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Full Version: "Tread Softly Because You Tread Upon My Dream[Shoes]s": The Footwear Thread
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Sorry unsure.gif! It's too painful: I want the ankle clasp boots; the suzy sues and the gloss red. I'm also looking forward to seeing the blyth range!

Wearing my cutest flats today: blue suede ballet with patent blue trim that are adorable with cut off jeans.
i just bought a pair of super cute shoes (black patent peep-toe kitten heels with gold lining...oooh) which seemed to fit me fine in the store, but as i have gotten them home and tried to walk in them i am realizing that i should have probably bought a half-size smaller. they tend to slip off at the heels (i think it's more pronounced since the toes are partially open).
i feel like there is some product that is like a cushy adhesive strip you can put in the back of a pair of shoes to make them smaller, but i have no idea where to even start to look. any ideas? thanks ladies!
I know such a thing exists mouse and you should try either a shoe shop or a chemist.

So... fluevog are having a sale. The Harlows I want are on sale. They are still out of my price range just now ... waaaah! sad.gif
mouse- they have things like that at target not by the shoes but in the footcare aisle.

I'm starting a new job Sept 1st and am saving up for a pair of Born grey kitten heels-they are so cute! argh!
I've been on a little shoe-buying binge lately. I got some crazy graffiti print with royal blue trim pumps with a very low kitten heel at Nordstrom Rack for $50. Then I bought a pair of Steven Madden high wedge heels, black satin with a black rubber bump toe like on a sneaker, and pink trim. Got 'em at a second hand shop for $14. The next day, I found some extremely pointy dark brown Faryl Robin shoes with low kitten heels at Goodwill for $3.99! And today I made the big splurge...I paid $125 at a resale store for a pair of lightly used Prada boots. They have 4 inch heels, which is kinda ridiculous for me, but I could not resist. I have spent way more than I ought to be spending, but I did get 3 pairs of shoes and the boots for less than half of what the damn boots would have cost new.

I guess that sort of justification is a little bit like, "the more you buy, the more you save." But I love my Prada boots.
That Moo Shoes ad at the top of the page is killing me. I want the Ally pair so badly but they're $90 and I can't imagine paying so much money for shoes. Normally I pay five bucks at the thrift store.

I have a pair of green canvas flats with tiny white polka dots, a white rubber sole, and a green elastic aross the toe cleavage, no evidence of having been worn once, $2. Cute cornflower-blue old lady flats, $3. Magenta maryjanes (made from some weird synthetic material), $4. I could go on. Last year I bought some bright embroidered sequined flats (I know, enough with the flats already!) for $15 at TJ Maxx and that seemed like a splurge at the time.

Why the hell can't someone buy these Allies and donate them to Goodwill???
Edna, that is an amazing deal on the Prada boots! If it had been me, I would have tackled them off the shelf and curled my whole body around them.

I went on another shoe binge last week. I got a pair of Clarks slide-on sandals with 2-tone blue striped canvas uppers for $20 (so comfy), a pair of Mudd strappy sandals that cut my feet really bad after only walking in them for 5 minutes - they'll be returned (only $15, but just on principle, I'm returning them anyway - I will not pay to have my feet shredded), a pair of orange Liz Claiborne slides for $35, black Born slides with toe loops for half off (they're my new everyday pair of sandals), and a really cute pair of Missoni 2 1/2" slides with zigzag fabric and a bunch of different colors of straps. They're adorable. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow so I can wear them.
diva is the queen of shoes!

i'm with you on the goodwill $5 shoes, tampon. i think the most i've ever spent on shoes myself has been like $30, and that was for running shoes at an outlet store. heh. i have a lot of shoes, though, and some gaw-juss ones i just managed to get at a good deal...

--michael kors dainty round-toe canvas flats/sneakers: free, being discarded by old roommate
--vintage turquoise, yellow & peach strappy heeled sandals: 50 cents, rural pa goodwill
--vintage woven leather pointy-toe flats: $1, sidewalk sale
--vintage fire-engine-red strappy heels with tarnished gold buckles: $1, sidewalk sale
--lavender espadrille wedges: 50 cents, goodwill

and the rest of my shoes i think cost like $11 from suprisingly awesome cheap hoochie-mama stores.

I went to Clark's to return some shoes that I thought would fit with thicker socks (but didn't) and found that some wedges I'd been craving for at least six months had made their way there, in my size, from another shop with overstock and were in the sale, reduced from 34.99 pounds to 9.99 pounds...! YES! So I just did an even exchange. I think I'm in love...

Larger picture, more clear:

But this is the right colour (scroll down to Clarks Hip Khaki):
bunnyb, it would appear that we are lusting after the same shoe. i would even settle for the audrey or the hepburn. but $99 is too far out of my price range, even for yummy long lasting shoes.

instead i settled for these really sexy red/black leather *python* t-straps from the victoria's secret clearance. $16.99. yeah, that's my style.
Wow, I've been lurking here for close to two years, and just now found this thread. Finally, a place where I can share my shoe obsession without being patronized and given strange looks!! For a while about a year ago I had a two-pairs per week shoe habit. Now my finances have curtailed the shopping a bit. But I'm having major shoe lust, compounded by the fact that I have to wear ugly (but comfortable) shoes to work in--I'm a waitress. By the way, I am LOVING the Irregular Choice site. Thank you, kind soul, for posting that. Sorry about the gushiness, but you all have no idea how much I have been craving a new pair of shoes lately. *drool*
So I'm looking for some shoes to wear to work. Something that is a sneaker, but not obviously a sneaker. I'm thinking something along the lines of those retro-hipster-bowling-type shoes that were popular a couple years ago. They have to come in brown (or black, but I prefer brown) and no obvious logos or funky accents. I have these and they're great shoes, but they're starting to seem a little orthopedic-looking for me. I don't want anything too chunky, either in the sole or the sides (like skater shoes- too obvious). I guess this is close to what I'm looking for, but the sole is a different color than the upper part of the shoe, then there's the white stripes on the sides, and I prefer a darker brown....I just don't want them to obviously look like sneakers and thn not be able to wear them to work. Any ideas?

ETA: Something in the vein of these Keds might work. Keds can be a little mature for me, though (more the Coldwater Creek crowd, IMO...not that there's anything wrong with that!) but I like the basic look of these shoes.
i got these
gah, are they ever comfortable.
This is really unlike me but I'm totally craving these Sugar origami boots, the ones in Cherry Blossom.

I saw them at Nordstroms and thought nothing of it. Then I dreamt about them, tried them on, and fell in love. I still don't really dig the converse type of toe but they feel like socks, they're sooooo comfy. The only thing is that my husband thinks they look like Uggs which i think are Uggggly as anything. Maybe the obsession will fade.
Oo, those are kinda nice, duplessix. Like slipper boots.
Pollystyrene, do you know Camper shoes? They might have something for you. They do a kind of bowling shoe/sneaker with a leather upper (that could pass for a shoe shoe!) And they're super comfortable. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll see if I can find a link for you...

*sob* wanted to succumb to the Irregular Choice ankle clasp boots and they're sold out sad.gif.
they are?! nooooooo. the website says in stock.

I keep visiting schuh to lust over the "oh boy" boots. even though i never wear ankle boots and can't afford them.

QUOTE(mornington @ Sep 13 2006, 01:39 PM) *

they are?! nooooooo. the website says in stock.

I keep visiting schuh to lust over the "oh boy" boots. even though i never wear ankle boots and can't afford them.

It's ok: they were only "temporarily out of stock" - someone else had them in basket but had not bought them (yeah, let's not discuss how stupid that is!) So, I own them biggrin.gif . I don't really wear ankle boots either and I can't afford them but they're too cute I couldn't resist unsure.gif . Squee!

eta: the oh boy boots are fabulous! you know the website has a wish list option -like amazon- maybe for christmas?
Those are nice, butterfly. They're soooo expensive, though, at least on zappos. Maybe I'll see if any of the ones I like come down in price.
The second pair of boots I've bought in the last two weeks. They feel like slippers, honestly. I went in for a pair of damson ballet shoes I saw in window and then got sucked into buy one get one half price (a pair, not a shoe!) and ended up buying the boots that I've liked for a while and were more than double the price of the shoes!
I splurged and bought these for myself, even though they are green and I won't have many occasions to wear them. They were on clearance at the store as well so it wasn't a huge splurge smile.gif And besides, cute shoes are SO farking hard to find for my big ol' wide ass clod hoppers.

I am just full of justifications today!

ebay have ohboy boots for a little bit cheaper then schuh, for anyone who wants to share my shoe splurge!

yuefie, I have green shoes that I ADORE that I seldom have the chance to wear (they are very dressy with killer heels) but I've just bought the green boots below and I'm sure I'll have more opportunity to wear those!
nooo, don't tell me that... unfortunately I find irregular choice shoes fit funny so i have to try them on.

yuefie, those are gorgeous! Entirely justifiable.

these are the shoes I bought along with the boots on Friday. They're much lovelier IRL.
ooh, I' ve seen those! I like 'em too

I must stop coming in this thread. I have shoe-lust

these are the shoes i bought for just 10 pounds while in london. mine are black. oh, they are so comfy! rolleyes.gif
they are very pretty smile.gif
Yuefie, those are AMAZING. I want a pair too!

They really are, and I am so in love with them that I almost don't want to take them out of their box! I fell in love with them when they first put them out at the beginning of the summer. I told myself if they were still around in my huge freaking size I could buy them. Luckily for me they were!
nooo.... I find myself lusting after a pair of over-the knee boots.

somebody do me a favour and slap me until I see sense.
*slaps mornington HARD* tongue.gif

I still want those boots.
another resounding slap see what the gofugyourselfs have to say about thigh highs (scroll down to Jessica eek Simpson).
I know *hangs head in shame* unsure.gif

I saw a really nice pair in office. The daft thing is, I know I'd look a fool in all likelihood... but I still want them.
to wear with skinny jeans or this season's mini? you slave to fashion!

if it was me I would buy ohboy boots instead of "oh boy CoF" boots wink.gif.
I prefer the jackanory ones... oh boy cof indeed, but I still like them.

with jeans, natch. Although not skinny ones, as I can't fit into them.
If I could find a pair of skinny jeans to fit into them (not that I bought them, I hasten to add) then you certainly can!
I tried! I could get into them, but I looked an idiot!

these I've seen them in the kurt geiger shop... they look chunky and heavy but for some reason I still like them.
okaaay. Not to my taste but, um, go for it? a pair of pvc trousers (metallic ones) would go well with them tongue.gif.
I'm showing off... I gave into the shoe-lust and got myself these in black (I didn't even know they did colours!). They're really really really comfy.
Bumping up this thread because I love it so.

I also looooooove these Cynthia Rowley shoes.
So adorable! But I can't spend $200+ on a pair of shoes now. I'd feel too guilty to wear them!

"new shoes, new shoes,
red and pink and blue shoes.
tell me what would YOU choose
if they'd let us buy?

buckle shoes, bow shoes,
pretty pointy-toe shoes,
strappy, cappy low shoes;
let's have some to try.

bright shoes, white shoes,
dandy dance-by-night shoes,
perhaps-a-little-tight shoes;
like some? So would i.


--FLAT shoes, FAT shoes,
wipe-them-on-the-mat shoes
oh, that's the sort THEY'LL buy."

i got: bronze flats with a thick-but-not-visibly-thick sole that twist to a knot in front. preeety.
OOOh, RV, I like! And even more so in the brown...
RoseViolet, I've looked at those shoes several times over the last week, just 'cause they make me happy. smile.gif
Hiya gals, so I got this coupon for $15 off a $75 purchase at Piperlime, which is Gap, Inc.'s new online shoe company. I haven't found anything I want, so I figure y'all can have it (don't know if it will work more for more than one person...).

Anyway, it's QLT2Y2KCG2F3. It expires the end of 23 November 2006, so happy FAST shopping! :-)
Anyone have any recommendations for boots that will actually fit snuggly around my very thin calves? I am really tall and wear a size 11 shoe, but I have thin lower legs, and it seems that every boot I try is all baggy and weird looking. I just tried a couple of pairs of La Canadienne, because the reviews on Zappos said that they were smaller in the calf, but they are still too big for me.
The boy bought these boots for me as an early graduation gift (I'd been wanting them for a while). They are Cats but they are warm (fur-lined!), comfy and look good with both jeans and skirts/dresses. I love 'em.

The link didn't work so here's the web address and they are the lighter brown Mardy Caterpillar boot:
I am completely obsessed with Chloe mary janes by Doc Marten and mary janes by Delman (which are $295...ouch). I went to, clicked on mary janes, and instantly became weak. Oh, how I wish I could afford them.....
Hello to the shoe mavens. I have a question for you all. I need some cool new shoes. Every day I wear the same damn (fuckin' awesome) new balance cross-trainers, but I need something a little classier. The problem is, I have a knee condition and have to wear flat shoes that I can put arch supports into (hence the cross-trainer habit). I'm not a shopper so I haven't the faintest idea where to find some funky-yet-classy-yet-comfortable/flat/supportive shoes. Any ideas of styles or brands or places to shop? Thanks in advance!
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