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To quote Lady Ell:

"That is one crazy accurate reading. Seriously... are you on my LJ or something? Like, I don't see how else you could know that stuff."


I posted a long response here, but then I thought it was too personal to post on Bust since it's about work. So I took it down and will post it in my LJ. Sometimes I hate that this is a public forum that everyone can read.

But thank you for the reading. It was pretty amazing and spot-on.
Mme, can you give me another reading pretty please?

Can I put my name in for a reading? I'll be tres patient!

Name: Sassypants
Location: Vancouver
Personal item: Sketchbook
I'd love a reading as well, if you have the time...:-)

Laptop computer
emtee got a second reading, so now I don't feel so bad at asking to be put back in line! I'd love to know about either marriage stuff or business stuff. Or both, if they both come up.

New Orleans
my dad's old typewriter

thank you!
emtee got a second reading, so now I don't feel so bad for asking to be put back in line! I'd love to know about either marriage stuff or business stuff. Or both, if they both come up.

New Orleans
my dad's old typewriter

thank you!
I would love a reading, if you have time. I'm especially interested in the outcome of something that will take place at work on May 16th.

Iowa City
My two kitties

I know there's quite a list; I'm patient!
Fuego Lento, your reading:

I'm sorry - I should say that specifics like dates are completely out of my range of talents. The cards show a stage of recuperation from a particularly bad break-up or deception - a concentration on the self which is neccesary to heal old wounds. A lot of these cards put the focus on you, and self reliance rather than on a relationship, which leads me to think that your status isn't going to change in the near future. After this stage is completed I see a particular focus on family - you are certainly going to have children. The person who is going to help you form this family may be an old lover - look for a Pisces, cancer or scorpio.
Light bright, your reading:

Nothing in particular came up about the military issue - unless I'm just not seeing it here. I'll tell you what the cards say, and hopefully you'll be able to glean something from them.

So, to be blunt, you have had things a little tough in the last little while. I don't think we're talking "catastrophic" tough, but certainly ill health, shitty pay etc. The health issue is in the past - it's done. The money issue, you're still struggling with. The answer to this might surprise you. I am going to encourage you to take a leap of faith: sever all ties and responsibilities - do the foolish thing for once. I see you in the near future as accountable to no-one but yourself, with the world and endless possibilities within your reach. Travel is well starred here. I think the future is going to be a really fun and open time for you. I'm not sure how this would relate to your military issue, except if you are planning to join the military specifically for travel and education opportunities - in which case the cards certainly indicate that's a possibility.

Ready when you are. Still need your "personal details."
Lysistrata, your reading:

Something strange happened when I started your reading, which is that I felt heavy, like I couldn't even lift my hands. Sadly, also, the cards I put down were not terribly happy ones. Are you currently feeling weighed down by troubles? Maybe that's an explanation (?!)

Specifically, these cards usually indicate the difficult decision to break off a romantic relationship. If it's any consolation, your future looks very happy - surrounded by friends and family, a new intellectual focus - with heavy creative energy as well, mastery of your emotional and spiritual self. Maybe you just need to be alone for a little while to enjoy these other areas of life.

I've PMed you a little additional info. Wish I had gladder tidings.
Thanks mmeoptimystic,
can you tell me what cards turned up for me (like 2 travel cards, 1 bad health card, etc. (i dont know if those are real cards or not)? i also wanted to know do you read what things we have posted in the other threads? your reading gives me something to look forward, even though i really dont see anything coming up right thanks and ill let you know soon if something happens...
Okay, totally adding myself to the list...just general, nothing specific

Name: Kat
Locale: NYC
Personal item: emerald ring
Light bright,

That's a valid question and I thought it would come up at some point.

I am a regular Bustie - so yeah I do know some of you from other threads. Specifically, I read the celebrity gossip thread. HOWEVER - I am also a new mother, so I only have so much time. You might notice for example that I post once a day, and never on week-ends. That's 'cause I promised myself I wouldn't spend longer than an hour a day doing readings (and no week-ends) Anyway, I just don't have the time to hang around the Bust Lounge lurking the way I used to - so no, I don't tend to read the things people have posted in MOST of the other threads - outside of mediawhores.

Secondly, I dont WANT to know too much about you guys because the more I know, the more I'm going to want the cards to mean certain things. If I form a bond where I care about the outcome, I'm not going to want to interpret things honestly for you. There is certainly a curiousity there - especially when the readings are really juicy - but I try to wait for the feed-back to see if I'm right.

If you have questions about the authenticity - I would certainly point to the amount of times I've been wrong. Also, I think I often talk about things that people haven't brought up in the lounge.

I rely on both intuition and the traditional meanings of the cards to do a reading - so, for example, your reading was:

Past: 4 of swords - recuperation, usually from illness
Present: 5 of coins - usually indicates financial problems.
Future: The world, Seven of cups, Ace of Swords, The Fool. A good place to read about the standard meanings of these are on websites like

I don't tend to mention the cards I draw because 1) I think it allows people to form their own interpretations, and detracts from the value of getting an IMPARTIAL reading and 2) because sometimes cards have a specific meaning to me which differs from their traditional meaning and I don't want to have to explain myself.

So, I hope that addresses your question. I look forward to seeing if the travel thing happens.
Madame OM, I assume by now you've read my PM to you? It was my original reply to you, but I deleted it from the Lounge for personal reasons. I just want to say many thanks (again) because today I received really good news about a new job (just like you said, but I wasn't sure what it would be about) and the potential for applying for it. It's good all around and I thought you'd want to know. :-) (And it's enough to sate my curiosity to know that you're a regular Bustie. Please leave it at that and don't give too much more away. You're awesome!)
OK, I'm dying of curiosity. Can I jump in, too, when you have a chance?

Name: MissThing
Location: Chicago
Personal Item: Dell computer
Howdy I'd like a general reading too; I believe I'll be after lucizoe-if that's not right, then feel free to put me in my place :-)

Name: Julie
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Item: the nikes I've had since the beginning of highschool.
Mme., thank you for yet another amazing reading! I did recently (well, six-eight months ago) end a rough relationship and am nervous to start again. Man, I'm *always* single, though! A new crush would be great, as long as it's reciprocated -- even if it doesn't work out in the long run.

I just hope for my own sake that the children thing you saw in my cards doesn't come to pass -- I'm not big on kids and don't want any. If I'm raising someone else's, well, we'll see, but I'm still not thrilled with the idea.
Mme., thanks for the explanation. So from what I can gather you do a spread of 1 past card, 1 present card, and 4 future cards?

I'm just learning about spreads, so just asking out of curiousity. Also wondering what deck you prefer.
Raisingirl - PM received! Thanks for letting me know - it's always exciting to get feedback.

Roseviolet, your reading:

Usually I PM information like this - and usually I don't like to speak in certainties because often when cards like this come up it can be either literal or it can be figurative. HOWEVER I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this is literal - simply because of the sheer number of the cards that come up that refer to it.

You are in a very good relationship. There is true equality and balance here - you compliment eachother perfectly. I believe that you are going to have a baby. If you are not now pregnant, you soon may be. The reason I haven't PMed you about this, is that I believe this will not shock you, as the cards show that you may have gone off birth control.

As I've said, and just to cover my ass if I'm totally off base, it could be that I'm taking the cards too literally and that they refer instead to some other creative enterprise undertaken with your husband - this after a period of leaving things up to chance and fate.
lady_ell - I tend to follow my gut with the spreads I use, depending on the question, or how I feel. With any spread - if I don't understand an element of it, I pull further cards for clarification. The three card past-present-future spread is the one I use most often here mostly because of time constraints, but because it is also the most concise of spreads I usually end up pulling further cards. It's a bit of organised chaos.

I use good old Raider-Waite, if only because it's the same kind my mum used and because I've owned this deck for 11 years. I don't think it matters which deck you use, as the rudimentary theory stays the same.
New waiting list:


Nanners, your reading:

Have you started to look for that new job yet? The cards are pretty insistant. It would be a VERY lucrative change for you.

But...let's see about the ol' love life. Okay. Nothing is going to fall into your lap - you are going to need to get out there. It may be that, despite all I've said, you're actually shielding yourself within your work. It IS going to happen for you, but it's up to you when. I think you will meet this man through an educational or intellectual pursuit - there may be something to do with travel, or long distance relationship. This man is smart, assertive...maybe a bit of a "geek" (in the nicest way of course - just little emotionally/socially awkward) Possibly a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.
I tried to have my cards read once many years ago, but there was so much upheaval in my life that the cards were hard to interpret. But this was so different!

That reading was just ... wow. Amazing! But a baby? Oh my goodness. We're not planning on that right now, but I must admit that recently I did go off of my birth control pills (my prescription ran out, but I plan on renewing it again within a week) so your reference to that was quite eerie!

I'm kinda wondering if the baby might also have something to do with new beginnings. My husband and I just moved to a new state so that he could take a job. Could all the newness of this situation - new state, new job, new home, & possibly a new car - be another interpretation of the reading?
mdm, you never cease to amaze me.

so...can i request a reading? specifically referring to my creative endeavors and love life?
i know i have already requested a reading, so if requesting a 2nd one is not an option, just lemme know.

name: arc
location: bergen county, NJ
favorite things: my new glasses, netflix, and the color pink

thank you!
mmeoptimystic -
Thank you so much for this additional information! I honestly don't know particularly what this new job opportunity might be just yet, but I am encouraged by you and by a few other things happening around here that support that kind of change. I like that it could be lucrative, a few extra dollars would be nice!

Don't have any specific thoughts that correlate yet about the love life reading, although I am planning a trip to Europe this fall with a couple of friends, so it is very interesting that you mention travel/long distance...hmmm...sounds better already...

Thanks again for your insights!
Hi mmeoptimystic
sorry to sound greedy and your reading on me was great but I was wondering if you could give me any hope on the lovelife front? I have been single for so long and I would like to know if this will end anytime soon and if I will ever meet anyone who will accept the fact that I am a bit looney but like me anyway?
Thank you
Roseviolet - there was a card (three of wands) that might have refered to the situation you describe below - however most of the other cards refer to motherhood specifically. As Ebenezer Scrooge would say "are these the shadows of what might be?" If you're not ready yet, just take some extra precautions until you renew your prescription.

Periander - If you don't mind re-joining the queue, I'd be happy to do you another, more specific, reading.
name: beth
location: columbia, sc
favorite things: the color blue, my bed, my terra-cotta Buddha statue
Oh, this looks like fun. I'd like to join the line:

Name: Alexis
Location: London
Personal item: my copy of 'The Dispossessed' by Ursula K. Le Guin.
Janellemarie, your reading:

You have been working hard - taking on more responsibility than you asked for, and doing a damn good job. So why should you put up with this person in authority (your boss?) being such a complete and total bastard? You aren't going to win this one. You are justified in quitting, and the cards show that if you do so, you are going to open up a world of opportunities. In fact, your next position will be a very lucrative one (especially if you are thinking of working for yourself).
Ok..since RV succummed to the temptation, I will add myself to the list
name: Janine
Location: Tulsa
Item: my tinkerbell watch
Hi Madame-

I was also wondering if you could do a second reading for me, focusing on career stuff. I'm making some decisions and I am a bit confused as to what my next step should be.
I'm in no hurry for the reading so whenever you have a chance.
Item: Laptop Computer

I was so frustrated yesterday after doing a reading for you that I didn't even bother to post it - nearly the exact same cards as last time. So. So today I'm going to try a new layout BUT you must promise me to take a moment today to say to the universe "Okay, I get it. I am in charge. I am the head of this family. Any difficulties we are going through right now are going to be resolved because I am the mom and I am going to make it fine. My family will be happy, my children will be happy, even if I have to fight to make it so." Jeezum Crow, universe, now can we move on?

Okay briefly on other fronts:

You are working hard. Possibly you are overworked and exhausted. It may be that you are also in a position of authority at work or are about to receive a promotion. I would sit tight - your hard work is going to pay off very well. In the mean-time I think you are recuperating from some financial hardship. That is in the past but you are still going to have to balance your money very carefully and make some difficult decisions about what you can do without for a little while. Your health looks to be good. There is no particular indication of travel. You are not/or have not been ready to be in a new romantic relationship as of yet. When the time is right he will come to you - you won't need to try to find him. You may meet this man through work. He is a professional, successful, hard working man, possibly a Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. Remember WHEN the time is right - which may not be right now!
Sassypants, your reading:

There is some form of deception related to work. This is specifically related to a job....hmmm, a service industry or something you do on behalf of others. SomeBODY is being underhanded and thwarting your efforts. Just be aware of any suspicious behaviour and trust your gut.

There is also a reference to something creative / some kind of craft that you do, that is being done not as your primary work but on the side. This reading seems to indicate that you could be very successful doing this full time. Lots of creative, emotional and monetary happiness.

On the other hand, you are also cautioned to balance your money carefully. It could be that you are often tempted to spend your money foolishly and this spread warns that if you continue to do so, you will run into a great deal of trouble.

Mamiwater, your reading:

Having a hard time seeing whether this relates to work or to education. Not sure what you call it down in the States but in Canada we call it Co-op. Like, you go to work to gain credit towards your degree, or maybe you've gone back to school in order to progress at work. The spread shows an almost stereotypical career progression - you start off as the eager young talent, you progress as the crusader, you end up as the boss. Everyone should be so lucky.

It appears that you are currently at the "crusader" stage - and under the authority of someone intellectual (this card I would usually relate to a university professor). Then, your future shows a brand new intellectual pursuit that I would normally associate with going back to school, only it shows you attaining a degree of authority at work. So...I'm confused.

Do you work in something like engineering, or that would take a lot of...basically brain over emotions? I suppose it doesn't matter. The overall theme of the reading is that you are going to start a new intellectual or work endeavour, that you are going to achieve a degree of authority there, that you may rely on the help of this intellectual mentor or teacher to get you to that place.
I would like to join in, if possible...Sounds like fun!

Name: Ventre
Location: Virginia
Personal Item: My favorite colors are green and blue

I don't have a specific question, just a general outlook of my life and where I am going...
Hi there,

De-lurking and hoping you'd be able to help me with understanding some major life changes I've been going through.

Name: Meredith
Location: Rhode Island
Personal Item: A print of an advertisement for a Paris art/furniture exposition in the 1930's.
Im happy to jump on to the end of the line. Do you need my details again?
Thank you Mmeoptimystic! And I must say I am very impressed, very, very impressed. I have been worried about my business partner recently, I will have to look into that more. Creative . . . yes! I’m a fashion designer and I’m just about to start doing it full time. And the world knows I am a fool with money. Needless to say, thank you and that was so fun!
Hah! How perfect you are.
Amilita, your reading:

There is a man - logical, assertive, sometimes aloof - possibly a Gemini Libra or Aquarius. There are all the ingredients for a happy marriage with this man, however all relationships go through cycles; sometimes hot sometimes cold. You may be withholding yourself somehow. You are encouraged to give this man another chance. There will be a happy ending.

Career: Woah. Loadsa money. If not now, soon. You may be frustrated because things aren't progressing as fast as you'd like. Don't worry. The seeds you've planted are going to lead to fruition; it's just going to take a little time. The cards show a lot of individual effort - I often draw this card for women who work for themselves - HOWEVER it may be when these results finally come about, you will be involved in some kind of work on behalf of other people. So, freelance work or sales would be well starred in this spread.

Wow, I had to let this one sink in a little. My husband is an Aquarius, and he's definately assertive and sometimes aloof (in the sense of being in his own thoughts)...maybe not so logical generally, though! I'm glad to hear we can have a happy marriage...we have been having a hard time lately for various reasons. Not a very serious hard time, but enough that I was feeling funky.

And I'll have to look at the withholding of myself...there is some truth to that. Funny, because I wouldn't have really thought of it that way, but it's true.

And the career stuff sounds great! We opened an art gallery, and I'm basically running it...and things aren't going as well as we'd like finantially. We may change how we are doing things...our location...I hope we can still get the loads of money if we decide to tweak things!

Thank you! I enjoy your readings so much, and love reading other people's reactions to their own. This one has a lot of future stuff, so I'll update if anything this point, it seems very right on!
Hi! I hope I am not cutting in here but I have two questions:
1. Am I supposed to pursue a new career or stick with my old plan?
2. Am I supposed to be (romantically) with an old friend or should we stay just friends?

name: greenbean
location: Northern California
item: my yellow rotary phone

Please lemme know if I should post later.
Greenbean - you're welcome to join the queue if you don't mind waiting. I'' try to get to you by the end of the week.

Rosered - Your reading:

I'm sorry to say that I am drawing a great deal of negative cards regarding your query. Possibly you are looking forward to some form of validation after a period of hard work - a promotion, bonus or review maybe? I can't say how that will turn out, but the repercussions are challenging. At the very least, your direction is going to change completely. On the negative side I see a difficult break with the past with many doubts, insecurities, and regrets. I see a period of hard work that may adversely effect your family. I see a sense of betrayal and difficulty letting go. On the positive side, you have an ally at work. The cards show a man of authority - possibly your boss - who is not a bad man himself and may, in fact, be able to help you in some way. I see the world openning up to you - maybe literally; you may travel overseas. I see a great deal of happiness resulting from the changes you are forced to make in this difficult time.
I would like to join the list as well is that okay?

Do I have to ask specific questions or is just my name, location and item enough?

Name: Melina Marie
Location: New York
Item: Red Hooded sweatshirt
Thanks for the reading! I sent you a pm with further details, because I'm really confused--if you have time, I'd love any further information, but I will let you know how things play out! Thanks for your generous insights!
((mmeoptimystic)), you are amazing! I'm going to be starting a masters in education program which involves me teaching classes as well as taking them, so it's kind of a job/school combination...I'm an English major but I've taken all science courses this semester, so there's definitely been a head/heart split in that and other ways...sometimes its discouraging to be dismissed as "eager" by cynics when you're young and enthusiastic, but I'm glad to hear that I'm heading in the right direction! Thanks for taking time out to help me!
mmeoptimystic... May I be on the waiting list, please? what do you need for information? I haven't posted here at the Lounge for awhile. thanks. Jami
No pressure, but - do you have an updated waiting list queue? I'll keep an eye peeled. Thanks.
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