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I would love to be on the list... I am a total postcard/greeting card nerd.
Let me know ladies

RoseV, are we ready for a springtime postie exchange?

I'm happy to organize it if you want someone to manage that part of it. I'm just dying for some happy mail!

I want to be on the springtime list if you are doing one! I found some crazy postcards!
me too!
RoseV, are you around? I don't want to take this over if you want to continue to run it.

Let's give her another week or so, and if we don't hear from her, I'll do a call for all of your addresses so I can collect them and send them out.

Yay mail!
Hey, gang! I am sooooooo sorry I have neglected you for so long. My apologies. It completely slipped my mind. Yes, it's time we put out a new list. Most definitely. But if someone else wants to take over the job, that's fine with me. I'm far from the first person to manage the list (I think I'm the 3rd) & I've been doing it for 5 years. We can keep the same e-mail address for the list. I'll just give the password to Mermaidgirl & she'll be the new postie mistress. Sound good?
Thank you, RoseV!

So, I just sent emails to everyone who was on the most recent contact list for the last postcard swap.

If you didn't get an email from me, and you want to be included in this round, please email me your mailing address - swimmingwithbootson [at] yahoo [dot] com by Thursday April 10.

SexySandee, BettieBlank, and Lananans, send me your mailing addresses so I can get you on the list.

I think I've got too much going on right now to be in this round, but next time for sure!
Last call for getting in on this swap!
Just sent out the email with everyone's addresses. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Sent out my U.S. cards yesterday. Heading to the post office in a few to send to the UK, Scotland and Canada!
Mermaidgirl, I got your card yesterday! Yes, Spring has definitely been around for a while down here in the south. I started wearing sandals about a week ago. biggrin.gif
mermaidgirl, I got your postie today! thank you! biggrin.gif
mine too! thanks, mermaidgirl smile.gif.
Thanks for the card, Mermaid!

Thanks for the postie, Rose! My new favourite blog:
Dusty, I love both of Emily's blogs. On the regular Black Apple blog, she made a post about some really scrumptious peanut butter cookies that I want to try.
Thank you for the very cute card, rose!

I shall try to send mine out shortly
Thanks for the postie, RoseV!
Thanks for the handmade postie, Dusty! Very cute idea!
I've been shit this round, apologies. I'll rectify it this week as posting lots of ebay things.

I loved dusty's card smile.gif.

eta: I'm also changing address this weekend (although will have mail forwarded from home.
Ooooh, I forgot about this. Now that I'm actually making money I can participate in the next round again.
Well, since we have officially entered the fall season & since a few of you have moved, I think it's a good time to update the list. Whaddaya say?
I posted mine out today so I'm up for another round! It will be nice to receive post at new place smile.gif.
I want in!
Could someone tell me how you get in on this?
I'm trying to send postcards to all my friends too but this seems like SO much fun!
Yeah, let's do it. I saw some cute postcards at the store the other day.
This sounds like fun. How does it work?
Sounds good. I'm going away for the weekend, but when I come back next week I'll start working on the new list. Just be sure to send an e-mail to postielist[at]bust[dot]com with your mailing address, screen name, and real name.
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