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Full Version: Shut Up and Take it Bitch! : Misogyny on the Boob-Tube
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I'm new here, so this is going to be going back a little ways.
I personally am not offended by jokes about domestic violence for the same reason I am not offended by jokes about, say, the Holocaust. Yes, there are still neo-Nazis and wife beaters who don't see anything wrong with the extinction of an entire segment of the population or seriously harming someone who is physically weaker than themselves respectively, but these things are considered so reprehensible to the majority of the population that suggesting that they are acceptable can be funny.
I'm more offended by how fucking lame female characters are. lot49 mentioned this a lonnnnng time ago. Except for the few shows that are primarily about a female character, almost every female character on TV is like a prop. The fact that television writers don't seem to find women interesting enough to write decent parts for or seem to notice anything wrong with their not writing any decent parts for women seems more misogynistic to me than any kind of joke about violence.
I dunno, I think maybe we're overgeneralizing to say that people find domestic abuse apalling. I mean, ever been to the south?! I think a lot of times ppl (as in, men) say how horrible they think that is but that they only do so coz they know that it is nonpc to say otherwise. Just my morbid 2 cents.
back on the general topic, though, I'd say it's quote simple: sexual lust + male priviledge= objectification of women. Obviously, the first is usually innate to some extent and the second...well, that's anyones guess but I'm going with innate as well since, historically and even presently most cultures treat their women like crap.
I am going to go out on a limb here, I was kinda raised around some domestic violence, my mom went threw a lil' before she left my dad, in fact, one of my earliest memories is of him choking her. I saw some domestic violence between my friends parents, my neighbors, and my mom's friends. It wasn't always happening, but it was around. I am not offended by jokes about domestic violence. Domestic violence is a symptom of larger social ills in a society where injustice and poverty are the norm. Sometimes domestic violence is funny depending on the circumstances and the way the story is told.
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