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I felt like Season Five could have been the end. Most things were decently resolved. And now this Season opened up tons of new story lines, but they are decently resolved now too.

What will the last 8 episodes contain?

I'm more frustrated than disappointed.
Plea Deal has 'Sopranos' Actor Talking to Students

now i feel bad for dissing artie. seems like his real life is spiraling downward also.

sunday nights completely suck ass now. le sigh.
so who watched sunday? spoilers possible:

is tony still mad at christopher about sleeping with juliana marguiles? isn't is supposed to be months later? these guys really take their 'loyalty' seriously, while fucking around on their wives.

my prediction: bobby b's gonna get caught after the shitty job he did 'popping his cherry' on that hit, and janice is gonna be pissed and somehow arrange for a hit on tony or do it herself. janice is bad ass and i love her!
I watched nickclick!

I thought it opened the doors to lots of action. I agree with some of your predictions, esp the one about B. If the rest of your predictions happen, that will be absolutely wild! I am excited about the season, the first episode gave me hope.
Oh, I think Janice and Tony are equally matched, and equally vindictive against each other. One is as badass as the other (but Janice is more badass--way, way more. I don't think Tony could stand a chance against her (and it's probably why he's so angry at her).

Here's my spoiler list:
1. Bobby killed, without knowing it, Janice's "abandoned" son Harpo.

A hit Tony arranged for him to take on after Bobby "beat him fair and square"...something Bobby should never have let happen. Naturally Tony would exact some kind of revenge for that beating.

2. When Janice finds out about his death and realizes it was the hit Tony made Bobby "go out and do" (so that Bobby would think Tony was seriously considering making him a capo), she'll retaliate: she may try to have her brother killed (which would end up killing someone else) or she may just "take an eye for an eye" and put a hit on Meadow directly. Either way, I think Meadow is going to die very soon.

3. Chris' days are numbered (ah, they were numbered in episode one, he's always been a huge threat to Tony just out of his idiocy alone).

ooh, good! i totally forgot about Janice's "abandoned" son Harpo.
I really enjoyed the first episode but last night's was a little 'eh' for me. I thought it set up a lot of great possibilities, even more than the first episode did.

(Not sure how spoilers work so my thoughts are in white text below.)

I wonder what AJ's girlfriend's problem is.

Did I miss something from a previous episode about Meadow and Finn breaking up? I'm glad he's gone, I was never a big fan of their relationship, but I don't think it was addressed until they were at the dinner table in last night's episode. That'd explain why she was back. I'm glad -- I was afraid that when she moved to California with Finn, she was being written out of the show.

Cleaver was hilarious. Christopher is such an idiot. But so entertaining.

I loved the scene where the NY guy is shot at the table in front of Sil. That was an awesome way to film it with the blood hitting him in the face in slow motion before any noise or anything else. I was impressed that he was able to get up and usher the women out of there as fast as he did.

If the episode has aired, is it okay to write about in detail and not worry about spoilers?
yeah, maybe no need for the spoiler stuff, you're right. i have a coworker that doesn't want to get HBO so she's watching tapes from her friend, so i can't discuss the show within her earshot until mid-week. so i'm always on spoiler alert.

yeah, that scene with silvio was awesome. and glad to see some blood this week! corny horror movie excluded.

i dunno what happened with finn and meadow. last week wasn't she talking about moving to california with him? there's gotta be a reason she's staying in jersey and on the show.

when christopher was at the diner with his sponsor the real estate woman was mentioned, but they never said what happened to her after she went to the meeting with him. i think she's gonna be back in the picture to cause more friction between christopher and tony. maybe now that carm's in the real estate game she'll run into her.

and the scenes with johnny sac and his family were really sad. a lot of time spent on his death but i like his character so i thought it was good.
That's right -- not only was Finn's absence brushed over but so was the real estate woman. I guess we ended last season with Christopher and her using drugs and now we can in infer that he/they cleaned up and aren't seeing each other anymore. As for Meadow, just the fact that she's in NJ means the relationship died and they are just sparing us the tedious details of exactly how. I don't mind missing out on the inbetween parts, but the Finn comment from Meadow was a little jarring.

Oh and what did you make of Tony looking like he was going to have a heart attack at the dinner table? That made me nervous. I don't want him to have more health problems.
i think it was just another hint that he's getting older, which seems to be the theme this season, between tony and carmella and even phil leotardo.

my mom has a theory about why a.j.'s girlfriend was so pissy. she sees a.j. could be earning lots of money and living the mafia lifestyle, but instead works construction and lives like a normal person. maybe she's going to push him into the family more, and tony will be more accepting since he thinks he's losing christopher as his 'adopted' son, and then in which case a.j. will promptly screw up something.
sorry for the double-post, but BUMP!

who else thought paulie walnuts was going to sleep with the fishes? tony kept asking him about the ginny sac thing, trying to find a reason.

paulie's a big connection to his past. why is he trying so hard to get away from it? i wonder how the show will end, either with tony getting out of the business, going to jail, or someone whacking him, at which each episode seems to be setting up a potential enemy - paulie, christopher, phil leotardo, bobby b.
Nickclick, yeah, you could tell that Tony really wanted to do it to Paulie. I am not sure he felt it was 100% justified though.

Junior...that guy is such bad news. And his young friend was really creepy.

I thought this was a really good episode, it reminded me of old Sopranos.
Paulie always cracks me up. If Tony had whacked him, it would have been pretty unwarranted. Well, it may have been warranted, but it would have been too rash a decision. Maybe Tony's going to sit on it for a while.

I loved the Uncle Junior parts. I'm not sure what it has to do with anything else, but it was fun.

Who's the guy who was shot at the end?
paulie cracks me up too.

the guy who got shot was the new NY boss. so i guess that means phil leotardo is NY boss now. remember last week he was whining about being too weak?

i guess the scenes with uncle junior, besides being pretty funny, were to close that story, not make us think junior's gonna ever get out of there.
sorry to double post, but this is cool. the star-ledger, my local paper (that tony has only recently stopped picking up at the end of his driveway) has a sopranos page on their site. family tree is especially cool.

still on the theory that aj's gonna step up, now that his girlfriend left because he's not living the rich life of his father.
NickClick, you're in NJ?
I'm from NJ (and wish I still lived there). My mom often sends me the Ledger.

I could buy the theory that the girlfriend wished AJ was in the biz for the money, but I never really settled on exactly what her problem was. Maybe she didn't like him anymore. Although, that's way too simple an explanation for Sopranos-world.

That fight between him and Carmella was severely venonmous. I love that he never forgot the birdfeeder.

Also, has his gambling always been out of control or is it only recently?Or have they just decided to focus on it now?
yep , i grew up down the shore and now i live in north jersey, pretty close to sopranos land. parts of the area are a lot nicer than they depict, although i kind of like that toughness about it too.

i hate that the opening sequence shows the turnpike out of order. he comes outta the lincoln tunnel, then he's too far south in elizabeth, then he goes north up towards jersey city.... something like that. either way, it's a long roundabout way into kearny to the pork store and to his house in one of the caldwells.

seems like there were hints in the last few episodes about tony's gambling, i can't remember specifically, but yeah now it's the focus.

when he was yelling at carmella, i thought - old tony is back. last season when he almost died he kinda softened, especially with carm, but all around.

did anyone else think tony had something to do with hesh's wife's death? probably not, but that was my first reaction.
nickclick, I wondered about that myself...Tony & Hesh's wife. I don't think he had anything to do with it. I just don't see when he would have had the chance.

Re: AJ. My take was that she just felt he was too immature.

The fight btw Tony and Carm was brutal.
I think we're definitely supposed to wonder if he had anything to do with her death but the only motive would be simple spite and revenge, which isn't productive and won't get him out of his debt to Heche.

(I'm from north NJ too, but too far north to be super-familiar with anything Sopranos.)
yay jersey!

i guess it was to show how stupid tony felt about acting like such a baby about the money with hesh. maybe next episode he will be more careful with money?
I enjoyed this episode. We all knew AJ was going to get involved somehow and now we know how. I feel bad for that kid. I wondered if Tony's comment to Melfi that "you'd do anything to take their place, suffer in their place" was foreshadowing that AJ is going to get into big trouble but Tony will step in and take the blame for it.

There has been a lot of tension surrounding Paulie. First I was so sure Tony was going to kill him in the episode where they drove to Florida and now this episode it seemed like Chris was going to shoot him in front of everyone at the club.

Paulie driving around on Chris's lawn was priceless.
i know, did you see his face when he was driving to his house? i hope paulie lives, just for the comic relief.

yeah, AJ seemed to like the power his name gave him. and i agree, he's only going to foul up sometime soon. and tony's definitely gonna push him in the direction since his usual surrogate son christopher seems to be getting soft (despite shooting his friend in the face).
oh no, christuhfuh! that was one of the worst death scenes i can remember on the show. many more have been grosser, but that was just upsetting. maybe cuz i love chrissy.

okay so AJ doesn't seem to have the heart or stomach for senseless violence. good for him. but he only seems to get his father's approval when he acts like those other buffoons. wonder if tony will see that's what made him into the person he is?
chris was my fav character too. but, maybe i just thought he was cute. dry.gif i guess tony learned nothing from his dream when he was in a coma, huh. oh, and at the end of the episode....did tony yell, "i did it!" or "i get it!" my family and i couldn't figure it out.

AJ seems as conflicted about the mob and violence as his father did or, i think he is just following in his father's footsteps...

Paulie is so competitive! He even made coming to his mother's wake a competition! laugh.gif
I never thought Chrissy would go like that. I like his character a lot too. I'm a little conflicted about the episode as a whole, though. I'm glad they spent a lot of time dealing with the characters reaction to his death, but I also glad we got more from AJ and more about the escalating Phil problem.
i'm seriously in mourning today. but whaddya gonna do.

i thought tony yelled "i did it" at the end. like he finally got to confess.

kinda creepy that he went to vegas and did what (and who) christopher did.
CHRISTUHFUH! RIP. I had a feeling he wasn't making it out of the car accident, but I had no idea how it would end up. I thought this episode was great, chilling from start to finish. No one does grief better than Edie Falco. I have no idea what to expect by the end of the season.
My heart is broken.
Tony is a sociopath and I hope he goes the fuck down.
From the first moment on screen you could tell Christophuh was going to be a big threat to Tony--shooting people when ordering pastries, beating the shit out of Adriana (and, of course, arranging for her death because he couldn't deal with not living the glamourous mob life) and in love with the whole business enough to want to make a movie about it that pretty much "tells all" about what their activities are. And also not being very "smart" about things in just not thinking anything through. You knew from the very start that Tony was going to have to stop being emotionally blinded to him and get rid of him before Chris' mistakes would lead to Tony's arrest or worse.

So now that Tony's finally killed him, I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief. But nope.
Had he acted heartbroken after the fact I would have more empathy for Tony, but he just didn't give a fuck. Had he really cared for Chris he would have supported his sobriety instead of shaming him about it. It all came from that. He went from staging an intervention to shitting on him for not being able to handle his drink. Chris was always hot-heated but loyal and he loved Tony. Not that he is any better (look at what he did to that poor writer, not to mention Ade) but still. Anthony. Pinching Chris's nose shut, watching him choke to death on his own blood. A boy he practically raised. A child is grown, the dream is gone ,indeed.
i didn't see it til last night.
i'm devastated. i'm still in shock. wtF? how can there be a movie without christafah?!

and wait ... tony killed him? i missed the first 10 minutes and only saw the nose-pinching part and didn't quite get what happened.

of course i loathe and despise tony's reaction, but i still don't want him to die. i can't help it. it also doesn't quite click that tony would turn on chrissy to the extent he did. (even tho i realize he murdered tony b and pussy in cold blood, people he loved.) ever since the juliana-jealousy plot device, their downward spiral's felt quite contrived to me.

meanwhile, i could care less what happens to AJ. he's always been a little shit.

i'm addicted to the weds night reruns on A&E. i haven't been this seriously upset about a show ending since buffy. and six feet under. weep.
QUOTE(mandolyn @ May 16 2007, 09:06 AM) *

of course i loathe and despise tony's reaction, but i still don't want him to die.

i don't either, but only because i think that's a too predictable ending to the show. but i think in the next episodes they're gonna set up more and more enemies for tony.

anyone have a prediction about how it's gonna end?
Well, Silvio's been sorta "biding his time" lately. And Tony's brother in law has a grievance with Tony (as does Janice).
I'm sure one of Tony's children will die in whatever transpires--but I don't think it would be AJ (as he wouldn't be Tony's greatest loss). And I already predicted it has something to do with the hit Tony ordered his brother in law to commit, which was very likely against Janice's son, Harpo. All along Tony's been dealing with a depression that comes from his horror to his work (but not to the power and income it brings), and that has created his inability to act expediently politically when he needed to act (why it took him so long to kill Christophuh, or to even realise that Chris was a bad choice as a successor; why it took him so long to acknowledge the danger posed by Janice's fiance (Richie Aprile?)--so damn long that Janice had to kill him instead! Why it took him so long to make a decision about the gay man who was his highest earner, whether to kill or protect him...which ultimately led to the gang war he's now in).

So I don't think Tony is going to die, but I do think that now that he "gets it", and it's so late in the game, he's going to lose absolutely everything and he won't be able to act to stop it.
What's this about a movie?

I was thinking that one of his kids is going to die. I hoped they'd be more creative than to have it be Meadow because that's so Godfather 3. Now I'm not so sure one of his kids will die because he's lost Christopher who he's always said was like a son. So maybe that covers that base.
i'm still working on the AJ angle. Tony's gonna push AJ into the mob life since Chrissy's dead, and Tony thinks that's how and where his son is supposed to be, and that'll prove his manhood, rather than watching him mope and cry all day. and then AJ will do something to screw Tony big time.

wha movie?
There have always been droves of allusions to The Godfather--starting from Chrissy's constant misquotes, in episode 1, to the vast number of actual daughters and women whose ties to power are more subtle but very powerful (Livia, Janice, the fact that Meadow's got the actual mind to "run the show" when AJ is simply neither smart enough nor inclined). With Chrissy finally out, and AJ as vulnerable to depression and inaction as Tony, the only logical "successor" out of Tony's kids (or business "family") would have to be Meadow. Doesn't mean she'll actually succeed anyone, it just makes her the best target.

Speaking of misquotes, I love some of the expressions that were misused in this last episode:

In the car before the crash, Chrissy said "flying ointment" instead of "fly in ointment" and later Tony said he was prostate with guilt instead of prostRate.

I love when they have the characters do things like that.

I guess this thread will fade away into oblivion once the series is over. sad.gif
hmm chacha, maybe your meadow prediction will come true, since she's now dating one of the mobster's sons. but if she's talking about studying law, that's quite a contridiction. or is it a way to keep her close to the crime life and her family?

wikipedia has a whole entry about their malapropisms. too funny!

I had a feeling AJ was going to kill himself but hadn't followed the thought all the way through to realize that of course, like everything else, he'd mess it up.

Curbing someone is the most disgusting thing ever. It spawned a whole discussion with the people who were watching with me about whether or not curbing someone (as Tony did to Coco) automatically kills them. Our question was answered later when they referred to Coco was being alive.

Phil up in his house speaking through the shade was hilarious. That whole scene reminded me of little kids in their tree house or something. First Tony and Carmine Jr. were invited in, then uninvited, and then taunted from high up in the fort. These guys are so not adults.

I didn't like Carmella's hair in this episode.

I'm glad Melfi didn't decide to take HER shrink's information (about sociopaths being validated by therapy) and use it against Tony in their next session. I thought maybe she was going to lash out at him or give him some extra hard love or something. She didn't and I respect that.
The thing about the malapropisms: David Chase is one well-read, well-versed writer who is definitely up on semiotics. If he's playing with well known sayings so that they end up being altered in any way by his characters, he's absolutely wringing all kinds of meaning out of every day language--and adding all kinds of meaning to every character, and every part of the dialogue. I think of it as yet another way he makes us a little bit more complicit--and (uncomfortably) sympathetic with the characters and their activities. I'm so glad the malapropisms didn't die with Christopher.

As for Meadow being the lawyer, instead of the doctor--lawyer is what would be expected of the next capo--whether the person who assumes that role is male and self-evident or female, weilding power behind the mask of her father/uncle/brother (as we've already seen transpire in Livia, Janice, and that Sicilian woman running the Sicilian mob in Italy).

And, as another connection back to the Godfather, the "Tom" character, played by Robert Duvall in the Godfather, is the "consiglieri" or counsellor to the Genovese/Corleone family--he's the son who became a lawyer in order to prepare for that role. The Tom character is the person whose knowledge counts the most in all aspects of strategy, in the Godfather, that is. Meadow's legal training would make her the obvious contender as successor.

The sad thing is, Meadow's got the smarts to become a lawyer and, if guided properly, to become quite a power in the family. At the moment, though, in telling her father about Coco's sexual assault, she's unwittingly sealed her own fate; she isn't aware of the "larger picture", nor is she aware (as we should be) that the cowardly Phil very likely instigated the assault against her, JUST so she would tell her father about it. Tony's irrational anger makes him vulnerable to begin with--he acts on it, without thinking, and in this case, he raged against Coco but didn't manage to kill him. That's a fatal mistake, for both Meadow and for himself. All Phil needs to destroy Tony is to goad him by aiming for what he now knows for certain is his achilles' heel--Meadow!--and Tony will predictably act on his violent, unthinking anger without thinking about the consequences. The result will be (as Phil hoped) an all out war that Tony will be too destroyed to win.

I could be wrong, and I hope I am--seeing Tony contend with AJ's suicide attempt was just gut-wrenching. The "target the children" possibility seems like such a logical thing to occur, and it's really hard to predict things on this none of this might happen.
i'd love to see meadow as the successor. she's smart and educated, a much different leader than her father or any of those other doofuses would be; it would throw them for a loop. and it would throw off the direction they seem to have been leading us this whole season... AJ as the tough guy, primed to be next in line. now we know that ain't gonna happen.

this whole episode showed phil, too, waging war, but being to cowardly to actually confront tony, by sending coco to harass meadow, but especially by talking to him through his house! and tony did react with violence, but he did not kill coco, so maybe he's still got his wits enough to know what that would bring up.

again, the show's setting up ny/nj war, but phil seems too weak and tony is too savvy to let it happen, and anyway, that would be too predictable an ending.
I think we are going to handed a major plot twist. Maybe it's coming this week and will then be given the final episode to run its course, or it may come in the final episode as a last-minute sixth-sense kind of shocker.

I've gotten hints here and there that someone really important has been ratting to the feds this whole time and it is going to be revealed. But that will probably be one of, or part of, other surprises.
I'm finally venturing in here because I am caught up on all of The Sopranos episodes. I just started watching it in February when A&E started airing it but I wasn't satisfied with the censored episodes so I watched a bunch on the net, then I rented some and I've caught the rest thanks to my cable's video on demand feature.

Not really sure what to say except that I am in love with this show. I feel like everytime things start to settle and calm down, BANG! there's another plot twist! And they never make it anything insanely far fetched it's always something plausible. I just love it.
Okay, so I was looking forward to watching The Sopranos on TMN tonight but I looked at the schedule and there's some movie instead! Does anyone in Canada know when the next episode will air?
It will air next Sunday, CandyCaneGirl--episodes have never been run on long weekends during the season, and it's Memorial Day weekend in the US this weekend.

We're down to the final 2 episodes.

(I hate that. It's gonna be as hard to take as when Six Feet Under finished, I'm sure).
I completely forgot about memorial day. Also, I saw the explanation for it on the hbo website. It annoyed me that the TMN website didn't actually explain anything. I can't believe that there are only two episodes left!
A&E had a marathon yesterday, do you all see that? it's still pretty good despite the creative replacement of swear words.
I can't stand watching it all censored and stuff. I can't believe there are only two episodes left! I kept expecting them to stretch it out to 12 episodes.
As soon as I saw the name of the train was Blue Comet (the title of the episode) I knew it was in motion. I could barely watch or breathe. Oh my God. I knew the end would be rough ... but oh boy.
i liked the allusion the trains made to last season when bobby was too busy with his train set to help uncle junior, which made tony visit him and then junior shot him. and then yesterday, tony was just yelling to janice the scene before about bobby wanting to help junior financially. good twist. but yeah, i felt bad about bobby. and i hope silvio doesn't die.

i loved when dr.melfi dumped him! she was ruthless.

so what's gonna happen next week????????? this ny/nj war has been building all season, so it was kinda predictable. there's gotta be some twist ending.
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