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deep soul... Toussaint McCall, Irma Thomas, Baby Washington, Lee Moses... the Dave Godin comps are always sure fire!
and Rain Parade of the Green Pajamas...that neo-psych stuff always twirls my world!
I've got to agree on Queens of the Stone Age...although i've never had sex to them, their music turns me on like mad. It's good giving-head music, especially the song with the lines "tastes so good...til my head explodes"!!!
Also I saw the Stooges got a mention down there...a big yes to 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'!
bump for faerietails
Here are some of my favorites!
This is more of a good slow guitar,
let's make love all night type of playlist.

Group Song Album
Pink Floyd Marroned Division Bell
Pink Floyd Terminal Frost A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Testament The Legacy Signs of Chaos
Enigma Love Sensuality Devotiion
Joe Satriani Time Machine

If I think of anymore I like I'll add them.

unsure.gif I'm saying it now. These are more rock like songs. May not be
everyones cup of tea when it comes to mood music. Just suggestions.
Enigma is not so much rock as it is just good sex music.
Perhaps this is a little odd to some, but I've always liked Pearl Jam's Ten album.
ten is awesome. that's all.

furthermore, if eddie can't get you in the mood, no one can.
Good ol' She Wants Revenge!

The Killers' new album
Must go pick up Killers new one smile.gif
personally i have found the American Analoug Set to be excellent sexytime music. Specially From Our Livingroom to Yours album. but anything will do really...
Thievery Corporation and PJ Harvey!

I'm thinking of making a mood music mix tape. Any specific song recommendations? Let me just start with PJ Harvey's "Beautiful Feeling"!
the dj stingray remix of bush's 'mouth'
Music can obviously set up the mood, and this has already been proven in many instances. While lovemaking music can make the whole affair so enjoyable which adds to the pleasure of it. However this is not limited in this particular area only as it can lift people from depression for the better. Personally I always like soft music with soft beats in it, heavy instrumentals are not my cup of tea.
anna k
70's rock is usually my favorite. Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner. I just like it.

The Bandits' Crystal Cowboy makes me feel sensual and happy, as does Bjork's Possibly Maybe.
I enjoyed very sexy music on the movie "Pulp Fiction" with John travolta. I liked that very much.
She Wants Revenge
I agree on Queens Of The StoneAge

Nine Inch Nails. Always good for good hard fuckery.
I like doing it to The Black Keys. Also recently had a nice time with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs first album. Most anything is good for me as long as it doesn't have a strong association to another person, situation, etc. that I don't want to be thinking about when I'm doing it! My guy and I get into kinda doing stuff in time with the rhythm of the song, and that's fun, too.
Tool and Black Light Burns....also tito and tarantula is pretty hot.
absolutely agreed on morphine!

Smashing Pumpkins - Gish (the other albums not so much, but Gish... oh yeah)

Love and Rockets - Hot Trip to Heaven (the whole album...)

Fuck you & your escorts, you git.
Laura is Great
Crazy Love by Van Morrison. It makes me feel all melty.
"The Long Tunnel of Wanting You" by Vanessa Daou. Holy crap.
Bjork's Post, Vespertine, and maybe Medulla if you're ok with a little weirdness, for some fun, earthy, passionate sex with someone special.

Some smooth trip-hop, like Massive Attack's Mezzanine and Portishead's Dummy, for a sexy groove.

Tricky's Pre-Millennium Tension, Maxinquaye, and Rough Guide for something a little down-and-dirtier (though each of these albums has a song or two that could be a mood kill).

The Deftones' Around The Fur and White Pony for seriously intense, passionate fucking. There's something about the Deftones. They just sound like sex to me, the way Chico's voice melts all over the guitar and drums; the sound is simultaneously hard and soft, tense and languid...I've had some of the most intense sex of my life to the Deftones, where the music matched us so perfectly we just got utterly lost and absorbed. Change, My Own Summer and Passenger are particularly good.

The Cure's Disintegration is perfect for making desperate, heartbreaking love.

...guess which one's my favourite? Yeah, I'm emo.
Ha ha, who would get it on to "last kiss?!" Not me, anyways. I have trouble with music in general, I find it very distracting. Looks like I'm in the minority though!
Emmy E
Prince. Before he became religious. God! Pot, booze and purple rain.
I liked that very much.
genghis cunt
Um, hello! Isley Brothers! Also, Tinderstick' EP "Can Our Love."
The XX. That album was made for getting it on.
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