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any thoughts on last night?

I couldn't believe Arty. He's really flipped out.

Christopher was hilarious. Did you catch the line where someone says something about CSI and he goes, "Oh yeah, CSI SUV" instead SVU.

I think it's so weird that last week's episode was all about Vito, now this week is all about Arty and Charmane. Looks like next week is all about AJ.
I was SO fucking disturbed when Arty killed the rabbit. I want to write the show and complain about how unncessary and disgusting that was. I can deal with the violence towards humans, but when a little bunny gets shot, enough's enough! I hope Arty goes down. He deserves it for killing an innocent creature and cooking it!
I loved the Ben Kingsley scenes, especially when he said "It's SIR Ben..."

And I am so ready for AJ to bite the big one! That kid is a terrible actor and they need to get him and his mullet off the show as quickly as possible so he can go back to smoking pot and stealing with his loser friends.
i've never liked artie. sarcastic snarky fuck. i don't get why tony always cuts him so much slack, i don't care how far back they go. i hope this was a set-up for the Whacking of Artie.

i knew christofa was using again, even before last night. he seemed so out of it the past few episodes.

loved when tony said, "how long are you gonna play the adriana card?"

kudos to sir ben and betty bacall. they were freakin hilarious! that betty has some mouth on her, ay?

little carmine deserves an emmy. "you know he's a little retarded?" hee.

i'm ready for AJ to get in trouble. very ready.

i closed my eyes as soon as i saw the bunny in the garden. but then again, i usually close my eyes when i know violence commeth. i also turn down the volume when someone's getting beat up. the show's always been brutal.

but yeah. poor bunny.
So here's how the episode went at our house tonight, while watching through OnDemand....I had to piss, so I pause it, and what's on screen - the rabbit just as it gets shot, and its pulsating in midair....yuck.

The theme of this episode seemed to be "everybody fucks up." I really got kind of tired of watching the train wreck of this epi, I just wanted it to be over...though I did like tony's small attempts at peacemaking...part of him still wants to be in that place of gratitude for his life.
Great speculation and details about last week's episode:

There is also a blog post for this most-recent episode.
i don't know what to make out of the last episode...
my head is still hurtin' from last night's episode...where are they going...
I think they are just showing how this life has effected all the different characters. Starting with Gene wanting to get out and killing himself because he can't, and now showing how the life has ruined Tony's son. With Vito, he's getting what being in the mob prevented him from having (don't think it'll last of course). Also, Johnny Sac's mob involvement ruined his daughter's wedding.

It used to be all about the money they'd make, the chicks they'd do, the stuff they'd buy and get away with. Now it's all coming back to them.

I'm not sure where they are going either and it definitely is hard and frustrating. Especially considering that there are, what, three? four? episodes left in this season - and then only 8 in the final season. Grrrr.
My boyfriend's theory, which I am increasingly inclined to agree with, is that Tony et al are going to be brought down through affiliation with terrorist groups. That the guys buying the credit card numbers at the Bing are going to get popped for terrorist activities, and that that will unravel things.

I seem to be in a huge minority, but I like the "things fall apart" theme they've got going this season (and last). When you have all these borderline sociopaths, doused in macho swagger, armed, and yet forced to remain in an insularar hirearchy. Especially when you consider that everyone's freedom and success requires the compliance of everyone else.
kj - I'd agree with you in that I like the unraveling of tony's world...its interesting in its own unique way, and in that sense is less re-hash than previous seasons have been. And I find myself with the most sympathy for Vito so far this season - his life is opening and closing at the same time, and you get the sense that its not going to end well with the guys, but you hope that he's going to get out safe, and still take care of his wife and kids, just be honest about who he is.
Does anyone think that maybe the real estate agent was a FED?
Somebody has to be an undercover agent! I thought that the guy Chris was with in the car was, but then when he shot up, I thought, Maybe not.

I am happy Paulie is going to forgive his Ma.

Also, I thought it was weird to flashback to when Christopher told Tony about Adriana.
I also thought it might be the guy in the car. Something is up with that dude.

Who is the woman Christopher married?? I don't think I've ever seen her before.

Carmella is going to catch on about Adrianna.
i'm totally sad that chris is slipping. and yheah random way to marry some girl we never really met before.
This was the worst directed episode EVER! SO BORING! I wanted them to flashback to Adriana. I miss her! That house Christopher looked at was so ugly. I loved it when he was bragging about the parquay floors.
It directed by someone new and they made a lot of fuss about his artistic filming (like while Chris was drugged out, for example).

I thought the flashback to Chris telling Tony was stupid. I guess in some way it was satisfying to have my curiousity met, but nothing about it needed to be shown. It went pretty much exactly as regular viewers would expect it to, so why bother? And it was an abrupt cut to the flashback and then back to present time.

There is a lot of speculation that Carmella is going to catch on about Adriana but a lot of people think her spec house is built where Adriana is buried. That confuses me because Adriana was shot in a place that looks like the spec house area, but who knows what they did with her after that?
hmm maybe christaphah's new wife is a FED!
Oh my god! How completely awesome would that be. Carmella is at the spec house, and ...okay I have no creative ideas about why she would be doing this...but she has to remove floorboards or something, and ADRIANA'S DECAYING FACE stares up at her. ***Most awesome tv episode only in my mind ever***
I'm confused - I know they shot Adriana in a place that looks very similar to where Carm's spec house is, but does that mean they buried her there too? Is it likely they did that? I don't think Tony would let Carm start building a house if Adriana's body was anywhere around.

I love talking about this show with everyone.
they always bring someone new in abruptly: tony b, ralphie, richie. so christafa's fiance-now-wife didn't shock me in the least. but talk about a wet-blanket wasp, compared to, um, colorful ade.

i love how close christafa and tony are, so i sort of ate up the flashback. that episode killed me to begin with.

christafa nodding off was particularly painful to watch.

i so don't care about paulie anymore. and i used to like him. selfish greedy egocentric pissant.

they are so setting things up. what exactly, i have no clue, and i don't want to know. but with each episode, i get more anxious.
i also used to like paulie but he really took a turn this season...

He still cracks me up, though. When they were discussing Vito and he said, "How much more betrayal can I take?!" and in the last episode "Fuck the hat!" (inside a church no less) and the fact that he had his 'Mother' tattoo removed. He's a complete sociopath, but he still gets funny lines.
my favorite paulie moment ever was the episode where he retrieved the painting of tony and pie-oh-my, when he had tony redone to look like napoleon ... and then he sits down in his plastic-covered chair to admire his handiwork.

i have a sneaking suspicion they're making the audience turn on him for a good reason, tho.
Omg Mandi, Pie-Oh-My, Napoleon/Tony, that is my fave Paulie Walnuts moment too. Yeah, he is hilarious but lately his character makes me cringe.

And it would be "just desserts" if Chwistafah's new wife is a FED.
mando - you got the tone of the show right on the nail - anxious. I feel more stressed out each week as I watch...its that balance of wanting/not wanting to see it all fall apart.
Hmmm. I just caught this week's episode.

Why is Tony being such a jerk to Johnny Sac?

Why is he not letting Carmella build the spec house?

What the hell is Vito doing going back there??
Speculation about that house was that Adriana is possibly buried there.

I thought it was awful when Janice just went traipsing through the wife's house, pointing out all the decorating changes she was going to make once it's hers!
May I ask, what exactly IS a "spec house," anyway? I know it's the house Carmella's all wrapped up in, but what does that mean?

Yeah, that was a bitch-assed thing to do to walk through the house with decorator-in-tow! I love Aida Turturro---but that character Janice she plays is really over the top!

Fuck HBO for ending my Sopranos. Fuck 'em hard with a broomstick. The whole damned broomstick.
It's a house built "on spec" or speculation, presumably of a very profitable sale. In other words, it isn't being built because the builder wants to live in it so much as sell it immediately and recoup all expenses plus huge profit. The "spec" house was Carmela-as-realtor's vision for creating a way to be economically independent from Tony, as well as a way to really jump-start her money earning potential as a newby in real estate.

I also think Adriana's remains are somewhere in the spec house...and it makes me nervous to think she'll be found soon, now that the inspector "won't budge" and the house can't be built.

Oooh...I hadn't even entertained the possibility that the "new wife" is a Fed (and I bet there've been all kinds of clues in the story that support this. Of course I would have missed them all!)
I finally watched last week's epi last night....and..meh. I know they're building things up, but shit - this season is SO slow!

And really, I *hate* the dr. melfi stiff, stilted and rehash rehash rehash....bah.

I'm totally just watching out of habit now, not because I'm all that interested. It makes me sad.
I really loved this episode.

I loved that Tony finally seems to be kicking AJ's ass into gear without Carmella involved.

I loved Carmella's introspective comments in Paris, although all the shots of the sculptures, etc, got a little old.

The scene where they beat Vito to death was disgusting. But when Phil came out of the closet in the motel, that was a hilarious visual, even though he's quite a foreboding guy.

I'm wondering if Meadow's move to California means they are basically writing her out of the show.

I can't ever decide if I like Rosalie or if she's really a good friend or not. Sometimes I love her comments and sometimes I just don't like her. I liked how straight she was with Carmella about AJ in the hospital in the second episode of this season, but many other times I just felt 'eh' about her. The same for all the wives - are they really friends or are they just together because it's easier to have friends who understand where you're from/your husband's work?
I thought last night's episode was good too. Everyone knew that was coming to Vito. I don't know what he was thinking going back there.

I too was so happy to see Tony FINALLY come down on AJ. I want to smack that kid. Mr K & I wonder if AJ will be killed off. There was a lot of foreshadowing.

I was shocked when that Carl stabbed that man.

I wouldn't mind if they wrote Meadow out of the show.
i was totally hoping carmella would run into furio in paris!

ro's a good friend i think, the other wives maybe not. and why does carm keep dreaming about adrianna?

so tony's over his guilt about slobbing around with other women, huh? i suppose it made him feel "manly" after pussing out with vito.

i absolutely agree - AJ needs a smack, meadow can stay in CA, and phil in the closet cracked me up!
I just got to watch Sunday's episode tonight...

Phil came "out of the closet" with Vito. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAHHHAAAAAA!
Turbojenn, you read my mind: this season's shows, in my opinion, reveal how boring The Sopranos really is. I think it was intended to be boring, as part of David Chase's rarefied commentary on the conventions of serial television. Usually, the banality, the sheer lassitude of mob life, is my favorite part, but now that we know everybody's schtick in the show (and more than ever, it really does seem like schtick and less like characterization), the episodes feel like run-throughs: Carm sit here and do your nagging thing; Tony sit here and glower and huff and whinge, etc. etc. Even the cast looks bored! I loved the Vito substory, but it's over. And I don't think David Chase is even remotely interested in tying up any "story arcs." He seems to have conceived the show as this intermittent, not-especially-sequential look-see at a bunch of hoods stuck in a Beckett-like loop of barbarism and tedium. He should just return some of HBO's money and call it a day. Nobody's really feeling it any more.
yeah, speedy, I was kind of shocked at my response on sunday, when things finally started happening, that I really didn't care. The Vito storyline was the only one in the show that had any heart, and now its gone already. This season feels like a last look at the family to be sure, but I had high hopes earlier in the season that the unraveling would be much more interesting to watch than it has been.

But yes....Phil coming out of the closet...a brilliant piece of visual folly!
I'm really surprised any of you "loved" this episode. Speedy is was Dull, dull, DULL. It seems like somebody new is directing or something. The season started out with real penache and was really exciting, and the last three episodes have been a snooze fest. As for Meadow being written off the show, I hope not. I really like her and think her character is totally believable. AJ is the one who is the TERRIBLE actor and who needs to be killed off. He's just bad, plain and simple. The stabbing of the random guy by Carl was really disgusting and unnecessary. I seriously doubt that would happen - he just went into a temper and lost control of a butcher knife, with no consequences, just an eye roll from Tony?? And all those long sequences in Paris with Carm were terrible. I think SHE was the one who wasn't being the good friend by bringing up the death of Rosalie's son and spoiling her vacation, then giving her a hard time about hooking up with a hot 26 year old. Carmella was totally raining on Rosalie's parade and ruining her trip, all because she was homesick and sad herself.
I do think Meadow is a believeable character. I loved when Carmella said "I thought you two were having problems" to Meadow (about Finn) and Meadow got all pissed and said "I never said that."

As a mid-20's gal, that's exactly how I'd react if I'd confided in my parents about relationship doubts only to have them bring it up later. I like Meadow a lot and I don't want her to be written off but I feel like she has no storyline of her own now that Finn doesn't have to worry about Vito anymore.
So, I was watching "Sopranos" about a month ago at my parents house. It was one of those scenes with Meadow talking about her career.

My mother turned to me, and said: "That sounds like you."

So, I also find her character believeable. Also, I still react that way with my family about my relationships doubts.
Babbling Spoilers:

What the hell is up with this "last episode...of the year" boloney? Now there's going to be another two years of milling around and waiting for them to wind this shit up already?

I don't blame Carl and Silvio at all for stabbing that gross bastard that killed Vito and kept making those gross jokes about him. They loved Vito, regardeless of whether they thought he was a picklesmootcher or not.

The whole " 'faggotry is a sin' but we can anally rape and murder someone" shit from Phil really upset me, and his sanctimonious wife is a pig. That scene with Vito's kids reading the paper really blew my mind. (And yes, Phil coming out the closet was hillarious).

I'm not sure how I felt about the 'idyll in new hampshire/Vito shoots a guy in the head after hitting his car/Carmella in Paris sub plots---I mean, they were fine ,but where was my true love Christopher?

Johnny Sac saying that a mobster becoming a rat was like "one of your people becoming a Nazi' to his Jewish lawyer was BRILLIANT.

meadow can suck my dick, BTW. I am so done with her whining.
I loved Tony ,"You know who you should discuss this with? Your mother." and I LOVE the way they had him stand up to AJ the punk (finally) without reverting to beating his ass like Tony's father did to Tony, but then just when I'm starting to love him he's getting a blowjob from a stripper and totally dicking Johnny Sac ( Quiet, you're right,it was so LOW-RENT of the titty-tattoed Janice to go strolling through Ginny's house with a decorator while she was stil there-crying)and his wife out of his house.

I am not sad for Vito (although I loved him waddling all over NH with his mustachioed fireman, it was so cute!)--- he shouldn't have come back. 'Johnny cakes' totally had him pegged when he called Vito on missing 'the life' not his kids, and he did shoot that man in the head, which was totally out of line, I don't care how drunk/desperate he was. His dealth was especially brutal and uncalled for ,but he chose to go back to that life, what did he expect?

Drea looked so beautiful with her little beret and Rosalee is a piece of ass. you go on with your 26 year old,girl!
Was that the last episode?

Why am I thinking there's supposed to be another one? Anybody?

Oh, yeah...Fuck HBO for taking away my Sopranos.
Fuck 'em hard with a broomstick.

The whole damned broomstick.
final epi of this mini-season is this coming sunday....six more epis coming in January, and then that's it.

Honestly, I'm bored, over it, and *dying* for Deadwood to start and bring some sweetly foul cursing into my livingroom. ;)
WTF was that?? I am utterly baffled. No cliffhanger, even.
YEAH, WTF!!! I'm pretty much chalking this season up to a big - pffft. So what. There's certainly portentous overtones of things falling apart, but we got very little action on that...and then all of a sudden its Christmas, and everyone is happy and smiling, and pretending like everything is fine....uh, I don't really care. Give me something to chew on.

I did like the scene in the hospital with Tony and Phil...that small little piece of the kind Tony came out.

BUT....looking ahead, new season of Deadwood next week...I'm gonna see if there's any interest in discussion in the community forum.
yeah, booooriiiing. So, Tony discovers the meaning of life and now we all have to suffer?
they should just drop the melfi sessions. there's not even any chemistry anymore.

i kept hoping juliana margolis would get whacked. i can't stand her and don't think she's beautiful at all. (not an ER fan, cantcha tell?) and fuck her for enabling christafah, even tho i know he's been using very well all by himself.

wtF with the precious chicken-soup-for-the-soul moment between tony and phil in the hospital? no no no! tony's supposed to bend down and whisper sweetly in his dying ear, "listen you motherfucking shah-of-iran-looking cocksucker, you come after anyone remotely near and dear to me and it'll be the last thing you ever do." if he was really a "changed man", would he still be insanely jealous of christofah & juliana?

loved the frozen look of horror on carm's face when AJ brought his 'new family' into casa soprano. and i could've lived my life quite happily never having to witness AJ getting it on in bed with that chick. that was oh so wrong. *shudder*

i agree. HBO sucks much donkeydong for making us wait another 9 months or year or whatever for the last 8 episodes. and only because they can. bastids.
Mando, I agree. The LAST thing I wanted to see was AJ in bed with anyone. ICK. I can't stand him.

I like Juliana Margolis ok, but I don't like her character. I can't say I was surprised they relapsed together.
, "listen you motherfucking shah-of-iran-looking cocksucker"

Mandolyn, I am so in love with you it's scary.
I swear I waited the whole episode for Christopher to get whacked! First by Tony, then by Phils guys...or maybe they would miss and hit Juliana and then it would really be on! That had to be the worst season finally I have every seen! WTF was with the ending sitting in the living room like a freaking christmas card picture!
pixiedust, we were thinking the same thing about Juliana getting whacked by accident!

and mandolyn, agreed about the Melfi sessions. Yawn.

I was thinking that at least the Dr. who mis-diagnosed Phil was gonna get it.
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