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Full Version: Orgasmic Visualisations
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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know the article is nearly done and the magazine will be printed soon.

Hopefully I will be able to create a little website with a paypal system to get it out across the world! I'd love for you all to see the piece, I think the illustrations have come out great!

Anyway, just wanted to ask your opinion on something...In the introduction to the piece I am writing that orgasm stories were submitted to the magazine...should I put 'From the women of's message board?'

What do you think, Yay or Nay? x
yay sarah!

totally imo - but could you say something like "an online women's community/messageboard"? it might create spam/trolling problems is my only thought.

looking forward to the finished thing - where are you going to sell copies in the uk?
hi my girlie friends,
i love u all, and am more than a bit jealous of y'all. i have been alone (although not really, for the past 8 years. i hate my life.) i am soooo tired of being lonely......i will no longer live like this..i have told this 2 all my friends, and i will live by this minimal code, my babies........i have been so damn lonely for so friggin long, i hurt soooooo bad inside. my heart feels like it is dead, and i still feel guilty about it. oh, my girlies, i need some help......
i need some female insight as to how i am feeling....i feel i am a psycho-stalker-freak........and i hate the man who nhaz driven me 2 this.....although i want him beyong all belief......what should i do, as a girl???? i feel weak, like the man is always in charge of what happens with us sucks, mAYBE IT IS GOOD, I DON'T KNOW......i am sooooo very lonely, i would take what ican i taht desperate? if so, pleaselet me be run down in the street....i don't deserve to live.....although i am in love.........
Hey mornington,

yeah, i was considering that...don't want anymore trolls here than we already have! Plus the topic of orgasms is bound to make certain strange peoples ears prick up! So yes, probably the anonymous message board will be best!

I shall be trying to get the mag out in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool I reckon. But I really do need to set up a website or something to spread the message further!

Back to the last orgasmic visualisation was of a cave. Not sure what that says about me!?
You know that weird colour thing that happens after you look at a camera flash and then close your eyes? Lately that's what I've been seeing. It's the coolest thing ever! Yay me and yay the magic of my body!
For all of you who told me their orgasms, the magazine is off to print now. The mag has it's own myspace page, so please add it if you're on myspace and show your support!
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