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Full Version: Trogdor made my head a'splode! A Thread
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Please show the love! Marzipan needs to free the seals!
So I was in Hot Topic with my neice on Friday, buying a "More Cowbell" sticker and the guy who was ringing my purchase up said something in reference to Strong Bad to the other two associates, but they didn't know what he was talking about. He looked bummed when he asked if they had heard of and they looked at him like he was speaking a foreign language. So I had to cheer him up a little by making a few references. He perked right and told me this story about a friend who saw some guy dressed up as Strong Bad for halloween last year. The other two looked like they felt left out, heh.
The site hasnt been updated in a month. This makes me sad. Though I do know the Brothers Chaps father (aka StrongDad) died recently. Last I heard Missy is pregnant too?
I know, possum- I just got caught up watching all the SB emails and now there's nothing else to do.

I'm glad I got my Strong Sad t-shirt when I did- there's like no Strong Sad stuff in the store anymore. He's my favorite. My parent's cat *is* Strong Sad- Russian Blue, pudgy, mopey.

Where do you go to get information about the creators? I don't really know much about them.
I'm expecting something big~
There's a Homestar community on LiveJournal.
What Homestar character are you (or do you know someone who is a Homestar character)?

I for one am Marzipan. I name inanimate objects, I talk to plants, I leave dumb things on my answering machine. And it does make me kinda sad to see dogs and cats in the same room together.
Houston, we have an update!

No new Strong Bad email, though :-(
Wahoo! About freakin' time! Cool Tapes lives!

Check this out: Photoshopped Homestar Fun
Reviving the thread because I carved my pumpkins using the stencils on the site! I'll post pictures after I take them when it gets dark tonight!!
Here's the picture! I added the Homestar Runner logo on the side and had to alter it a little because there was no way I could carve the star in between the letters.
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