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mme, I NEED a career and love forcast! I would like to be in line.

Cincinnati Ohio
Green is my favorite color
I am an Aquarius
I would also love to join the queue, Madame OptiMystic. =)

Name: Seraphine
Location: California
Item: Silver stylized "angel wing" necklace

Thank you so much!
This is awesome! Can I join the queue? I'm also interested in my love life and career...thanks!

Name: Cara
Location: MA
Sign: cancer
This is awesome! Can I join the queue? I'm also interested in my love life and career...thanks!

Name: Cara
Location: MA
Sign: cancer

I'm sorry to say that all the cards I drew were related to career, and most specifically to negative elements of your career. A friend of mine recently sent me an article "Is your work making you sick?" This after she was forced to resign from a very stressful job after getting Mono. There are echos of her situation in your reading. The problem is that you may not be able to see it. I think you are a very ambitious person, and you may be very impatient for results. You appear to be throwing yourself into your work without regard to a lot of the other areas of your life and I worry that if you do not find some balance, you will end up burning out. Please watch your health, and be sure to take care of your social and emotional needs as well.
Hmmmm....well that's interesting. Career info is good, I have been very busy with work recently. It's quieted down significantly this week, but I do feel quite restless. Thanks for the reading, I will keep this in mind!
Thanks, MOM, and sorry for the late response - funny enough, I've been swamped with work, and an extra-curricular activity that takes a lot of my tmie has fallen by the wayside (temporarily) in favor of getting some of my personal shit in order. I'm hoping after this weekend that things will be straightened out enough to keep all balls in the air.

Interesting that both the new job and the extracurricular activity could both be considered making something out of nothing... the job is a (somewhat) creative position that involves writing, the other activity more of an entertainment sort of thing.

Hmm, lots to think about... thanks!
I'd love a reading, especially on love and new life changes!

(I am an Aries/Scorpio moon)

thanks so much.
*waiting patiently for a reading*

the suspense is sort of exciting!
I'm afraid to add myself to the list, because I know you already have many to do... but, if possible, could you do mine once everyone's is cleared and of course, you have the time/willingness to? smile.gif

My name's Michelle, I'm from San Antonio, Texas, and some of my favorite/personal items are:

My two rings, one on each ring finger
My thin silver necklace with a talisman on it that's said to "protect against evil".

Madame, I would love to join the queue.

My job is great, other areas are in flux...

items: 2 silver bracelets & pictures of my friends & family
Hi Madame-
Can I get another reading about life in general?
Location-Portland OR
Item- Giant Stuffed Dragon
if it's alright i'd like to try again. the last reading for me didn't really speak to me about anything that's going on in my life but things have changed a bit so maybe the next one will.

canadian rockies
rising sign taurus, libra moon
general direction of my life and decisions
plants on the deck
paper money
orange and pink

Hi Madame OptiMystic,

Can I too stand in line for another reading please? I had one very early in the thread's appearance and it was helpful and clear; this one I'm hoping will be more specific - September is going to be a big month for me for a few reasons and I'm just wondering how these will pan out?

name: bunnyb
location: glasgow, scotland
colour: fuschia pink
sign: aries
possession: my cat mandoo and a silver heart pendant with a hot diamond in middle.

Hi Everyone!

I'm offering psychic consultation to anyone seriously interested in it. I have found that serious inquiries are usually quite personal, so I think sending me a PM would be the best way to proceed. If you wish to post my reading or comments about it to the larger group later on, that will be your choice, and it's fine with me. I reserve the right not to respond if I sense that your request is not genuine, or in the proper spirit. I'm looking forward to being of service. smile.gif

um, girls, i don't think the madame is in the house anymore.
we should let this thread drop off the forum. she can resurrect it if she decides to come back some time.
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