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Rosered - haven't received your PM yet but my bustmail isn't completely reliable - sometimes it takes a few days.

Jami - for a reading I need your name (real first name or lounge name) where you reside, and a "personal item" which can be anything from your favourite colour, to an animal that lives in your home, to a piece of jewelery - use your imagination.

Waiting list:


I am going on vacation so I regret that my ability to do the Tarot house will be somewhat interupted for the two weeks following this coming Friday. New folk may like to wait 'til I get back to leave their information, and people at the end of this waiting list, may have a bit longer to wait. Sorry guys.
Lucizoe, your reading:

You may be in a new job or just about to start one. Positive aspects of this job are a nice wage, and a really good boss. This is the type of person who becomes a mentor and is always on your side. Negative aspects of this job are disorganisation and HARD WORK! You're going to have to call on all of your resources here but if you can muck through, there's a good potential for advancement. If you haven't started a job yet, look into government or civil service.

You are in a job where you are very comfortable, where you have a great deal of autonomy and perhaps even a level of authority. There is something else that you do, as well, that you are more passionate about but which you have not pursued full time because of your reluctance to give up the financial security that you enjoy. I can't lie to you, if you make a decision to follow your passion, there are going to be financial burdens, you are going to have to start from the bottom, and results are not going to happen as fast as you'd like. But there is a great deal of potential to do well (eventually) financially, and emotionally on that path. Good things will follow, but it's up to you whether you have the patience and are willing to make the big sacrifices to get to that point.
hi, can i get back in line after Jami...thanks mmeoptimystic...
Ooooooh! I'm *nervous*!! I hope I can get in by weeks end, but no pressure, Madame!
This kinda reminds me of the Friends episode where Monica makes homemade candy for the neighbors just to be nice and soon they are all pounding on the door, like "We need more candy!!"

So I hope you arent feeling overwhelmed! We obviously like the candy!
To be totally honest, mmeoptimystic, my reading didn't really apply, unless it's referring to starting school, which doesn't happen for months and months. I could see acquiring a mentor in that regard, but not a job that will pay anything. I'm also not currently looking for a job, and certainly wouldn't look into anything civil service-wise or government-related (especially being an anarchist)...but I will keep an open mind about it. Thanks so much for your time!
Thanks, madame!

Yeah, that does make a lot of sense. So it says I have to do, like, a whole lifestyle overhaul to get what I want?
ohh, can i play??
name: Bianca
Location: brooklyn
personal item: stella marshmella (my pooch) and white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies.

It's okay Madame when you have the time. I hope you have a good vacation.
Morning, Madame!

Did you happen to get my pm? I don't want to spam you with pleas for a response; just checking. The situation I asked you about will be over (at least, the beginning will be over) by the time you return from your vacation, so I'll let you know how your insights applied. (I think it is kind of interesting that this is an immediate future issue; I usually ask for insights about long-term situations!) Many thanks, and enjoy your rest!
Rosered - never got it!

Lucizoe - Oh poop. Disappointing. As I've said before, I do have my off days. Sometimes, especially with harder to decipher layouts, it would be better to have a live reading so I could ask some clarifying questions. I hope it won't keep you away - the next reading might be a bit clearer.

Missthing - It says you can't have it both ways. Nothing good comes easy.
totally, madame! i heart you and i am a weird girly...i don't envy you reading my cards :-)
Glimmerllama , your reading:

You are more powerful than you realise. You are a very creative, artistic woman. You feel currently, or have been feeling lately as if there are so many things you would like to do, but you feel as though you can't because you are hindered by forces beyond your control. You may be feeling helpless and also unable to make decisions. For lack of a better phrase, let go and let god. What I mean is that you must recognise the times in life that you cannot influence or change the circumstances around you - and it will be less painful if you sit back and allow events to happen than if you struggle against them. I see a complete separation from the past, or from the way you've been living your life - a rebuilding of your life from the ground up. I see this followed by a great deal of emotional and possibly financial happiness that will come to you through family or friends. You may be receiving money through inheritance, a loan from your parents, or otherwise gaining money through a family or friend connection. Who is the older man - nice guy - possibly Leo, Aries or Saggitarius, and the woman - down to earth - Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo? Ring any bells?
stick me in da line madame..

today there are white roses and fressia in a vase on the table.
where's this life of mine headed?
i want more babies...
and everything else too.
Misspissed, your reading:

Love life - I think that you are now or have lately been in a state on neccessary solitude. There is going to be a partnership soon but not immediately. It is possible that you already know the person you will pair up with because I see the...sort of, seedlings already planted...but you may be a little frustrated with the time it will take for the relationship to blossom (forgive the pun). Or it could be that you have taken the first steps to finding someone (on-line dating for example) and are impatient with at how long it takes for things to get moving. It will happen.

Creative endeavours - It may be that you are starting a new creative period after a period of stagnance. There is the indication that you will rely on financial support or tutelage or partnership with an older gentleman. The cards warn you that you may get your hearts desire - however it won't be everything you'd hoped for. In particular, something about this man's involvement may hurt the process.
Periander, your reading:

Wow. This is easy, and nice to report. All the cards agree - you are ready for a relationship, you will start one VERY soon, this will be THE ONE. Marriage material, if you're into that sort of thing. I can't for the life of me get the cards to reveal his sign but he will be a man of strong convictions for a cause - a lawyer or activist possibly - and he will probably have been single for some time himself.
Bethbrew, your reading:

A new job. This is a good thing, but you are harbouring a feeling of apathy towards it, perhaps because you would rather be doing something more creative? Not to worry - you will be undertaking a new creative project as well, probably done as part of a larger group. In fact, you may enjoy a level of authority within this group. You are headed into a very emotionally and spiritually fulfilling time of your life.
Maryjo, your reading:

Oh EASY peasy lemon squeezy. In love? I suspect you are already with this person, but if not yet, very very soon. Just like Periander below, this is the real deal - look for Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio.

Oh Thank you mmeoptimystic! I *will be* looking for a new job, I'm getting ready to move out of state! Thanks so much!!
Oooh..I'm next!*shivers with anticipation*
Mme, unless my life is about to take a *very* unexpected turn, I'm afraid you're way, way wrong... I'm deeply and comfortably single and if I did fall madly in love right now it would be a pretty big problem for me since I'm moving transatlantically in less than three months.

I confess I was looking forward to my turn and now I'm a wee bit disappointed... but so it goes, right?

Maybe the reading is actually referring to how much in love I will soon (she dreams) be with my new life 5,000 miles away from here.
Can I get in line?

name: Marilyn
location: Twin Cities
personal item: my toy frogtoad
mme opty, thank you so very much.

you are so spot on with my love life that it is SCARY!
I want to get in line. Here's my info.

Name: Jenny
Location: Suburb of Chicago
Personal item: a baby cookie monster stuffed doll.
Just wondering if there are any love life possibilities on the horizon.

Personal: favorite color is red
Ok mmeoptimystic, you have made me sooooooooooooo very happy. I am relationship ready, possibly for the first time in my 32 years and I do love a boy with conviction so the news is all on the up. :-) :-) :-)
Maryjo - This is a rare time I can hold my hands up and say "don't shoot the messenger" your cards: Ace of Cups, Four of Wands, Two of Cups, The Lovers, King of Cups. If you want to take a moment to look into the meanings for yourself, you'll see it wasn't a huge leap of judgement to get to your reading. Either the universe has a very perverted sense of humour, or I'll be doing the HA-HA-told-you-so dance before the year is out.

Vnoa3 - got your PM. I'll squeeze you in today.

Rosered - Got your PM. I'll try to do you a reading this week-end some time. If you want to send further information that's fine.

Pixiedust, your reading:

I see that you are in a relationship that is good and healthy. I see that you have finally been able to move forward with this relationship after a period of sustained opposition from another person(outside of the relationship). I would suggest that this other person had his own reasons to try to delay and upset your current relationship. I'll leave you to figure out what they were.

Anyway, that's all in the past and your future looks really, very rosey. You will have a period of financial achievement that will come after lots of hard work and PATIENCE. It's possible you will be working for yourself. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this is a business enterprise undertaken with your fellah. Much emotional and financial and relationship happiness to follow. Yay!
Lol...right on Madame Optimystic. I had an ex boyfriend who tried to hang on too long,and an ex husband who had his own agenda.

I don't know about the business side of things...owned a business with the ex husband and you know what they say, burned once, twice shy. But I am backing my new husband in all of his financial endevors with lots of encouragment and support.
Zora, you wanted to know about career:

I suspect your unhappiness has to do with wanting a greater sense of, how should I say this without sounding preachy...spiritually? I think you've already begun to explore this element of yourself, and the cards encourage you to continue to do so.

The last time we spoke, I encouraged you to stay in school. The cards aren't telling me what area to pursue, but they do say that there is someone -an older woman who represents an instituation - you should talk to. So, I would suggest this would be a woman who has excelled in a field you're considering, or a professor, or even a guidance counsellor, this woman is going to be able to help you make a decision.

Further, if one of the routes you are considering taking favours creativity or (as with pixiedust below) working for yourself, you are encouraged in that direction.
Hmm, mmeO... having read a couple of interpretations of those cards, I see what you mean!

However, given my particular disinterest in matters romantic right now, I can easily construct a reading wherein the realtionship/lover named in those cards is my own with my work. I am making a move which I have longed for with irrational longing, pursuing what I am most passionate about, committing myself to it after a lot of work and a lot of self-doubt and already in my most preliminary stages developing a few successes. Those cards make sense to me, thinking of that. And they make me happy.

Or maybe I will run into my life's partner tomorrow, but the other interpretation works better for me now.

Thank you!
on darn I went away and totally missed my turn. can i get in line again?
I belive the woman is my late stepmother's sister. She worked for years doing what I want to do, so I think I should go ahead and contact her. Thanks Madame!
Madame, I pmed you details! And many thanks!
Hey! I know I just had a reading, but...I'm kind of scared to ask, but, but...any insights on my love life? Thanks.

Name: MissThing
Location: Chicago
Personal item: Dell computer, two kitty cats
Vnoa3 -

A very short answer to your question. Yes. There is certainly love about to happen soon. There is really nothing you can do to make it happen faster, and nothing you need to know to prepare yourself because when it happens, he's going to be dropped into your lap - it's a fate thing. Just enjoy this time, sit back and wait for him. Look for a sensitive, idealistic, romantic, creative young man. Possibly Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.
Rosered - PMed a response
Wasabi - PMed a response.
madame is tired
madame is on vacation...she mentioned it some time last week.
happy trails.

Sorry for taking so long to post…things have been hectic for me!

You were dead on about rebuilding my life. I recently left Florida because I wasn’t doing anything for myself there. Now that I’m in Alaska, my life is completely different. I have an awesome FT job, attend school FT, joined a soccer team, and only put myself around those that make me feel great about myself. I’m much happier now and feel like I’m actually living and moving toward better things.

The inheritance is eerie because I’ve had horoscope readings for my birth date, time, and location and they also mention inheriting money. I would say that I can’t wait til I get that money but that would mean someone would have to die, so I’ll refrain (unless the inheritance is coming from my dad’s side of the family mwahahaha). Yeah, yeah, I know.

My boyfriend is an Aries man that is older than me. I’m glad you said “good guy” because I was very tempted to ask you if my boyfriend was really as nice as he seemed (I’m a little paranoid). Of course, the older guy could be someone I haven’t even met yet. For the down to earth Taurus woman, I can only think of my best friend Jenn who passed away about a year ago and was the realest person I’ve ever met. I don’t have any other females in my circle so that’s the only person I could think would fit that description.

Thank you for the reading!
Name: Tracey
Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Fav. colour: lavender purple
personal item: silver ring
If you have the time, madame....could i get in line??

Name: Jen
Location: Manchester, CT
personal item: my baby blue cello case i've had since 8th grade
Another right-on!
He's a Sagitarrius, but everything else is 100% correct.
It absolutely was fate, we both knew it right away. (Would you believe that he was dropped in my lap the day after your reading?)
Thank you so much for the reading.
Well, I'm back in time to do a few, and disappear into the week-end again. Just to keep you eager -The waiting list:

Ventre, your reading (waited long enough?!):

I think you're used to being a woman in total control of yourself - especially where money is concerned. It could be that recently you've had to rely on someone else; a male energy - most likely a husband or father figure. It's likely that doesn't sit too well with you. I think you're once again coming to a time of self reliance. I don't think the money will be what you are used to and it's likely that you will be in service to someone else (sometimes this is literal, ie work in the service industry)BUT I think it's going to be a very free and joyous time for you, without much serious care; so enjoy it!

Greenbean,(I liked your candy reference btw) - you had two questions:

1)I'm not sure what your plans are, but you should follow the one that leads to you yielding the most authority - probably working for yourself. Which is the path that would, in the short term, require you being bank-rolled by someone else? As with Ventre below, this person might be dad. This is the path to a very successful career.

2)Friend or more? The cards show you are ready for a relationship and that one is going to happen fairly soon. I'm not sure if it's with this person. Confusingly, I can't get a lock on personal information however, the cards keep pointing to a legal situation - so I don't know if he's involved with law, or if you meet him through a friend that's a lawyer, OR if you will be involved in some kind of legal situation together. Anyhow - the law guy. That's the one.
MELina Marie (sorry for the misspell), your reading:

Your past shows a period of infighting within a group of people and a sense of being strung along. In particular, there may have been some issues around motherhood - either you taking a mother-like role, or, literally your mother. Right now, again, the cards point to family; and relating to this, there is a young man - dependable, persistent, patient, trustworthy, possibly a Taurus Capricorn or Virgo. Anyhow, this young man's behaviour is...motivated by wrong desires. He's not "bad", but he's focussed on the wrong thing: money, lust, often this card can refer to drug use. The future shows a sense of dissatisfaction. Family is indicated AGAIN here. In your case, I think your family may be stifling you, perhaps you are restricted by that “motherhood” role, perhaps you feel a responsibility to this young man, perhaps to your father (lots of daddy issues in the readings today!). Your cards show that it is important for you to search for independence. It may be that you turn your back on the world that you know, to search for more spiritual, emotional connections. You need to "find yourself. You may even have to leave the country to do so.
I would like to try as well.

North Eastern Texas
Silver Bracelet

Thank you very much
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