabs at my inner ankle. so, two things. 1) how do i deal with chafing up top? i got some knee socks over the weekend, cause i think part of the problem is that my other socks weren't tall enough and were slipping under the leather, but it's too soon to tell if they're working, and they're kinda thin besides. even if the chafing stops, am i doomed to have a ring of slightly tougher, drier skin mid-calf? is that the price i pay for the otherwise most comfortable footwear (combat boots in general) i've found for my big gangly feet? and 2) is there a way i should be putting my boots on that kinda of tug that crease at the ankle out of the zipper, or is it pretty much molded that way now, and i'll have to deal with a sore ankle until i build up an ugly callous there too?

p.s. if it makes any difference, i've only had them about a month and wear them two or three times a week, since i've discovered that stylish as they are, they don't get along with the pedals on my bike, leading to all kinds of awkward foot jockeying for a comfortable and safe grip.
princess evangeline
Kelkello - have you ever tried any "negative - heel" shoes? There are some that I think are really cute, you may think otherwise, and they are designed the way they are specifically for back / foot problems. Not sure about the prices, I think they are a bit pricey, but then again, to me $120.00 for shoes is pricey, so......
I wish I could remember a specific brand but if you run a search for "negative - heel" shoes, you should get something. I see them alot in yoga catalogs too.
oh, I'm such a shoe whore.

Aviatrix, I have a weird obsession w/cowboy boots, and I got some Old Gringo boots on ebay for $60...they were very very lightly used, the Espinas style, with light blue and pale green on the leg part. I love 'em to death. I have spent months cruising ebay for the absolute perfect pair of vintage peewee boots, but I wear a common size and they always go for far more than I can pay.

Kel, my feet aren't wide, so I don't know about the fit for you, but I got some tsubo shoes at a discount place, and they are hands down the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. They make me feel like jumping up and down. Somebody mentioned negative heel shoes; Earth shoes have cuter styles all the time, and they have a wide toe-box. But they're in the $100-120 range, if memory serves me right.

grrlyouwant, I couldn't stop wearing some motorcycle boots that rubbed my calf nearly raw. thick knee socks helped a ton, but I loved them so much that I let them leave a sort of calf-callous. It's a bitch, cause they were very comfortable otherwise, gave my feet and back a lot of good support.

My current boot dilemma is due to bad shopping. I bought these on line, got overly excited and wore them outside before I really got to look them over well. My problem with them is that on my chicken legs, the calf part is huge and exactly the height of big old Wellies or something. I feel as if I look like a matronly lady out to do some work in the garden whenever I have them on. Buyer's remorse.
I don't have a pic, but I bought the cutest black leather maryjanes, the other day. I love maryjanes, they are so freaking comfy!! I have never been a high heel girl.
Oh maryjanes are great! I'm wearing some airwalk boots right now. Good and comfy, I never used to be a big shoe type, but times, they are a changing!
grrrl, i've been pondering this... have you tried wearing two pairs of socks, or a pair of knee-high 40den stockings under your socks. also, rubbing "dubbing" into leather helps soften it and that might help too.

is it entirely wrong that i want the same boots in both colours? /shoe whore dilemma
*delurking again*

mornington - that's ok,you know the boots that I posted the link to below.....?

... well I just went back and bought a second pair of the same exact ones. I love them so much and everytime I really love something it seems to get discontinued, so I'm not taking any chances with these!
ooh... i like biggrin.gif . these are doc martens, are they're beautiful, but i also have my eye on a few pairs of shoes from underground

*head explodes with the pressure*
I've never stepped into this thread but I was wondering if you ladies could help me out.

I've got an internship coming up so I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and wear something other than my Vans. I'm going to Toronto next week and I was wondering if anyone knows of some good shoe stores that offer shoes that look nice and might actually be comfortable.
CCG, there's a Fluevog store in Toronto. Nice, cute, comfy, but a bit spendy. I bought some super cute shoes there when I visited Vancouver. They were a bit over $200. The good news, though, is that I've worn them a ton & I really love them!

Fluevog website:

Here's a link to my shoes: Malibran
thanks rose! It drives me crazy that everytime I try to buy a nice pair of shoes when I have to look a bit more professional, they usually end up killing my feet! I don't know what the deal is, I just want to find some nice shoes.
i'm heavily addicted to the dirt cheap, questionable quality, super trendy and amazing santee alley/fashion gal type shoes. cheapo hoochie mama stores are ubiquitous in LA, and the alley is fully deserving of its myth. you can get the most ridiculous, beautiful awesome shoes and never pay more than $20, tops. i went a little crazy in the past couple of weeks.

--black loafers with white stitching, tarnished-gold buckle and studs
--thin black maryjane flats with an allover cutout of flowers
--bright turquoise peep-toe/cutout low wedges (like these
with a dark heel, in turquoise, and not $88 bucks)
--shiny yellow rounded toe flats, gathered in the front with a cream ribbon and tiny bow

if i could find my camera i'd post a pic sad.gif
bought pretty shoes today smile.gif. here they are in brown although mine are grey (and nicer).
I love fluevogs! I have four pair. This is probably due to the fact that before we were married, a fluevog store opened across the street from my husbands bachelor pad. I got married in a pair of fluevogs! they do have great sales too .

how ever I have a serious, serious problem. I stumbled upon a website that contained the most beautiful shoes ever. I don't even want to think about how much these cost.

enter if you dare, and you like high heels.
*face beaming with excitement* tongue.gif

hello all! i don't know how i missed this thread but i am so excited now that i found it. yipppy! i am such a shoes addict. i live in a very small town and that makes shoe shopping in person a little hard so i do lots of online sshopping. i am a size 10 and love love love heels. i am also completely cheap so also love deals. i am currently in true anticipation for temps over 65 degrees so i can wear summer shoes. so ready for warm weather. i do have a question though. i am pregnant with my second child and my feet did not grow with the first one but i am conserned. is they didn't with the first one will they not grow with the second one? that is my hope. any experience on that?
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