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Wow! That was really on point. I'm sending you a pm I hope you get it.
Thank you, madame!

If I go back to school I would be finacially supported by my dad, *something I feel insecure about*, but i'm not sure if its a field where I can yield authority until after several years of being well established. Am I supposed go for it anyway?

As for the guy, I certainly hope I dont get involved with a legal situation soon! But I'll be on the look-out for something involving law. Law is not tied to my friend I had in mind, so I guess its not him. Sounds like it'll be someone I havent met yet.

Thanks and hope you had a nice vacation!
mme, i'd love to get in line for another reading when you have a chance. just a general reading, unless you see fit to give me some other sort.

richmond, va
rhinestone pin
location albany,ny
judys house
i just wanted to know if you anytime to do a reading for me.
Hey - if you don't mind, Ima hop in the queue again.

Brooklyn, NY
road rash
Hey MME, I would like to jump back in line for another reading as well. I am curious about what my future holds as far as either my relationship or career paths, as my life is in a current state of flux. Thanks!

Santee, CA
wood jewelry box w/ flower etched glass doors that my mama gave me.
hi mme. i'd also like to try this again...i've got alot of *new* things on my plate right now.

victoria, canada
2 homemade anklets
hey MME - can I get in line? Just a general reading, but I'm curious to know if anything in my future studies, or if there's anything about a home/house? Thank you!

london, uk
black & white stone rabbit
May I have a reading, as well?

san francisco, ca
om pendant
Hello Mme...could I get in line for a general reading too, please?

opal ring
Madame O, I'm like to jump back in line if that's cool. You were so right on about the career. I start a new position next week with a new company that seems to fit me much better. I just had a general question about dating or relationships.... Thanks in advance.

Atlanta, GA
fav color: midnight blue
personal item: ruby braclet
Hello Madame,
Sorry to jump right back into rotation so quickly, but after the accuracy of your last reading, I'm hooked!
So, when you get a chance...

(Soon to be relocating to) Upstate NY
favorite color is still red
personal item: a teal and silver 4x6 picture frame

Wondering about my career path, as I'm leaving my current job for an unknown future in New York.

Thanks again!
Greenbean - Yes. Go for it.

Jami, if you're still waiting I need your info - Name (Jami is fine), where you are, and "personal item".

Light_bright, your reading:

Things are progressing full tilt for you now. Probably as related to work or some other enterprise. Looks like you are minding your money and are in a period of very mild ups and downs. The key word here is BALANCE. And again, travel travel travel indicated in the present and future. Your financial situation is going to improve related to this opportunity, and you are going to be asked to give back in some way. I wouldn't be surprised if you were joining the peace corps or something. Last time you indicated something to do with military - care to illuminate?

Madame O, where you talking to me?

Name: Jaime (or sasssygrrl...)
Location: Atlanta, GA
personal item: ruby braclet

Sassygrrl, sorry to get your hopes up. I was talking about another Bustie whose user name is Jami.

Ugh. Record breaking heat in these parts makes it very difficult to concentrate here in my little Tarot House. Yesterday I stuggled for a long time to understand the cards I laid for Auntagonist before I gave up. So let's hope for a clearer head today.

Auntagonist, your reading:

As confusing as yesterday – I'll just throw some things out there and hopefully they'll gel for you. There's many cards here that indicate an intellectual pursuit of some kind. The most obvious interpretation of that is education, though that might not be the case here – is there a particular thing that you are an authority on? I also see you in a position of leadership – of being pushed forward to represent a group of people – possibly family. It’s like “Well, she knows the most about (blank) so let’s let Auntagonist deal with it.” Which, frankly, you’re not too comfortable with. I think you prefer when your actions only effect yourself, and you are used to being accountable only to yourself. Now you are carrying the burden of how the choices you make will effect other people. The cards show a positive outcome after a period of unavoidable delay. You are encouraged to rely on your gut instincts when making decisions and the cards point to an older man, possibly also an authority in the area you are dealing with, who may be able to offer sage advice. Often this card relates to professors and other intellectual mentors.
Pepper, your reading:

Not sure if you are already back at school. I see a new intellectual path that is taken because of a money issue. This could mean you've gone back for re-education after finding a poor paying job. Or it could just mean you change intellectual direction completely, but money is the key reason. Your future shows a great deal of happy cards both to do with earnings and family. I think you will find yourself in a leadership role. As to your baby question. Yes, there is at least one further child in the future but something has to end first - the cards show a child only after a complete change in your circumstances. Whether that refers to career or personal issues I cannot say.
could i get added to the list for a general reading?
Name:heather, Location: ann arbor, Personal item: red corduroy bag

I couldn't relate to mine. Sorry. I do have a lot of self-control; but I'm not relying on a male energy whatsoever--Especially in a finacial aspect.
holy. crap.
madame, you truly are phenominal. i'm sorry about the heat wave (it's absoludicrous up here, too) but everything made TOTAL sense.

here we go:
1."There's many cards here that indicate an intellectual pursuit of some kind. The most obvious interpretation of that is education, though that might not be the case here – is there a particular thing that you are an authority on? "

-i'm actively planning to move back home to go to college in October

2. 'I also see you in a position of leadership – of being pushed forward to represent a group of people – possibly family. It’s like “Well, she knows the most about (blank) so let’s let Auntagonist deal with it.” Which, frankly, you’re not too comfortable with. I think you prefer when your actions only effect yourself, and you are used to being accountable only to yourself. Now you are carrying the burden of how the choices you make will effect other people"

-at work i have unwillingly been chosen as the owner's pet. (well... to be fair-- i put in more hours than anyone and worry about the team falling behind and him assigning us MORE (not logical--- i know. he dosen't seem to realize that though) b/c we are "slacking off"). Anyway, he has recently been coming to me with decisions that would affect the whole team on everything from our bonus and how to restructure it, our tasks and how to most efficiently assign them, new hire choices, and most recently he tried to get me to decide WHO TO FIRE (!??!?!). i keep on trying to gently and diplomatically let him know that i am uncomfortable with the topics (general consensus is that in the past few months i have taken on managerial tasks and am, in everything but name, the manager of our team -- not my plan!!!). Anywhoo--- basically with him, if i don't discuss them he will just dream up ideas and implement them. often to the detriment of our group. he really values me, but literally told me the other day "stop worrying about if something will negatively affect the *bunny ears* team *bunny ears*. Just worry about you." The only thing is-- most of his changes will cost us our most valuble staff members. or be totally inefficient. gah!! ludicrously long story, but i meant to just say -100% right on!!

3. "The cards show a positive outcome after a period of unavoidable delay"
4. You are encouraged to rely on your gut instincts when making decisions..."
- i was talking with my dude (uncle agonist??) and explaining how sometimes i get these feelings like gut feelings but i keep on being torn between going with them or ignoring them as paranoia/wishful thinking etc.

4. " and the cards point to an older man, possibly also an authority in the area you are dealing with, who may be able to offer sage advice. Often this card relates to professors and other intellectual mentors"
-don't know who this is but i will keep my eyes open

you are amazing. i am sending ever so soft cyber smooches your way!!! (p.s-- if you want me to send you cookies give me your address. you have made my day)
Mmmmmmm Coookies...

Marileen, your reading:

Your past shows a peiod of infighting within a group of people. This was likely a work situation. That situation was not fixable, but I sense you spent a lot of time regretting it, to the point where you were ignoring other possibilities because you were so caugh up in that. I suspect you got past regret because the cards show a complete severance from the past, and starting over again. I do admire how you are looking at it tho'. I think you are considering your options and you may have a great sense of promise for the future. There could be some hesitation, as you are worried that some of the things you are considering may be pipe-dreams. You are encouraged to take the creative road - (craft related?) especially as it may relate to a small group effort (possibly with female friends.) This endeavour will certainly make you money HOWEVER it will not be immediate, and you will have to be patient.
Throwing myself into the list, if that's all right!

Name: Megan
Location: Beltsville, Maryland
Personal Item: Silver ring with green coral stone
Seabird78, your reading:

Hmmm. I suspect what's on your mind is "what the heck am I supposed to do with my life now?" Your reading is very similar to Marileen's below: the dying away of one way of looking at things, and starting from the beginning again. Whereas with you I think it's more to do with emotional issues - family, a man, motherhood. This may relate to a break-up of some kind. Is there a male Gemini, Libra or Aquarius in your life?

Whatever is happening is unavoidable. Many circumstances are set against you that are beyond your control. I'm not trying to freak you out - this is by no means a negative layout, though I suspect you are either currently in the midst of the worst of it, or that the negative energy is only just passing away. If you are daydreaming about what to do next, your future looks very good. You will find that much as you've been at the whim of the more negative elements of fate, you will soon be carried along by the more positive! Again, there is a limited degree to which you can control it, so just enjoy the ride. As an aside, there is also the possibility of travel related to this new life you are embracing. Possibly you will pour your energy into work, where you were once consumed with this relationship.
Wow Madame! You really summed up my situation! I was definitely held back in the past (by my situation and lots of regrets) and feel like I've turned a corner more recently but have been scared that my future plans are unrealistic. I really do want to be more creative in the work that I do and am trying to find ways I could do that. I need to ponder this!

Thanks Madame!

Madame, I think your reading seems pretty accurate. I had been in limbo for a while, waiting to see if my boy was going to be getting this job he really wanted that would have required relocation. After about 9 months, he found out that he is not getting it, and he's so despondent about it I really don't know what to do with him. He's a Pisces, and I don't know if I can imagine us breaking up, but I definitely feel a lot more detached from him than I ever have before.

I've also been thinking about finding a way to advance in my career. I've been at my current job a year as of today, and I like it well enough, but I keep thinking that now that I've got some experience built up I should be trying to seek something better. I'm not in a great hurry, but I have been scanning listings at several job boards and sending out applications when I see something I think I might fit.

I'm so glad to know life looks to be more positive soon!

Thanks so much for this reading!
Sukouyant, your turn is here, but you never left your info!

All right, I'm clicking on your profile and I'm just gonna concentrate on that painting.

Here we go.....

Are you waiting to hear back about a job or financial situation? Looks like you are being kept in a holding pattern and beginning to wonder whether it's actually going to happen. The future cards indicate positive outcome in a position which is likely to be a junior position, creative and HARD work. You may also have a female boss.
Missthing, your reading:

You know, I just don't think your love life is where your focus will be right now. The cards show multiple positive influences in career tho'. However, if you insist, there is an indication of a younger person, probably someone you are currently friends with. Either this person relates in some way to school, ie: is a student, or knew you from school OR is one of the signs related to the intellect: Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Anyhow, a relationship with this person could be very nice in the short's the type of person you could see yourself making babies with, and there would always be a bond of friendship there. The romantic element of it, however, would not ultimately work out.
I've been lurking for a while. If I could, I'd like to get in line as well...

I wonder about career and love.

name: diana
place: toronto
item: my favorite fuzzy slippers
into the queue....

Name: Lala
Location: The Kootenays
Item: my glass bubble ring

Is there more info on the positive influences in career?
Meme... how about another reading for me? I seem to be in limbo-land over here. Quite confusing. Any insight? Thanks.
Meme, Hey I feel like a reading hog, but I'm a touch confused with men and love right now and I would love to know what you see (especially since the last reading was so spot on)!

Name: Sassypants
Location: Vancouver
Item: Sketchbook

Jezabelle, your reading:

Things are not good right now. I see you carrying an enormous burden and unable to see a future past it. You are be-set by troubles not of your own making - outside influences, scheming people, illness, back luck - things you cannot control. It leaves you feeling helpless and, again, unable to see a way forward. Finally, as if things weren't bad enough, there may be some form of emotional betrayal. Jezabelle, the only thing I can say about this reading is that it looks like things are going to get so much better. I see a woman of great strength and intelligence...this woman is probably older or has children. I see a great victory over these troubles, and you taking a leadership role within your family. I see a person who will help you - possibly this woman I mentioned earlier - look for a priest, scholar, therapist or teacher.
Cellijenni, your reading:

This was one of the most succinct readings I've had in a while. New work - good money. It's there for you if you want it, but you are going to have to put forth some effort to get it.
Thanks for the reading, Mme.

I am just finishing up the first year of a new job since getting out of college. Not a bad job, and decent money. I have recently been entertaining the idea of looking for a new one due to issues of politics, but it would involve going back to school.
Any insight as to whether or not this refers to the new job I have now...or into changing to a new one??
Hi Madame - you read for me a few months back and I was wondering if you could put me into your queue again. I'm confused about a long-distance relationship and stressed out about everything in general.

Name: octobersky
Location: central ohio
item: skull print pj's
Hi Mme -

I am wondering if I can get back in the queue also.. Its been a few months for me as well!

Name: zoya
Location: L. A.
item: little white gold chain I wear around my neck

I would love to specificallly know about romantic relationships..


Thanks for the reading Mme., you are so dead on! I got goose bumps! Things are so not o.k., from the outside influences, scheming people, illness, back luck. You pegged it all, and I'm glad to hear it's going to get better!
Thanks again!
hi Mme,
Can I get in line for a reading?

Name: Renee
Location: Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Item: White Gold ring.

I thank you very much!
Holy Shnikies! The waiting list:


Things have gotten a little hectic here and I haven't had as much time to dedicate to reading. I'm sorry for the extended wait times - I guess I didn't count on this thread being as busy as it's become.
skc1, your reading:

I think you have had a tendency in the past to give too much of yourself, especially where your friends and family are concerned. It’s likely people have taken advantage of your generosity in the past. I think you’re already aware of this, because I see that you are trying to balance kindness with taking care of your own needs – especially emotional needs. In particular, there is one young person…this could be male or female, creative, sensitive, intelligent probably a Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. I see you offering a lot of your heart to this person – almost taking on a mothering role. I do not believe doing so will ultimately be good for you. I see circumstances out of your control conspiring against you within the context of this relationship – whether it be romantic or simply friendship. I think it’s possible that you are falling back into old habits, and that this relationship is ultimately not healthy for you. However good this person appears to be – and may very well actually be – he or she will hide things from you. Deception seems too hard a word, but sneakiness does not.

Laviniashort - how goes the new job? The reading is making reference to it. Also, in relation to this, there is an older man, sensitive, loving: often this card relates to husbands and fathers – this man is acting as an agent on your behalf financially. While I don’t see finances being a problem, this man is coming to your aid with money. The future shows another man, business savvy, stern: often this card relates to bosses. Megan…I hate to ask, but are you thinking of moving on already? Remember that the last time we spoke I said things were not going to work for you until you were doing what you are meant to be doing? I see a difficult decision, I see a end to one path and the beginning of another, very possibly having to do with school or some other intellectual activity.
I would like to join the list (after Xiola, I think). Just a general reading would be great.

Thanks very much!

Name: Mel (please pm me if you would like my actual first name)
Location: Austin, Texas
Personal: Greens and Turquoise in clothing, Yellows and Oranges in Decor...Items: black and white photos of people I love (some still near, some no longer living)

Thank you very much for the reading. I'm actually at a loss, because a lot of people fall into this roll at this moment. It makes me a little uneasy about it, but the first part was right on the money.
I will keep an eye out though!

Thanx again!
lindsay102185, your reading:

You are alone right now, but that is going to change soon. You are going to be entering into a new relationship. This relationship is fated to happen, so I can't really advise you on how to find it - it's just going to fall into your lap. If you are very hesitant to go into a new relationship because of past heartache you are encouraged to take a chance - you may meet this person through work, possibly a leo, sagitarius or Aries.
carnescarnes, your reading:

I think you are a person who can make money making something out of nothing, or through transforming something. Usually this card relates to trades and crafts ex: making a vase from clay etc. It can also relate to creative arts like writing. Currently the cards suggest that you are using good sense, finding a way to balance the day job and the creative venture. There is huge potential for happiness and fulfillment in the future - especially if you are thinking of starting a new financial enterprise.
livelyupurself, your reading:

Lovelife: Yup - there is a man; older, sensitive, artistic, possibly cancer, scorpio or pisces. This is a person you know through some kind of group effort at work or volunteer organisation. This is a very good relationship.

Work: A period of financial stability. You have to watch how you spend still, but ultimately things are good as far as money goes. You will begin a period of good productivity at work - especially in any work that involves creativity. This may be a new experience born from a partnership. Several indicators point to travel as relates to work, however, there is a BIG caution against travel at this time. I think your absence would leave the venture rudderless, and it would devolve into infighting. If you can send someone else in your stead - that would be a good idea.
mmeopticmystic, can i join the queue again?? general reading will do, still interested in finances though!!! (if so i guess i am after mel)
MME, I'd like to respectfully take myself out of the traffic jam...
I was recently blessed with a wonderful career opportunity in NY, so no longer need to know what the future holds - it's all falling into place so nicely.
The man of my dreams AND a great new career.
(I'm just waiting for an anvil to fall on my head - this is all too good to be true!)
Mme. Can I get back in line, please?!!
Your last reading was so accurate, I was wondering if you could look into my romantic future (if there is one)
Name: Tracey
Location: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Item: Silver Pendant
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