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Full Version: Shy guys........ how to handle them
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Im in a similar fix, but this is with a guy Ive known for 4 years as a friend. At my graduation, friends and family commented on how he seemed to watch my every move and funnily enough he always did seem to be where I was. But I never had the slightest clue, becasue he didnt exactly make it obvious. Anyway a bit of time passed and we met up for lunch,and we seem to get on like a house on fire.......I then went on a night out to celebrate his birthday. He made a definite move on me (probably helped by dutch courage ie alcohol), and it was so tender and sweet and had me buzzing for a week. haha....nothing hard core...all it was was a gentle stroke of my hand and prolonged head to head eye gazing that reached into the depths of my soul (sounds corny but I saw everything Ive been searching for in his eyes)! So this changed my feelings for him dramatically, and Ive started to wonder if maybe we could be more than friends. I cant get his name out of my head...even lost my appetite for a week!

But hes very in order not to scare him away, I arranged to meet him every week for lunch, and he has in turn arranged the odd night out. Hes really shy....and sometimes he can appear defensive and not say very much, then other times hes practically attached to me as we walk down the street together.....walking really close together. The conversation never stops, and I so desperately want to hold him, or have him hold me....I want to go further, but I think it may take a lot of patience and time.

Im so confused.....! Hes everything Id want in a man, and I dont mind waiting for him. I just want to cross that stage between friends to boyfriend/girlfriend.......the fact that I knew him before AND the fact that hes shy doesnt help!

go for it, reddy. make sure youre patient though, let him become comfy with the situation. He's more nervous than you, i'm sure.
I cannot believe how similiar all shy guys are. I have totally having the same problem. He seems to like me one minute and the next not so much. Totally hides how he feels and confuses the heck out of me. I gave him my number two months ago and have yet to get a call. Though at the time I didn't realize just how shy he really was. He totally clams up in social situations when my friends are around but when I am by myself atleast for the momment he is different. I am so lost now and really getting to the end of my rope. But I know he would totally be worth working on for a while yet... Just don't know what else to do... I told him I like him he tells me he likes me. I tell him to call and he says he is too busy.. However, he does work two jobs 6 or 7 days a week. But seriously, and the only time I get to see him is at his work. SUCKY!

However, this weekend I seen him and he gave me an unbelievable hug I can't even express how great it was and how much feeling I felt from it. He even did that wierd moaning, grunting thing guys do and I have hugged him plenty before and it has never felt like this.... Someone please help.. What do I do??? I don't want to scare him but I don't want to wait forever either.
Hey, I also got a prob with a shy guy...he's told he likes me, yet it's hard to tell if he's shy or playing me...We've been talking on the internet for quite some time, but he'll only talk to me after so many days and I think it's a little suspicious. I mean, if you really liked someone, wouldn't you want to talk to them alot? And he would talk to our mutual friends on line (they told me he has) but he hasn't spoken to me in a while..could it be that he's seeing someone else or that he's shy? He's quiet and all, but he IS can I tell?
I know this is going to sound really shitty...but I could never really handle shy guys. Now I don't mind being the persuer but after we've got that over with if he can't open up I find myself being immediatly turned off.

I've tried to deal with shy guys in the past and it always just fizzled out, because ultimately something I needed just wasn't there.
I know what you mean..they keep us waiting too long and it kinda makes you wonder if they really ARE worth it...but some guys are, I'm sure...but the one I'm dealing with now??, lol. Not so sure ::sigh:: why are men soooo difficult??!!!
I know what you mean..they keep us waiting too long and it kinda makes you wonder if they really ARE worth it...but some guys are, I'm sure...but the one I'm dealing with now??, lol. Not so sure ::sigh:: why are men soooo difficult??!!!
My shyguy is now my boyfriend! I asked and he said yes :-)We are getting on great. He has now asked to meet the parents and wants me to go and meet his too :D He is so affectionate and caring...such a gentleman. Shy guys are great bf material. xxx
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